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Description of XHProf 0.9.2 library/viewer import into Moodle
* examples - examples dir removed completely
* extension - extension dir removed completely
* package.xml - PECL package definition removed completely
* xhprof_html/docs - documentation dir removed completely
* index.html - prevent directory browsing on misconfigured servers
* xhprof_moodle.php - containing all the stuff needed to run the xhprof profiler within Moodle
* readme_moodle.txt - this file ;-)
Our changes: Look for "moodle" in code
* xhprof_html/index.php ----|
* xhprof_html/callgraph.php -|=> Changed to use own DB iXHProfRuns implementation (moodle_xhprofrun)
* xhprof_html/typeahead.php -|
* xhprof_html/css/xhprof.css: Minor tweaks to report styles
* xhprof_lib/utils/callgraph_utils.php: Modified to use $CFG->pathtodot
* with the 3 reports (index, callgraph and typeahead), close seesion asap,
so user can continue working with moodle while the report (specially
the graph is being generated).
* export/import profiling runs: Allow to pick any profile record, encapsulate
it into some serialized/encoded way and allow download/upload. It requires
DB changes in order to be able to specify the source of each record (own/imported).
* improvements to the listing mode: various commodity details like:
- allow to filter by various criteria
- inline (and ajax) editing of reference/comment and deleting
- whatever daily usage discovers ;-)
* add new settings to control if we want to profile things like:
- php functions
- memory
- cpu times
(all them are right now enabled for everybody by default)
20101122 - MDL-24600 - Eloy Lafuente (stronk7): Original import of 0.9.2 release
20110318 - MDL-26891 - Eloy Lafuente (stronk7): Implemented earlier profiling runs
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