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This files describes API changes for question type plugins.
=== 2.2 ===
* The XML import/export base class has had some minor API changes. The
- write_combined_feedback method now requires that you pass the questionid and
contextid. (MDL-29058)
- calls to the import_hints and import_answer methods now should pass the question
text format as the last argument, to be used as a default if necessary. (MDL-29739)
If you do not upgrade your code, it will not break, but there will be PHP
warnings, and it the export will not work 100% correctly.
* Question type plugins should start using a string called 'pluginname' for the
question type name, as with other plugins. Using a string with the same name
as the question type (e.g. get_string('essay', 'qtype_essay') will be supported
for one more release, but will generate a debugging warning.
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