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<?PHP // $Id$
$string['absent'] = "Absent";
$string['accumulative'] = "Accumulative";
$string['action'] = "Action";
$string['addacomment'] = "Add a Comment";
$string['afterdeadline'] = "After Deadline: \$a";
$string['agreetothisassessment'] = "Agree to this Assessment";
$string['allgradeshaveamaximumof'] = "All Grades have a Maximum of: \$a";
$string['allowresubmit'] = "Allow Resubmissions";
$string['alreadyinphase'] = "Already in Phase \$a";
$string['amendassessmentelements'] = "Amend Assessment Elements";
$string['amendtitle'] = "Amend Title";
$string['assess'] = "Assess";
$string['assessedon'] = "Assessed on \$a";
$string['assessment'] = "Assessment";
$string['assessmentby'] = "Assessment by \$a";
$string['assessmentgrade'] = "Assessment Grade: \$a";
$string['assessmentnotyetagreed'] = "Assessment not yet agreed";
$string['assessmentofresubmission'] = "This is an Assessment of a revised piece of the work. <br />The form here has been filled with your previous grades and comments. <br />Please amend these after looking at the revised work.";
$string['assessmentsby'] = "Assessments by \$a";
$string['assessmentsmustbeagreed'] = "Assessments must be agreed";
$string['assessments'] = "Assessments";
$string['assessmentsareok'] = "Assessments are OK";
$string['assessmentsdone'] = "Assessments Done";
$string['assessmentwasagreedon'] = "Assessment was agreed on \$a";
$string['assessor'] = "Assessor";
$string['assessthissubmission'] = "Assess this submission";
$string['assessmentofthissubmission'] = "Assessment of this submission";
$string['assignmentnotinthecorrectphase'] = "Assignment not in the Correct Phase";
$string['authorofsubmission'] = "Author of Submission";
$string['awaitinggradingbyteacher'] = "Awaiting Grading by \$a";
$string['beforedeadline'] = "Before Deadline: \$a";
$string['calculationoffinalgrades'] = "Calculation of Final Grades";
$string['closeassignment'] = "Close Assignment";
$string['comment'] = "Comment";
$string['commentby'] = "Comment by";
$string['confirmdeletionofthisitem'] = "Confirm Deletion of this \$a";
$string['correct'] = "Correct";
$string['criterion'] = "Criterion";
$string['deadline'] = "Deadline";
$string['deadlineis'] = "The Deadline is \$a";
$string['description'] = "Description";
$string['delete'] = "Delete";
$string['deleting'] = "Deleting";
$string['detailsofassessment'] = "Details of Assessment";
$string['disagreewiththisassessment'] = "Disagree with this Assessment";
$string['displayoffinalgrades'] = "Display of Final Grades";
$string['dontshowgrades'] = "Don't Show Grades";
$string['edit'] = "Edit";
$string['editacomment'] = "Edit a Comment";
$string['editingassessmentelements'] = "Editing Assessment Elements";
$string['element'] = "Element";
$string['elementweight'] = "Element Weight";
$string['errorbanded'] = "Error Banded";
$string['excellent'] = "Excellent";
$string['feedbackgoeshere'] = "Feedback goes here";
$string['generalcomment'] = "General comment";
$string['good'] = "Good";
$string['grade'] = "Grade";
$string['gradeassessment'] = "Grade Assessment";
$string['graded'] = "Graded";
$string['gradedbyteacher'] = "Graded by \$a";
$string['gradeforassessments'] = "Grade for Assessments";
$string['gradeforbias'] = "Grade for Bias";
$string['gradeforreliability'] = "Grade for Reliability";
$string['gradeforstudentsassessment'] = "Grade for Student's Assessment";
$string['gradeofsubmission'] = "Grade of Submission: \$a";
$string['gradingstrategy'] = "Grading Strategy";
$string['hidegradesbeforeagreement'] = "Hide Grades before Agreement";
$string['hidenamesfromstudents'] = "Hide Names from \$a";
$string['includeteachersgrade'] = "Include Teacher's Grade";
$string['incorrect'] = "Incorrect";
$string['leaguetable'] = "League Table of Submitted Work";
$string['listassessments'] = "List Assessments";
