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// This file is part of Moodle -
// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
// (at your option) any later version.
// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// GNU General Public License for more details.
// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
* Strings for component 'lesson', language 'en', branch 'MOODLE_20_STABLE'
* @package mod
* @subpackage lesson
* @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
* @license GNU GPL v3 or later
$string['accesscontrol'] = 'Access control';
$string['actionaftercorrectanswer'] = 'Action after correct answer';
$string['actionaftercorrectanswer_help'] = 'After answering a question correctly, there are 3 options for the following page:
* Normal - Follow lesson path
* Show an unseen page - Pages are shown in a random order with no page shown twice
* Show an unanswered page - Pages are shown in a random order, with pages containing unanswered questions shown again';
$string['actions'] = 'Actions';
$string['activitylink'] = 'Link to an activity';
$string['activitylink_help'] = 'To provide a link at the end of the lesson to another activity in the course, select the activity from the dropdown list.';
$string['activitylinkname'] = 'Go to {$a}';
$string['addabranchtable'] = 'Add a content page';
$string['addanendofbranch'] = 'Add an end of branch';
$string['addanewpage'] = 'Add a new page';
$string['addaquestionpage'] = 'Add a question page';
$string['addaquestionpagehere'] = 'Add a question page here';
$string['addbranchtable'] = 'Add a content page';
$string['addcluster'] = 'Add a cluster';
$string['addedabranchtable'] = 'Added a content page';
$string['addedanendofbranch'] = 'Added an end of branch';
$string['addedaquestionpage'] = 'Added a question page';
$string['addedcluster'] = 'Added a cluster';
$string['addedendofcluster'] = 'Added an end of cluster';
$string['addendofcluster'] = 'Add an end of cluster';
$string['addpage'] = 'Add a page';
$string['and'] = 'AND';
$string['anchortitle'] = 'Start of main content';
$string['answer'] = 'Answer';
$string['answeredcorrectly'] = 'answered correctly.';
$string['answersfornumerical'] = 'Answers for numerical questions should be matched pairs of minimum and maximum values';
$string['arrangebuttonshorizontally'] = 'Arrange content buttons horizontally?';
$string['attempt'] = 'Attempt: {$a}';
$string['attempts'] = 'Attempts';
$string['attemptsdeleted'] = 'Deleted attempts';
$string['attemptsremaining'] = 'You have {$a} attempt(s) remaining';
$string['available'] = 'Available from';
$string['averagescore'] = 'Average score';
$string['averagetime'] = 'Average time';
$string['branch'] = 'Content';
$string['branchtable'] = 'Content';
$string['cancel'] = 'Cancel';
$string['cannotfindanswer'] = 'Error: could not find answer';
$string['cannotfindattempt'] = 'Error: could not find attempt';
$string['cannotfindessay'] = 'Error: could not find essay';
$string['cannotfindfirstgrade'] = 'Error: could not find grades';
$string['cannotfindfirstpage'] = 'Could not find first page';
$string['cannotfindgrade'] = 'Error: could not find grades';
$string['cannotfindnewestgrade'] = 'Error: could not find newest grade';
$string['cannotfindnextpage'] = 'Lesson backup: Next page not found!';
$string['cannotfindpagerecord'] = 'Add end of branch: page record not found';
$string['cannotfindpages'] = 'Could not find lesson pages';
$string['cannotfindpagetitle'] = 'Confirm delete: page title not found';
$string['cannotfindpreattempt'] = 'Previous attempt record could not be found!';
$string['cannotfindrecords'] = 'Error: could not find lesson records';
$string['cannotfindtimer'] = 'Error: could not find lesson_timer records';
$string['cannotfinduser'] = 'Error: could not find users';
$string['canretake'] = '{$a} can re-take';
$string['casesensitive'] = 'Use regular expressions';
$string['casesensitive_help'] = 'Tick the checkbox to use regular expressions for analysing responses.';
$string['classstats'] = 'Class statistics';
$string['clicktodownload'] = 'Click on the following link to download the file.';
$string['clicktopost'] = 'Click here to post your grade on the High Scores list.';
