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<?PHP // $Id$
// forum.php - created with Moodle 1.7 beta + (2006101003)
$string['addanewdiscussion'] = 'Add a new discussion topic';
$string['addanewquestion'] = 'Add a new question';
$string['addanewtopic'] = 'Add a new topic';
$string['advancedsearch'] = 'Advanced search';
$string['allforums'] = 'All forums';
$string['allowchoice'] = 'Allow everyone to choose';
$string['allowdiscussions'] = 'Can a $a post to this forum?';
$string['allowratings'] = 'Allow posts to be rated?';
$string['allowsallsubscribe'] = 'This forum allows everyone to choose whether to subscribe or not';
$string['allowsdiscussions'] = 'This forum allows each person to start one discussion topic.';
$string['allsubscribe'] = 'Subscribe to all forums';
$string['allunsubscribe'] = 'Unsubscribe from all forums';
$string['anyfile'] = 'Any file';
$string['attachment'] = 'Attachment';
$string['blockafter'] = 'Post threshold for blocking';
$string['blockperiod'] = 'Time period for blocking';
$string['blockperioddisabled'] = 'Don\'t block';
$string['bynameondate'] = 'by $a->name - $a->date';
$string['cannotviewpostyet'] = 'You cannot read other students questions in this discussion yet because you haven\'t posted';
$string['cannotadddiscussion'] = 'Adding discussions to this forum requires group membership.';
$string['configcleanreadtime'] = 'The hour of the day to clean old posts from the \'read\' table.';
$string['configdisplaymode'] = 'The default display mode for discussions if one isn\'t set.';
$string['configenablerssfeeds'] = 'This switch will enable the possibility of RSS feeds for all forums. You will still need to turn feeds on manually in the settings for each forum.';
$string['configenabletimedposts'] = 'Set to \'yes\' if you want to allow setting of display periods when posting a new forum discussion (Experimental as not yet fully tested)';
$string['configlongpost'] = 'Any post over this length (in characters not including HTML) is considered long. Posts displayed on the site front page, social format course pages, or user profiles are shortened to a natural break somewhere between the forum_shortpost and forum_longpost values.';
$string['configmanydiscussions'] = 'Maximum number of discussions shown in a forum per page';
$string['configmaxbytes'] = 'Default maximum size for all forum attachments on the site (subject to course limits and other local settings)';
$string['configoldpostdays'] = 'Number of days old any post is considered read.';
$string['configreplytouser'] = 'When a forum post is mailed out, should it contain the user\'s email address so that recipients can reply personally rather than via the forum? Even if set to \'Yes\' users can choose in their profile to keep their email address secret.';
$string['configshortpost'] = 'Any post under this length (in characters not including HTML) is considered short (see below).';
$string['configtrackreadposts'] = 'Set to \'yes\' if you want to track read/unread for each user.';
$string['configusermarksread'] = 'If \'yes\', the user must manually mark a post as read. If \'no\', when the post is viewed it is marked as read.';
$string['couldnotadd'] = 'Could not add your post due to an unknown error';
$string['couldnotdeleteratings'] = 'Sorry, that cannot be deleted as people have already rated it';
$string['couldnotdeletereplies'] = 'Sorry, that cannot be deleted as people have already responded to it';
$string['couldnotupdate'] = 'Could not update your post due to an unknown error';
$string['delete'] = 'Delete';
$string['deleteddiscussion'] = 'The discussion topic has been deleted';
$string['deletedpost'] = 'The post has been deleted';
$string['deletedposts'] = 'Those posts have been deleted';
$string['deletesure'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this post?';
$string['deletesureplural'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this post and all replies? ($a posts)';
$string['digestmailheader'] = 'This is your daily digest of new posts from the $a->sitename forums. To change your forum email preferences, go to $a->userprefs.';
