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<?PHP // $Id$
// moodle.php - created with Moodle 1.5 UNSTABLE DEVELOPMENT (2004110200)
$string['addingdatatoexisting'] = "Adding data to existing";
$string['adminhelpaddnewuser'] = "To manually create a new user account";
$string['adminhelpassignadmins'] = "Admins can do anything and go anywhere in the site";
$string['adminhelpassigncreators'] = "Creators can create new courses and teach in them";
$string['adminhelpassignstudents'] = "Go into a course and add students from the admin menu";
$string['adminhelpassignteachers'] = "Find a course then use the icon to add teachers";
$string['adminhelpauthentication'] = "You can use internal user accounts or external databases";
$string['adminhelpbackup'] = "Configure automated backups and their schedule";
$string['adminhelpconfiguration'] = "Configure how the site looks and works";
$string['adminhelpconfigvariables'] = "Configure variables that affect general operation of the site";
$string['adminhelpcourses'] = "Define courses and categories and assign people to them";
$string['adminhelpeditorsettings'] = "Define basic settings for HTML editor";
$string['adminhelpedituser'] = "Browse the list of user accounts and edit any of them";
$string['adminhelpenrolments'] = "Choose internal or external ways to control enrolments";
$string['adminhelpfailurelogs'] = "Browse logs of failed logins";
$string['adminhelplanguage'] = "For checking and editing the current language pack";
$string['adminhelplogs'] = "Browse logs of all activity on this site";
$string['adminhelpmanageblocks'] = "Manage installed blocks and their settings";
$string['adminhelpmanagedatabase'] = "Access the database directly (be careful!)";
$string['adminhelpmanagefilters'] = "Choose text filters and related settings";
$string['adminhelpmanagemodules'] = "Manage installed modules and their settings";
$string['adminhelpsitefiles'] = "For publishing general files or uploading external backups";
$string['adminhelpsitesettings'] = "Define how the front page of the site looks";
$string['adminhelpthemes'] = "Choose how the site looks (colours, fonts etc)";
$string['adminhelpuploadusers'] = "Import new user accounts from a text file";
$string['adminhelpusers'] = "Define your users and set up authentication";
$string['administrator'] = "Administrator";
$string['administrators'] = "Administrators";
$string['administratorsall'] = "All administrators";
$string['administratorsandteachers'] = "Administrators and teachers";
$string['allowinternal'] = "Allow internal methods as well";
$string['alphabet'] = "A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z";
$string['areyousuretorestorethisinfo'] = "Later in this process you will have a choice of adding this backup to an existing course or creating a completely new course.";
$string['assignstudentsnote'] = "Note: it may not be necessary to use this page, since it is possible for students to enrol themselves in this course.";
$string['assignstudentspass'] = "All you may need to do is notify your students of the enrolment key for this course, which is currently set to: '\$a'";
$string['backupcoursefileshelp'] = "If enabled then course files will be included in automated backups";
$string['backupfailed'] = "Some of your courses weren't saved!!";
$string['backupincludemoduleshelp'] = "Choose whether you want to include course modules, with or without user data, in automated backups";
$string['backupkeephelp'] = "How many recent backups for each course do you want to keep? (older ones will be deleted automatically)";
$string['backuplogdetailed'] = "Detailed execution log";
$string['backuploglaststatus'] = "Last execution log";
$string['backuplogshelp'] = "If enabled, then course logs will be included in automated backups";
$string['backupnameformat'] = "%Y%m%d-%H%M";
$string['backupnoneusersinfo'] = "Notice: You have selected to backup \"none\" users, so all the modules backup have been switched to \"without user data\" mode. Please note that the \"exercise\" and \"workshop\" modules aren't compatible with this type of backup, so they have been deactivated completely.";
$string['backupsavetohelp'] = "Full path to the directory where you want to save the backup files<br />(leave blank to save in its course default dir)";
$string['backuptakealook'] = "Please take a look to your backup logs in:
$string['backupuserfileshelp'] = "Choose whether user files (eg profile images) should be included in automated backups";
$string['backupusershelp'] = "Select whether you want to include all the users in the server or only the needed users for each course";
$string['backupversion'] = "Backup Version";
$string['blockconfiga'] = "Configuring a \$a block";
$string['blockconfigbad'] = "This block has not been implemented correctly and thus cannot provide a configuration interface.";
$string['blockdeleteconfirm'] = "You are about to completely delete the block '\$a'. This will completely delete everything in the database associated with this block. Are you SURE you want to continue?";