$string['cluster'] = 'Cluster';
$string['clusterjump'] = 'Unseen question within a cluster';
$string['clustertitle'] = 'Cluster';
$string['collapsed'] = 'Collapsed';
$string['comments'] = 'Your comments';
$string['completed'] = 'Completed';
$string['completederror'] = 'Complete the lesson';
$string['completethefollowingconditions'] = 'You must complete the following condition(s) in <b>{$a}</b> lesson before you can proceed.';
$string['conditionsfordependency'] = 'Condition(s) for the dependency';
$string['configactionaftercorrectanswer'] = 'The default action to take after a correct answer';
$string['configmaxanswers'] = 'Default maximum number of answers per page';
$string['configmaxhighscores'] = 'Number of high scores displayed';
$string['configmediaclose'] = 'Displays a close button as part of the popup generated for a linked media file';
$string['configmediaheight'] = 'Sets the height of the popup displayed for a linked media file';
$string['configmediawidth'] = 'Sets the width of the popup displayed for a linked media file';
$string['configslideshowbgcolor'] = 'Background colour to for the slideshow if it is enabled';
$string['configslideshowheight'] = 'Sets the height of the slideshow if it is enabled';
$string['configslideshowwidth'] = 'Sets the width of the slideshow if it is enabled';
$string['confirmdelete'] = 'Delete page';
$string['confirmdeletionofthispage'] = 'Confirm deletion of this page';
$string['congratulations'] = 'Congratulations - end of lesson reached';
$string['continue'] = 'Continue';
$string['continuetoanswer'] = 'Continue to change answers.';
$string['continuetonextpage'] = 'Continue to next page.';
$string['correctanswerjump'] = 'Correct answer jump';
$string['correctanswerscore'] = 'Correct answer score';
$string['correctresponse'] = 'Correct response';
$string['credit'] = 'Credit';
$string['customscoring'] = 'Custom scoring';
$string['customscoring_help'] = 'If enabled, then each answer may be given a numerical point value (positive or negative).';
$string['deadline'] = 'Deadline';
$string['defaultessayresponse'] = 'Your essay will be graded by the course instructor.';
$string['deleteallattempts'] = 'Delete all lesson attempts';
$string['deletedefaults'] = 'Deleted {$a} x lesson default';
$string['deletedpage'] = 'Deleted page';
$string['deleting'] = 'Deleting';
$string['deletingpage'] = 'Deleting page: {$a}';
$string['dependencyon'] = 'Dependent on';
$string['dependencyon_help'] = 'This setting allows access to this lesson to be dependent upon a student\'s performance in another lesson in the same course. Any combination of time spent, completed or "grade better than" may be used.';
$string['description'] = 'Description';
$string['detailedstats'] = 'Detailed statistics';
$string['didnotanswerquestion'] = 'Did not answer this question.';
$string['didnotreceivecredit'] = 'Did not receive credit';
$string['displaydefaultfeedback'] = 'Display default feedback';
$string['displaydefaultfeedback_help'] = 'If enabled, when a response is not found for a particular question, the default response of "That\'s the correct answer" or "That\'s the wrong answer" will be shown.';
$string['displayhighscores'] = 'Display high scores';
$string['displayinleftmenu'] = 'Display in left menu?';
$string['displayleftif'] = 'Display left menu only if grade greater than';
$string['displayleftif_help'] = 'This setting determines whether a student must obtain a certain grade before viewing the left menu. This forces the student to go through the entire lesson on their first attempt, then after obtaining the required grade they can use the left menu for review.';
$string['displayleftmenu'] = 'Display left menu';
$string['displayleftmenu_help'] = 'If enabled, a list of pages is displayed.';
$string['displayofgrade'] = 'Display of grade (for students only)';
$string['displayreview'] = 'Provide option to try a question again';
$string['displayreview_help'] = 'If enabled, when a question is answered incorrectly, the student is given the option to try it again for no point credit, or continue with the lesson.';