$string['digestmailprefs'] = 'your user profile';
$string['digestmailsubject'] = '$a: forum digest';
$string['digestsentusers'] = 'Email digests successfully sent to $a users.';
$string['disallowsubscribe'] = 'Subscriptions not allowed';
$string['disallowsubscribeteacher'] = 'Subscriptions not allowed (except for teachers)';
$string['discussion'] = 'Discussion';
$string['discussionmoved'] = 'This discussion has been moved to \'$a\'.';
$string['discussionmovedpost'] = 'This discussion has been moved to <a href=\"$a->discusshref\">here</a> in the forum <a href=\"$a->forumhref\">$a->forumname</a>';
$string['discussionname'] = 'Discussion name';
$string['discussions'] = 'Discussions';
$string['discussionsstartedby'] = 'Discussions started by $a';
$string['discussionsstartedbyrecent'] = 'Discussions recently started by $a';
$string['discussthistopic'] = 'Discuss this topic';
$string['displayend'] = 'Display end';
$string['displayperiod'] = 'Display Period';
$string['displaystart'] = 'Display start';
$string['eachuserforum'] = 'Each person posts one discussion';
$string['edit'] = 'Edit';
$string['editedby'] = 'Edited by $a->name - original submission $a->date';
$string['editing'] = 'Editing';
$string['emptymessage'] = 'Something was wrong with your post. Perhaps you left it blank, or the attachment was too big. Your changes have NOT been saved.';
$string['everyonecanchoose'] = 'Everyone can choose to be subscribed';
$string['everyonecannowchoose'] = 'Everyone can now choose to be subscribed';
$string['everyoneisnowsubscribed'] = 'Everyone is now subscribed to this forum';
$string['everyoneissubscribed'] = 'Everyone is subscribed to this forum';
$string['existingsubscribers'] = 'Existing subscribers';
$string['forcessubscribe'] = 'This forum forces everyone to be subscribed';
$string['forcesubscribe'] = 'Force everyone to be subscribed';
$string['forcesubscribeq'] = 'Force everyone to be subscribed?';
$string['forum'] = 'Forum';
$string['forum:addnews'] = 'Add news';
$string['forumauthorhidden'] = 'Author (hidden)';
$string['forumblockingalmosttoomanyposts'] = 'You are approaching the posting threshold. You have posted $a->numposts times in the last $a->blockperiod and the limit is $a->blockafter posts.';
$string['forumbodyhidden'] = 'This post cannot be viewed by you, probably because you have not posted in the discussion yet.';
$string['forum:createattachment'] = 'Create attachments';
$string['forum:deleteanypost'] = 'Delete any posts (anytime)';
$string['forum:deleteownpost'] = 'Delete own posts (within deadline)';
$string['forum:editanypost'] = 'Edit any post';
$string['forum:initialsubscriptions'] = 'Initial subscription';
$string['forumintro'] = 'Forum introduction';
$string['forum:managesubscriptions'] = 'Manage subscriptions';
$string['forum:movediscussions'] = 'Move discussions';
$string['forumname'] = 'Forum name';
$string['forumposts'] = 'Forum posts';
$string['forum:rate'] = 'Rate posts';
$string['forum:replynews'] = 'Reply to news';
$string['forum:replypost'] = 'Reply to posts';
$string['forums'] = 'Forums';
$string['forum:splitdiscussions'] = 'Split discussions';
$string['forum:startdiscussion'] = 'Start new discussions';
$string['forumsubjecthidden'] = 'Subject (hidden)';
$string['forum:throttlingapplies'] = 'Throttling applies';
$string['forumtrackednot'] = 'Unread posts are not being tracked';
$string['forumtracked'] = 'Unread posts are being tracked';
$string['forumtype'] = 'Forum type';
$string['forum:viewanyrating'] = 'View any ratings';
$string['forum:viewdiscussion'] = 'View discussions';
$string['forum:viewhiddentimedposts'] = 'View hidden timed posts';
$string['forum:viewqandawithoutposting'] = 'Always see Q and A posts';
$string['forum:viewrating'] = 'View ratings';
$string['forum:viewsubscribers'] = 'View subscribers';
$string['generalforum'] = 'Standard forum for general use';
$string['generalforums'] = 'General forums';
$string['inforum'] = 'in $a';