$string['listofallsubmissions'] = "List of all Submissions";
$string['liststudentsassessments'] = "List Student's Assessments";
$string['managingassignment'] = "Managing Assignment";
$string['mail1'] = "Your assignment '\$a' has been assessed by";
$string['mail2'] = "The comments and grade can be seen in the Workshop Assignment '\$a'";
$string['mail3'] = "You can see it in your Workshop Assignment";
$string['mail4'] = "A comment has been added to the assignment '\$a' by";
$string['mail5'] = "The new comment can be seen in the Workshop Assignment '\$a'";
$string['mail6'] = "Your assessment of the assignment '\$a' has by reviewed";
$string['mail7'] = "The comments given by the \$a can be seen in the Workshop Assignment ";
$string['mail8'] = "The assignment \$a is a revised piece of work. ";
$string['mail9'] = "Please assess it in the workshop assignment \$a ";
$string['mail10'] = "You can assess it in your workshop assignment ";
$string['maximumsize'] = "Maximum Size";
$string['modulename'] = "Workshop";
$string['modulenameplural'] = "Workshops";
$string['movingtophase'] = "Moving to Phase \$a";
$string['newassessments'] = "New Assessments";
$string['namesnotshowntostudents'] = "Names not shown to \$a";
$string['newgradings'] = "New Gradings";
$string['newsubmissions'] = "New Submissions";
$string['noassessmentsdone'] = "No Assessments Done";
$string['nosubmissionsavailableforassessment'] = "No Submissions available for assessment";
$string['notavailable'] = "Not Available";
$string['noteonassessmentelements'] =
"Note that grading is broken down into a number of 'Assessment Elements'.<BR>
This makes the grading easier and more consistent. As teacher you must add these <BR>
Elements before making the assignment available to students. This is done by<BR>
clicking on the assignment in the course, if no elements are present you will be asked<BR>
to add them. You can change the number of elements using the Edit Assignment screen,<BR>
the elements themselves can be amended from the &quot;Managing Assessment&quot; screen. ";
$string['notitlegiven'] = "No Title Given";
$string['notgraded'] = "Not Graded";
$string['numberofassessments'] = "Number of Assessments";
$string['numberofassessmentelements'] = "Number of Comments, Assessment Elements, Grade Bands, Criterion Statments or Categories in a Rubric";
$string['numberofassessmentsofstudentsubmissions'] = "Number of Assessments of Student Submissions";
$string['numberofassessmentsofteachersexamples'] = "Number of Assessments of Examples from Teacher";
$string['numberofentries'] = "Number of Entries";
$string['on'] = "on \$a";
$string['openassignment'] = "Open Assignment";
$string['optionforpeergrade'] = "Option for Peer Grade";
$string['overallgrade'] = "Overall Grade";
$string['overallocation'] = "Over Allocation";
$string['overallpeergrade'] = "Overall Peer Grade: \$a";
$string['overallteachergrade'] = "Overall Teacher Grade: \$a";
$string['ownwork'] = "Own Work";
$string['phase'] = "Phase";
$string['phase1'] = "Set Up Assignment";
$string['phase2'] = "Allow \$a Submissions...";
$string['phase3'] = "...and Assessments";
$string['phase4'] = "Calculation of Final Grades";
$string['phase5'] = "Show Final Grades";
$string['pleaseassesstheseexamplesfromtheteacher'] = "Please assess these Examples from the \$a";
$string['pleaseassessthesestudentsubmissions'] = "Please assess these \$a Submissions";
$string['pleaseassessyoursubmissions'] = "Please assess your Submission(s)";
$string['poor'] = "Poor";
$string['present'] = "Present";
$string['reassess'] = "Re-assess";
$string['reply'] = "Reply";
$string['returntosubmissionpage'] = "Return to Submission Page";
$string['rubric'] = "Rubric";
$string['savemyassessment'] = "Save my Assessment";
$string['savemycomment'] = "Save my Comment";
$string['saveoverallocation'] = "Save Over Allocation Level";