$string['displayscorewithessays'] = 'You earned {$a->score} out of {$a->tempmaxgrade} for the automatically graded questions.<br />Your {$a->essayquestions} essay question(s) will be graded and added<br />into your final score at a later date.<br /><br />Your current grade without the essay question(s) is {$a->score} out of {$a->grade}';
$string['displayscorewithoutessays'] = 'Your score is {$a->score} (out of {$a->grade}).';
$string['edit'] = 'Edit';
$string['editingquestionpage'] = 'Editing {$a} question page';
$string['editlessonsettings'] = 'Edit lesson settings';
$string['editpage'] = 'Edit page contents';
$string['editpagecontent'] = 'Edit page contents';
$string['email'] = 'Email';
$string['emailallgradedessays'] = 'Email ALL graded essays';
$string['emailgradedessays'] = 'Email graded essays';
$string['emailsuccess'] = 'Emails sent successfully';
$string['endofbranch'] = 'End of branch';
$string['endofcluster'] = 'End of cluster';
$string['endofclustertitle'] = 'End of cluster';
$string['endoflesson'] = 'End of lesson';
$string['enteredthis'] = 'entered this.';
$string['entername'] = 'Enter a nickname for the high scores list';
$string['enterpassword'] = 'Please enter the password:';
$string['emptypassword'] = 'Password cannot be empty';
$string['eolstudentoutoftime'] = 'Attention: You ran out of time for this lesson. Your last answer may not have counted if it was answered after the time was up.';
$string['eolstudentoutoftimenoanswers'] = 'You did not answer any questions. You have received a 0 for this lesson.';
$string['essay'] = 'Essay';
$string['essayemailmessage'] = '<p>Essay prompt:<blockquote>{$a->question}</blockquote></p><p>Your response:<blockquote><em>{$a->response}</em></blockquote></p><p>{$a->teacher}\'s comments:<blockquote><em>{$a->comment}</em></blockquote></p><p>You have received {$a->earned} out of {$a->outof} for this essay question.</p><p>Your grade for the lesson has been changed to {$a->newgrade}&#37;.</p>';
$string['essayemailmessage2'] = '<p>Essay prompt:<blockquote>{$a->question}</blockquote></p><p>Your response:<blockquote><em>{$a->response}</em></blockquote></p><p>Grader\'s comments:<blockquote><em>{$a->comment}</em></blockquote></p><p>You have received {$a->earned} out of {$a->outof} for this essay question.</p><p>Your grade for the lesson has been changed to {$a->newgrade}&#37;.</p>';
$string['essayemailsubject'] = 'Your grade for {$a} question';
$string['essays'] = 'Essays';
$string['essayscore'] = 'Essay score';
$string['fileformat'] = 'File format';
$string['finish'] = 'Finish';
$string['firstanswershould'] = 'First answer should jump to the "Correct" page';
$string['firstwrong'] = 'Unfortunately you cannot earn this one point, because your response was not correct. Would you like to keep guessing, just for the sheer joy of learning (but for no point credit)?';
$string['flowcontrol'] = 'Flow control';
$string['full'] = 'Expanded';
$string['general'] = 'General';
$string['gotoendoflesson'] = 'Go to the end of the lesson';
$string['grade'] = 'Grade';
$string['gradebetterthan'] = 'Grade better than (&#37;)';
$string['gradebetterthanerror'] = 'Earn a grade better than {$a} percent';
$string['gradeessay'] = 'Grade essay questions ({$a->notgradedcount} not graded and {$a->notsentcount} not sent)';
$string['gradeis'] = 'Grade is {$a}';
$string['gradeoptions'] = 'Grade options';
$string['handlingofretakes'] = 'Handling of re-takes';
$string['handlingofretakes_help'] = 'If re-takes are allowed, this setting specifies whether the grade for the lesson is the mean or maximum of all attempts.';
$string['havenotgradedyet'] = 'Have not graded yet.';
$string['here'] = 'here';
$string['highscore'] = 'High score';
$string['highscores'] = 'High scores';
$string['hightime'] = 'High time';
$string['checkbranchtable'] = 'Check content page';
$string['checkedthisone'] = 'Checked this one.';
$string['checknavigation'] = 'Check navigation';
$string['checkquestion'] = 'Check question';
$string['importcount'] = 'Importing {$a} questions';
$string['importppt'] = 'Import PowerPoint';
$string['importppt_help'] = 'This feature enables a zip file of PowerPoint 2003 slides saved as web pages to be imported into the lesson.';
$string['importquestions'] = 'Import questions';
