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// This file adds xslt_xxx emulation functions.
// It is intended for systems, e.g. those running PHP 5, where:
// 1) The XSLT library is not installed.
// 2) The XSL library is installed.
// Note that not everything is implemented.
// In particular, only the bare minimum to support the BB conversion is here.
// This silliness is required to prevent PHP from evaluating the function() blocks before processing the return;s
if(true) {
if(function_exists('xslt_create')) return; // xslt_create() already exists, so emulation isn't needed.
if(!class_exists('XSLTProcessor')) return; // There is no XSLTProcessor class, so emulation isn't possible.
if(!class_exists('DOMDocument')) return; // There is no DOMDocument class, so emulation isn't possible.
function xslt_create() {
return new XSLTProcessor();
// We don't support arguments or parameters because the Bb import doesn't use them
function xslt_process($proc, $xmlfile, $xslfile, $resultfile = null, $unsupported_args = null, $unsupported_params = null) {
$doc = new DOMDocument;
$xsl = new DOMDocument;
// Squash warnings here because xsl complains about COURSE_ACCESS tags which really are invalid XML (multiple root elements)
if($resultfile !== null) {
$fp = fopen($resultfile, 'w');
fwrite($fp, @$proc->transformToXML($doc));
return true;
} else {
return @$proc->transformToXML($doc);
} // end if(true)
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