$string['blockdeletefiles'] = "All data associated with the block '\$a->block' has been deleted from the database. To complete the deletion (and prevent the block re-installing itself), you should now delete this directory from your server: \$a->directory";
$string['blocksetup'] = "Setting up block tables";
$string['blocksuccess'] = "\$a tables have been set up correctly";
$string['bycourseorder'] = "By course order";
$string['checkingbackup'] = "Checking backup";
$string['checkingcourse'] = "Checking course";
$string['checkinginstances'] = "Checking instances";
$string['checkingsections'] = "Checking sections";
$string['clambroken'] = "Your administrator has enabled virus checking for file uploads but has misconfigured something.<br />Your file upload was NOT successful. Your administrator has been emailed to notify them so they can fix it.<br />Maybe try uploading this file later.";
$string['clamdeletedfile'] = "The file has been deleted";
$string['clamdeletedfilefailed'] = "The file could not be deleted";
$string['clamemailsubject'] = "\$a :: Clam AV notification";
$string['clamfailed'] = "Clam AV has failed to run. The return error message was \$a. Here is the output from Clam:";
$string['clamlost'] = "Moodle is configured to run clam on file upload, but the path supplied to Clam AV, \$a, is invalid.";
$string['clamlostandactinglikevirus'] = "In addition, moodle is configured so that if clam fails to run, files are treated like viruses. This essentially means that no student can upload a file successfully until you fix this.";
$string['clammovedfile'] = "The file has been moved to your specified quarantine directory, the new location is \$a";
$string['clammovedfilebasic'] = "The file has been moved to a quarantine directory.";
$string['clamquarantinedirfailed'] = "Could not move the file into your specified quarantine directory, \$a. You need to fix this as files are being deleted if they're found to be infected.";
$string['clamunknownerror'] = "There was an unknown error with clam.";
$string['cleaningtempdata'] = "Cleaning temp data";
$string['comparelanguage'] = "Compare and edit current language";
$string['configallowunenroll'] = "If this is set 'Yes', then students are allowed to unenroll themselves from courses whenever they like. Otherwise they are not allowed, and this process will be solely controlled by the teachers and administrators.";
$string['configallusersaresitestudents'] = "For activities on the front page of the site, should ALL users be considered as students? If you answer \"Yes\", then any confirmed user account will be allowed to participate as a student in those activities. If you answer \"No\", then only users who are already a participant in at least one course will be able to take part in those front page activities. Only admins and specially assigned teachers can act as teachers for these front page activities.";
$string['configautologinguests'] = "Should visitors be logged in as guests automatically when entering courses with guest access?";
$string['configcachetext'] = "For larger sites or sites that use text filters, this setting can really speed things up. Copies of texts will be retained in their processed form for the time specified here. Setting this too small may actually slow things down slightly, but setting it too large may mean texts take too long to refresh (with new links, for example).";
$string['configclamactlikevirus'] = "Treat files like viruses";
$string['configclamdonothing'] = "Treat files as OK";
$string['configclamfailureonupload'] = "If you have configured clam to scan uploaded files, but it is configured incorrectly or fails to run for some unknown reason, how should it behave? If you choose 'Treat files like viruses', they'll be moved into the quarantine area, or deleted. If you choose 'Treat files as OK', the files will be moved to the desination directory like normal. Either way, admins will be alerted that clam has failed. If you choose 'Treat files like viruses' and for some reason clam fails to run (usually because you have entered an invalid pathtoclam), ALL files that are uploaded will be moved to the given quarantine area, or deleted. Be careful with this setting.";
$string['configcountry'] = "If you set a country here, then this country will be selected by default on new user accounts. To force users to choose a country, just leave this unset.";
$string['configdbsessions'] = "If enabled, this setting will use the database to store information about current sessions. This is especially useful for large/busy sites or sites built on cluster of servers. For most sites this should probably be left disabled so that the server disk is used instead. Note that changing this setting now will log out all current users (including you).";
$string['configdebug'] = "If you turn this on, then PHP's error_reporting will be increased so that more warnings are printed. This is only useful for developers.";
$string['configdeleteunconfirmed'] = "If you are using email authentication, this is the period within which a response will be accepted from users. After this period, old unconfirmed accounts are deleted.";
