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2002-08-22 Thursday 16:31 martin
* lib/weblib.php:
New space-removal works better if done before adding link tags :-)
2002-08-22 Thursday 16:01 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
If a post is updated that is also a discussion definition, then the
discussion name is updated with the post subject.
2002-08-22 Thursday 15:53 martin
* lib/weblib.php:
Experimental filters to remove returns from before and after tags,
which should mean neater formatting of lists and so on. Needs
2002-08-22 Thursday 14:41 martin
* admin/: index.php, user.php:
Tweaks to creation of user account while searching for the login
problem some people are having ...
2002-08-22 Thursday 14:40 martin
* lib/db/mysql.sql:
Added recent upgrades (course->guest, and user->maildisplay)
2002-08-22 Thursday 10:24 martin
* doc/install.html, lang/en/moodle.php, login/index_form.html:
Notes about the necessity of cookies being allowed
2002-08-22 Thursday 10:23 martin
* course/teacher.php:
Handy link to course page, after assigning teachers
2002-08-22 Thursday 09:24 martin
* index.php:
Whoops! comment out of place
2002-08-21 Wednesday 22:08 martin
* index.php, lib/moodlelib.php:
Just some comments about not removing the Moodle logo from the
front page.
2002-08-21 Wednesday 21:55 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Fixed dates when no-one is logged in (uses server time now, not
2002-08-21 Wednesday 21:29 martin
* version.php, lang/en/moodle.php, user/edit.html, user/lib.php,
Users can now choose to hide their email address. In this initial
version there are three options:
0) Hide the email address from everyone (except the teacher of
their course) 1) Allow everyone to see the email address, all the
time. 2) Allow only participants in the same course to see the
email address
Note, new field maildisplay in 'user'
2002-08-21 Wednesday 20:54 martin
* version.php, course/edit.html, lang/en/moodle.php,
lang/en/help/enrolmentkey.html, lang/en/help/guestaccess.html,
Fixed up guest access PROPERLY - it's now more obvious and simple
for teachers to set it how they want. Guest access now has THREE
states (off, on, on with key).
2002-08-21 Wednesday 19:11 martin
* lang/en/help/: enrolmentkey.html, guestaccess.html:
Improved explanations
2002-08-21 Wednesday 18:56 martin
* lang/en/help/: enrolmentkey.html, guestaccess.html:
Clarified the documentation here
2002-08-21 Wednesday 10:05 martin
* doc/install.html:
Anchor name fix
2002-08-21 Wednesday 09:57 martin
* doc/install.html:
Improvements to install documentation
2002-08-20 Tuesday 17:39 martin
* admin/cron.php:
Bugfix for unenrolling old users
2002-08-20 Tuesday 10:15 martin
* doc/developer.html:
Slight formatting fix on list
2002-08-19 Monday 22:53 martin
Moodle 1.0 is released! :-)
2002-08-19 Monday 21:25 martin
* doc/: contents.html, developer.html, licence.html:
Format fixes
2002-08-19 Monday 21:19 martin
* doc/: background.html, contents.html, credits.html,
developer.html, features.html, future.html, intro.html:
Significant improvements to distributed documentation
2002-08-19 Monday 00:39 martin
* version.php, mod/assignment/version.php, mod/choice/version.php,
mod/forum/version.php, mod/journal/version.php,
mod/reading/version.php, mod/survey/version.php:
Updated versions in preparation for 1.0 release tomorrow
2002-08-19 Monday 00:33 martin
* doc/view.php:
Double footer looked funny.
2002-08-19 Monday 00:31 martin
* course/lib.php, doc/teacher.html, doc/view.php:
Make the Help link in the course look like a seamless part of the
2002-08-19 Monday 00:16 martin
* course/lib.php, course/social.php, course/topics.php,
course/weeks.php, lang/en/moodle.php:
Added help link to course pages (for teachers) and tidied up the
course admin links in general (new fucntion and reorder)
2002-08-18 Sunday 23:57 martin
* lang/en/help/reading/: readingtype.html, summary.html:
New help files for readings
2002-08-18 Sunday 23:56 martin
* lang/en/reading.php, mod/reading/details.php,
mod/reading/mod.html, mod/reading/view.php:
Improvements to reading definition - help buttons and language
2002-08-18 Sunday 23:31 martin
* doc/teacher.html:
SLight edits
2002-08-18 Sunday 23:26 martin
* config-dist.php, files/index.php:
New CFG->zip and CFG->unzip valiables which specify programs to use
when zipping and unzipping files. Unix only at this stage. (Zip
interfaces for Windows are much less standardised)
2002-08-18 Sunday 23:24 martin
* help.php:
Better error (don't need a link)
2002-08-18 Sunday 23:23 martin
* doc/pix/: files.jpg, social.jpg, topics.jpg, weekly.jpg:
New pictures for documentation.
2002-08-18 Sunday 23:23 martin
* doc/teacher.html:
Finally sat down and wrote this page. SHould do for now as a
2002-08-18 Sunday 22:40 martin
* lang/en/help/waysofknowing.html,
lang/en/help/forum/forumtype.html, lang/en/help/forum/ratings.html,
lang/en/help/forum/subscription.html, mod/forum/lib.php,
Improved help buttons for forums
2002-08-18 Sunday 18:00 martin
* doc/teacher.html:
2002-08-18 Sunday 17:52 martin
* lang/en/choice.php, mod/choice/view.php:
Preview how many responses have been made (for teacher)
2002-08-18 Sunday 17:47 martin
* mod/choice/report.php:
Sort names by firstname, and include even columns with no answers
2002-08-18 Sunday 17:43 martin
* doc/teacher.html, lang/en/choice.php:
new strings
2002-08-18 Sunday 17:43 martin
* mod/choice/: lib.php, report.php:
Cleaned up the Choice report - it's easier to make sense of now
2002-08-17 Saturday 23:10 martin
2002-08-17 Saturday 22:44 martin
* course/edit.html, lang/en/help/coursecategory.html,
lang/en/help/coursestartdate.html, lang/en/help/enrolmentkey.html,
Added more popup help for course settings page
2002-08-17 Saturday 21:01 martin
* config-dist.php, admin/index.php, course/lib.php,
lang/en/moodle.php, lib/moodlelib.php, lib/setup.php,
Changes related to new way of setting and recalling themes.
The CFG->theme variable is now obsolete in config.php - use the
admin page to set themes interactively.
2002-08-17 Saturday 19:32 martin
* mod/assignment/index.php:
Fixed some missing language strings
2002-08-17 Saturday 19:32 martin
* lang/en/assignment.php:
Additions for index.php
2002-08-17 Saturday 16:59 martin
* lang/en/assignment.php, mod/assignment/mod.html,
Some more missed language strings
2002-08-17 Saturday 16:38 martin
* admin/index.php, lang/en/moodle.php:
Added a GPL license agreement as the very first step.
2002-08-17 Saturday 15:53 martin
* lang/en/forum.php, mod/forum/subscribe.php,
Teachers can now unsubscribe anyone from the "list of subscribers"
list. Made the feedback display when subscribing/unsubscribing a
little more generic.
2002-08-17 Saturday 15:02 martin
* index.php, lib/moodlelib.php:
Changes to add login/logout button to the right-hand top corner of
every page ... this is to help encourage people to log out after a
session, especially on shared or public terminals.
2002-08-17 Saturday 11:03 martin
Added .txt to these files to make them double-clickable
2002-08-17 Saturday 11:01 martin
Better introduction to installation
2002-08-16 Friday 16:33 martin
* doc/install.html:
Added link to
2002-08-16 Friday 11:10 martin
* lang/en/help/waysofknowing.html:
2002-08-16 Friday 01:44 martin
Changes up to Moodle 1.0 Beta 5
2002-08-16 Friday 01:41 martin
* lang/en/forum.php, lang/en/moodle.php,
lang/en/help/waysofknowing.html, mod/forum/lib.php,
mod/forum/mod.html, mod/forum/subscribe.php, mod/forum/view.php:
Forum language fixes, and addition of help for separate/connected
2002-08-15 Thursday 21:05 martin
* course/lib.php:
Log formatting
2002-08-15 Thursday 21:03 martin
* course/lib.php:
Make the IP more visible in logs
2002-08-15 Thursday 13:46 martin
Slightly clearer changelog format
2002-08-15 Thursday 13:45 martin
2002-08-15 Thursday 13:45 martin
Brought this up to date, and reworded some stuff
2002-08-15 Thursday 13:44 martin
* version.php, admin/index.php, lang/en/moodle.php:
Fixes to languages for admin (setting up and upgrading databases)
2002-08-15 Thursday 13:43 martin
* user/view.php:
No point in being able to login as yourself
2002-08-15 Thursday 12:37 martin
* index.php, lib/moodlelib.php:
Cleanups for footer on home page
2002-08-15 Thursday 12:17 martin
* lib/setup.php:
Accidentally checked in a test version of setup.php - reverting
2002-08-15 Thursday 12:16 martin
* lib/setup.php, mod/forum/lib.php, mod/forum/subscribers.php:
Fixes to finding list of subscribers to a forum for site-level
forums which affected both the displayed list and the mailouts.
2002-08-15 Thursday 11:45 martin
* lang/en/forum.php, lang/en/moodle.php, mod/forum/subscribers.php:
Fixes to list of subscribers (language fixes, and fix for
site-level forums)
2002-08-15 Thursday 11:10 martin
* doc/install.html:
EasyPHP is another option for Windows users
2002-08-15 Thursday 10:59 martin
* course/topics.php:
Bit more checking while creating new section
2002-08-15 Thursday 10:58 martin
* course/weeks.php:
Fixed bug with creation of new weeks in weekly view
2002-08-14 Wednesday 14:27 martin
* mod/survey/report.php:
Improvements to headings
2002-08-14 Wednesday 14:13 martin
* mod/survey/report.php:
Show scale title when looking at questions from a scale
2002-08-14 Wednesday 13:58 martin
* lib/graphlib.php:
2002-08-14 Wednesday 13:58 martin
* mod/survey/graph.php:
Different colours (hopefully make graphs better for color-blind
2002-08-14 Wednesday 13:36 martin
* mod/survey/graph.php:
Improvements to the standard deviation bars display
2002-08-14 Wednesday 13:27 martin
* lib/graphlib.php:
Added some new colours
2002-08-14 Wednesday 13:13 martin
* mod/survey/: graph.php, version.php, db/mysql.sql:
Updated questions table to add shorttext for better graph display
(actually this was done a long time ago but was never incorporated
into the main Moodle codebase)
2002-08-14 Wednesday 09:51 martin
* lang/en/moodle.php, user/edit.php:
Tidied up headers of user/edit.php
2002-08-13 Tuesday 23:40 martin
* admin/site.html, admin/site.php, lang/en/moodle.php:
Language fixes and cleanups for admin/site.*
2002-08-13 Tuesday 23:30 martin
* admin/: user.html, log.php:
2002-08-13 Tuesday 02:03 martin
Changes up to 1.0 beta 4
2002-08-13 Tuesday 02:01 martin
* mod/survey/report.php:
Got rid of some junk
2002-08-13 Tuesday 02:01 martin
* lang/en/help/surveys.html:
Help file for survey types (needs work)
2002-08-13 Tuesday 01:54 martin
* lang/en/: moodle.php, survey.php:
Language additions
2002-08-13 Tuesday 01:54 martin
* mod/survey/: details.php, index.php, lib.php, mod.html, save.php,
Language fixes
2002-08-13 Tuesday 01:54 martin
* mod/survey/report.php:
Cleaned up the whole interface (more consistent now) and lots of
labguage stuff
2002-08-12 Monday 22:59 martin
* lang/en/: moodle.php, survey.php:
More translating
2002-08-12 Monday 22:59 martin
* course/mod.php:
More translating ...
