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<p align="center"><b>Individual Responses</b></p>
This table shows how each user responded to each
question in each of their attempts at the quiz.
The responses are color-coded as follows:
<li><font color="red"><b>Correct answers</b></font></li>
<li><font color="brown"><b>Ignored answers</b></font> (if any)</li>
<li><font color="blue"><b>Wrong answers</b></font> (if any)</li>
<li><font color="green"><b>score% (hints,clues,checks)</b></font>
<li><b>score</b> is the percentage score for this question</li>
<li><b>hints</b> is the number hints requested</li>
<li><b>clues</b> indicates whether the clue was shown (=1) or not (=0)</li>
<li><b>checks</b> is the number checks performed on this question.
A value of "-1" means that the student clicked the "Show answer" button</li>
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