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<?php // $Id$
$string['block_rss_feeds_title'] = 'Remote RSS Feeds';
$string['block_rss_feeds_add_edit'] = 'Add/Edit Feeds';
$string['block_rss_remote_news_feed'] = 'Remote News Feed';
$string['block_rss_feed_updated'] = 'News feed updated';
$string['block_rss_feed_added'] = 'News feed added';
$string['block_rss_update_feed'] = 'Update a news feed URL: ';
$string['block_rss_add_feed'] = 'Add a news feed URL: ';
$string['block_rss_feed_deleted'] = 'News feed deleted';
$string['block_rss_client_num_entries'] = 'The default number of entries to show per feed.';
$string['block_rss_submitters'] = 'Who will be allowed to define new rss feeds? Defined feeds are available for any page on your site.';
$string['block_rss_choose_feed_label'] = 'Choose the feeds which you would like to make available in this block:';
$string['block_rss_client_show_channel_link_label'] = 'Should a link to the original site (channel link) be displayed? (Note that if no feed link is supplied in the news feed then no link will be shown) :';
$string['block_rss_client_show_image_label'] = 'Show channel image if available :';
$string['block_rss_client_channel_link'] = 'Source site...';
$string['block_rss_custom_title_label'] = 'Custom title (leave blank to use title supplied by feed):';
$string['validate_feed'] = 'Validate feed';
$string['block_rss_no_feeds'] = 'There are no RSS feeds defined for this site.';
$string['block_rss_edit_news_feeds'] = 'Edit news feeds';
$string['block_rss_shownumentries_label'] = 'Max number entries to show per block.';
$string['block_rss_display_description_label'] = 'Display each link\'s description?';
$string['block_rss_could_not_find_feed'] = 'Could not find feed with id';
$string['block_rss_feed'] = 'Feed';
$string['block_rss_find_more_feeds'] = 'Find more rss feeds';
$string['block_rss_delete_feed_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this feed?';
$string['block_rss_timeout'] = 'block_rss_timeout';
$string['block_rss_timeout_desc'] = 'Time in minutes for an RSS feed to live in cache.';
$string['block_rss_add_headline_block'] = 'Add RSS headline block';
$string['block_rss_pick_feed'] = 'Pick a news feed';
$string['block_rss_feeds'] = 'News Feeds';
$string['block_rss_feed'] = 'News Feed';
$string['block_rss_edit_feeds'] = 'Edit, subscribe or unsubsribe from RSS/Atom news feeds';
$string['block_rss_see_all_feeds'] = 'See all feeds';
$string['block_rss_edit_rss_block'] = 'Edit RSS Headline Block';
$string['block_rss_add_new'] = 'Add New';
$string['block_rss_managefeeds'] = 'Manage all my feeds';
$string['block_rss_configblock'] = 'Configure this block';
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