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/// Please, do not edit this file manually! It's auto generated from
/// contents stored in your standard lang pack files:
/// (langconfig.php, install.php, moodle.php, admin.php and error.php)
/// If you find some missing string in Moodle installation, please,
/// keep us informed using Thanks!
/// File generated by cvs://contrib/lang2installer/installer_builder
/// using strings defined in installer_strings (same dir)
$string['admindirerror'] = 'The admin directory specified is incorrect';
$string['admindirname'] = 'Admin Directory';
$string['bypassed'] = 'Utelatt';
$string['cannotcreatelangdir'] = 'Kan ikke opprette mappen \'lang\'.';
$string['cannotcreatetempdir'] = 'Kan ikke opprette mappen \'temp';
$string['cannotdownloadcomponents'] = 'Kan ikke laste ned komponentene.';
$string['cannotdownloadzipfile'] = 'Kan ikke laste ned ZIP-fil.';
$string['cannotfindcomponent'] = 'Kan ikke finne komponenten.';
$string['cannotsavemd5file'] = 'Kan ikke lagre md5-fil.';
$string['cannotsavezipfile'] = 'Kan ikke lagre ZIP-fil.';
$string['cannotunzipfile'] = 'Kan ikke pakke opp (unzip) filen.';
$string['caution'] = 'Caution';
$string['check'] = 'Sjekk';
$string['closewindow'] = 'Lukk dette vinduet';
$string['componentisuptodate'] = 'Komponenten er ajourført.';
$string['configfilenotwritten'] = 'The installer script was not able to automatically create a config.php file containing your chosen settings, probably because the Moodle directory is not writeable. You can manually copy the following code into a file named config.php within the root directory of Moodle.';
$string['configfilewritten'] = 'config.php has been successfully created';
$string['continue'] = 'Fortsett';
$string['database'] = 'Database';
$string['dataroot'] = 'Data Directory';
$string['datarooterror'] = 'The \'Data Directory\' you specified could not be found or created. Either correct the path or create that directory manually.';
$string['dbconnectionerror'] = 'We could not connect to the database you specified. Please check your database settings.';
$string['dbcreationerror'] = 'Database creation error. Could not create the given database name with the settings provided';
$string['dbhost'] = 'Host Server';
$string['dbprefix'] = 'Tables prefix';
$string['dbtype'] = 'Type';
$string['dirroot'] = 'Moodle Directory';
$string['dirrooterror'] = 'The \'Moodle Directory\' setting seems to be incorrect - we can\'t find a Moodle installation there. The value below has been reset.';
$string['download'] = 'Download';
$string['downloadedfilecheckfailed'] = 'Sjekk av nedlastet fil feilet.';
$string['environmentrequireversion'] = 'Du må ha versjon $a->needed. Du kjører $a->current';
$string['error'] = 'Feil';
$string['fail'] = 'Fail';
$string['fileuploads'] = 'File Uploads';
$string['fileuploadserror'] = 'This should be on';
$string['gdversion'] = 'GD version';
$string['gdversionerror'] = 'The GD library should be present to process and create images';
$string['gdversionhelp'] = '<p>Your server does not seem to have GD installed.</p>
<p>GD is a library that is required by PHP to allow Moodle to process images
(such as the user profile icons) and to create new images (such as
the log graphs). Moodle will still work without GD - these features
will just not be available to you.</p>
<p>To add GD to PHP under Unix, compile PHP using the --with-gd parameter.</p>
<p>Under Windows you can usually edit php.ini and uncomment the line referencing php_gd2.dll.</p>';
$string['help'] = 'Hjelp';
$string['info'] = 'Informasjon';
$string['installation'] = 'Installation';
$string['invalidmd5'] = 'Ugyldig md5';
$string['language'] = 'Språk';
$string['magicquotesruntime'] = 'Magic Quotes Run Time';
$string['magicquotesruntimeerror'] = 'This should be off';
$string['memorylimit'] = 'Memory Limit';
$string['memorylimiterror'] = 'The PHP memory limit is set quite low ... you may run into problems later.';
$string['memorylimithelp'] = '<p>The PHP memory limit for your server is currently set to $a.</p>
<p>This may cause Moodle to have memory problems later on, especially
if you have a lot of modules enabled and/or a lot of users.</p>
<p>We recommend that you configure PHP with a higher limit if possible, like 16M.
There are several ways of doing this that you can try:</p>
<li>If you are able to, recompile PHP with <i>--enable-memory-limit</i>.
This will allow Moodle to set the memory limit itself.</li>
<li>If you have access to your php.ini file, you can change the <b>memory_limit</b>
setting in there to something like 16M. If you don\'t have access you might
be able to ask your administrator to do this for you.</li>
<li>On some PHP servers you can create a .htaccess file in the Moodle directory
containing this line:
<p><blockquote>php_value memory_limit 16M</blockquote></p>
<p>However, on some servers this will prevent <b>all</b> PHP pages from working
(you will see errors when you look at pages) so you\'ll have to remove the .htaccess file.</p></li>
$string['missingrequiredfield'] = 'Noen påkrevde felt mangler';
$string['moodledocslink'] = 'Moodledokumentasjon for denne siden';
$string['mysqlextensionisnotpresentinphp'] = 'PHP has not been properly configured with the MySQL extension so that it can communicate with MySQL. Please check your php.ini file or recompile PHP.';
$string['name'] = 'Navn';
$string['next'] = 'Neste';
$string['ok'] = 'OK';
$string['parentlanguage'] = 'Overordnet reservespråk';
$string['pass'] = 'Pass';
$string['password'] = 'Passord';
$string['phpversion'] = 'PHP version';
$string['phpversionerror'] = 'PHP version must be at least 4.1.0';
$string['phpversionhelp'] = '<p>Moodle requires a PHP version of at least 4.1.0.</p>
<p>You are currently running version $a</p>
<p>You must upgrade PHP or move to a host with a newer version of PHP!</p>';
$string['previous'] = 'Forrige';
$string['remotedownloadnotallowed'] = 'Nedlasting av komponenter til din tjenermaskin er ikke tillatt (allow_url_fopen er satt til ulovlig). <br /> <br />Du må laste ned
<a href=\"$a->url\">$a->url</a>-filen manuelt, kopiere den til \"$a->dest\" på tjeneren og pakke den ut der.';
$string['report'] = 'Rapport';
$string['safemode'] = 'Safe Mode';
$string['safemodeerror'] = 'Moodle may have trouble with safe mode on';
$string['sessionautostart'] = 'Session Auto Start';
$string['sessionautostarterror'] = 'This should be off';
$string['status'] = 'Status';
$string['thischarset'] = 'UTF-8';
$string['thislanguage'] = 'Norsk - bokmål';
$string['user'] = 'Bruker';
$string['wrongdestpath'] = 'Gal resultatmappe';
$string['wrongsourcebase'] = 'Galt ZIP-filnavn.';
$string['wrongzipfilename'] = 'Galt ZIP-filnavn.';
$string['wwwroot'] = 'Web address';
$string['wwwrooterror'] = 'The web address does not appear to be valid - this Moodle installation doesn\'t appear to be there.';
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