$string['configdigestmailtime'] = "People who choose to have emails sent to them in digest form will be emailed the digest daily. This setting controls which time of day the daily mail will be sent (the next cron that runs after this hour will send it).";
$string['configdisplayloginfailures'] = "This will display information to selected users about previous failed logins.";
$string['configenablerssfeeds'] = "This switch will enable RSS feeds from across the site. To actually see any change you will need to enable RSS feeds in the individual modules too - go to the Modules settings under Admin Configuration.";
$string['configenablerssfeedsdisabled'] = " It is not available because RSS feeds are disabled in all the Site. To enable them, go to the Variables settings under Admin Configuration.";
$string['configerrorlevel'] = "Choose the amount of PHP warnings that you want to be displayed. Normal is usually the best choice.";
$string['configextendedusernamechars'] = "Enable this setting to allow students to use any characters in their usernames (note this does not affect their actual names). The default is \"false\" which restricts usernames to be alphanumeric characters only";
$string['configfilteruploadedfiles'] = "Enabling this setting will cause Moodle to process all uploaded HTML and text files with the filters before displaying them.";
$string['configforcelogin'] = "Normally, the front page of the site and the course listings (but not courses) can be read by people without logging in to the site. If you want to force people to log in before they do ANYTHING on the site, then you should enable this setting.";
$string['configforceloginforprofiles'] = "Enable this setting to force people to login as a real (non-guest) account before being allowed to see the user profile pages. By default this is disabled (\"false\") so that prospective students can read about the teachers of each course, but this also means that web search engines can see them.";
$string['configframename'] = "If you are embedding Moodle within a web frame, then put the name of this frame here. Otherwise this value should remain as '_top'";
$string['configfullnamedisplay'] = "This defines how names are shown when they are displayed in full. For most mono-lingual sites the most efficient setting is the default \"Given names + Surname\", but you may choose to hide surnames altogether, or to leave it up to the current language pack to decide (some languages have different conventions).";
$string['configgdversion'] = "Indicate the version of GD that is installed. The version shown by default is the one that has been auto-detected. Don't change this unless you really know what you're doing.";
$string['confightmleditor'] = "Choose whether or not to allow use of the embedded HTML text editor. Even if you choose allow, this editor will only appear when the user is using a compatible web browser. Users can also choose not to use it.";
$string['configidnumber'] = "This option specifies whether (a) Users are not be asked for an ID number at all, (b) Users are asked for an ID number but can leave it blank or (c) Users are asked for an ID Number and cannot leave it blank. If given the User's ID number is displayed in their Profile.";
$string['configintro'] = "On this page you can specify a number of configuration variables that help make Moodle work properly on your server. Don't worry too much about it - the defaults will usually work fine and you can always come back to this page later and change these settings.";
$string['configintroadmin'] = "On this page you should configure your main administrator account which will have complete control over the site. Make sure you give it a secure username and password as well as a valid email address. You can create more admin accounts later on.";
$string['configintrosite'] = "This page allows you to configure the front page and name of this new site. You can come back here later to change these settings any time using the 'Site Settings' link on the home page.";
$string['configlang'] = "Choose a default language for the whole site. Users can override this setting later.";
$string['configlangdir'] = "Most languages are printed left-to-right, but some, like Arabic and Hebrew, are printed right-to-left.";
$string['configlanglist'] = "Leave this blank to allow users to choose from any language you have in this installation of Moodle. However, you can shorten the language menu by entering a comma-separated list of language codes that you want. For example: en,es_es,fr,it";
$string['configlangmenu'] = "Choose whether or not you want to display the general-purpose language menu on the home page, login page etc. This does not affect the user's ability to set the preferred language in their own profile.";
$string['configlocale'] = "Choose a sitewide locale - this will affect the format and language of dates. You need to have this locale data installed on your operating system. (eg en_US or es_ES). If you don't know what to choose leave it blank.";
$string['configloginhttps'] = "Turning this on will make Moodle use a secure https connection just for the login page (providing a secure login), and then afterwards revert back to the normal http URL for general speed. CAUTION: this setting REQUIRES https to be specifically enabled on the web server - if it is not then YOU COULD LOCK YOURSELF OUT OF YOUR SITE.";
