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<TITLE>Moodle Docs: Background</TITLE>
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Here is a big list of some of the features in Moodle 1.0:
<UL><LI>Supports a social constructionist pedagogy (collaboration, activities, critical reflection, etc)</LI><LI>Suitable for 100% online classes as well as supplementing face-to-face learning<LI>Simple, lightweight, browser-compatible interface</LI><LI>Plug-in "themes" allow you to customise the colours, fonts, layout etc</LI><LI>Easy to install on most platforms</LI><LI>Easy administration - students can create their own accounts. Email addresses are verified.</LI><LI>One account works for the whole server</LI><LI>Security - teachers can add an "enrolment key" to their courses to keep out non-students. They can give out this key face-to-face or via personal email etc</LI><LI>Students are encouraged to build an online profile including photos, description etc</LI><LI>Every user can specify their own timezone, and every date in Moodle is translated to that timezone (eg posting dates, assignment due dates etc)</LI><LI>Choice of course formats such as by week, by topic or a discussion-focussed social format</LI><LI>Flexible array of course modules - Forums, Journals, Readings, Choices, Surveys, Assignments.</LI><LI>New modules can be written and plugged in to existing Moodle installations</LI><LI>The code is clearly-written PHP under a GPL license - easy to modify and localise</LI><LI>Full database abstraction supports all major brands of database (except for initial table definition)</LI><LI>Ready for internationalisation - supports plug-in languages and locale-based date formats etc</LI><LI>Mail integration - copies of forum posts, teacher feedback etc can be mailed in HTML or plain text.</LI><LI>Recent changes to the course since the last login are displayed on the course home page</LI><LI>Full user logging and tracking - activity reports for each student are available with graphs and details about each module (last access, number of times read) as well as a detailed "story" of each students involvement including postings, journal entries etc on one page.</LI>
<B>Forum Module</B>
<UL><LI>Different types of forums are available, such as teacher-only, course news, open-to-all, and one-thread-per-user.</LI><LI>All postings have the authors photo attached.</LI><LI>Discussions can be viewed nested, flat or threaded, oldest or newest first.</LI><LI>Individual forums can be subscribed to by each person so that copies are forwarded via email, or the teacher can force subscription for all</LI>
<B>Survey Module</B>
<UL><LI>Built-in surveys (COLLES, ATTLS) have been proven as instruments for analysing online classes</LI><LI>Online survey reports always available, including many graphs. Data is downloadable as an Excel spreadsheet or CSV text file.</LI><LI>Survey interface prevents partly-finished surveys.</LI><LI>Feedback is provided to the student of their results compared to the class averages</UL>
<B>Readings Module</B>
<UL><LI>Supports display of any electronic content</LI><LI>Files can be uploaded and managed on the server, or created on the fly using web forms (text or HTML)</LI><LI>External content on the web can be linked to or seamlessly included within the course interface.</LI></UL>
<B>Choice Module</B>
<UL><LI>Like a poll. Can either be used to vote on something, or to get feedback from every student (eg research consent)</LI></UL>
<B>Journal Module</B>
<UL><LI>Journals are private between student and teacher.</LI><LI>Each journal entry can be directed by an open question.</LI><LI>For each particular journal entry, the whole class can be assessed on one page in one form.</LI><LI>Teacher feedback is appended to the journal entry page, and notification is mailed out.</LI></UL>
<B>Assignment Module</B>
<UL><LI>Assignments can be specified with a due date and a maximum grade.</LI><LI>Students can upload their assignments (any file format) to the server - they are date-stamped.</LI><LI>Late assignments are allowed, but the amount of lateness is shown clearly to the teacher</LI><LI>For each particular assignment, the whole class can be assessed (grade and comment) on one page in one form.</LI><LI>Teacher feedback is appended to the assignment page for each student, and notification is mailed out.</LI></UL>
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