$string['savedok'] = "Saved OK";
$string['savemygrading'] = "Save my Grading";
$string['scaleyes'] = "2 point Yes/No scale";
$string['scalepresent'] = "2 point Present/Absent scale";
$string['scalecorrect'] = "2 point Correct/Incorrect scale";
$string['scalegood3'] = "3 point Good/Poor scale";
$string['scaleexcellent4'] = "4 point Excellent/Very Poor scale";
$string['scaleexcellent5'] = "5 point Excellent/Very Poor scale";
$string['scaleexcellent7'] = "7 point Excellent/Very Poor scale";
$string['scale10'] = "Score out of 10";
$string['scale20'] = "Score out of 20";
$string['scale100'] = "Score out of 100";
$string['select'] = "Select";
$string['selfassessment'] = "Self Assessment";
$string['setoverallocation'] = "Set Over Allocation Level";
$string['showgrades'] = "Show Grades";
$string['specimenassessmentform'] = "Specimen Assessment Form";
$string['studentassessments'] = "\$a Assessments";
$string['studentgrades'] = "\$a Grades";
$string['studentsubmissionsforassessment'] = "\$a Student Submissions for Assessment";
$string['studentsubmissions'] = "\$a Submissions";
$string['submitassignment'] = "Submit Assignment";
$string['submitassignmentusingform'] = "Submit your Assignment using this Form";
$string['submitexampleassignment'] = "Submit Example Assignment";
$string['submitrevisedassignment'] = "Submit your Revised Assignment using this Form";
$string['submitted'] = "Submitted";
$string['submittedby'] = "Submitted by";
$string['submission'] = "Submission";
$string['submissions'] = "Submissions";
$string['suggestedgrade'] = "Suggested Grade";
$string['returnto'] = "Return to";
$string['teacherassessments'] = "\$a Assessments";
$string['teacherscomment'] = "Teacher's Comment";
$string['teachersgrade'] = "Teacher's Grade";
$string['teachersubmissionsforassessment'] = "\$a Teacher Submissions for Assessment";
$string['thegradeis'] = "The Grade is \$a";
$string['thereisfeedbackfromtheteacher'] = "There is feadback from the \$a";
$string['theseasessmentsaregradedbytheteacher'] = "These Assessments are graded by the \$a";
$string['timeassessed'] = "Time Assessed";
$string['title'] = "Title";
$string['typeofscale'] = "Type of Scale";
$string['ungradedassessmentsofstudentsubmissions'] = "\$a Ungraded Assessments of Student Submissions";
$string['ungradedassessmentsofteachersubmissions'] = "\$a Ungraded Assessments of Teacher Submissions";
$string['verypoor'] = "Very Poor";
$string['view'] = "View";
$string['viewassessmentofteacher'] = "View Assessment of \$a";
$string['viewotherassessments'] = "View other Assessments";
$string['warningonamendingelements'] = "WARNING: There are submitted assessments. <BR>Do NOT change the number
of elements, the scale types or the element weights.";
$string['weight'] = "Weight";
$string['weightederrorcount'] = "Weighted Error Count: \$a";
$string['weightforbias'] = "Weight for Bias";
$string['weightforgradingofassessments'] = "Weight for Grading of Assessments";
$string['weightforpeerassessments'] = "Weight for Peer Assessments";
$string['weightforreliability'] = "Weight for Reliability";
$string['weightforteacherassessments'] = "Weight for \$a Assessments";
$string['weights'] = "Weights";
$string['weightsusedforfinalgrade'] = "Weights used for Final Grade";
$string['weightsusedforsubmissions'] = "Weights used for Submissions";
$string['workshopagreedassessments'] = "Workshop Agreed Assessments";
$string['workshopassessments'] = "Workshop Assessments";
$string['workshopcomments'] = "Workshop Comments";
$string['workshopfeedback'] = "Workshop Feedback";
$string['workshopsubmissions'] = "Workshop Submissions";
$string['yourassessments'] = "Your Assessments";
$string['yourassessmentsofexamplesfromtheteacher'] = "Your Assessments of Examples from the \$a";
$string['yourfeedbackgoeshere'] = "Your Feedback goes Here";
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