$string['importquestions_help'] = 'This feature enables questions in a variety of formats to be imported via text file.';
$string['insertedpage'] = 'Inserted page';
$string['invalidfile'] = 'Invalid file';
$string['invalidid'] = 'No course module ID or lesson ID were passed';
$string['invalidlessonid'] = 'lesson ID was incorrect';
$string['invalidpageid'] = 'Invalid page ID';
$string['jump'] = 'Jump';
$string['jumps'] = 'Jumps';
$string['jumps_help'] = 'Each answer (for questions) or description (for content pages) has a corresponding jump. The jump can be relative, such as this page or next page, or absolute, specifying any one of the pages in the lesson.';
$string['jumpsto'] = 'Jumps to <em>{$a}</em>';
$string['leftduringtimed'] = 'You have left during a timed lesson.<br />Please click on Continue to restart the lesson.';
$string['leftduringtimednoretake'] = 'You have left during a timed lesson and you are<br />not allowed to retake or continue the lesson.';
$string['lesson:addinstance'] = 'Add a new lesson';
$string['lessonattempted'] = 'Lesson attempted';
$string['lessonclosed'] = 'This lesson closed on {$a}.';
$string['lessoncloses'] = 'Lesson closes';
$string['lessoncloseson'] = 'Lesson closes on {$a}';
$string['lesson:edit'] = 'Edit a lesson activity';
$string['lessonformating'] = 'Lesson formatting';
$string['lesson:manage'] = 'Manage a lesson activity';
$string['lessonmenu'] = 'Lesson menu';
$string['lessonnotready'] = 'This lesson is not ready to be taken. Please contact your {$a}.';
$string['lessonnotready2'] = 'This lesson is not ready to be taken.';
$string['lessonopen'] = 'This lesson will be open on {$a}.';
$string['lessonopens'] = 'Lesson opens';
$string['lessonpagelinkingbroken'] = 'First page not found. Lesson page linking must be broken. Please contact an admin.';
$string['lessonstats'] = 'Lesson statistics';
$string['linkedmedia'] = 'Linked media';
$string['loginfail'] = 'Login failed, please try again...';
$string['lowscore'] = 'Low score';
$string['lowtime'] = 'Low time';
$string['manualgrading'] = 'Grade essays';
$string['matchesanswer'] = 'Matches with answer';
$string['matching'] = 'Matching';
$string['matchingpair'] = 'Matching pair {$a}';
$string['maxgrade'] = 'Maximum grade';
$string['maxgrade_help'] = 'This setting specifies the maximum grade for the lesson. If set to 0, the lesson does not appear in the grades pages.';
$string['maxhighscores'] = 'Number of high scores displayed';
$string['maximumnumberofanswersbranches'] = 'Maximum number of answers';
$string['maximumnumberofanswersbranches_help'] = 'This setting specifies the maximum number of answers that may be used in the lesson. If only true/false questions are used, it can be set to 2. The setting may be changed at any time, since it only effects what the teacher sees, not the data.';
$string['maximumnumberofattempts'] = 'Maximum number of attempts';
$string['maximumnumberofattempts_help'] = 'This setting specifies the maximum number of attempts allowed for each question. If answered incorrectly repeatedly, when the maximum is reached, the next page of the lesson is displayed.';
$string['maximumnumberofattemptsreached'] = 'Maximum number of attempts reached - Moving to next page';
$string['maxtime'] = 'Time limit (minutes)';
$string['maxtimewarning'] = 'You have {$a} minute(s) to finish the lesson.';
$string['mediaclose'] = 'Show close button:';
$string['mediafile'] = 'Pop-up to file or web page';
$string['mediafile_help'] = 'To include a pop-up window at the beginning of a lesson, choose the appropriate file to display. Every lesson page will include a link to re-open the pop-up if necessary.';
$string['mediafilepopup'] = 'Click here to view';
$string['mediaheight'] = 'Popup window height:';
$string['mediawidth'] = 'Popup window width:';
$string['messageprovider:graded_essay'] = 'Essay graded notification';
$string['minimumnumberofquestions'] = 'Minimum number of questions';
$string['minimumnumberofquestions_help'] = 'This setting specifies the minimum number of questions that will be used to calculate a grade for the activity. If the lesson contains one or more content pages, the minimum number of questions should be set to zero.
