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// This file is part of Moodle -
// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
// (at your option) any later version.
// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// GNU General Public License for more details.
// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
if (!defined('MOODLE_INTERNAL')) {
die('Direct access to this script is forbidden.'); /// It must be included from a Moodle page
require_once $CFG->libdir.'/formslib.php';
class grade_import_form extends moodleform {
function definition (){
global $COURSE;
$mform =& $this->_form;
if (isset($this->_customdata)) { // hardcoding plugin names here is hacky
$features = $this->_customdata;
} else {
$features = array();
// course id needs to be passed for auth purposes
$mform->addElement('hidden', 'id', optional_param('id'));
$mform->setType('id', PARAM_INT);
$mform->addElement('header', 'general', get_string('importfile', 'grades'));
// file upload
$mform->addElement('file', 'userfile', get_string('file'));
$mform->setType('userfile', PARAM_FILE);
$mform->addRule('userfile', null, 'required');
$textlib = textlib_get_instance();
$encodings = $textlib->get_encodings();
$mform->addElement('select', 'encoding', get_string('encoding', 'grades'), $encodings);
if (!empty($features['includeseparator'])) {
$radio = array();
$radio[] = &MoodleQuickForm::createElement('radio', 'separator', null, get_string('septab', 'grades'), 'tab');
$radio[] = &MoodleQuickForm::createElement('radio', 'separator', null, get_string('sepcomma', 'grades'), 'comma');
$mform->addGroup($radio, 'separator', get_string('separator', 'grades'), ' ', false);
$mform->setDefault('separator', 'comma');
if (!empty($features['verbosescales'])) {
$options = array(1=>get_string('yes'), 0=>get_string('no'));
$mform->addElement('select', 'verbosescales', get_string('verbosescales', 'grades'), $options);
$options = array('10'=>10, '20'=>20, '100'=>100, '1000'=>1000, '100000'=>100000);
$mform->addElement('select', 'previewrows', get_string('rowpreviewnum', 'grades'), $options); // TODO: localize
$mform->setType('previewrows', PARAM_INT);
$mform->addElement('hidden', 'groupid', groups_get_course_group($COURSE));
$mform->setType('groupid', PARAM_INT);
$this->add_action_buttons(false, get_string('uploadgrades', 'grades'));
class grade_import_mapping_form extends moodleform {
function definition () {
global $CFG, $COURSE;
$mform =& $this->_form;
// this is an array of headers
$header = $this->_customdata['header'];
// course id
$mform->addElement('header', 'general', get_string('identifier', 'grades'));
$mapfromoptions = array();
if ($header) {
foreach ($header as $i=>$h) {
$mapfromoptions[$i] = s($h);
$mform->addElement('select', 'mapfrom', get_string('mapfrom', 'grades'), $mapfromoptions);
//choose_from_menu($mapfromoptions, 'mapfrom');
$maptooptions = array('userid'=>'userid', 'username'=>'username', 'useridnumber'=>'useridnumber', 'useremail'=>'useremail', '0'=>'ignore');
//choose_from_menu($maptooptions, 'mapto');
$mform->addElement('select', 'mapto', get_string('mapto', 'grades'), $maptooptions);
$mform->addElement('header', 'general', get_string('mappings', 'grades'));
// add a comment option
if ($gradeitems = $this->_customdata['gradeitems']) {
$comments = array();
foreach ($gradeitems as $itemid => $itemname) {
$comments['feedback_'.$itemid] = 'comments for '.$itemname;
if ($header) {
$i = 0; // index
foreach ($header as $h) {
$h = trim($h);
// this is what each header maps to
'mapping_'.$i, s($h),
array('others'=>array('0'=>'ignore', 'new'=>'new gradeitem'),
// course id needs to be passed for auth purposes
$mform->addElement('hidden', 'map', 1);
$mform->setType('map', PARAM_INT);
$mform->addElement('hidden', 'id');
$mform->setType('id', PARAM_INT);
$mform->addElement('hidden', 'importcode');
$mform->setType('importcode', PARAM_FILE);
$mform->addElement('hidden', 'verbosescales', 1);
$mform->setType('separator', PARAM_ALPHA);
$mform->addElement('hidden', 'separator', 'comma');
$mform->setType('verbosescales', PARAM_INT);
$mform->addElement('hidden', 'groupid', groups_get_course_group($COURSE));
$mform->setType('groupid', PARAM_INT);
$this->add_action_buttons(false, get_string('uploadgrades', 'grades'));
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