$string['intronews'] = 'General news and announcements';
$string['introsocial'] = 'An open forum for chatting about anything you want to';
$string['introteacher'] = 'A forum for teacher-only notes and discussion';
$string['invalidrate'] = 'Invalid rate ($a)';
$string['lastpost'] = 'Last post';
$string['learningforums'] = 'Learning forums';
$string['mailnow'] = 'Mail now';
$string['markalldread'] = 'Mark all posts in this discussion read.';
$string['markallread'] = 'Mark all posts in this forum read.';
$string['markread'] = 'Mark read';
$string['markreadbutton'] = 'Mark<br />read';
$string['markunread'] = 'Mark unread';
$string['markunreadbutton'] = 'Mark<br />unread';
$string['maxattachmentsize'] = 'Maximum attachment size';
$string['maxtimehaspassed'] = 'Sorry, but the maximum time for editing this post ($a) has passed!';
$string['message'] = 'Message';
$string['missingsearchterms'] = 'The following search terms occur only in the HTML markup of this message:';
$string['modeflatnewestfirst'] = 'Display replies flat, with newest first';
$string['modeflatoldestfirst'] = 'Display replies flat, with oldest first';
$string['modenested'] = 'Display replies in nested form';
$string['modethreaded'] = 'Display replies in threaded form';
$string['modulename'] = 'Forum';
$string['modulenameplural'] = 'Forums';
$string['more'] = 'more';
$string['movedmarker'] = '(Moved)';
$string['movethisdiscussionto'] = 'Move this discussion to ...';
$string['namenews'] = 'News forum';
$string['namesocial'] = 'Social forum';
$string['nameteacher'] = 'Teacher forum'; //depreciated after 1.7
$string['newforumposts'] = 'New forum posts';
$string['nodiscussions'] = 'There are no discussion topics yet in this forum';
$string['nodiscussionsstartedby'] = 'No discussions started by this user';
$string['noguestpost'] = 'Sorry, guests are not allowed to post.';
$string['noguestsubscribe'] = 'Sorry, guests are not allowed to subscribe to receive forum postings by email.';
$string['noguesttracking'] = 'Sorry, guests are not allowed to set tracking options.';
$string['nomorepostscontaining'] = 'No more posts containing \'$a\' were found';
$string['nonews'] = 'No news has been posted yet';
$string['nopostforum'] = 'Sorry, you are not allowed to post to this forum';
$string['noposts'] = 'No posts';
$string['nopostscontaining'] = 'No posts containing \'$a\' were found';
$string['noquestions'] = 'There are no questions yet in this forum';
$string['nosubscribers'] = 'There are no subscribers yet for this forum';
$string['nothingnew'] = 'Nothing new for $a';
$string['notingroup'] = 'Sorry, but you need to be part of a group to see this forum.';
$string['notrackforum'] = 'Don\'t track unread posts';
$string['noviewdiscussionspermission'] = 'You do not have the permission to view discussions in this forum';
$string['nowallsubscribed'] = 'All forums in $a are subscribed.';
$string['nowallunsubscribed'] = 'All forums in $a are not subscribed.';
$string['nownotsubscribed'] = '$a->name will NOT receive copies of \'$a->forum\' by email.';
$string['nownottracking'] = '$a->name is no longer tracking \'$a->forum\'.';
$string['nowsubscribed'] = '$a->name will receive copies of \'$a->forum\' by email.';
$string['nowtracking'] = '$a->name is now tracking \'$a->forum\'.';
$string['numposts'] = '$a posts';
$string['olderdiscussions'] = 'Older discussions';
$string['oldertopics'] = 'Older topics';
$string['openmode0'] = 'No discussions, no replies';
$string['openmode1'] = 'No discussions, but replies are allowed';
$string['openmode2'] = 'Discussions and replies are allowed';
$string['overviewnumpostssince'] = 'posts since last login';
$string['overviewnumunread'] = 'total unread';
$string['parent'] = 'Show parent';
$string['parentofthispost'] = 'Parent of this post';
$string['postadded'] = '<p>Your post was successfully added.</p> <p>You have $a to edit it if you want to make any changes.</p>';
$string['postincontext'] = 'See this post in context';
$string['postmailinfo'] = 'This is a copy of a message posted on the $a website.