If set to say 20, it is suggested that the following text is added to the opening page of the lesson: "In this lesson you are expected to attempt at least 20 questions. You can attempt more if you wish. However, if you attempt less than 20 questions, your grade will be calculated as though you attempted 20."';
$string['missingname'] = 'Please enter a nickname';
$string['modattempts'] = 'Allow student review';
$string['modattempts_help'] = 'If enabled, students can navigate through the lesson again from the start.';
$string['modattemptsnoteacher'] = 'Student review only works for students.';
$string['modulename'] = 'Lesson';
$string['modulename_help'] = 'The lesson activity module enables a teacher to deliver content in an interesting and flexible way.
A lesson consists of a number of pages. Each page normally ends with a question and a number of possible answers. Question types include multiple choice, matching and short answer. Depending on the student\'s choice of answer they either progress to the next page or are taken back to a previous page.
A lesson may be graded if desired, with the grade recorded in the gradebook.
Lessons may be used
* For self-directed learning of a new topic
* For role-play simulations / decision-making exercises
* As a means of catering for different learning styles, for example students can opt for a video page, or a podcast page or a page of text according to their preference
* For differentiated revision guides, with different sets of revision questions depending upon answers given to initial questions';
$string['modulename_link'] = 'mod/lesson/view';
$string['modulenameplural'] = 'Lessons';
$string['move'] = 'Move page';
$string['movedpage'] = 'Moved page';
$string['movepagehere'] = 'Move page to here';
$string['moving'] = 'Moving page: {$a}';
$string['multianswer'] = 'Multiple-answer';
$string['multianswer_help'] = 'Tick the checkbox if more than one response is a correct answer.';
$string['multichoice'] = 'Multichoice';
$string['multipleanswer'] = 'Multiple answer';
$string['nameapproved'] = 'Name approved';
$string['namereject'] = 'Sorry, your name has been rejected by the filter.<br />Please try another name.';
$string['new'] = 'new';
$string['nextpage'] = 'Next page';
$string['noanswer'] = 'No answer given. Please go back and submit an answer.';
$string['noattemptrecordsfound'] = 'No attempt records found: no grade given';
$string['nobranchtablefound'] = 'No content page found';
$string['nocommentyet'] = 'No comment yet.';
$string['nocoursemods'] = 'No activities found';
$string['nocredit'] = 'No credit';
$string['nodeadline'] = 'No deadline';
$string['noessayquestionsfound'] = 'No essay questions found in this lesson.';
$string['nohighscores'] = 'No high scores';
$string['nolessonattempts'] = 'No attempts have been made on this lesson.';
$string['nooneansweredcorrectly'] = 'No one answered correctly.';
$string['nooneansweredthisquestion'] = 'No one answered this question.';
$string['nooneenteredthis'] = 'No one entered this.';
$string['noonehasanswered'] = 'No one has answered an essay question yet.';
$string['noonecheckedthis'] = 'No one checked this.';
$string['noretake'] = 'You are not allowed to retake this lesson.';
$string['normal'] = 'Normal - follow lesson path';
$string['notcompleted'] = 'Not completed';
$string['notdefined'] = 'Not defined';
$string['nothighscore'] = 'You did not make the top {$a} high scores list.';
$string['notitle'] = 'No title';
$string['numberofcorrectanswers'] = 'Number of correct answers: {$a}';
$string['numberofcorrectmatches'] = 'Number of correct matches: {$a}';
$string['numberofpagestoshow'] = 'Number of pages to show';
$string['numberofpagestoshow_help'] = 'This setting specifies the number of pages shown in a lesson. It is only applicable for lessons with pages shown in a random order (when "Action after correct answer" is set to "Show an unseen page" or "Show an unanswered page"). If set to zero, then all pages are shown.';
$string['numberofpagesviewed'] = 'Number of questions answered: {$a}';