2002-08-12 Monday 22:44 martin
* mod/reading/details.php:
Better error checking for empty fields
2002-08-12 Monday 21:45 martin
* lang/en/moodle.php, lang/en/reading.php, lib/moodlelib.php,
lib/weblib.php, theme/standard/header.html,
theme/standardblue/header.html, theme/standardgreen/header.html,
Minor tweaking and cleaning up
2002-08-12 Monday 21:45 martin
* mod/reading/: details.php, index.php, lib.php, mod.html,
Language fixes and minor tweaks
2002-08-12 Monday 17:38 martin
* lang/en/forum.php, lang/en/journal.php, lang/en/moodle.php,
mod/forum/lib.php, mod/journal/edit.html, mod/journal/edit.php,
mod/journal/index.php, mod/journal/lib.php, mod/journal/mod.html,
mod/journal/report.php, mod/journal/view.php:
More language fixes
2002-08-12 Monday 16:56 martin
* mod/choice/: lib.php, view.php:
Modernised insert and update of answers (using standard functions)
2002-08-12 Monday 16:28 martin
* lang/en/choice.php, lang/en/moodle.php, mod/choice/index.php,
mod/choice/lib.php, mod/choice/mod.html, mod/choice/report.php,
mod/choice/view.html, mod/choice/view.php:
Language changes to choice module
2002-08-12 Monday 15:44 martin
* lib/wordlist.txt:
Slightly bigger wordlist
2002-08-12 Monday 15:40 martin
* lang/en/moodle.php, lib/weblib.php:
Language changes to weblib
2002-08-12 Monday 15:37 martin
* lang/en/moodle.php, lib/moodlelib.php:
Language changes for main library
2002-08-12 Monday 11:22 martin
* course/enrol.php:
Some courses may not have a teacher - in this case, make the
enrolment welcome email "from" the admin
2002-08-11 Sunday 23:48 martin
2002-08-11 Sunday 23:41 martin
* course/delete.php, course/edit.html, course/edit.php,
course/editsection.php, course/enrol.php, course/index.php,
course/lib.php, course/log.php, course/loggraph.php,
course/loginas.php, course/loglive.php, course/mod.php,
course/mod_delete.html, course/social.php, course/teacher.php,
course/unenrol.php, course/user.php, lang/en/moodle.php:
Changes related to language support ... get_string() Minor little
interface cleanups along the way
2002-08-11 Sunday 22:22 martin
* help.php:
Ah, that's nicer-looking code. (got rid of the HTML header)
2002-08-11 Sunday 22:21 martin
* theme/: standard/header.html, standardblue/header.html,
standardgreen/header.html, standardred/header.html:
Slight tweak to allow completely blank headers (no arguments to
print_header will now give a blank header). Useful for help pages.
2002-08-11 Sunday 22:12 martin
* lang/en/moodle.php, lang/en/help/courseformats.html,
lang/en/help/picture.html, lang/en/help/questions.html,
lang/en/help/text.html, lib/moodlelib.php:
Moved the help files into their own directory in lang/en/help
2002-08-11 Sunday 22:05 martin
* course/: topics.php, weeks.php:
Don't show news at all if 0 newsitems was selected in course
2002-08-11 Sunday 14:24 martin
* config-dist.php:
Mention the new themes
2002-08-11 Sunday 14:15 martin
* theme/standardred/: config.php, styles.css:
Minor tweaks to colors
2002-08-11 Sunday 14:11 martin
* theme/: standardgreen/config.php, standardgreen/favicon.ico,
standardgreen/footer.html, standardgreen/header.html,
standardgreen/styles.css, standardred/config.php,
standardred/favicon.ico, standardred/footer.html,
standardred/header.html, standardred/styles.css:
New coloured themes (green and red) just to add some options
2002-08-11 Sunday 13:24 martin
* course/lib.php, lang/en/moodle.php:
Changes to strings in print_recent_activity (added, updated,
deleted activities)
2002-08-11 Sunday 13:11 martin
* CHANGES, course/enrol.php, course/lib.php, course/loginas.php,
Various small changes (mostly to language strings)
2002-08-11 Sunday 13:07 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Moved code from footer.html into print_footer() Don't update user
on login check if it isn't a real user.
2002-08-11 Sunday 13:06 martin
* theme/: standard/footer.html, standardblue/footer.html:
Took code out of footer.html (it's in print_footer() instead)
2002-08-11 Sunday 12:30 martin
* admin/user.php:
In user list, name goes to full page instead of editing (because
there is an edit link at the end of the row, as well as on the ful
2002-08-10 Saturday 23:16 martin
* user/view.php:
Fixes to visibility of unenrol button
2002-08-10 Saturday 23:10 martin
* user/lib.php:
Tweak to display on "unenrol"
2002-08-10 Saturday 22:56 martin
* mod/assignment/lib.php:
Small fix to the full list of available assignments
2002-08-10 Saturday 22:28 martin
* lang/en/moodle.php:
2002-08-10 Saturday 22:27 martin
* course/: lib.php, topics.php, weeks.php:
More tweaks to recent activity box
2002-08-10 Saturday 21:50 martin
* course/lib.php:
Tweak teacher colour
2002-08-10 Saturday 21:42 martin
* course/lib.php, course/log.php, course/topics.php,
course/weeks.php, lang/en/moodle.php, lib/moodlelib.php:
Tweaks and tidy-ups for course home pages (weekly and topics)
2002-08-09 Friday 17:25 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php, user/lib.php, user/view.php:
Further little fixes to user image displaying
2002-08-09 Friday 17:09 martin
* admin/user.php, lib/moodlelib.php, user/pix.php:
Changes to make uploaded user pictures work properly on Windows
2002-08-09 Friday 17:08 martin
* doc/install.html:
Clearer docs for Windows users
2002-08-09 Friday 14:25 martin
* doc/install.html:
Brought the install procedure up to date
2002-08-09 Friday 10:48 martin
* index.php:
Slight tweak to remove login button for ordinary users
2002-08-09 Friday 10:45 martin
* index.php, admin/index.php, lib/moodlelib.php,
New functions get_list_of_modules() and moodle_needs_upgrading().
Used on the home page when admin is logged in, to check for any
upgrading of the databases that might need to be done.
2002-08-09 Friday 01:43 martin
2002-08-09 Friday 01:34 martin
Changes up to Moodle 1.0 BETA 3
2002-08-09 Friday 01:30 martin
* user/view.php:
Better control of buttons for admin and in site view
2002-08-09 Friday 01:30 martin
* index.php:
parameter for print_admin_links
2002-08-09 Friday 01:29 martin
* course/: lib.php, loggraph.php, loginas.php, user.php:
Tweaks and cleanups
2002-08-09 Friday 01:28 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Fixed a tricky little bug with usergetmidnight() when no timezone
was defined.
2002-08-09 Friday 00:22 martin
* course/lib.php, course/user.php, lang/en/moodle.php,
More tidy ups in displays
2002-08-09 Friday 00:02 martin
* user/: edit.php, view.php:
Tweaks to the headers
2002-08-08 Thursday 23:51 martin
* index.php, admin/site.php, admin/user.php, course/delete.php,
course/edit.php, course/lib.php, course/teacher.php,
lang/en/moodle.php, user/edit.php:
Further excellent tidy-ups to the admin pages. They are actually
starting to look/work as slick as the rest of the site. :-)
2002-08-08 Thursday 22:17 martin
* CHANGES, version.php, admin/index.php, admin/site.php,
admin/user.php, course/delete.php, lang/en/moodle.php,
lib/moodlelib.php, user/edit.html, user/edit.php:
Cleanup of the admin interface - especially the user management
Bugs fixed, duplicate code removed, plus you can now add new users.
Aaah much better. :-)
2002-08-08 Thursday 20:41 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Fixed tiny buglet on insert_record which made it ignore NULL values
2002-08-08 Thursday 15:20 martin
* admin/user.php:
Damn .. this bug was stopping the admin user being created
properly. (Checking for uploaded file)
2002-08-08 Thursday 13:06 martin
* doc/future.html:
Updated this page (because now exists)
2002-08-08 Thursday 10:11 martin
* config-dist.php:
Slightly clearer explanations ...
2002-08-07 Wednesday 16:46 martin
* mod/assignment/: version.php, db/mysql.sql:
Missing 'auto_increment' on assignment_submissions table, for 'id'
2002-08-07 Wednesday 16:26 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
get_real_size() for translating text to byte sizes (eg 2M)
2002-08-07 Wednesday 16:24 martin
* files/index.php:
Now properly sets and checks limits on file sizes
2002-08-07 Wednesday 11:45 martin
* files/index.php:
Upload works again ...
2002-08-07 Wednesday 01:41 martin
* index.php:
Whoops ... typo in save_session
2002-08-07 Wednesday 01:29 martin
* doc/install.html:
Updated requirements.
2002-08-07 Wednesday 01:24 martin
2002-08-07 Wednesday 01:23 martin
* index.php, admin/user.php, course/enrol.php, course/loginas.php,
course/mod.php, course/social.php, course/topics.php,
course/unenrol.php, course/view.php, course/weeks.php,
doc/install.html, lib/moodlelib.php, lib/setup.php,
login/change_password.php, login/confirm.php, login/index.php,
login/logout.php, mod/forum/discuss.php, mod/forum/index.php,
mod/forum/lib.php, mod/forum/post.php, mod/forum/rate.php,
mod/forum/search.php, mod/forum/subscribers.php,
mod/forum/view.php, user/edit.php, user/lib.php:
Widespread changes throughout Moodle to make sure it works on
servers that have register_globals turned off (this is the default
setting on newer version of PHP).
In fact it's partly a hack that globalises all GET, POST, FILES AND
COOKIE variables. Unfortunately though the SESSION and USER global
session variables are only available as $_SESSION["USER"] and
$_SESSION["SESSION"], which is cumbersome to use.
So, for every request I now make a copy of these two session
variables into $USER and $SESSION. Whenever I update them
thoughout Moodle I now have to call save_session("USER") which
copies them back to the session variable. This seems to be working
well now.
Because I'm using $_SESSION etc now this will raise the required
minimum version of PHP to 4.1.0
2002-08-06 Tuesday 20:58 martin
* config-dist.php:
Made it a bit clearer.
2002-08-06 Tuesday 20:17 martin
* admin/site.php:
Close wide-open hacking hole! This script wasn't checking for
admin user in the case where the site has been defined already.
Oops. Fixed now.
2002-08-06 Tuesday 17:36 martin
* user/: edit.html, edit.php:
Can now edit own firstname and lastname, and some tidying
2002-08-06 Tuesday 17:24 martin
* course/social.php, course/topics.php, course/weeks.php,
lang/en/forum.php, mod/forum/lib.php:
Better looking search boxes
2002-08-06 Tuesday 17:23 martin
* mod/assignment/upload.php:
Changed a variable name for clarity
2002-08-06 Tuesday 17:21 martin
* user/: index.php, lib.php:
Performance enhancement for user listing (caching of language
2002-08-06 Tuesday 14:23 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Bug in rated posts counting
2002-08-06 Tuesday 14:17 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Whoops ... make sure rated posts still show ratings! :-)
2002-08-06 Tuesday 14:09 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
forum_print_discussion now checks to see whether there are any
ratings that haven't been done yet on a discussion. If not, then
it won't print the ratings form. This avoids a slight confusion
about the interface that existed previously.
2002-08-06 Tuesday 12:21 martin
* mod/forum/view.php:
Better wording for eachuser forum
2002-08-06 Tuesday 12:17 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Whoops ... more forum->assessed
2002-08-06 Tuesday 12:04 martin
* mod/forum/: discuss.php, lib.php, view.php:
Whoops ... using forum->assessed to determine whether discussions
should be assessable now
2002-08-06 Tuesday 00:12 martin
* login/: change_password.php, forgot_password.php:
Don't allow guest user to change or reset password
2002-08-05 Monday 17:48 martin
* mod/forum/: lib.php, post.php:
A teacher can now delete any post (as long as it doesn't have
2002-08-05 Monday 16:57 martin
* admin/cron.php:
Needed to delete forum_subscriptions as well.
