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<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Resubmitting assignments</B></P>
<P>By default, students cannot resubmit assignments, they are allowed only one submission.</P>
<P>If you turn this option on, then students will be allowed to submit more than one piece of work
to this assignment. This may be useful if the teacher wants to encourage students to do better
work by an iterative process.</P>
<P>The assessment of submissions is allocated on the basis of the number of assessments a piece
of work has had. Thus new submissions from a student are likely to be candidates for peer
assessment. However, if a student resubmits a number of pieces of work in quick succession then
they are all equally likely to be assessed. The assignment does NOT give priority to the newest
<P>When the student's final grade is calculated the submission with the highest grade is used. Here
highest grade means the weighted combination of the teacher's grade and the peer grade if
both are available.
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