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<?php // $Id$
if (!defined('MOODLE_INTERNAL')) {
die('Direct access to this script is forbidden.'); /// It must be included from a Moodle page
require_once $CFG->libdir.'/formslib.php';
class admin_uploadpicture_form extends moodleform {
function definition (){
global $CFG, $USER;
$mform =& $this->_form;
$this->set_upload_manager(new upload_manager('userpicturesfile', false, false, null, false, 0, true, true, false));
$mform->addElement('header', 'settingsheader', get_string('upload'));
$mform->addElement('file', 'userpicturesfile', get_string('file'), 'size="40"');
$mform->addRule('userpicturesfile', null, 'required');
$choices =& $this->_customdata;
$mform->addElement('select', 'userfield', get_string('uploadpicture_userfield', 'admin'), $choices);
$mform->setType('userfield', PARAM_INT);
$choices = array( 0 => get_string('no'), 1 => get_string('yes') );
$mform->addElement('select', 'overwritepicture', get_string('uploadpicture_overwrite', 'admin'), $choices);
$mform->setType('overwritepicture', PARAM_INT);
$this->add_action_buttons(false, get_string('uploadpictures', 'admin'));
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