2002-08-05 Monday 16:43 martin
* admin/cron.php:
More efficiency when deleting enrolments
2002-08-05 Monday 16:40 martin
* admin/cron.php, mod/journal/lib.php:
Cron tidy-ups
2002-08-05 Monday 15:59 martin
* config-dist.php:
New config variable longtimenosee
2002-08-05 Monday 15:59 martin
* admin/cron.php:
Code to unenrol old students and delete unconfirmed users
2002-08-05 Monday 02:19 martin
* mod/journal/view.php:
WHoops - typo on function call
2002-08-05 Monday 01:24 martin
* mod/: assignment/lib.php, journal/lib.php:
More tweaks to feedback display (consistency with forum posts)
2002-08-05 Monday 01:13 martin
* lang/en/assignment.php, lang/en/journal.php,
mod/assignment/lib.php, mod/forum/lib.php, mod/journal/lib.php:
Fixes in display of standard user_complete and user_outline
functions for journal, forum and assignments
2002-08-05 Monday 00:44 martin
* mod/assignment/view.php:
Formatting tweak
2002-08-05 Monday 00:42 martin
* mod/: choice/version.php, forum/version.php, journal/version.php,
reading/version.php, survey/version.php:
Updated version numbers
2002-08-05 Monday 00:20 martin
* files/index.php, lang/en/forum.php, lib/moodlelib.php,
mod/journal/lib.php, mod/journal/report.php:
Misc small changes while I was working on assignments
2002-08-05 Monday 00:19 martin
* lang/en/assignment.php, lang/en/moodle.php,
mod/assignment/README, mod/assignment/icon.gif,
mod/assignment/index.php, mod/assignment/lib.php,
mod/assignment/mod.html, mod/assignment/submissions.php,
mod/assignment/upload.php, mod/assignment/version.php,
mod/assignment/view.php, mod/assignment/db/mysql.sql:
New assignment module finally complete!
2002-08-04 Sunday 21:27 martin
* course/lib.php:
More monir tweaks
2002-08-04 Sunday 21:25 martin
* course/lib.php:
Minor formatting tweaks
2002-08-04 Sunday 21:14 martin
* mod/forum/index.php:
Get a string from moodle.php instead of forum.php
2002-08-04 Sunday 21:13 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
2002-08-04 Sunday 15:06 martin
* mod/journal/: lib.php, view.php:
Moved a function to lib.php
2002-08-04 Sunday 10:55 martin
* index.php:
Admin link looks better at the bottom
2002-08-04 Sunday 10:39 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
In email_to_user, change AddBCC back to AddAddress ... this was a
hangover from the old bulk-email method, but now we just send one
email at a time, so it makes sense for the address to be visible
2002-08-04 Sunday 10:13 martin
* index.php:
Added a direct admin link
2002-08-04 Sunday 10:10 martin
* course/delete.php, course/edit.php, course/editsection.html,
course/editsection.php, course/enrol.html, course/enrol.php,
MOre language updates
2002-08-04 Sunday 10:08 martin
* version.php, course/lib.php, lib/db/mysql.sql:
Fixes to two database fields log_display(table -> mtable) and
user_teachers(authority from varchar -> int)
2002-08-03 Saturday 20:26 martin
* index.php:
Tiny tweak to spacer image for IE browsers
2002-08-03 Saturday 19:58 martin
* course/: social.php, view.php:
Customisable section 0 on social forum
2002-08-03 Saturday 19:45 martin
* index.php:
Better spacing in case with admin-only
2002-08-03 Saturday 16:40 martin
* index.php:
put main menu up top
2002-08-03 Saturday 16:38 martin
* index.php:
Spacing again
2002-08-03 Saturday 16:37 martin
* index.php:
Ugh fixing spacing
2002-08-03 Saturday 16:33 martin
* index.php:
Adjusted sizes of front page columns
2002-08-03 Saturday 16:16 martin
* index.php, admin/index.php, admin/site.html, admin/site.php,
course/edit.php, course/lib.php, course/topics.php,
course/user.php, course/view.php, course/weeks.php,
lang/en/forum.php, lang/en/moodle.php, mod/choice/index.php,
mod/choice/view.php, mod/forum/discuss.php, mod/forum/index.php,
mod/forum/search.php, mod/forum/view.php, mod/journal/index.php,
mod/journal/view.php, mod/reading/index.php, mod/reading/view.php,
mod/survey/index.php, mod/survey/view.php, pix/i/course.gif:
Lots of work on site display, over many files. Improved front page
and display of site modules.
2002-08-03 Saturday 12:57 martin
* admin/: index.php, user.php:
More admin cleanups - improved user listing
2002-08-03 Saturday 12:44 martin
* admin/index.php, admin/teacher.php, course/delete.php,
course/teacher.php, lang/en/moodle.php:
Cleaned up the admin pages (and moved some files) and added ability
to completely delete courses
2002-08-03 Saturday 12:43 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
print_continue() to print continue
2002-08-03 Saturday 10:29 martin
* course/mod.php, mod/README, mod/assignment/lib.php,
mod/assignment/mod.php, mod/choice/lib.php, mod/choice/mod.php,
mod/forum/lib.php, mod/forum/mod.php, mod/journal/lib.php,
mod/journal/mod.php, mod/reading/lib.php, mod/reading/mod.php,
mod/survey/lib.php, mod/survey/mod.php:
Moved all mod.php functions from modules into lib.php, and updated
course/mod.php to use them there. No longer need module/mod.php
2002-08-03 Saturday 03:01 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Just a couple of changes
2002-08-03 Saturday 03:01 martin
* lang/en/forum.php:
2002-08-03 Saturday 01:42 martin
* version.php, lib/db/mysql.sql, mod/assignment/version.php,
mod/choice/version.php, mod/forum/version.php,
mod/journal/version.php, mod/reading/version.php,
Removed fullname and search fields from modules table. Fullname is
now derived from the string 'modulename' in the lang files for each
2002-08-03 Saturday 01:41 martin
* admin/index.php:
No change (just a comment)
2002-08-03 Saturday 01:41 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
get_course_users was buggy when teachers or students was empty.
The SQL looked good to me, but I had to do it another way to make
it work.
2002-08-03 Saturday 01:38 martin
* course/: lib.php, mod.php, topics.php, user.php, view.php,
Lots of changes related to module info used in course listings and
activity reports. Module names are now from lang files, not from
the modules table. Cleanups.
2002-08-03 Saturday 01:36 martin
* lang/en/: assignment.php, choice.php, forum.php, journal.php,
moodle.php, reading.php, survey.php:
Addition of modulename and modulenameplural strings as a standard
to every module file.
2002-08-03 Saturday 01:35 martin
* mod/forum/report.php:
bugfixes and clean up
2002-08-03 Saturday 01:34 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
SOme major bugfixes to forum_cron() and lots of translating
2002-08-02 Friday 17:50 martin
* course/social.php, course/topics.php, course/weeks.php,
mod/forum/index.php, mod/forum/lib.php, mod/forum/mod.html,
Fixed up some forum functions and constants (consistency)
2002-08-02 Friday 17:24 martin
* lang/README, lang/en/README, lang/en/assignment.php,
lang/en/choice.php, lang/en/forum.php, lang/en/journal.php,
lang/en/moodle.php, lang/en/reading.php, lang/en/strings.php,
lang/en/survey.php, lib/moodlelib.php:
Language files have been moved to keep them altogether under /lang
This should make it easier on translators.
2002-08-02 Friday 17:20 martin
* admin/teacher.php:
Rmove guest from list of possible teachers
2002-08-02 Friday 17:19 martin
* mod/forum/: discuss.php, index.php, lib.php:
Changes related to language strings and clean up
2002-08-02 Friday 17:19 martin
* mod/forum/delete.php:
This file is not linked to or used by anything yet, but I've found
it useful to delete forums properly while testing stuff.
2002-08-01 Thursday 23:48 martin
* admin/index.php, admin/user.php, course/edit.html,
course/editsection.php, course/lib.php, course/loggraph.php,
course/mod.php, mod/forum/db/mysql.sql:
Misc changes to improve performance on a brand-new installation
2002-08-01 Thursday 17:38 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Centered new topic link
2002-08-01 Thursday 17:36 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Changed the ratings to new separate/connected system - just for
2002-08-01 Thursday 15:09 martin
* course/loginas.php:
Make sure we still log the fact that the teacher logged in as
someone though. Also, make the "realuser" the teacher's id, in
case we want to use it later
2002-08-01 Thursday 15:05 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
DOn't add to logs when teacher is "logged in as" a student
2002-08-01 Thursday 15:04 martin
* course/loginas.php:
Added "realuser" to USER variable to identify imposters
2002-08-01 Thursday 14:16 martin
* course/loginas.php:
removed TABS and changed wording (your -> this)
2002-08-01 Thursday 14:15 martin
* user/index.php:
Slight rearrangement
2002-08-01 Thursday 13:55 martin
* index.php, course/social.php:
Fixed use of reading functions (it had changed name)
2002-08-01 Thursday 13:45 martin
2002-08-01 Thursday 13:44 martin
Reworded this file to make it clearer
2002-08-01 Thursday 13:34 martin
* mod/choice/mod.php:
Clean up - modernised choice mod.php
2002-08-01 Thursday 13:27 martin
* mod/reading/: details.php, lib.php, mod.php:
Clean ups to reading module and modernisation of mod.php
2002-08-01 Thursday 13:18 martin
* mod/survey/: graph.php, lib.php, mod.php, view.php:
More cleanups to survey - renamed/moved functions, modernised
2002-08-01 Thursday 12:54 martin
* mod/survey/lib.php:
2002-08-01 Thursday 12:49 martin
* mod/survey/: edit.php, edit_form.html, edit_form.phtml,
edit_new.html, edit_new.phtml, graph.php, lib.php, login_form.html,
report.php, test.php, view.php:
Big clean up of survey functions and removal of deadwood (more to
go still though)
2002-08-01 Thursday 12:05 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Yet more improvements to user discussion listing (added forum link
to each discussion printed)
2002-08-01 Thursday 12:00 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
More improvements to user discussion display
2002-08-01 Thursday 11:56 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Whoops! Hide teacher discussions when printing list of user
2002-08-01 Thursday 11:50 martin
* index.php, course/lib.php, course/mod.php, course/social.php,
course/topics.php, course/weeks.php, mod/forum/discuss.php,
mod/forum/lib.php, mod/forum/post.php, mod/forum/search.php,
mod/forum/subscribe.php, mod/forum/view.php, user/view.php:
A big clean up of all the forum functions (including renaming them
all to start with forum_ ) and all the follow-on effects that
caused Some miscellaneous bug fixes and code clean-ups along the
2002-08-01 Thursday 11:49 martin
* mod/assignment/: lib.php, mod.html, mod.php:
Some work so far on the assignment module ... NOT FINISHED YET! I
just want to get it out the way of some other commits
2002-08-01 Thursday 01:13 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Slowly implementing courseid type variables where i see them
2002-08-01 Thursday 01:11 martin
* course/enrol.php:
Better logging for guest when enrolling
2002-08-01 Thursday 00:53 martin
* mod/forum/: mod.php, search.php, version.php, db/mysql.sql:
Fixes to logging and log display
2002-08-01 Thursday 00:52 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Fixed up activity display for forums
2002-08-01 Thursday 00:33 martin
* mod/forum/: discuss.php, subscribe.php:
Fixed up some forum logging
2002-08-01 Thursday 00:24 martin
* course/lib.php:
A fix to recent log display
2002-08-01 Thursday 00:13 martin
* mod/forum/index.php:
Fixed up forum sorting
2002-07-31 Wednesday 23:55 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Tweak to add ... after shortpost
2002-07-31 Wednesday 23:52 martin
* course/social.php:
Tweak on readings display on social course
2002-07-31 Wednesday 23:43 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
whoops typo, forgot global
2002-07-31 Wednesday 23:39 martin
* course/social.php:
is_subscribed => forum_is_subscribed
2002-07-31 Wednesday 23:34 martin
* mod/forum/: index.php, lib.php:
Fixes for long posts ...
