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<?PHP //$Id$
//This php script contains all the stuff to backup/restore
//assignment mods
//This is the "graphical" structure of the assignment mod:
// assignment
// (CL,pk->id)
// |
// |
// |
// assignment_submisions
// (UL,pk->id, fk->assignment,files)
// Meaning: pk->primary key field of the table
// fk->foreign key to link with parent
// nt->nested field (recursive data)
// CL->course level info
// UL->user level info
// files->table may have files)
//This function executes all the backup procedure about this mod
function assignment_backup_mods($bf,$preferences) {
global $CFG;
$status = true;
//Iterate over assignment table
$assignments = get_records ("assignment","course",$preferences->backup_course,"id");
if ($assignments) {
foreach ($assignments as $assignment) {
//Start mod
fwrite ($bf,start_tag("MOD",3,true));
//Print assignment data
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("ID",4,false,$assignment->id));
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("MODTYPE",4,false,"assignment"));
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("NAME",4,false,$assignment->name));
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("DESCRIPTION",4,false,$assignment->description));
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("FORMAT",4,false,$assignment->format));
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("RESUBMIT",4,false,$assignment->resubmit));
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("TYPE",4,false,$assignment->type));
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("MAXBYTES",4,false,$assignment->maxbytes));
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("TIMEDUE",4,false,$assignment->timedue));
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("GRADE",4,false,$assignment->grade));
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("TIMEMODIFIED",4,false,$assignment->timemodified));
//if we've selected to backup users info, then execute backup_assignment_submisions
if ($preferences->mods["assignment"]->userinfo) {
$status = backup_assignment_submissions($bf,$preferences,$assignment->id);
//End mod
$status =fwrite ($bf,end_tag("MOD",3,true));
//if we've selected to backup users info, then backup files too
if ($status) {
if ($preferences->mods["assignment"]->userinfo) {
$status = backup_assignment_files($bf,$preferences);
return $status;
//Backup assignment_submissions contents (executed from assignment_backup_mods)
function backup_assignment_submissions ($bf,$preferences,$assignment) {
global $CFG;
$status = true;
$assignment_submissions = get_records("assignment_submissions","assignment",$assignment,"id");
//If there is submissions
if ($assignment_submissions) {
//Write start tag
$status =fwrite ($bf,start_tag("SUBMISSIONS",4,true));
//Iterate over each submission
foreach ($assignment_submissions as $ass_sub) {
//Start submission
$status =fwrite ($bf,start_tag("SUBMISSION",5,true));
//Print submission contents
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("ID",6,false,$ass_sub->id));
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("USERID",6,false,$ass_sub->userid));
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("TIMECREATED",6,false,$ass_sub->timecreated));
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("TIMEMODIFIED",6,false,$ass_sub->timemodified));
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("NUMFILES",6,false,$ass_sub->numfiles));
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("GRADE",6,false,$ass_sub->grade));
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("COMMENT",6,false,$ass_sub->comment));
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("TEACHER",6,false,$ass_sub->teacher));
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("TIMEMARKED",6,false,$ass_sub->timemarked));
fwrite ($bf,full_tag("MAILED",6,false,$ass_sub->mailed));
//End submission
$status =fwrite ($bf,end_tag("SUBMISSION",5,true));
//Write end tag
$status =fwrite ($bf,end_tag("SUBMISSIONS",4,true));
return $status;
//Backup assignment files because we've selected to backup user info
//and files are user info's level
function backup_assignment_files($bf,$preferences) {
global $CFG;
$status = true;
//First we check to moddata exists and create it as necessary
//in temp/backup/$backup_code dir
$status = check_and_create_moddata_dir($preferences->backup_unique_code);
//Now copy the assignment dir
if ($status) {
$status = backup_copy_file($CFG->dataroot."/".$preferences->backup_course."/".$CFG->moddata."/assignment",
return $status;
//Return an array of info (name,value)
function assignment_check_backup_mods($course,$user_data=false,$backup_unique_code) {
//First the course data
$info[0][0] = get_string("modulenameplural","assignment");
if ($ids = assignment_ids ($course)) {
$info[0][1] = count($ids);
} else {
$info[0][1] = 0;
//Now, if requested, the user_data
if ($user_data) {
$info[1][0] = get_string("submissions","assignment");
if ($ids = assignment_submission_ids_by_course ($course)) {
$info[1][1] = count($ids);
} else {
$info[1][1] = 0;
return $info;
//Returns an array of assignments id
function assignment_ids ($course) {
global $CFG;
return get_records_sql ("SELECT, a.course
FROM {$CFG->prefix}assignment a
WHERE a.course = '$course'");
//Returns an array of assignment_submissions id
function assignment_submission_ids_by_course ($course) {
global $CFG;
return get_records_sql ("SELECT , s.assignment
FROM {$CFG->prefix}assignment_submissions s,
{$CFG->prefix}assignment a
WHERE a.course = '$course' AND
s.assignment =");
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