$string['configloglifetime'] = "This specifies the length of time you want to keep logs about user activity. Logs that are older than this age are automatically deleted. It is best to keep logs as long as possible, in case you need them, but if you have a very busy server and are experiencing performance problems, then you may want to lower the log lifetime.";
$string['configlongtimenosee'] = "If students haven't logged in for a very long time, then they are automatically unsubscribed from courses. This parameter specifies that time limit.";
$string['configmaxbytes'] = "This specifies a maximum size that uploaded files can be throughout the whole site. This setting is limited by the PHP setting upload_max_filesize and the Apache setting LimitRequestBody. In turn, maxbytes limits the range of sizes that can be chosen at course level or module level.";
$string['configmaxeditingtime'] = "This specifies the amount of time people have to re-edit forum postings, journal feedback etc. Usually 30 minutes is a good value.";
$string['confignoreplyaddress'] = "Emails are sometimes sent out on behalf of a user (eg forum posts). The email address you specify here will be used as the \"From\" address in those cases when the recipients should not be able to reply directly to the user (eg when a user chooses to keep their address private).";
$string['confignotifyloginfailures'] = "If login failures have been recorded, email notifications can be sent out. Who should see these notifications?";
$string['confignotifyloginthreshold'] = "If notifications about failed logins are active, how many failed login attempts by one user or one IP address is it worth notifying about?";
$string['configopentogoogle'] = "If you enable this setting, then Google will be allowed to enter your site as a Guest. In addition, people coming in to your site via a Google search will automatically be logged in as a Guest. Note that this only provides transparent access to courses that already allow guest access.";
$string['configpathtoclam'] = "Path to clam AV. Probably something like /usr/bin/clamscan or /usr/bin/clamdscan. You need this in order for clam AV to run.";
$string['configproxyhost'] = "If this <b>server</b> needs to use a proxy computer (eg a firewall) to access the Internet, then provide the proxy hostname and port here. Otherwise leave it blank.";
$string['configquarantinedir'] = "If you want clam AV to move infected files to a quarantine directory, enter it here. It must be writable by the webserver. If you leave this blank, or if you enter a directory that doesn't exit or isn't writable, infected files will be deleted. Do not include a trailing slash.";
$string['configrunclamonupload'] = "Run clam AV on file upload? You will need a correct path in pathtoclam for this to work. (Clam AV is a free virus scanner that you can get from";
$string['configsecureforms'] = "Moodle can use an additional level of security when accepting data from web forms. If this is enabled, then the browser's HTTP_REFERER variable is checked against the current form address. In a very few cases this can cause problems if the user is using a firewall (eg Zonealarm) configured to strip HTTP_REFERER from their web traffic. Symptoms are getting 'stuck' on a form. If your users are having problems with the login page (for example) you might want to disable this setting, although it might leave your site more open to brute-force password attacks. If in doubt, leave this set to 'Yes'.";
$string['configsessioncookie'] = "This setting customises the name of the cookie used for Moodle sessions. This is optional, and only useful to avoid cookies being confused when there is more than one copy of Moodle running within the same web site.";
$string['configsessiontimeout'] = "If people logged in to this site are idle for a long time (without loading pages) then they are automatically logged out (their session is ended). This variable specifies how long this time should be.";
$string['configshowsiteparticipantslist'] = "All of these site students and site teachers will be listed on the site participants list. Who shall be allowed to see this site participants list?";
$string['configsitepolicy'] = "If you have a site policy that all users must see and agree to before using this site, then specify the URL to it here, otherwise leave this field blank. The URL can point to anywhere - one convenient place would be a file in the site files. eg http://yoursite/file.php/1/policy.html";
$string['configslasharguments'] = "Files (images, uploads etc) are provided via a script using 'slash arguments' (the second option here). This method allows files to be more easily cached in web browsers, proxy servers etc. Unfortunately, some PHP servers don't allow this method, so if you have trouble viewing uploaded files or images (eg user pictures), set this variable to the first option";
