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// This file is part of Moodle -
// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
// (at your option) any later version.
// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// GNU General Public License for more details.
// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
* This page receives ajax rating submissions
* It is similar to rate.php. Unlike rate.php a return url is NOT required.
* @package core
* @subpackage rating
* @copyright 2010 Andrew Davis
* @license GNU GPL v3 or later
define('AJAX_SCRIPT', true);
$contextid = required_param('contextid', PARAM_INT);
$component = required_param('component', PARAM_ALPHAEXT);
$itemid = required_param('itemid', PARAM_INT);
$scaleid = required_param('scaleid', PARAM_INT);
$userrating = required_param('rating', PARAM_INT);
$rateduserid = required_param('rateduserid', PARAM_INT);//which user is being rated. Required to update their grade
$aggregationmethod = optional_param('aggregation', RATING_AGGREGATE_NONE, PARAM_INT);//we're going to calculate the aggregate and return it to the client
$result = new stdClass;
//if session has expired and its an ajax request so we cant do a page redirect
if( !isloggedin() ){
$result->error = get_string('sessionerroruser', 'error');
echo json_encode($result);
list($context, $course, $cm) = get_context_info_array($contextid);
require_login($course, false, $cm);
$contextid = null;//now we have a context object throw away the id from the user
$PAGE->set_url('/rating/rate_ajax.php', array('contextid'=>$context->id));
if (!confirm_sesskey() || $USER->id==$rateduserid || !has_capability('moodle/rating:rate',$context)) {
echo $OUTPUT->header();
echo get_string('ratepermissiondenied', 'rating');
echo $OUTPUT->footer();
$rm = new rating_manager();
//check the module rating permissions
//doing this check here rather than within rating_manager::get_ratings() so we can return a json error response
$pluginpermissionsarray = $rm->get_plugin_permissions_array($context->id, $component);
if (!$pluginpermissionsarray['rate']) {
$result->error = get_string('ratepermissiondenied', 'rating');
echo json_encode($result);
} else {
$params = array(
'context' => $context,
'itemid' => $itemid,
'scaleid' => $scaleid,
'rating' => $userrating,
'rateduserid' => $rateduserid,
'aggregation' => $aggregationmethod);
if (!$rm->check_rating_is_valid($component, $params)) {
$result->error = get_string('ratinginvalid', 'rating');
echo json_encode($result);
//rating options used to update the rating then retrieve the aggregate
$ratingoptions = new stdClass();
$ratingoptions->context = $context;
$ratingoptions->component = $component;
$ratingoptions->itemid = $itemid;
$ratingoptions->scaleid = $scaleid;
$ratingoptions->userid = $USER->id;
if ($userrating != RATING_UNSET_RATING) {
$rating = new rating($ratingoptions);
} else { //delete the rating if the user set to Rate...
$options = new stdClass();
$options->contextid = $context->id;
$options->component = $component;
$options->userid = $USER->id;
$options->itemid = $itemid;
//Future possible enhancement: add a setting to turn grade updating off for those who don't want them in gradebook
//note that this would need to be done in both rate.php and rate_ajax.php
if ($context->contextlevel==CONTEXT_MODULE) {
//tell the module that its grades have changed
if ( $modinstance = $DB->get_record($cm->modname, array('id' => $cm->instance)) ) {
$modinstance->cmidnumber = $cm->id; //MDL-12961
$functionname = $cm->modname.'_update_grades';
if(function_exists($functionname)) {
$functionname($modinstance, $rateduserid);
//object to return to client as json
$result = new stdClass;
$result->success = true;
//need to retrieve the updated item to get its new aggregate value
$item = new stdclass();
$item->id = $itemid;
$items = array($item);
//most of $ratingoptions variables were previously set
$ratingoptions->items = $items;
$ratingoptions->aggregate = $aggregationmethod;
$items = $rm->get_ratings($ratingoptions);
//for custom scales return text not the value
//this scales weirdness will go away when scales are refactored
$scalearray = null;
$aggregatetoreturn = round($items[0]->rating->aggregate,1);
// Output a dash if aggregation method == COUNT as the count is output next to the aggregate anyway
if ($items[0]->rating->settings->aggregationmethod==RATING_AGGREGATE_COUNT or $items[0]->rating->count == 0) {
$aggregatetoreturn = ' - ';
} else if($items[0]->rating->settings->scale->id < 0) { //if its non-numeric scale
//dont use the scale item if the aggregation method is sum as adding items from a custom scale makes no sense
if ($items[0]->rating->settings->aggregationmethod!= RATING_AGGREGATE_SUM) {
$scalerecord = $DB->get_record('scale', array('id' => -$items[0]->rating->settings->scale->id));
if ($scalerecord) {
$scalearray = explode(',', $scalerecord->scale);
$aggregatetoreturn = $scalearray[$aggregatetoreturn-1];
//See if the user has permission to see the rating aggregate
//we could do this check as "if $userid==$rateduserid" but going to the database to determine item owner id seems more secure
//if we accept the item owner user id from the http request a user could alter the URL and erroneously get access to the rating aggregate
//if its their own item and they have view permission
if (($USER->id==$items[0]->rating->itemuserid && has_capability('moodle/rating:view',$context)
&& (empty($pluginpermissionsarray) or $pluginpermissionsarray['view']))
//or if its not their item or if no user created the item (the hub did) and they have viewany permission
|| (($USER->id!=$items[0]->rating->itemuserid or empty($items[0]->rating->itemuserid)) && has_capability('moodle/rating:viewany',$context)
&& (empty($pluginpermissionsarray) or $pluginpermissionsarray['viewany']))) {
$result->aggregate = $aggregatetoreturn;
$result->count = $items[0]->rating->count;
$result->itemid = $itemid;
echo json_encode($result);
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