$string['numberofpagesviewednotice'] = 'Number of questions answered: {$a->nquestions}; (You should answer at least: {$a->minquestions})';
$string['numerical'] = 'Numerical';
$string['ongoing'] = 'Display ongoing score';
$string['ongoing_help'] = 'If enabled, each page will display the student\'s current points earned out of the total possible thus far.';
$string['ongoingcustom'] = 'You have earned {$a->score} point(s) out of {$a->currenthigh} point(s) thus far.';
$string['ongoingnormal'] = 'You have answered {$a->correct} correctly out of {$a->viewed} attempts.';
$string['onpostperpage'] = 'Only one posting per grade';
$string['options'] = 'Options';
$string['or'] = 'OR';
$string['ordered'] = 'Ordered';
$string['other'] = 'Other';
$string['outof'] = 'Out of {$a}';
$string['overview'] = 'Overview';
$string['overview_help'] = 'A lesson is made up of a number of pages and optionally content pages. A page contains some content and usually ends with a question. Associated with each answer to the question is a jump. The jump can be relative, such as this page or next page, or absolute, specifying any one of the pages in the lesson. A content page is a page containing a set of links to other pages in the lesson, for example a Table of Contents.';
$string['page'] = 'Page: {$a}';
$string['page-mod-lesson-x'] = 'Any lesson page';
$string['page-mod-lesson-view'] = 'View or preview lesson page';
$string['page-mod-lesson-edit'] = 'Edit lesson page';
$string['pagecontents'] = 'Page contents';
$string['pages'] = 'Pages';
$string['pagetitle'] = 'Page title';
$string['password'] = 'Password';
$string['passwordprotectedlesson'] = '{$a} is a password protected lesson.';
$string['pleaseenteryouranswerinthebox'] = 'Please enter your answer in the box';
$string['pleasecheckoneanswer'] = 'Please check one answer';
$string['pleasecheckoneormoreanswers'] = 'Please check one or more answers';
$string['pleasematchtheabovepairs'] = 'Please match the above pairs';
$string['pluginadministration'] = 'Lesson administration';
$string['pluginname'] = 'Lesson';
$string['pointsearned'] = 'Points earned';
$string['postprocesserror'] = 'Error occurred during post-processing!';
$string['postsuccess'] = 'Post successful';
$string['pptsuccessfullimport'] = 'Successfully imported pages from the uploaded PowerPoint Presentation';
$string['practice'] = 'Practice lesson';
$string['practice_help'] = 'A practice lesson does not appear in the gradebook.';
$string['preprocesserror'] = 'Error occurred during pre-processing!';
$string['preview'] = 'Preview';
$string['previewlesson'] = 'Preview {$a}';
$string['previouspage'] = 'Previous page';
$string['processerror'] = 'Error occurred during processing!';
$string['progressbar'] = 'Progress bar';
$string['progressbar_help'] = 'If enabled, a bar is displayed at the bottom of lesson pages showing approximate percentage of completion.';
$string['progresscompleted'] = 'You have completed {$a}% of the lesson';
$string['progressbarteacherwarning'] = 'Progress bar does not display for {$a}';
$string['progressbarteacherwarning2'] = 'You will not see the progress bar because you can edit this lesson';
$string['qtype'] = 'Page type';
$string['question'] = 'Question';
$string['questionoption'] = 'Question';
$string['questiontype'] = 'Question type';
$string['randombranch'] = 'Random content page';
$string['randompageinbranch'] = 'Random question within a content page';
$string['rank'] = 'Rank';
$string['rawgrade'] = 'Raw grade';
$string['receivedcredit'] = 'Received credit';
$string['redisplaypage'] = 'Redisplay page';
$string['report'] = 'Report';
$string['reports'] = 'Reports';
$string['response'] = 'Response';
$string['retakesallowed'] = 'Re-takes allowed';
$string['retakesallowed_help'] = 'If enabled, students can attempt the lesson more than once.';
$string['returnto'] = 'Return to {$a}';
$string['returntocourse'] = 'Return to the course';
$string['review'] = 'Review';
$string['reviewlesson'] = 'Review lesson';
$string['reviewquestionback'] = 'Yes, I\'d like to try again';