$string['configsmtphosts'] = "Give the full name of one or more local SMTP servers that Moodle should use to send mail (eg '' or ';'). If you leave it blank, Moodle will use the PHP default method of sending mail.";
$string['configsmtpuser'] = "If you have specified an SMTP server above, and the server requires authentication, then enter the username and password here.";
$string['configteacherassignteachers'] = "Should ordinary teachers be allowed to assign other teachers within courses they teach? If 'No', then only course creators and admins can assign teachers.";
$string['configtimezone'] = "You can set the default timezone here. This is the only the DEFAULT timezone for displaying dates - each user can override this by setting their own in their profile. \"Server time\" here will make Moodle default to the server's operating system setting, but \"Server time\" in the user profile will make the user default to this timezone setting.";
$string['configunzip'] = "Indicate the location of your unzip program (Unix only, optional). If specified, this will be used to unpack zip archives on the server. If you leave this blank, then Moodle will use internal routines.";
$string['configwarning'] = "Be careful modifying these settings - strange values could cause problems.";
$string['configzip'] = "Indicate the location of your zip program (Unix only, optional). If specified, this will be used to create zip archives on the server. If you leave this blank, then Moodle will use internal routines.";
$string['copyingcoursefiles'] = "Copying course files";
$string['copyinguserfiles'] = "Copying user files";
$string['copyingzipfile'] = "Copying zip file";
$string['coursebackup'] = "Course backup";
$string['coursecategories'] = "Course categories";
$string['coursecategory'] = "Course category";
$string['coursecreators'] = "Course creators";
$string['coursefiles'] = "Course files";
$string['coursegrades'] = "Course grades";
$string['courseinfo'] = "Course info";
$string['courserestore'] = "Course restore";
$string['creatingblocks'] = "Creating blocks";
$string['creatingcategoriesandquestions'] = "Creating categories and questions";
$string['creatingcoursemodules'] = "Creating course modules";
$string['creatingevents'] = "Creating events";
$string['creatinggroups'] = "Creating groups";
$string['creatinglogentries'] = "Creating log entries";
$string['creatingsections'] = "Creating sections";
$string['creatingtemporarystructures'] = "Creating temporary structures";
$string['creatingusers'] = "Creating users";
$string['creatingxmlfile'] = "Creating XML file";
$string['currentcourseadding'] = "Current course, adding data to it";
$string['currentcoursedeleting'] = "Current course, deleting it first";
$string['currentrelease'] = "Current release information";
$string['currentversion'] = "Current version";
$string['databasechecking'] = "Upgrading Moodle database from version \$a->oldversion to \$a->newversion...";
$string['databaseperformance'] = "Database performance";
$string['databasesetup'] = "Setting up database";
$string['databasesuccess'] = "Database was successfully upgraded";
$string['databaseupgradebackups'] = "Backup version is now \$a";
$string['databaseupgradeblocks'] = "Blocks version is now \$a";
$string['databaseupgrades'] = "Upgrading database";
$string['date'] = "Date";
$string['datemostrecentfirst'] = "Date - most recent first";
$string['datemostrecentlast'] = "Date - most recent last";
$string['decodinginternallinks'] = "Decoding internal links";
$string['defaultcoursesummary'] = "Write a concise and interesting paragraph here that explains what this course is about";
$string['deletecategorycheck'] = "Are you absolutely sure you want to completely delete this category <b>'\$a'</b>?<br />This will move all courses into the parent category if there is one, or into Miscellaneous.";
$string['deletingexistingcoursedata'] = "Deleting existing course data";
$string['deletingolddata'] = "Deleting old data";
$string['detailedmore'] = "More detailed";
$string['detailedless'] = "Less detailed";
$string['directorypaths'] = "Directory Paths";
$string['displayingfirst'] = "Only the first \$a->count \$a->things are displayed";
$string['duplicate'] = "Duplicate";
$string['duplicatinga'] = "Duplicating: \$a";
$string['duplicatingain'] = "Duplicating \$a->what in \$a->in";
$string['edhelpbgcolor'] = "Define editarea's background-color.<br />Valid values are for example: #ffffff or white";
$string['edhelpcleanword'] = "This setting enables or disables Word specific format filtering.";
$string['edhelpenablespelling'] = "Enable or disable spellchecking. When enabled, <strong>aspell</strong> must be installed on the server.";
$string['edhelpfontfamily'] = "The font-family property is a list of font family names and/or generic family names. Family names must be seperated with comma.";
$string['edhelpfontlist'] = "Define the fonts used on editors dropdown menu.";
$string['edhelpfontsize'] = "The default font-size sets the size of a font. <br />Valid values are for example: medium, large, smaller, larger, 10pt, 11px.";
$string['editlock'] = "This value cannot be edited!";
$string['emaildisableclick'] = "Click here to disable all email from being sent to this address";