2002-07-31 Wednesday 23:09 martin
* mod/forum/view.php:
Fixed subscribe info for students
2002-07-31 Wednesday 22:19 martin
* index.php, version.php, admin/index.php, course/lib.php,
course/mod.php, course/social.php, course/topics.php,
course/view.php, course/weeks.php, doc/install.html,
lib/moodlelib.php, mod/assignment/module.php,
mod/assignment/version.php, mod/choice/module.php,
mod/choice/version.php, mod/forum/discuss.php, mod/forum/icon.gif,
mod/forum/index.php, mod/forum/lib.php, mod/forum/mod.html,
mod/forum/mod.php, mod/forum/module.php, mod/forum/post.html,
mod/forum/post.php, mod/forum/rate.php, mod/forum/report.php,
mod/forum/search.php, mod/forum/subscribe.php,
mod/forum/subscribers.php, mod/forum/version.php,
mod/forum/view.php, mod/forum/db/mysql.sql, mod/journal/module.php,
mod/journal/version.php, mod/reading/module.php,
mod/reading/version.php, mod/survey/module.php,
mod/survey/version.php, user/view.php:
OK, some massive changes with many files removed or changed.
Basically the changes are:
- I've merged the 'discuss' module into the forum module
which makes the interface MUCH clearer for everyone
- I've added a new 'single' forum type that replicates
what the old discuss course modules used to look like.
- I've got rid of the "discussion" forum type - it will
still exist in upgraded courses but as a normal forum.
- the 'discuss' module is completely deleted - gone.
- the 'chat' module is completely deleted - gone.
- The upgrading system has been improved, and all code
is stored in version.php.
- I've put in upgrading commands to do the best I can
(right now) to upgrade courses that used the discuss
module. It should mostly work, just leaving some
"orphan" coursemodules on you course front page. You
can easily delete these using the little 'x'.
I may have forgotten something - I've only tested on
my testing server and I'm about to test on my production
server to see how it goes.
- Forums have a lot of little new features and fixes. The
main one is the subscription process. Teachers can 'force'
subscriptions on any forum. This disallows everyone from
choosing their own mail subscription - it's just on.
- The assignment module is half-finished and not working yet
I've still some massive changes to do, mostly involving making all
the lib.php function names more standardised, so consider this is
an interim checkin to do some tests.
2002-07-30 Tuesday 18:45 martin
* lib/setup.php:
Removed version (replaced by /version.php
2002-07-30 Tuesday 11:35 martin
* course/: social.php, topics.php:
Fixed bug in subscribe link
2002-07-29 Monday 23:45 martin
* index.php, course/social.php, course/weeks.php,
Definition and use of new isediting() function for checking whether
a user is not only in editing mode, but ALLOWED to be editing the
current course. Used to show editing buttons etc
2002-07-29 Monday 23:11 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Moved some functions around - no functonal difference
2002-07-29 Monday 23:10 martin
* course/: edit.html, edit.php:
Much simpler date-setting using new moodlelib functions
2002-07-29 Monday 23:09 martin
* version.php, admin/index.php:
Now adds the config table automatically if there isn't one yet.
2002-07-29 Monday 21:45 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Fixed link for "older topics"
2002-07-29 Monday 21:10 martin
* course/view.php:
Can now specify course by "short name" using name parameter.
Useful for integrating with external interfaces. Thanks to dopey
for the idea.
2002-07-29 Monday 21:03 martin
* mod/journal/report.php:
OK, this is working now
2002-07-29 Monday 18:12 martin
* mod/journal/report.php:
hmm wierd bug on production server but not testing ... this is to
test that
2002-07-29 Monday 17:48 martin
* mod/journal/: lib.php, report.php:
Fixes to journal reporting
2002-07-29 Monday 17:17 martin
* mod/forum/: lib.php, view.php:
Minor forum formatting tweaks
2002-07-29 Monday 16:24 martin
* mod/forum/subscribers.php:
Cleaned up subscription checking - it's a bit slower but will work
with the upcoming changes to forums (subscribeall flag). Code is
shorter too.
2002-07-29 Monday 16:11 martin
* mod/forum/view.php:
edit icon always appears now, as long as a coursemodule exists
2002-07-29 Monday 15:26 martin
* mod/journal/lib.php:
Slightly bigger textarea for teacher feedback
2002-07-29 Monday 15:21 martin
* mod/journal/: lib.php, report.php:
Improvements to report.php ... clearer code, new functions in
lib.php and now the journal entries are sorted with the newest at
the top.
2002-07-29 Monday 15:00 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
changed function get_course_participants --> get_course_users
(naming consistency)
2002-07-29 Monday 14:53 martin
* user/index.php:
Changed to use the new functions for lists of students, teachers
2002-07-29 Monday 14:52 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
New functions for getting lists of people in a course, and some
2002-07-29 Monday 14:34 martin
* mod/journal/mod.php:
modernised the code to use newer database functions - no change in
2002-07-29 Monday 14:21 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
New functions for printing date selector forms and reconstructing
dates afterwards. Also a new function for counting words in a text
2002-07-29 Monday 14:20 martin
* mod/journal/view.php:
Added word count
2002-07-29 Monday 09:38 martin
* course/loggraph.php:
Slight fix for daily x-axis (nicer-looking numbers)
2002-07-29 Monday 00:35 martin
* index.php:
Fixed bug where admin controls would be shown to teachers in
edit-mode (thanks dopey)
2002-07-28 Sunday 15:25 martin
2002-07-27 Saturday 21:33 martin
* course/: loggraph.php, user.php:
Fixed up the graphs (one for userday and they are also now correct
for timezones)
2002-07-27 Saturday 21:09 martin
* README, UPGRADES, UPGRADING, version.php, admin/index.php:
Moodle can now upgrade itself, just like the modules do
2002-07-27 Saturday 20:38 martin
* lib/db/: README, mysql.sql, postgres7.sql:
Dropping any pretense of Postgres support for the moment, and added
2002-07-27 Saturday 19:54 martin
* lang/en/strings.php:
new strings
2002-07-27 Saturday 18:23 martin
* user/: index.php, view.php:
Altered buttons from index and view pages
2002-07-27 Saturday 17:44 martin
* course/: lib.php, loggraph.php, user.php:
Changes to improve the user activity reports
2002-07-27 Saturday 16:35 martin
* course/user.php:
Fixed up graph pages
2002-07-27 Saturday 16:31 martin
* course/: loggraph.php, user.php:
Improvements to user activity report - including graphs
2002-07-27 Saturday 15:22 martin
* mod/journal/lib.php:
Fix to account for people not in course
2002-07-27 Saturday 15:13 martin
* mod/assignment/db/mysql.sql:
Dummy (for now)
2002-07-27 Saturday 14:58 martin
* mod/journal/: lib.php, db/mysql.sql:
Implemented journal feedback notification (mailouts)
2002-07-27 Saturday 14:10 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Better error checking in update_record
2002-07-27 Saturday 14:09 martin
* admin/cron.php:
Much better cron function method - instead of using a code fragment
in mod/cron.php, it now uses a function in mod/lib.php ... more
2002-07-27 Saturday 14:08 martin
* admin/index.php:
New upgrading procedure, uses module functions to handle all
version changes
2002-07-27 Saturday 14:07 martin
* mod/: assignment/module.php, choice/module.php, forum/module.php,
journal/module.php, reading/module.php, survey/module.php:
Changes to suit new upgrading procedure (admin/index.html)
2002-07-26 Friday 10:15 martin
* mod/journal/mod.html:
Fixed 0 days -> ALways Open
2002-07-25 Thursday 21:54 martin
* mod/survey/lib.php:
Extra space at end of file :-)
2002-07-25 Thursday 21:48 martin
* mod/: choice/lib.php, forum/lib.php, journal/lib.php,
journal/user.php, reading/lib.php, reading/user.php,
Got rid of the user.php code fragments and implemented much cleaner
system which certain-named functions in lib.php ... called from
2002-07-25 Thursday 21:47 martin
* course/user.php:
Changes to how functions are called from modules - much cleaner now
2002-07-24 Wednesday 02:26 martin
* course/user.php:
2002-07-24 Wednesday 02:26 martin
* course/user.php:
title tweaking
2002-07-24 Wednesday 02:24 martin
* course/user.php:
Formatting outline tweaks
2002-07-24 Wednesday 02:20 martin
* course/user.php:
H3 -> H4
2002-07-24 Wednesday 02:11 martin
Ch ch ch
2002-07-24 Wednesday 02:02 martin
* mod/journal/: user.php, view.php:
Formatting fixes for ratings
2002-07-24 Wednesday 01:56 martin
* mod/journal/: report.php, view.php:
Allow teachers to be marked, and allow ratings to be ignored
2002-07-24 Wednesday 01:04 martin
* course/user.php, mod/journal/user.php, mod/reading/user.php:
Fixes to Activity reports
2002-07-24 Wednesday 00:48 martin
* course/user.php, lang/en/strings.php, user/index.php:
Improvements to activity reports
2002-07-24 Wednesday 00:25 martin
* mod/reading/user.php:
2002-07-24 Wednesday 00:24 martin
* course/lib.php, course/topics.php, course/user.php,
course/view.php, course/weeks.php, lang/en/strings.php,
mod/journal/user.php, mod/reading/user.php:
Part of "contributions" overhaul in course/user.php
2002-07-21 Sunday 16:34 martin
* help.php, lang/en/strings.php, lib/moodlelib.php, lib/weblib.php,
Improvements to the help system
2002-07-21 Sunday 03:11 martin
* mod/reading/view.php:
More tweaks to summary display
2002-07-21 Sunday 03:08 martin
* mod/reading/view.php:
tweaking summary display on frames
2002-07-21 Sunday 02:50 martin
* course/: topics.php, view.php, weeks.php:
Doesn't display discussions AND forums in the Activities
2002-07-21 Sunday 02:20 martin
* course/topics.php, course/weeks.php, lib/moodlelib.php,
mod/choice/index.php, mod/forum/index.php, mod/journal/index.php,
mod/reading/index.php, mod/survey/index.php:
Slight formatting tweaks (forum index)
2002-07-21 Sunday 01:56 martin
* mod/forum/: index.php, lib.php, db/mysql.sql:
Changed listing of forums
2002-07-21 Sunday 01:20 martin
* mod/reading/view.php:
Trying summaries back again in frameset
2002-07-21 Sunday 00:04 martin
* lang/en/strings.php:
2002-07-19 Friday 20:18 martin
* lang/en/strings.php:
Fixed welcome email
2002-07-19 Friday 20:18 martin
* course/enrol.php:
Fixed formatting of welcome email
2002-07-19 Friday 20:11 martin
* course/topics.php:
2002-07-19 Friday 20:11 martin
* course/topics.php:
Altered blink to make it less annoying
2002-07-19 Friday 20:08 martin
* course/topics.php:
Make 'Edit profile" link blink, as a reminder, if not used yet
2002-07-19 Friday 20:01 martin
* course/edit.html, course/edit.php, course/enrol.php,
lang/en/strings.php, login/confirm.php, login/signup.php:
More language changes
2002-07-14 Sunday 21:32 martin
* mod/forum/: subscribers.php, view.php:
Added ability for teacher to see subscribers for each forum
2002-07-12 Friday 21:29 martin
* login/signup.php:
Format tweak
2002-07-12 Friday 21:25 martin
* lang/en/strings.php, login/signup_form.php:
Small language-related changes
2002-07-11 Thursday 13:30 martin
* index.php, lang/en/strings.php, lib/weblib.php,
login/change_password.php, login/change_password_form.html,
login/confirm.php, login/forgot_password.php,
login/forgot_password_change.html, login/forgot_password_form.html,
login/index.php, login/index_confirm.html, login/index_form.html,
login/signup.php, login/signup_confirm.html, login/signup_form.php,
user/edit.html, user/edit.php:
Changes related to internationalision strings and printing them
2002-07-11 Thursday 13:30 martin
* admin/index.php, admin/site.php, admin/user.php, course/edit.php,
course/enrol.php, course/lib.php, lib/moodlelib.php:
Consistent use of get_site() instead of checking course->category
2002-07-10 Wednesday 23:26 martin
* mod/forum/index.php:
Added search box here
2002-07-10 Wednesday 23:17 martin
* course/weeks.php:
Fixed week zooming
2002-07-06 Saturday 14:34 martin
Daily changes
2002-07-06 Saturday 12:07 martin
* mod/survey/: edit_form.html, edit_form.phtml, login_form.html:
Got rid of all pv() functions, now consistently uses p() to print
variables safely.
