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<?php // $Id$
//This function provides automatic linking to
//resources when its name (title) is found inside every Moodle text
//Williams, Stronk7, Martin D
function resource_filter($courseid, $text) {
global $CFG;
// Trivial-cache - keyed on $cachedcourseid
static $nothingtodo;
static $resourcelist;
static $cachedcourseid;
// if we don't have a courseid, we can't run the query, so
if (empty($courseid)) {
return $text;
// Initialise/invalidate our trivial cache if dealing with a different course
if (!isset($cachedcourseid) || $cachedcourseid !== (int)$courseid) {
$resourcelist = array();
$nothingtodo = false;
$cachedcourseid = (int)$courseid;
if ($nothingtodo === true) {
return $text;
/// Create a list of all the resources to search for. It may be cached already.
if (empty($resourcelist)) {
/// The resources are sorted from long to short so longer ones can be linked first.
if (!$resources = get_records('resource', 'course', $courseid, 'CHAR_LENGTH(name) DESC', 'id,name')) {
$nothingtodo = true;
return $text;
$resourcelist = array();
foreach ($resources as $resource) {
$currentname = trim($resource->name);
$strippedname = strip_tags($currentname);
/// Avoid empty or unlinkable resource names
if (!empty($strippedname)) {
$resourcelist[] = new filterobject($currentname,
'<a class="resource autolink" title="'.$strippedname.'" href="'.
$CFG->wwwroot.'/mod/resource/view.php?r='.$resource->id.'" target="'.$CFG->framename.'">',
'</a>', false, true);
return filter_phrases($text, $resourcelist); // Look for all these links in the text
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