$string['emailenableclick'] = "Click here to re-enable all email being sent to this address";
$string['emailnotallowed'] = "Email addresses in these domains are not allowed (\$a)";
$string['emailonlyallowed'] = "This email is not one of those that are allowed (\$a)";
$string['enrolledincourse'] = "Enrolled in course \"\$a\"";
$string['enrolledincoursenot'] = "Not enrolled in course \"\$a\"";
$string['enrollfirst'] = "You have to enroll in one of the courses before you can use the site activities";
$string['enrolmentconfirmation'] = "You are about to enroll yourself as a member of this course.<br />Are you sure you wish to do this?";
$string['enrolmentnew'] = "New enrolment in \$a";
$string['enrolmentnewuser'] = "\$a->user has enrolled in course \"\$a->course\"";
$string['enrolmentnointernal'] = "Manual enrolments are currently not enabled";
$string['enrolmentnotyet'] = "Sorry, you can not access this course until <br /> \$a";
$string['enrolments'] = "Enrolments";
$string['enrolperiod'] = "Enrolment period";
$string['entries'] = "Entries";
$string['errortoomanylogins'] = "Sorry, you have exceeded the allowed number of login attempts. Restart your browser.";
$string['errorwhenconfirming'] = "You are not confirmed yet because an error occurred. If you clicked on a link in an email to get here, make sure that the line in your email wasn't broken or wrapped. You may have to use cut and paste to reconstruct the link properly.";
$string['everybody'] = "Everybody";
$string['executeat'] = "Execute at";
$string['existing'] = "Existing";
$string['existingadmins'] = "Existing admins";
$string['existingcourse'] = "Existing course";
$string['existingcourseadding'] = "Existing course, adding data to it";
$string['existingcoursedeleting'] = "Existing course, deleting it first";
$string['existingcreators'] = "Existing course creators";
$string['existingstudents'] = "Enrolled students";
$string['failedloginattempts'] = "\$a->attempts failed logins since your last login";
$string['failedloginattemptsall'] = "\$a->attempts failed logins for \$a->accounts accounts";
$string['findmorecourses'] = "Find more courses...";
$string['force'] = "Force";
$string['forcedmode'] = "forced mode";
$string['forcelanguage'] = "Force language";
$string['forceno'] = "Do not force";
$string['forcepasswordchange'] = "Force password change";
$string['forcepasswordchangehelp'] = "Prompt user to change it on their next login";
$string['formatmarkdown'] = "Markdown format";
$string['formatwiki'] = "Wiki-like format";
$string['from'] = "From";
$string['frontpagecategorynames'] = "Show a list of categories";
$string['frontpagecourselist'] = "Show a list of courses";
$string['frontpagenews'] = "Show news items";
$string['fullnamedisplay'] = "\$a->firstname \$a->lastname";
$string['functiondisabled'] = "That functionality is currently disabled";
$string['gdneed'] = "GD must be installed to see this graph";
$string['go'] = "Go";
$string['groupaddusers'] = "Add selected to group";
$string['groupfor'] = "for group";
$string['groupinfo'] = "Info about selected group";
$string['groupinfomembers'] = "Info about selected members";
$string['groupinfopeople'] = "Info about selected people";
$string['groupmemberssee'] = "See group members";
$string['groupmembersselected'] = "Members of selected group";
$string['groupmode'] = "Group mode";
$string['groupmodeforce'] = "Force group mode";
$string['groupmy'] = "My group";
$string['groupnonmembers'] = "People not in a group";
$string['groupnotamember'] = "Sorry, you are not a member of that group";
$string['grouprandomassign'] = "Randomly assign all to groups";
$string['groupremove'] = "Remove selected group";
$string['groupremovemembers'] = "Remove selected members";
$string['groupsnone'] = "No groups";
$string['groupsseparate'] = "Separate groups";
$string['groupsvisible'] = "Visible groups";
$string['helpemoticons'] = "Use emoticons";
$string['helpformatting'] = "About formatting text";
$string['helpindex'] = "Index of all help files";
$string['helpsummaries'] = "About these summaries";
$string['helpwiki'] = "How to write Wiki-like text";
$string['hiddensections'] = "Hidden sections";
$string['hiddensectionscollapsed'] = "Hidden sections are shown in collapsed form";
$string['hiddensectionsinvisible'] = "Hidden sections are completely invisible";
$string['howtomakethemes'] = "How to make new themes";
$string['includeneededusers'] = "Include Needed Users";
$string['includenoneusers'] = "Include None Users";
$string['includeuserfiles'] = "Include User Files";
$string['jump'] = "Jump";
$string['keep'] = "Keep";
$string['languagegood'] = "This language pack is up-to-date! :-)";
$string['latestlanguagepack'] = "Check for latest language pack on";
$string['list'] = "List";
$string['listfiles'] = "List of files in \$a";
$string['login_failure_logs'] = "Login failure logs";
$string['logtoomanycourses'] = " [ <a href=\"\$a->url\">more</a> ] ";
$string['logtoomanyusers'] = " [ <a href=\"\$a->url\">more</a> ] ";
$string['mailadmins'] = "Inform admins";
$string['mailstudents'] = "Inform students";
$string['mailteachers'] = "Inform teachers";
$string['markedthistopic'] = "This topic is highlighted as the current topic";