2002-07-04 Thursday 16:49 martin
* course/lib.php:
Remove teacher posts from recent activity (for students)
2002-07-04 Thursday 16:31 martin
To keep track of upgrading info
2002-07-04 Thursday 16:30 martin
* course/topics.php, course/weeks.php, mod/forum/index.php,
mod/forum/lib.php, mod/forum/subscribe.php, mod/forum/view.php,
Added new teacher forum. TABLE CHANGED: forum
2002-07-04 Thursday 16:06 martin
* course/mod.php:
Prevent caching of these forms
2002-07-04 Thursday 16:01 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Typo in userdate
2002-07-04 Thursday 15:56 martin
* lib/setup.php:
Use lang if locale not defined
2002-07-04 Thursday 15:52 martin
* config-dist.php, course/view.php, lang/en/strings.php,
lib/setup.php, login/index.php, login/index_confirm.html,
login/index_form.html, user/edit.html, user/edit.php,
user/index.php, user/view.php:
Language-related fixes
2002-07-04 Thursday 15:49 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Added missing parameter to update_module_icon (courseid)
2002-07-04 Thursday 15:48 martin
* mod/: choice/view.php, forum/view.php, journal/view.php,
reading/view.php, survey/view.php:
Fix to update_module_icon (to pass the courseid)
2002-07-02 Tuesday 15:09 martin
* help.php, index.php, lang/en/strings.php:
Further internationalisation
2002-07-02 Tuesday 15:02 martin
* course/index.php, course/lib.php, course/log.php,
files/index.php, lib/moodlelib.php, lib/setup.php,
mod/forum/lib.php, mod/survey/download.php, mod/survey/lib.php,
Slight changes to userdate() function. It now uses gmstrftime()
instead of gmdate to format times, thus allowing it to take
advantage of locale, if set, to print dates in the appropriate
language. Several userdate invocations had to be changed, though,
to use the different formatting specs.
2002-07-02 Tuesday 12:19 martin
* config-dist.php:
Slight changes to documentation
2002-07-02 Tuesday 12:11 martin
* lib/languages.php:
List of all 2-letter language codes (ISO 639)
2002-06-27 Thursday 16:47 martin
* lang/en/help.picture.php, lang/en/help.text.php,
lang/en/strings.php, lib/moodlelib.php, theme/standard/footer.html,
New languages system - get_string() in moodlelib.
2002-06-27 Thursday 16:46 martin
* help.php:
Changes to the location of help files
2002-06-26 Wednesday 00:42 martin
* course/view.php, mod/choice/index.php, mod/survey/index.php:
Minor formatting tweaks
2002-06-26 Wednesday 00:42 martin
* user/view.php:
Changes to display user discussions
2002-06-25 Tuesday 23:40 martin
2002-06-25 Tuesday 23:34 martin
2002-06-25 Tuesday 23:26 martin
Ch ch ch changes
2002-06-25 Tuesday 20:08 martin
* course/weeks.php, lib/db/mysql.sql:
Minor changes
2002-06-25 Tuesday 19:57 martin
* index.php, lib/moodlelib.php:
Whoops forgot some more 'week's
2002-06-25 Tuesday 19:49 martin
* index.php, admin/site.html, admin/site.php, course/edit.html,
course/edit.php, course/lib.php, course/mod.php,
course/mod_delete.html, course/social.php, course/topics.php,
course/user.php, course/view.php, course/weeks.php,
lib/db/mysql.sql, mod/choice/index.php, mod/choice/mod.html,
mod/forum/mod.html, mod/journal/index.php, mod/journal/mod.html,
mod/journal/user.php, mod/journal/view.php,
mod/reading/details.php, mod/reading/index.php,
mod/reading/mod.html, mod/survey/details.php, mod/survey/index.php,
Major changes throughout to change "week" notation to "section"
notation. Sections covers "weeks", "topics" and anything else that
may come along. Note, again, some databases have changed esp
course_weeks -> course_sections and several fields called "week"
are now "section. Also course no longer has an enddate, but
instead has a numsections field.
2002-06-25 Tuesday 19:46 martin
* course/: editsection.html, editsection.php:
Renamed from editweek to editsection
2002-06-25 Tuesday 19:44 martin
* course/: editweek.html, editweek.php:
Renamed week->section
2002-06-25 Tuesday 19:43 martin
* pix/i/: all.gif, allweeks.gif, one.gif, oneweek.gif:
Renamed allweeks.gif -> all.gif oneweek.gif -> one.gif
2002-06-25 Tuesday 15:56 martin
* course/: lib.php, mod.php:
Nicer formatting of editing modules, takes into account course
2002-06-25 Tuesday 15:17 martin
* mod/survey/report.php:
Don't show overall graph when no students have completed survey
2002-06-25 Tuesday 15:10 martin
* mod/survey/: lib.php, report.php, view.php:
Slight tweaks to survey display after it's been done (list # of
2002-06-25 Tuesday 14:47 martin
* index.php, course/mod.php, course/social.php, course/topics.php,
course/view.php, course/weeks.php, lib/moodlelib.php,
mod/forum/lib.php, mod/forum/view.php:
Changes related to new forum type: eachuser and some general
forum-related tweaking
2002-06-25 Tuesday 11:32 martin
* course/topics.php:
Improved formatting of module links (using a TITLE that is
2002-06-25 Tuesday 11:30 martin
* course/weeks.php:
Slight formatting improvement (list module name in link title)
2002-06-25 Tuesday 11:23 martin
* mod/forum/icon.gif:
Updated icon to make it less like discussions and more flexible
2002-06-24 Monday 23:27 martin
* mod/forum/view.php:
Typo in add_to_log ... index->view
2002-06-21 Friday 23:55 martin
* index.php:
Slight change when checking for user.
2002-06-21 Friday 12:54 martin
Ch ch ch changes
2002-06-20 Thursday 23:41 martin
* mod/forum/db/mysql.sql:
Bugfixes from move - this is now up to date
2002-06-20 Thursday 23:24 martin
* index.php:
Subscibing to forum, not discuss
2002-06-20 Thursday 23:15 martin
* index.php, course/social.php, course/topics.php,
course/unenrol.php, course/weeks.php, lib/moodlelib.php,
mod/forum/icon.gif, mod/forum/index.php, mod/forum/lib.php,
mod/forum/mod.html, mod/forum/mod.php, mod/forum/module.php,
mod/forum/subscribe.php, mod/forum/view.php,
Mass change related to separating forum from discuss and making it
a separate module (again). This frees up forums for some
interesting developments. Note that database tables have moved
2002-06-19 Wednesday 23:42 martin
* course/unenrol.php, user/index.php:
Modifications to unenrol. Now a teacher can unenrol students from
the course.
2002-06-19 Wednesday 13:37 martin
* lib/db/mysql.sql:
Added course->marker
2002-06-19 Wednesday 13:08 martin
* pix/i/marker.gif:
"marker" icon used by "topics" course format to mark a topic
2002-06-19 Wednesday 13:05 martin
* mod/journal/report.php:
Bugfix in crumbs
2002-06-19 Wednesday 13:04 martin
* course/: lib.php, topics.php, view.php:
Added a "topics" format. it's very similar to the "Weeks" format,
except it isn't constrained by times. Useful for flexible courses
where the pace isn't known and is subject to change. The teacher
can "mark" the current topic and change this marking as necessary.
2002-06-16 Sunday 17:44 martin
* index.php:
Changes to add subscribe/unsubscribe to site News forum
2002-06-16 Sunday 11:25 martin
* index.php:
More accessible log in button up top
2002-06-13 Thursday 20:31 martin
* lib/adodb/: adodb-cryptsession.php,,,,,,,
adodb-session.php,, readme.htm, server.php,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, tests/benchmark.php, tests/client.php,
tests/test.php, tests/test2.php, tests/test3.php, tests/test4.php,
tests/test5.php, tests/testcache.php, tests/,
tests/testgenid.php, tests/testmssql.php, tests/testoci8.php,
tests/testpaging.php, tests/testpear.php, tests/testsessions.php:
Upgraded to ADOdb 2.12
2002-06-13 Thursday 19:18 martin
* config-dist.php, user/edit.php, user/lib.php:
Changes to support GD 1 and GD 2. Well, to be more accurate, we
now rely on the administrator to tell us which is installed because
PHP is not reliable (eg GD 2.* functions are available in 4.0.6
and later EVEN WHEN gd 2 is not present ... sigh).
So, new config variable $CFG->gdversion
2002-06-12 Wednesday 12:31 martin
* course/lib.php:
Whoops ... removed Choose...
2002-06-12 Wednesday 12:29 martin
* course/lib.php:
Changes to course menu
2002-06-12 Wednesday 12:24 martin
* index.php:
Link to site logs
2002-06-12 Wednesday 12:22 martin
* course/: lib.php, log.php:
Improvements to logs for admin user (can view any course)
2002-06-11 Tuesday 15:43 martin
* index.php:
OK, this is better (sigh)
2002-06-11 Tuesday 15:27 martin
* course/: view.php, weeks.php:
Tweaks to course format (search box)
2002-06-11 Tuesday 15:01 martin
* lib/weblib.php:
New highlight function for searches etc
2002-06-11 Tuesday 14:28 martin
* theme/: standard/styles.css, standardblue/styles.css:
New "highlight" class (eg for search results)
2002-06-11 Tuesday 12:56 martin
* course/social.php:
Added search form
2002-06-11 Tuesday 12:31 martin
* index.php:
2002-06-11 Tuesday 12:28 martin
* course/lib.php:
Tiny fix so that when today is specified, it's selected in the list
2002-06-11 Tuesday 12:04 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Fixes to usergetdate() ... looks OK now.
2002-06-11 Tuesday 11:10 martin
* index.php:
Fomat tweaking
2002-06-11 Tuesday 11:06 martin
* index.php:
Removed bodgy forums link - it's not necessary
2002-06-10 Monday 22:01 martin
* course/lib.php, lib/moodlelib.php, user/index.php:
New usergetmidnight function and use in finding today's logs
2002-06-10 Monday 21:47 martin
* course/enrol.html:
Added generic "your teacher" when there is no teacher defined yet
2002-06-10 Monday 21:40 martin
* index.php:
Tweaking layout
2002-06-10 Monday 21:35 martin
* index.php:
More tweaks and simplification when possible
2002-06-10 Monday 21:11 martin
* mod/reading/: details.php, lib.php, mod.html, view.php:
new reading type: "Web Address" is now Web Page and Web Link, which
simply redirects to the external link (no frame)
2002-06-10 Monday 19:35 martin
* index.php:
Tweak: added courses link back in ... because courses page may one
day be something different to the display on the front page (eg
when there's very many courses)
2002-06-10 Monday 19:34 martin
* lib/db/mysql.sql:
Added course->timecreated
2002-06-10 Monday 19:30 martin
* course/edit.php:
Make sure new courses set the timecreated field
2002-06-10 Monday 19:16 martin
* course/index.php:
Fixed formatting.
