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// This file is part of Moodle -
// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
// (at your option) any later version.
// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// GNU General Public License for more details.
// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
* Defines restore_final_task class
* @package core_backup
* @subpackage moodle2
* @category backup
* @copyright 2010 onwards Eloy Lafuente (stronk7) {@link}
* @license GNU GPL v3 or later
defined('MOODLE_INTERNAL') || die();
* Final task that provides all the final steps necessary in order to finish one
* restore like gradebook, interlinks... apart from some final cleaning
* TODO: Finish phpdocs
class restore_final_task extends restore_task {
* Create all the steps that will be part of this task
public function build() {
// Move all the CONTEXT_MODULE question qcats to their
// final (newly created) module context
$this->add_step(new restore_move_module_questions_categories('move_module_question_categories'));
// Create all the question files now that every question is in place
// and every category has its final contextid associated
$this->add_step(new restore_create_question_files('create_question_files'));
// Review all the block_position records in backup_ids in order
// match them now that all the contexts are created populating DB
// as needed. Only if we are restoring blocks.
if ($this->get_setting_value('blocks')) {
$this->add_step(new restore_review_pending_block_positions('review_block_positions'));
// Gradebook. Don't restore the gradebook unless activities are being restored.
if ($this->get_setting_value('activities')) {
$this->add_step(new restore_gradebook_structure_step('gradebook_step','gradebook.xml'));
// Course completion, executed conditionally if restoring to new course
if ($this->get_target() !== backup::TARGET_CURRENT_ADDING &&
$this->get_target() !== backup::TARGET_EXISTING_ADDING) {
$this->add_step(new restore_course_completion_structure_step('course_completion', 'completion.xml'));
// Review all the module_availability records in backup_ids in order
// to match them with existing modules / grade items.
$this->add_step(new restore_process_course_modules_availability('process_modules_availability'));
// Decode all the interlinks
$this->add_step(new restore_decode_interlinks('decode_interlinks'));
// Restore course logs (conditionally). They are restored here because we need all
// the activities to be already restored
if ($this->get_setting_value('logs')) {
$this->add_step(new restore_course_logs_structure_step('course_logs', 'course/logs.xml'));
// Review all the executed tasks having one after_restore method
// executing it to perform some final adjustments of information
// not available when the task was executed.
// This step is always the last one performing modifications on restored information
// Don't add any new step after it. Only cache rebuild and clean are allowed.
$this->add_step(new restore_execute_after_restore('executing_after_restore'));
// Rebuild course cache to see results, whoah!
$this->add_step(new restore_rebuild_course_cache('rebuild_course_cache'));
// Clean the temp dir (conditionally) and drop temp table
$this->add_step(new restore_drop_and_clean_temp_stuff('drop_and_clean_temp_stuff'));
$this->built = true;
* Special method, only available in the restore_final_task, able to invoke the
* restore_plan execute_after_restore() method, so restore_execute_after_restore step
* will be able to launch all the after_restore() methods of the executed tasks
public function launch_execute_after_restore() {
* Define the restore log rules that will be applied
* by the {@link restore_logs_processor} when restoring
* course logs. It must return one array
* of {@link restore_log_rule} objects
* Note these are course logs, but are defined and restored
* in final task because we need all the activities to be
* restored in order to handle some log records properly
static public function define_restore_log_rules() {
$rules = array();
// module 'course' rules
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('course', 'view', 'view.php?id={course}', '{course}');
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('course', 'guest', 'view.php?id={course}', null);
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('course', 'user report', 'user.php?id={course}&user={user}&mode=[mode]', null);
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('course', 'add mod', '../mod/[modname]/view.php?id={course_module}', '[modname] {[modname]}');
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('course', 'update mod', '../mod/[modname]/view.php?id={course_module}', '[modname] {[modname]}');
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('course', 'delete mod', 'view.php?id={course}', null);
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('course', 'update', 'view.php?id={course}', '');
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('course', 'enrol', 'view.php?id={course}', '{user}');
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('course', 'unenrol', 'view.php?id={course}', '{user}');
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('course', 'editsection', 'editsection.php?id={course_section}', null);
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('course', 'new', 'view.php?id={course}', '');
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('course', 'recent', 'recent.php?id={course}', '');
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('course', 'report log', 'report/log/index.php?id={course}', '{course}');
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('course', 'report live', 'report/live/index.php?id={course}', '{course}');
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('course', 'report outline', 'report/outline/index.php?id={course}', '{course}');
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('course', 'report participation', 'report/participation/index.php?id={course}', '{course}');
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('course', 'report stats', 'report/stats/index.php?id={course}', '{course}');
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('course', 'view section', 'view.php?id={course}&section={course_sectionnumber}', '{course}');
// module 'user' rules
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('user', 'view', 'view.php?id={user}&course={course}', '{user}');
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('user', 'change password', 'view.php?id={user}&course={course}', '{user}');
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('user', 'login', 'view.php?id={user}&course={course}', '{user}');
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('user', 'logout', 'view.php?id={user}&course={course}', '{user}');
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('user', 'view all', 'index.php?id={course}', '');
$rules[] = new restore_log_rule('user', 'update', 'view.php?id={user}&course={course}', '');
// rules from other tasks (activities) not belonging to one module instance (cmid = 0), so are restored here
$rules = array_merge($rules, restore_logs_processor::register_log_rules_for_course());
// TODO: Other logs like 'calendar', 'upload'... will go here
return $rules;
// Protected API starts here
* Define the common setting that any restore type will have
protected function define_settings() {
// This task has not settings (could have them, like destination or so in the future, let's see)
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