$string['moduledeleteconfirm'] = "You are about to completely delete the module '\$a'. This will completely delete everything in the database associated with this activity module. Are you SURE you want to continue?";
$string['moduledeletefiles'] = "All data associated with the module '\$a->module' has been deleted from the database. To complete the deletion (and prevent the module re-installing itself), you should now delete this directory from your server: \$a->directory";
$string['moodleversion'] = "Moodle Version";
$string['movefull'] = "Move \$a to this location";
$string['mustchangepassword'] = "The new password must be different than the current one";
$string['neverdeletelogs'] = "Never delete logs";
$string['nocoursesfound'] = "No courses were found with the words '\$a'";
$string['noexistingadmins'] = "No existing admins, this is a serious error and you should never have seen this message.";
$string['nofilesselected'] = "No files have been selected to restore";
$string['nomorecourses'] = "No more matching courses could be found";
$string['nomoreidnumber'] = "Not using an idnumber to avoid collisions";
$string['nopotentialadmins'] = "No potential admins";
$string['nopotentialcreators'] = "No potential course creators";
$string['nopotentialstudents'] = "No potential students";
$string['notavailable'] = "Not available";
$string['noteuserschangednonetocourse'] = "Note: course users need to be restored when restoring user data. This setting has been changed for you.";
$string['noticenewerbackup'] = "This backup file has been created with Moodle \$a->backuprelease (\$a->backupversion) and it's newer than your currently installed Moodle \$a->serverrelease (\$a->serverversion). This could cause some inconsistencies because backwards compatibility of backup files cannot be guaranteed.";
$string['notifyloginfailuresmessage'] = "\$a->time, IP: \$a->ip, User: \$a->info";
$string['notifyloginfailuresmessageend'] = "You can view these logs at \$a/course/log.php?id=1&amp;chooselog=1&amp;modid=site_errors.";
$string['notifyloginfailuresmessagestart'] = "Here is a list of failed login attempts at \$a since you were last notified ";
$string['notifyloginfailuressubject'] = "\$a :: Failed logins notification";
$string['notincluded'] = "Not included";
$string['notingroup'] = "Sorry, but you need to be part of a group to see this activity.";
$string['nousersmatching'] = "No users matching '\$a' were found";
$string['numattempts'] = "\$a failed login attempt(s) ";
$string['other'] = "Other";
$string['pageheaderconfigablock'] = "Configuring a block in %fullname%";
$string['pathnotexists'] = "Path doesn't exist in your server!";
$string['pathslasherror'] = "Path can't end with a slash!!";
$string['paymentinstant'] = "Use the button below to pay and be enrolled within minutes!";
$string['paymentrequired'] = "This course requires a payment for entry.";
$string['paymentsorry'] = "Thank you for your payment! Unfortunately your payment has not yet been fully processed, and you are not yet registered to enter the course \"\$a->fullname\". Please try continuing to the course in a few seconds, but if you continue to have trouble then please alert the \$a->teacher or the site administrator";
$string['paymentthanks'] = "Thank you for your payment! You are now enrolled in your course:<br />\"\$a\"";
$string['phpinfo'] = "PHP info";
$string['policyagree'] = "You must agree to this policy to continue using this site. Do you agree?";
$string['policyagreement'] = "Site Policy Agreement";
$string['policyagreementclick'] = "Click here to read the Site Policy Agreement";
$string['popupwindow'] = "Open file in new window";
$string['potentialadmins'] = "Potential admins";
$string['potentialcreators'] = "Potential course creators";
$string['potentialstudents'] = "Potential students";
$string['previous'] = "Previous";
$string['publicdirectory'] = "Public directory";
$string['publicdirectory0'] = "Please do not publish this site";
$string['publicdirectory1'] = "Publish the site name only";
$string['publicdirectory2'] = "Publish the site name with a link";
$string['publicsitefileswarning'] = "Note: files placed here can be accessed by anyone";
$string['readinginfofrombackup'] = "Reading info from backup";
$string['recentactivityreport'] = "Full report of recent activity...";
$string['refreshingevents'] = "Refreshing events";
$string['registration'] = "Moodle Registration";
$string['registrationemail'] = "Email notifications";
$string['registrationinfo'] = "<p>This page allows you to register your Moodle site with Registration is free.
The main benefit of registering is that you will be added to a low-volume mailing list
for important notifications such as security alerts and new releases of Moodle.
<p>By default, your information will be kept private, and will never be sold or passed on to anyone else. The only
reason for collecting this information is for support purposes, and to help build up a statistical
picture of the Moodle community as a whole.
<p>If you choose, you can allow your site name, country and URL to be added to the public list of Moodle Sites.
