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<?PHP //$Id$
//This page receives the required info and executes the restore
//with the parameters suplied. Whe finished, delete temporary
//data from backup_tables and temp directory
//Get objects from session
if ($SESSION) {
$info = $SESSION->info;
$course_header = $SESSION->course_header;
$restore = $SESSION->restore;
//Check login
//Check admin
if (!isadmin()) {
error("You need to be an admin user to use this page.", "$CFG->wwwroot/login/index.php");
//Check site
if (!$site = get_site()) {
error("Site not found!");
//Checks for the required files/functions to restore every module
//and include them
if ($allmods = get_records("modules") ) {
foreach ($allmods as $mod) {
$modname = $mod->name;
$modfile = "$mods_home/$modname/restorelib.php";
//If file exists and we have selected to restore that type of module
if ((file_exists($modfile)) and ($restore->mods[$modname]->restore)) {
//Start the main table
echo "<table cellpadding=5>";
echo "<tr><td>";
//Start the main ul
echo "<ul>";
//Init status
$status = true;
//Localtion of the xml file
$xml_file = $CFG->dataroot."/temp/backup/".$restore->backup_unique_code."/moodle.xml";
//If we've selected to restore into new course
//create it (course)
//Saving conversion id variables into backup_tables
if ($restore->restoreto ==1) {
echo "<li>Creating new course";
$status = restore_create_new_course($restore,&$course_header);
//Print course fullname and shortname and category
if ($status) {
echo "<ul>";
echo "<li>".$course_header->course_fullname." (".$course_header->course_shortname.")";
echo "<li>".get_string("category").": ".$course_header->category->name;
echo "</ul>";
//Put the destination course_id
$restore->course_id = $course_header->course_id;
} else {
$course = get_record("course","id",$restore->course_id);
if ($course) {
echo "<li>Using existing course";
echo "<ul>";
echo "<li>From: ".$course_header->course_fullname." (".$course_header->course_shortname.")";
echo "<li>To: ".$course->fullname." (".$course->shortname.")";
echo "</ul>";
//Now create the course_sections and their associated course_modules
if ($status) {
if ($restore->restoreto == 1) {
echo "<li>Creating sections";
$status = restore_create_sections($restore,$xml_file);
} else if ($restore->restoreto == 0) {
echo "<li>Checking sections";
$status = restore_create_sections($restore,$xml_file);
} else {
$status = false;
//Now create users as needed
if ($status and ($restore->users == 0 or $restore->users == 1)) {
echo "<li>Creating users<br>";
$status = restore_create_users($restore,$xml_file);
//Now print info about the work done
if ($status) {
$recs = get_records_sql("select old_id, new_id from {$CFG->prefix}backup_ids
where backup_code = '$restore->backup_unique_code' and
table_name = 'user'");
//We've records
if ($recs) {
$new_count = 0;
$exists_count = 0;
$student_count = 0;
$teacher_count = 0;
$coursecreator_count = 0;
$admin_count = 0;
$other_count = 0;
$counter = 0;
//Iterate, filling counters
foreach ($recs as $rec) {
//Get full record, using backup_getids
$record = backup_getid($restore->backup_unique_code,"user",$rec->old_id);
if (strpos($record->info,"new") !== false) {
if (strpos($record->info,"exists") !== false) {
if (strpos($record->info,"student")) {
} else if (strpos($record->info,"teacher")) {
} else if (strpos($record->info,"admin")) {
} else if (strpos($record->info,"coursecreator")) {
} else if ($record->info == "new" or $record->info == "exists") {
//Do some output
if ($counter % 10 == 0) {
echo ".";
if ($counter % 200 == 0) {
echo "<br>";
//Now print information gathered
echo " (new: ".$new_count.", existing: ".$exists_count.")";
echo "<ul>";
echo "<li>Students: ".$student_count;
echo "<li>Teachers: ".$teacher_count;
echo "<li>Course Creators: ".$coursecreator_count;
echo "<li>Admins: ".$admin_count;
echo "<li>Other: ".$other_count;
echo "</ul>";
} else {
//Something is wrong. There is no users !!
$status = false;
//Now create categories and questions as needed (STEP1)
if ($status and ($restore->mods[quiz]->restore)) {
echo "<li>Creating Categories and Questions<br>";
$status = restore_create_questions($restore,$xml_file);
//Now create user_files as needed
if ($status and ($restore->user_files)) {
echo "<li>Copying User Files<br>";
$status = restore_user_files($restore);
//If all is ok (and we have a counter)
if ($status and ($status !== true)) {
//Inform about user dirs created from backup
echo "<ul>";
echo "<li>User Zones: ".$status;
echo "</ul>";
//Now create course files as needed
if ($status and ($restore->course_files)) {
echo "<li>Copying Course Files<br>";
$status = restore_course_files($restore);
//If all is ok (and we have a counter)
if ($status and ($status !== true)) {
//Inform about user dirs created from backup
echo "<ul>";
echo "<li>Main Files/Folders: ".$status;
echo "</ul>";
//Now create course modules as needed
if ($status) {
echo "<li>Creating Course Modules";
$status = restore_create_modules($restore,$xml_file);
//Now create log entries as needed
if ($status and ($restore->logs)) {
echo "<li>Creating Log Entries <b>(not implemented!!)</b>";
//Now, if all is OK, adjust the instance field in course_modules !!
if ($status) {
echo "<li>Checking Instances";
$status = restore_check_instances($restore);
//Now if all is OK, update course modinfo field !!
if ($status) {
echo "<li>Checking Course";
//Cleanup temps (files and db)
if ($status) {
echo "<li>Cleaning up temp data";
$status = clean_temp_data ($restore);
//End the main ul
echo "</ul>";
//End the main table
echo "</tr></td>";
echo "</table>";
if (!$status) {
error ("An error has ocurred");
//Print final message
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