2002-06-10 Monday 19:11 martin
* course/: edit.html, enrol.html, enrol.php, lib.php:
Course entry key is now called an enrolment key
2002-06-10 Monday 17:47 martin
2002-06-10 Monday 17:44 martin
* course/: lib.php, log.php:
Fixes related to user timezones. All times are now displayed as
2002-06-10 Monday 17:43 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Fixes to functions relating to user timezones
2002-06-10 Monday 14:56 martin
* course/weeks.php:
Display tweaks
2002-06-10 Monday 13:41 martin
* index.php:
More tweaks for admin view
2002-06-10 Monday 13:19 martin
* index.php, admin/site.html, admin/site.php, course/index.php,
Changes to allow choice of format on home page of site
2002-06-10 Monday 12:41 martin
* course/weeks.php:
Layout tweak
2002-06-10 Monday 12:33 martin
* user/: edit.php, view.php:
Better handling of guest user
2002-06-10 Monday 12:24 martin
* admin/user.php, login/index.php:
Moved creation of guest user to login page - this means it can be
trashed any time and it will recreate itself as necessary.
2002-06-10 Monday 11:49 martin
* user/view.php:
All users are viewable in the "site" course.
2002-06-10 Monday 10:46 martin
* login/index_form.html:
Tweaking formatting
2002-06-10 Monday 10:42 martin
* login/: forgot_password.php, index_form.html:
Improved formatting for consistency and clarity
2002-06-09 Sunday 22:44 martin
* login/index_form.html:
Little more documentation about guest account
2002-06-09 Sunday 22:14 martin
* admin/user.php, course/edit.html, course/enrol.php,
course/index.php, course/lib.php, lib/moodlelib.php,
lib/db/mysql.sql, mod/journal/edit.php, mod/journal/view.php,
mod/survey/save.php, pix/i/key.gif:
Changes to support guest user across any course (guest/guest)
2002-06-09 Sunday 22:12 martin
* pix/poo.html:
This file was here by mistake
2002-06-08 Saturday 14:52 martin
* course/view.php, mod/choice/view.php, mod/journal/view.php,
mod/reading/view.php, mod/survey/view.php,
theme/standard/header.html, theme/standardblue/header.html:
Changes to put update/edit icons in the headers of module and
course pages
2002-06-08 Saturday 14:47 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Changes so that an icon can be displayed in the header
2002-06-08 Saturday 10:13 martin
* lib/db/mysql.sql:
Put backquotes around some field names to avoid errors
2002-06-07 Friday 11:57 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Added Moodle version number
2002-06-07 Friday 11:54 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
More tweaking of the mail formatting
2002-06-07 Friday 11:37 martin
CH CH CH CH Changes.
2002-06-06 Thursday 23:25 martin
* config-dist.php:
Altered smtphosts and removed cronpassword
2002-06-06 Thursday 23:21 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
If $CFG->smtphosts is empty, then mailer uses PHP mail() ==
2002-06-06 Thursday 23:19 martin
* admin/cron.php:
Removed password ... it's not necessary any more.
2002-06-06 Thursday 10:59 martin
* lib/setup.php:
WHoops .... time should be 1800 seconds
2002-06-06 Thursday 00:39 martin
* course/unenrol.php:
Remember to remove subscriptions when unenrolling.
2002-06-05 Wednesday 22:05 martin
* error/index.php, lib/moodlelib.php, lib/setup.php,
login/forgot_password.php, login/signup.php:
Fixes to convert mail to individual mailing ... so that we can use
the new preferences for mail (plain or html).
2002-06-05 Wednesday 14:24 martin
* course/lib.php, course/log.php, lib/weblib.php:
Slight interface tweaks
2002-06-05 Wednesday 14:10 martin
* user/edit.php:
Typo on add_to_log URL
2002-06-05 Wednesday 13:54 martin
* user/index.php:
Doesn't display teachers or students if there aren't any
2002-06-05 Wednesday 13:37 martin
* lib/weblib.php, lib/db/mysql.sql, user/edit.html, user/edit.php,
user/index.php, user/view.php:
Changes to user settings, now it matches the stored data better
2002-06-05 Wednesday 13:36 martin
* lib/countries.php:
Moved here from login/countries.php. Function removed.
2002-06-05 Wednesday 13:35 martin
* login/: countries.php, signup.php, signup_form.php:
Changes to use new lib/countries.php
2002-06-05 Wednesday 11:24 martin
* lib/db/mysql.sql:
Changes to user table
2002-06-05 Wednesday 11:22 martin
* course/new.php, course/social.php, mod/journal/new.php,
mod/reading/new.php, user/new.php:
Old new.php system is replaced by print_recent_activity() in
2002-06-05 Wednesday 11:15 martin
* course/lib.php, course/log.php, course/new.php, files/index.php,
lib/moodlelib.php, lib/weblib.php, lib/db/mysql.sql,
mod/choice/report.php, mod/journal/lib.php, mod/journal/new.php,
mod/journal/report.php, mod/journal/user.php, mod/journal/view.php,
mod/reading/index.php, mod/reading/new.php,
mod/survey/download.php, mod/survey/report.php, user/edit.html,
user/edit.php, user/index.php, user/lib.php:
Changes related to timezone display. Datetime display now uses
userdate() which itself uses the USER variable timezone to alter
the displayed time.
2002-06-05 Wednesday 11:13 martin
* theme/standard/styles.css:
Changed formatting (attempting to improve IE display)
2002-06-04 Tuesday 15:00 martin
* course/loginas.php:
Errr this is what I meant
2002-06-04 Tuesday 14:58 martin
* course/loginas.php:
Improved logging slightly
2002-06-04 Tuesday 14:54 martin
* user/index.php:
Formatting of teacher links
2002-06-04 Tuesday 14:49 martin
* user/view.php:
Added a message if the student is not a member of the current
2002-06-04 Tuesday 14:35 martin
* user/view.php:
Whoops ... don't put unenrol button unless the user is the current
2002-06-04 Tuesday 14:32 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
course/login.php is now course/enrol.php ...
2002-06-04 Tuesday 14:30 martin
* course/: enrol.html, enrol.php, lib.php, login.html, login.php,
Cleaned up enrol and unenrol process a bit
2002-06-04 Tuesday 14:29 martin
* user/view.php:
Added button to unenrol a user (course/unenrol.php)
2002-06-03 Monday 18:42 martin
* course/: email.html, email.php:
Not needed any more ... use the "News" forum instead.
2002-06-02 Sunday 16:23 martin
* user/index.php:
Now uses $course->student as title of list
2002-06-02 Sunday 16:10 martin
* course/: edit.html, edit.php, social.php, weeks.php:
Added per-course config and use of a word for "student"
2002-06-02 Sunday 15:41 martin
* theme/standardblue/styles.css:
Added semicolons to keep IE happy
2002-06-02 Sunday 15:39 martin
* theme/standardblue/styles.css:
Changed to lowercase to make IE happy
2002-06-01 Saturday 23:35 martin
* theme/standard/styles.css:
Fixed for Internet Explorer?
2002-06-01 Saturday 22:11 martin
* mod/reading/view.php:
Added TITLE to link to fullscreen reading
2002-06-01 Saturday 22:00 martin
* mod/reading/view.php:
Minor frameset adjustments
2002-06-01 Saturday 21:57 martin
* mod/reading/view.php:
Slight alterations to layout of frames.
2002-06-01 Saturday 21:47 martin
* course/edit.php:
Removed check for course format changing
2002-06-01 Saturday 20:52 martin
2002-06-01 Saturday 17:48 martin
* course/social.php:
Added a <BR>
2002-06-01 Saturday 17:44 martin
* course/: view.php, weeks.php:
Modified weekly course format with "People" section and sorted
activity modules
2002-06-01 Saturday 17:23 martin
* course/lib.php:
Improvements to Recent Activity to make it clearer. Formatting,
but also logical changes to reduce the logs for course changes:
add+update=add add+delete=nothing update+update=update
2002-06-01 Saturday 17:06 martin
* course/mod.php:
Errors while deleting a module are no longer fatal errors
2002-06-01 Saturday 17:05 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Fixed buglets in get_records_sql and insert_record
2002-06-01 Saturday 14:37 martin
* course/mod.php:
Slight fix to change some mod->course_module to mod->coursemodule
for consistency
2002-06-01 Saturday 12:25 martin
* course/lib.php:
Fixed some display of the logs in "recent activity"
2002-06-01 Saturday 12:06 martin
Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes (turn and face the strain) Ch-ch-changes.
2002-06-01 Saturday 11:46 martin
* lib/weblib.php:
Added lists to allowed html in cleantext
2002-05-31 Friday 21:54 martin
* doc/intro.html:
Changed link to a newer and better paper on social constructionism.
2002-05-31 Friday 21:24 martin
* error/index.php:
Removed log and fixed email call
2002-05-31 Friday 21:20 martin
* admin/: cron.php, site.php:
Removed some logging
2002-05-31 Friday 21:20 martin
* admin/index.php:
Now looks for module SQL files in mod/db/dbtype.sql
2002-05-31 Friday 21:13 martin
* files/index.php:
Removed log entry for now
2002-05-31 Friday 21:10 martin
* course/noweeks.php:
Replaced by social.php
2002-05-31 Friday 17:37 martin
* config-dist.php:
Indicates only MySQL is supported for now.
2002-05-31 Friday 17:34 martin
* course/: editweek.php, email.php, lib.php, login.php,
loginas.php, new.php, social.php, user.php, view.php, weeks.php:
New logging format Improved "Recent Activity" on home page Better
formatting. Many other small fixes.
2002-05-31 Friday 17:27 martin
* course/edit.php:
Changes to support new logging format
2002-05-31 Friday 17:25 martin
* course/mod.php:
Changes to logging to support new logging format
2002-05-31 Friday 17:20 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Various small changes. Main one was new version of add_to_log to
suit the new logging format.
2002-05-31 Friday 17:19 martin
* login/: change_password.php, index.php, logout.php:
Removed logging from these files (probably temporary)
2002-05-31 Friday 17:18 martin
* lib/db/: mysql.sql, postgres7.sql:
Removed "logs" and added new log format: "log" and "log_display"
2002-05-31 Friday 17:15 martin
* user/: edit.php, index.php, view.php:
Updated to use new logging format.
2002-05-31 Friday 17:14 martin
* mod/: choice/db/mysql.sql, journal/db/mysql.sql,
reading/db/mysql.sql, survey/db/mysql.sql:
Added new entries for log_display table. These are used to define
what to display for any given logged item.
2002-05-31 Friday 17:07 martin
* mod/: choice/index.php, choice/install.sql, choice/mod.html,
choice/report.php, choice/view.php, journal/edit.php,
journal/index.php, journal/install.sql, journal/mod.html,
journal/report.php, journal/view.php, reading/details.php,
reading/index.php, reading/install.sql, reading/mod.html,
reading/view.php, survey/details.php, survey/download.php,
survey/edit.php, survey/index.php, survey/install.sql,
survey/mod.html, survey/report.php, survey/save.php,
Various small fixes across all modules. Most notable was the
revised use of add_to_log, and the new logging format.
2002-05-31 Friday 17:03 martin
* mod/: choice/db/mysql.sql, journal/db/mysql.sql,
reading/db/mysql.sql, survey/db/mysql.sql:
This is the new format for database schema. Each module has a db
directory with one file per database. All these are called from
admin/index.php and work in concert with lib/db.
2002-05-31 Friday 17:01 martin
* pix/i/: allweeks.gif, oneweek.gif:
New icons for courses displayed in weekly format. They
collapse/unfold the display.