To add your reply via the website, click on this link:';
$string['postmailnow'] = '<p>This post will be mailed out immediately to all forum subscribers.</p>';
$string['postrating1'] = 'Mostly Separate Knowing';
$string['postrating2'] = 'Separate and Connected';
$string['postrating3'] = 'Mostly Connected Knowing';
$string['posts'] = 'Posts';
$string['posttoforum'] = 'Post to forum';
$string['postupdated'] = 'Your post was updated';
$string['potentialsubscribers'] = 'Potential subscribers';
$string['processingdigest'] = 'Processing email digest for user $a';
$string['processingpost'] = 'Processing post $a';
$string['prunedpost'] = 'A new discussion has been created from that post';
$string['pruneheading'] = 'Split the discussion and move this post to a new discussion';
$string['prune'] = 'Split';
$string['qandaforum'] = 'Q and A forum';
$string['qandanotify'] = 'This is a Question and Answer forum. In order to see other responses to these Questions, you must first post your Answer';
$string['rate'] = 'Rate';
$string['rating'] = 'Rating';
$string['ratingeveryone'] = 'Everyone can rate posts';
$string['ratingno'] = 'No ratings';
$string['ratingonlyteachers'] = 'Only $a can rate posts';
$string['ratingpublic'] = '$a can see everyone\'s ratings';
$string['ratingpublicnot'] = '$a can only see their own ratings';
$string['ratings'] = 'Ratings';
$string['ratingssaved'] = 'Ratings saved';
$string['ratingsuse'] = 'Use ratings';
$string['ratingtime'] = 'Restrict ratings to posts with dates in this range:';
$string['re'] = 'Re:';
$string['readtherest'] = 'Read the rest of this topic';
$string['replies'] = 'Replies';
$string['repliesmany'] = '$a replies so far';
$string['repliesone'] = '$a reply so far';
$string['reply'] = 'Reply';
$string['replyforum'] = 'Reply to forum';
$string['resetforums'] = 'Remove all posts from these types of forums';
$string['resetsubscriptions'] = 'Remove forum subscriptions';
$string['rsssubscriberssdiscussions'] = 'Display the RSS feed for \'$a\' discussions';
$string['rsssubscriberssposts'] = 'Display the RSS feed for \'$a\' posts';
$string['search'] = 'Search';
$string['searchdatefrom'] = 'Posts must be newer than this';
$string['searchdateto'] = 'Posts must be older than this';
$string['searchforumintro'] = 'Please enter search terms into one or more of the following fields:';
$string['searchforums'] = 'Search forums';
$string['searchfullwords'] = 'These words should appear as whole words';
$string['searchnotwords'] = 'These words should NOT be included';
$string['searcholderposts'] = 'Search older posts...';
$string['searchphrase'] = 'This exact phrase must appear in the post';
$string['searchresults'] = 'Search results';
$string['searchsubject'] = 'These words should be in the subject';
$string['searchuser'] = 'This name should match the author';
$string['searchuserid'] = 'The Moodle ID of the author';
$string['searchwhichforums'] = 'Choose which forums to search';
$string['searchwords'] = 'These words can appear anywhere in the post';
$string['seeallposts'] = 'See all posts made by this user';
$string['sendinratings'] = 'Send in my latest ratings';
$string['showsubscribers'] = 'Show/edit current subscribers';
$string['singleforum'] = 'A single simple discussion';
$string['startedby'] = 'Started by';
$string['subject'] = 'Subject';
$string['subscribe'] = 'Subscribe to this forum';
$string['subscribeall'] = 'Subscribe everyone to this forum';
$string['subscribed'] = 'Subscribed';
$string['subscribenone'] = 'Unsubscribe everyone from this forum';
$string['subscribers'] = 'Subscribers';
$string['subscribersto'] = 'Subscribers to \'$a\'';
$string['subscribestart'] = 'Send me email copies of posts to this forum';
$string['subscribestop'] = 'I don\'t want email copies of posts to this forum';
$string['subscription'] = 'Subscription';
$string['subscriptions'] = 'Subscriptions';
$string['thisforumisthrottled'] = 'This forum has a limit to the number of forum postings you can make in a given time period - this is currently set at $a->blockafter posting(s) in $a->blockperiod';
$string['timestartenderror'] = 'Display end date cannot be earlier than the start date';
$string['trackforum'] = 'Track unread posts';
$string['tracking'] = 'Track';
$string['trackingoff'] = 'Off';
$string['trackingon'] = 'On';
$string['trackingoptional'] = 'Optional';
$string['trackingtype'] = 'Read tracking for this forum?';
$string['unread'] = 'Unread';
$string['unreadposts'] = 'Unread posts';
$string['unreadpostsnumber'] = '$a unread posts';
$string['unreadpostsone'] = '1 unread post';
$string['unsubscribe'] = 'Unsubscribe from this forum';
$string['unsubscribed'] = 'Unsubscribed';
$string['unsubscribeshort'] = 'Unsubscribe';
$string['warnafter'] = 'Post threshold for warning';
$string['yesforever'] = 'Yes, forever';
$string['yesinitially'] = 'Yes, initially';
$string['youratedthis'] = 'You rated this';
$string['yournewquestion'] = 'Your new question';
$string['yournewtopic'] = 'Your new discussion topic';
$string['yourreply'] = 'Your reply';
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