$string['reviewquestioncontinue'] = 'No, I just want to go on to the next question';
$string['sanitycheckfailed'] = 'Sanity check failed: This attempt has been deleted';
$string['savechanges'] = 'Save changes';
$string['savechangesandeol'] = 'Save all changes and go to the end of the lesson.';
$string['savepage'] = 'Save page';
$string['score'] = 'Score';
$string['scores'] = 'Scores';
$string['secondpluswrong'] = 'Not quite. Would you like to try again?';
$string['selectaqtype'] = 'Select a question type';
$string['shortanswer'] = 'Short answer';
$string['showanunansweredpage'] = 'Show an unanswered page';
$string['showanunseenpage'] = 'Show an unseen page';
$string['singleanswer'] = 'Single answer';
$string['skip'] = 'Skip navigation';
$string['slideshow'] = 'Slideshow';
$string['slideshow_help'] = 'If enabled, the lesson is displayed as a slideshow, with a fixed width and height.';
$string['slideshowbgcolor'] = 'Slideshow background colour';
$string['slideshowheight'] = 'Slideshow height';
$string['slideshowwidth'] = 'Slideshow width';
$string['startlesson'] = 'Start lesson';
$string['studentattemptlesson'] = '{$a->lastname}, {$a->firstname}\'s attempt number {$a->attempt}';
$string['studentname'] = '{$a} Name';
$string['studentoneminwarning'] = 'Warning: You have 1 minute or less to finish the lesson.';
$string['studentresponse'] = '{$a}\'s response';
$string['submit'] = 'Submit';
$string['submitname'] = 'Submit name';
$string['teacherjumpwarning'] = 'An {$a->cluster} jump or an {$a->unseen} jump is being used in this lesson. The next page jump will be used instead. Login as a student to test these jumps.';
$string['teacherongoingwarning'] = 'Ongoing score is only displayed for student. Login as a student to test ongoing score';
$string['teachertimerwarning'] = 'Timer only works for students. Test the timer by logging in as a student.';
$string['thatsthecorrectanswer'] = 'That\'s the correct answer';
$string['thatsthewronganswer'] = 'That\'s the wrong answer';
$string['thefollowingpagesjumptothispage'] = 'The following pages jump to this page';
$string['thispage'] = 'This page';
$string['timeremaining'] = 'Time remaining';
$string['timespenterror'] = 'Spend at least {$a} minutes in the lesson';
$string['timespentminutes'] = 'Time spent (minutes)';
$string['timetaken'] = 'Time taken';
$string['topscorestitle'] = 'Top {$a} high scores';
$string['truefalse'] = 'True/false';
$string['unabledtosavefile'] = 'The file you uploaded could not be saved';
$string['unknownqtypesnotimported'] = '{$a} questions with unsupported question types were not imported';
$string['unseenpageinbranch'] = 'Unseen question within a content page';
$string['unsupportedqtype'] = 'Unsupported question type ({$a})!';
$string['updatedpage'] = 'Updated page';
$string['updatefailed'] = 'Update failed';
$string['usemaximum'] = 'Use maximum';
$string['usemean'] = 'Use mean';
$string['usepassword'] = 'Password protected lesson';
$string['usepassword_help'] = 'If enabled, a password is required in order to access the lesson.';
$string['viewgrades'] = 'View grades';
$string['viewhighscores'] = 'View high scores list';
$string['viewreports'] = 'View {$a->attempts} completed {$a->student} attempts';
$string['viewreports2'] = 'View {$a} completed attempts';
$string['welldone'] = 'Well done!';
$string['whatdofirst'] = 'What would you like to do first?';
$string['wronganswerjump'] = 'Wrong answer jump';
$string['wronganswerscore'] = 'Wrong answer score';
$string['wrongresponse'] = 'Wrong response';
$string['xattempts'] = '{$a} attempts';
$string['youhaveseen'] = 'You have seen more than one page of this lesson already.<br />Do you want to start at the last page you saw?';
$string['youmadehighscore'] = 'You made it on the top {$a} high scores list.';
$string['youranswer'] = 'Your answer';
$string['yourcurrentgradeis'] = 'Your current grade is {$a}';
$string['yourcurrentgradeisoutof'] = 'Your current grade is {$a->grade} out of {$a->total}';
$string['youshouldview'] = 'You should answer at least: {$a}';