2002-05-28 Tuesday 21:59 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Changed email_to_users to be a lot more straightforward. I don't
think there's really need for all the BCC hocus-pocus. Everyone
can find everyone's address anyway, the email bloat is minimal, and
perhaps distributing email addresses will spark private emails.
2002-05-28 Tuesday 09:22 martin
* login/: forgot_password.php, signup.php:
email_to_user no longer exists. Using email_to_users instead.
2002-05-27 Monday 22:53 martin
* theme/standard/styles.css:
Added style for <LI>
2002-05-27 Monday 21:17 martin
* lib/db/postgres7.sql:
Reconverted using a newer converter. Still not tested.
2002-05-27 Monday 21:02 martin
* admin/index.php:
Changes to support various types of databases (using SQL code in
2002-05-27 Monday 20:58 martin
* lib/db/postgres7.sql:
QL to create core databases in PostgreSQL. Not tested at all. In
fact I'm pretty sure it won't work, because it needs sequences.
2002-05-27 Monday 20:56 martin
* lib/db/mysql.sql:
SQL to create core databases in MySQL (any version).
2002-05-27 Monday 14:19 martin
* admin/moodle-core.sql:
All moved to lib/db
2002-05-27 Monday 14:18 martin
* admin/cron.php:
Now uses $CFG->cronpassword from config.php
2002-05-27 Monday 14:16 martin
* config-dist.php:
Added CFG->cronpassword for moodle/admin/cron.php
2002-05-27 Monday 10:25 martin
* index.php:
course->id now site->id so we can add a reading
2002-05-24 Friday 14:48 martin
* lib/phpmailer/mailerc.php:
This is part of the phpmailer distribution
2002-05-24 Friday 14:46 martin
* lib/: class.phpmailer.php, class.smtp.php:
Moved to subdirectory phpmailer
2002-05-24 Friday 14:38 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Changes to mailing system, now supports HTML, attachments.
Simplified functions.
2002-05-24 Friday 14:35 martin
* lib/setup.php:
Added version number for Moodle
2002-05-19 Sunday 12:43 martin
* files/mimetypes.php:
Moved the array into the function.
2002-05-19 Sunday 11:51 martin
* config-dist.php:
smtphost --> smtphosts
2002-05-18 Saturday 14:54 martin
* lib/phpmailer/: ChangeLog.txt, LICENSE, class.phpmailer.php,
class.smtp.php, phpdoc/index-all.html, phpdoc/phpmailer.html,
test/phpmailer_test.php, test/phpunit.php, test/rocks.png:
Upgraded to phpmailer 1.60
2002-05-18 Saturday 14:36 martin
* lib/phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php:
Added Moodle into the X-Mailer: header
2002-05-18 Saturday 13:22 martin
* lib/weblib.php:
Smiley conversion is now optional (better for html mail)
2002-05-18 Saturday 13:17 martin
* lib/phpmailer/: ChangeLog.txt, LICENSE, README,
class.phpmailer.php, class.smtp.php, docs/extending.html,
docs/faq.html, docs/timeoutfix.diff, phpdoc/allclasses-frame.html,
phpdoc/deprecated-list.html, phpdoc/help-doc.html,
phpdoc/index-all.html, phpdoc/index.html,
phpdoc/overview-tree.html, phpdoc/packages.html,
phpdoc/phpmailer.html, phpdoc/serialized-form.html,
Added full source distribution of phpmailer
2002-05-18 Saturday 11:37 martin
Added warning about unstable CVS tree
2002-05-18 Saturday 11:13 martin
* user/edit.php:
Checks for bad permissions and defaults to default picture
2002-05-18 Saturday 11:03 martin
* pix/i/log.gif:
Now a picture of a log
2002-05-18 Saturday 00:33 martin
* index.php:
2002-05-17 Friday 21:38 martin
* config-dist.php:
Added to eliminate problems of config.php being overwritten
2002-05-17 Friday 21:36 martin
* doc/credits.html:
Updated for ADOdb 2.00
2002-05-17 Friday 21:34 martin
* doc/install.html:
Added note about config-dist.php
2002-05-17 Friday 21:29 martin
* config.php:
Deleted this file from CVS (see config-dist.php)
2002-05-17 Friday 21:24 martin
* lib/adodb/cute_icons_for_site/: adodb.gif, adodb.png, adodb2.gif,
Upgraded to ADOsb 2.00
2002-05-17 Friday 21:20 martin
* lib/adodb/tests/: benchmark.php, client.php, test.php, test2.php,
test3.php, test4.php, test5.php, testcache.php,, testgenid.php, testoci8.php, testpaging.php,
testpear.php, testsessions.php:
Upgraded ADOdb to 2.00
2002-05-17 Friday 21:16 martin
* lib/adodb/: drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, adodb-cryptsession.php,,,,,,
adodb-session.php,,, license.txt,
readme.htm, readme.txt, server.php, tips_portable_sql.htm,, tute.htm:
Upgraded to ADOdb 2.00
2002-04-15 Monday 13:22 martin
* mod/survey/download.php:
Fixed download for virtual scale questions with type = -1 (eg
2002-04-13 Saturday 14:24 martin
* mod/survey/graph.php:
Modified most graphs to remove the "zero" line of "No answer"
because this never happens (survey form forces students to always
2002-04-13 Saturday 10:49 martin
* lib/graphlib.php:
If the array y_tick_labels is defined, then these are used instead
of numbers on the left-hand y-axis. See mod/survey/graph.php for
2002-04-12 Friday 22:24 martin
* mod/survey/lib.php:
Slightly enlarged graphs to 900 pixels instead of 800.
2002-04-12 Friday 21:58 martin
* mod/survey/graph.php:
Graphs now contain proper labels down the left hand side.
2002-04-12 Friday 21:20 martin
* lib/weblib.php:
Added :) smileys as well.
2002-04-12 Friday 21:20 martin
* lib/graphlib.php:
Added "$factor = round($factor * 1000.0) / 1000.0;" to function
find_range ... it fixes some strange rounding errors that were
happening with Moodle surveys.
2002-04-07 Sunday 12:10 martin
* config.php:
Added lang config!
2002-04-03 Wednesday 19:44 martin
* course/: noweeks.php, social.php, weeks.php:
Added ALT="" tags to spacer.gif so they don't show in text browsers
2002-04-03 Wednesday 14:36 martin
* course/: edit.php, log.php, loglive.php, mod.php, social.php,
view.php, weeks.php:
Fixed up use of isteacher (removed isadmin check because it's done
in isteacher now)
2002-04-03 Wednesday 14:30 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Add check for admin to isteacher() rather than doing checks
everywhere else
2002-03-28 Thursday 13:52 martin
* mod/survey/: graph.php, view.php:
If students view surveys after having done them, then they are now
shown the survey results compared to the class. Needs docs still.
2002-03-26 Tuesday 22:45 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Strip tags from emailed text versions of postings
2002-03-26 Tuesday 21:24 martin
* lang/en/help.text.php:
Added help information about allowed HTML tags
2002-03-26 Tuesday 20:58 martin
* lib/weblib.php:
Added cleantext function, used for cleaning user-entered text of
nasty tags etc
2002-03-16 Saturday 14:19 martin
* course/: edit.php, log.php, loglive.php, mod.php, view.php:
Allow admin to do anything the teacher can do
2002-03-16 Saturday 14:06 martin
* course/social.php:
Admin improvements
2002-03-15 Friday 18:19 martin
* user/edit.html:
Added help button
2002-03-15 Friday 18:18 martin
* lang/en/help.picture.php:
New help file for uploading a picture
2002-03-11 Monday 11:26 martin
* lang/en/help.text.php:
Help file for text
2002-03-11 Monday 11:21 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Added helpbutton function for popup help, see also /help.php
2002-03-11 Monday 11:18 martin
* help.php:
First pass at a simple help system
2002-03-11 Monday 10:03 martin
* pix/help.gif:
This little help button indicates context-sensitive help
2002-03-10 Sunday 17:17 martin
* theme/standardblue/favicon.ico:
Edited icon for consistency
2002-03-10 Sunday 17:06 martin
* theme/standardblue/favicon.ico:
Favicon for blue theme is now blue (duh).
2002-03-07 Thursday 15:07 martin
* doc/credits.html:
URL for phpmailer
2002-03-07 Thursday 14:31 martin
* lib/class.phpmailer.php:
Changed version to reflect Moodle (it shows up in the mail headers)
2002-03-07 Thursday 14:18 martin
* user/index.php:
Added location on the user overview
2002-03-07 Thursday 13:39 martin
* login/signup_form.php:
Added small warning about emails having to be working ones
2002-03-02 Saturday 11:26 martin
* user/default/: f1.jpg, f2.jpg:
Replaced shadowhead with something a bit more positive (smiley face
2002-02-27 Wednesday 18:09 martin
* theme/standardblue/config.php:
Slight color changes
2002-02-26 Tuesday 21:40 martin
* index.php:
Small change
2002-02-26 Tuesday 14:36 martin
* mod/reading/lib.php:
Changes to list function - now returns list of links
2002-02-26 Tuesday 14:35 martin
* index.php:
Some changes to accomodate changes in the reading lib
2002-02-26 Tuesday 14:34 martin
* course/: lib.php, view.php:
Updated to accomodate new "social" format
2002-02-26 Tuesday 14:33 martin
* course/social.php:
This social format replaces the old noweeks format
2002-02-26 Tuesday 11:50 martin
* theme/standardblue/: config.php, favicon.ico, footer.html,
header.html, styles.css:
New blue theme
2002-02-26 Tuesday 11:27 martin
* mod/reading/lib.php:
Fixed case where course <> 0
2002-02-01 Friday 10:56 martin
* doc/intro.html:
Some clarification of the GPL
2002-01-28 Monday 13:25 martin
* doc/COPYRIGHT.txt:
Updated the years of Copyright
2002-01-24 Thursday 15:20 martin
* login/logout.php:
Changed unset($USER) to $USER=NULL ... as unset can cause problems
with PHP 4.1
2002-01-07 Monday 23:00 martin
* mod/journal/user.php:
Added date stamp on journal entries
2002-01-05 Saturday 12:11 martin
* login/signup_form.php:
Removed Curtin-only thing and put email first
2001-12-12 Wednesday 23:03 martin
* doc/credits.html:
Updated version number
2001-12-11 Tuesday 12:30 martin
* index.php:
Made an "Admin" section on the frojnt page
2001-12-10 Monday 19:18 martin
* index.php:
Fixed description tag and moved switch
2001-12-10 Monday 19:10 martin
* index.php:
Added meta tag - Description (for search engines)
2001-12-09 Sunday 18:34 martin
* doc/: background.html, credits.html, developer.html, future.html,
install.html, intro.html, licence.html, teacher.html:
Added version control strings
2001-12-09 Sunday 18:27 martin
* doc/future.html:
Added stuff about scaling for large classes
2001-12-06 Thursday 14:55 martin
* mod/reading/view.php:
bit more work on URL view ...
2001-12-06 Thursday 12:32 martin
* course/mod.php:
Fixed headers
2001-12-06 Thursday 12:27 martin
* mod/reading/view.php:
Altered URL frameset size
2001-12-06 Thursday 12:23 martin
ROADMAP, background.html, config.php, contents.html, credits.html,
developer.html, future.html, index.html, install.html, intro.html,
licence.html, teacher.html:
First version of HTML documentation
2001-12-05 Wednesday 00:14 martin
* pix/i/: edit.gif, switch.gif:
New icons
2001-12-05 Wednesday 00:13 martin
* course/: lib.php, weeks.php:
Changed weekly format ... makes more sense now I think
2001-12-05 Wednesday 00:00 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Changed navigation bar so it uses Site name instead of "Home"
2001-12-04 Tuesday 23:59 martin
* theme/standard/styles.css:
Backed out quote changes, they do need to be where they were
2001-12-04 Tuesday 22:04 martin
* pix/t/: left.gif, right.gif:
Added left and right arrows
2001-12-04 Tuesday 22:02 martin
* admin/: cron.php, index.php, teacher.php:
Improvements to the process of setting up Moodle the first time,
also better interface for adding/removing teachers
2001-12-03 Monday 16:26 martin
* theme/standard/: favicon.ico, header.html, styles.css:
Cleaned up some formatting and updated the favicon to match the
2001-12-01 Saturday 17:47 martin
* lib/graphlib.php:
No functional changes, just fixed comments to make the Moodle mods
2001-11-30 Friday 23:42 martin
* config.php:
Added copyright notices and cleaned up the documentation
2001-11-30 Friday 23:21 martin
* admin/index.php:
Fixed serious bug that allowed any existing user to use this page.
2001-11-30 Friday 14:12 martin
* theme/standard/header.html:
Added favicon support and a small bugfix or two
2001-11-30 Friday 14:10 martin
* theme/standard/favicon.ico:
First go at a favicon for Moodle
2001-11-29 Thursday 20:28 martin
* admin/index.php:
Corrected a type used "=" instead of "=="
2001-11-29 Thursday 13:47 martin
* admin/index.php:
Turned on link to teacher.php
2001-11-29 Thursday 13:46 martin
* admin/teacher.php:
Basic script to add/delete teachers of courses
2001-11-29 Thursday 11:11 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
made Print_Heading more general
2001-11-28 Wednesday 22:44 martin
* admin/index.php:
Make it ignore CVS directories
2001-11-25 Sunday 23:53 martin
* doc/config.php:
Added a copy of this in the doc directory, just in case
2001-11-25 Sunday 23:52 martin
* config.php:
Added line about location
2001-11-25 Sunday 23:50 martin
* config.php:
Setting it back to default status.
2001-11-25 Sunday 23:48 martin
* config.php, file.php, course/view.php, lib/moodlelib.php,
mod/reading/lib.php, mod/reading/view.php,
Several changes related to the front page, so that it now works OK.
2001-11-25 Sunday 23:45 martin
* index.php:
Tidied up the front page. Added 'editing' switch and normal footer
2001-11-22 Thursday 21:47 martin
* mod/survey/graph.php:
removed shadows from class averages when they are combined with
student results, so that the student graphs "jump out" more
2001-11-22 Thursday 14:51 martin
* theme/standard/: footer.html, header.html:
removed CVS Id strings
2001-11-22 Thursday 14:42 martin
* config.php:
Updating with sane default values
2001-11-22 Thursday 14:23 martin
* README, config.php, file.php, index.php, admin/cron.php,
admin/index.php, admin/log.php, admin/moodle-core.sql,
admin/site.html, admin/site.php, admin/teacher.php,
admin/user.html, admin/user.php, course/edit.html, course/edit.php,
course/editweek.html, course/editweek.php, course/email.html,
course/email.php, course/index.php, course/lib.php, course/log.php,
course/login.html, course/login.php, course/loginas.php,
course/loglive.php, course/mod.php, course/mod_delete.html,
course/new.php, course/noweeks.php, course/user.php,
course/view.php, course/weeks.php, doc/CHANGES, doc/COPYRIGHT,
doc/INSTALL, doc/LICENCE, doc/NOTES, doc/ROADMAP, error/index.php,
files/index.php, files/mimetypes.php, files/pix/audio.gif,
files/pix/edit.gif, files/pix/env.gif, files/pix/excel.gif,
files/pix/explore.gif, files/pix/files.gif, files/pix/folder.gif,
files/pix/help.gif, files/pix/html.gif, files/pix/image.gif,
files/pix/move.gif, files/pix/parent.gif, files/pix/pdf.gif,
files/pix/text.gif, files/pix/unknown.gif, files/pix/word.gif,
files/pix/zip.gif, lib/class.phpmailer.php, lib/class.smtp.php,
lib/graphlib.php, lib/javascript.php, lib/moodlelib.php,
lib/psxlsgen.php, lib/setup.php, lib/weblib.php, lib/wordlist.txt,
lib/fonts/arial.ttf, lib/fonts/vixar.ttf,
login/change_password.php, login/change_password_form.html,
login/confirm.php, login/countries.php, login/forgot_password.php,
login/forgot_password_change.html, login/forgot_password_form.html,
login/index.php, login/index_confirm.html, login/index_form.html,
login/logout.php, login/signup.php, login/signup_confirm.html,
login/signup_form.php, mod/assignment/README,
mod/assignment/module.php, mod/choice/icon.gif,
mod/choice/index.php, mod/choice/install.sql, mod/choice/mod.html,
mod/choice/mod.php, mod/choice/module.php, mod/choice/report.php,
mod/choice/view.html, mod/choice/view.php, mod/journal/edit.html,
mod/journal/edit.php, mod/journal/icon.gif, mod/journal/index.php,
mod/journal/install.sql, mod/journal/lib.php, mod/journal/mod.html,
mod/journal/mod.php, mod/journal/module.php, mod/journal/new.php,
mod/journal/report.php, mod/journal/user.php, mod/journal/view.php,
mod/reading/details.php, mod/reading/icon.gif,
mod/reading/index.php, mod/reading/install.sql,
mod/reading/lib.php, mod/reading/mod.html, mod/reading/mod.php,
mod/reading/module.php, mod/reading/new.php, mod/reading/view.php,
mod/survey/details.php, mod/survey/download.php,
mod/survey/edit.php, mod/survey/edit_form.html,
mod/survey/edit_form.phtml, mod/survey/edit_new.html,
mod/survey/edit_new.phtml, mod/survey/graph.php,
mod/survey/icon.gif, mod/survey/icon2.gif, mod/survey/index.php,
mod/survey/install.sql, mod/survey/lib.php,
mod/survey/login_form.html, mod/survey/mod.html,
mod/survey/mod.php, mod/survey/module.php, mod/survey/report.php,
mod/survey/save.php, mod/survey/test.php, mod/survey/view.php,
pix/b.gif, pix/madewithmoodle.gif, pix/madewithmoodle1.gif,
pix/madewithmoodle2.gif, pix/poo.html, pix/spacer.gif,
pix/webding.png, pix/i/ICONS-16x16, pix/i/email.gif, pix/i/log.gif,
pix/i/new.gif, pix/i/news.gif, pix/i/settings.gif, pix/s/SMILEYS,
pix/s/biggrin.gif, pix/s/cool.gif, pix/s/cross.gif,
pix/s/mixed.gif, pix/s/sad.gif, pix/s/smiley.gif,
pix/s/surprise.gif, pix/s/tongueout.gif, pix/s/wideeyes.gif,
pix/s/wink.gif, pix/t/TINY-ICONS, pix/t/delete.gif, pix/t/down.gif,
pix/t/edit.gif, pix/t/search.gif, pix/t/up.gif,
theme/standard/config.php, theme/standard/footer.html,
theme/standard/header.html, theme/standard/styles.css,
user/edit.html, user/edit.php, user/index.php, user/lib.php,
user/new.php, user/pix.php, user/user.gif, user/users.gif,
user/view.php, user/default/f1.jpg, user/default/f2.jpg:
Initial revision
2001-11-22 Thursday 14:23 martin
* README, config.php, file.php, index.php, admin/cron.php,
admin/index.php, admin/log.php, admin/moodle-core.sql,
admin/site.html, admin/site.php, admin/teacher.php,
admin/user.html, admin/user.php, course/edit.html, course/edit.php,
course/editweek.html, course/editweek.php, course/email.html,
course/email.php, course/index.php, course/lib.php, course/log.php,
course/login.html, course/login.php, course/loginas.php,
course/loglive.php, course/mod.php, course/mod_delete.html,
course/new.php, course/noweeks.php, course/user.php,
course/view.php, course/weeks.php, doc/CHANGES, doc/COPYRIGHT,
doc/INSTALL, doc/LICENCE, doc/NOTES, doc/ROADMAP, error/index.php,
files/index.php, files/mimetypes.php, files/pix/audio.gif,
files/pix/edit.gif, files/pix/env.gif, files/pix/excel.gif,
files/pix/explore.gif, files/pix/files.gif, files/pix/folder.gif,
files/pix/help.gif, files/pix/html.gif, files/pix/image.gif,
files/pix/move.gif, files/pix/parent.gif, files/pix/pdf.gif,
files/pix/text.gif, files/pix/unknown.gif, files/pix/word.gif,
files/pix/zip.gif, lib/class.phpmailer.php, lib/class.smtp.php,
lib/graphlib.php, lib/javascript.php, lib/moodlelib.php,
lib/psxlsgen.php, lib/setup.php, lib/weblib.php, lib/wordlist.txt,
lib/fonts/arial.ttf, lib/fonts/vixar.ttf,
login/change_password.php, login/change_password_form.html,
login/confirm.php, login/countries.php, login/forgot_password.php,
login/forgot_password_change.html, login/forgot_password_form.html,
login/index.php, login/index_confirm.html, login/index_form.html,
login/logout.php, login/signup.php, login/signup_confirm.html,
login/signup_form.php, mod/assignment/README,
mod/assignment/module.php, mod/choice/icon.gif,
mod/choice/index.php, mod/choice/install.sql, mod/choice/mod.html,
mod/choice/mod.php, mod/choice/module.php, mod/choice/report.php,
mod/choice/view.html, mod/choice/view.php, mod/journal/edit.html,
mod/journal/edit.php, mod/journal/icon.gif, mod/journal/index.php,
mod/journal/install.sql, mod/journal/lib.php, mod/journal/mod.html,
mod/journal/mod.php, mod/journal/module.php, mod/journal/new.php,
mod/journal/report.php, mod/journal/user.php, mod/journal/view.php,
mod/reading/details.php, mod/reading/icon.gif,
mod/reading/index.php, mod/reading/install.sql,
mod/reading/lib.php, mod/reading/mod.html, mod/reading/mod.php,
mod/reading/module.php, mod/reading/new.php, mod/reading/view.php,
mod/survey/details.php, mod/survey/download.php,
mod/survey/edit.php, mod/survey/edit_form.html,
mod/survey/edit_form.phtml, mod/survey/edit_new.html,
mod/survey/edit_new.phtml, mod/survey/graph.php,
mod/survey/icon.gif, mod/survey/icon2.gif, mod/survey/index.php,
mod/survey/install.sql, mod/survey/lib.php,
mod/survey/login_form.html, mod/survey/mod.html,
mod/survey/mod.php, mod/survey/module.php, mod/survey/report.php,
mod/survey/save.php, mod/survey/test.php, mod/survey/view.php,
pix/b.gif, pix/madewithmoodle.gif, pix/madewithmoodle1.gif,
pix/madewithmoodle2.gif, pix/poo.html, pix/spacer.gif,
pix/webding.png, pix/i/ICONS-16x16, pix/i/email.gif, pix/i/log.gif,
pix/i/new.gif, pix/i/news.gif, pix/i/settings.gif, pix/s/SMILEYS,
pix/s/biggrin.gif, pix/s/cool.gif, pix/s/cross.gif,
pix/s/mixed.gif, pix/s/sad.gif, pix/s/smiley.gif,
pix/s/surprise.gif, pix/s/tongueout.gif, pix/s/wideeyes.gif,
pix/s/wink.gif, pix/t/TINY-ICONS, pix/t/delete.gif, pix/t/down.gif,
pix/t/edit.gif, pix/t/search.gif, pix/t/up.gif,
theme/standard/config.php, theme/standard/footer.html,
theme/standard/header.html, theme/standard/styles.css,
user/edit.html, user/edit.php, user/index.php, user/lib.php,
user/new.php, user/pix.php, user/user.gif, user/users.gif,
user/view.php, user/default/f1.jpg, user/default/f2.jpg:
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