<p>All new registrations are verified manually before they are added to the list, but once you are added you can update your registration (and your entry on the public list) at any time by resubmitting this form.";
$string['registrationno'] = "No, I do not want to receive email";
$string['registrationsend'] = "Send registration information to";
$string['registrationyes'] = "Yes, please notify me about important issues";
$string['removeadmin'] = "Remove admin";
$string['removecreator'] = "Remove course creator";
$string['requirespayment'] = "This course requires payment for access";
$string['resortcoursesbyname'] = "Re-sort courses by name";
$string['restore'] = "Restore";
$string['restorecancelled'] = "Restore cancelled";
$string['restorecoursenow'] = "Restore this course now!";
$string['restorefinished'] = "Restore completed successfully";
$string['restoreto'] = "Restore to";
$string['rss'] = "RSS";
$string['rssarticles'] = "Number of RSS recent articles";
$string['rsserror'] = "Error reading RSS data";
$string['rsstype'] = "RSS feed for this activity";
$string['scalescustom'] = "Custom scales";
$string['scalescustomno'] = "No custom scales have been created yet";
$string['scalestip'] = "To create custom scales, use the 'Scales...' link in your course administration menu.";
$string['schedule'] = "Schedule";
$string['scheduledbackupstatus'] = "Scheduled backup status";
$string['searchhelp'] = "You can search for multiple words at once.<br /><br />word : find any match of this word within the text.<br />+word : only exact matching words will be found.<br />-word : don't include results containing this word.";
$string['sections'] = "Sections";
$string['select'] = "Select";
$string['selectednowmove'] = "\$a files selected for moving. Now go to the destination and press 'Move files to here'";
$string['shortnametaken'] = "Short name is already used for another course (\$a)";
$string['showall'] = "Show all \$a";
$string['showallusers'] = "Show all users";
$string['showgrades'] = "Show grades";
$string['showreports'] = "Show activity reports";
$string['showsettings'] = "Show settings";
$string['since'] = "Since";
$string['sincelast'] = " since last login";
$string['siteerrors'] = "Site errors";
$string['sitefiles'] = "Site files";
$string['sitepartlist0'] = "You must be a site teacher to be allowed to see the site participants list";
$string['sitepartlist1'] = "You must be a teacher to be allowed to see the site participants list";
$string['sitesection'] = "Include a topic section";
$string['siteteachers'] = "Site teachers";
$string['sizeb'] = "bytes";
$string['sizegb'] = "Gb";
$string['sizekb'] = "Kb";
$string['sizemb'] = "Mb";
$string['sortby'] = "Sort by";
$string['specifyname'] = "You must specify a name.";
$string['state'] = "State/Province";
$string['strftimedayshort'] = "%A, %d %B";
$string['strftimedaytime'] = "%a, %H:%M";
$string['strftimemonthyear'] = "%B %Y";
$string['to'] = "To";
$string['topichide'] = "Hide this topic from \$a";
$string['topicshow'] = "Show this topic to \$a";
$string['trysearching'] = "Try searching instead.";
$string['unfinished'] = "Unfinished";
$string['unpacking'] = "Unpacking \$a";
$string['unzippingbackup'] = "Unzipping backup";
$string['up'] = "Up";
$string['uploadedfile'] = "File uploaded successfully";
$string['uploadfailednotrecovering'] = "Your file upload has failed because there was a problem with one of the files, \$a->name.<br/> Here is a log of the problems:<br />\$a->problem<br />Not recovering.";
$string['uploadfilelog'] = "Upload log for file \$a";
$string['uploadedfileto'] = "Uploaded \$a->file to \$a->directory";
$string['uploadedfiletoobig'] = "Sorry, but that file is too big (limit is \$a bytes)";
$string['uploadformlimit'] = "Uploaded file exceeded the maximum size limit set by the form";
$string['uploadlabel'] = "Title:";
$string['uploadnofilefound'] = "No file was found - are you sure you selected one to upload?";
$string['uploadnotallowed'] = "Uploads are not allowed";
$string['uploadoldfilesdeleted'] = "The old file(s) in your upload area have been deleted";
$string['uploadpartialfile'] = "File was only partially uploaded";
$string['uploadproblem'] = "An unknown problem occurred while uploading the file '\$a' (perhaps it was too large?)";
$string['uploadrenamedchars'] = "File was renamed from \$a->oldname to \$a->newname because of invalid characters.";
$string['uploadrenamedcollision'] = "File was renamed from \$a->oldname to \$a->newname because there was a filename conflict.";
$string['uploadserverlimit'] = "Uploaded file exceeded the maximum size limit set by the server";
$string['uploadusers'] = "Upload users";
$string['user'] = "User";
$string['userconfirmed'] = "Confirmed \$a";
$string['userdata'] = "User Data";
$string['userfiles'] = "User Files";
$string['userlist'] = "User list";
$string['usernotconfirmed'] = "Could not confirm \$a";
$string['usersnew'] = "New users";
$string['userzones'] = "User zones";
$string['usingexistingcourse'] = "Using existing course";
$string['version'] = "Version";
$string['view'] = "View";
$string['virusfoundsubject'] = "\$a: Virus found!";
$string['virusfound'] = "Attention administrator! Clam AV has found a virus in a file uploaded by \$a->user for the course \$a->course. Here is the output of clamscan:";
$string['virusfounduser'] = "The file you have uploaded, \$a->filename, has been scanned by a virus checker and found to be infected! Your file upload was NOT successful.";
$string['virusfoundlater'] = "A file you uploaded on \$a->date with the filename \$a->filename for the course \$a->course has since been found to contain a virus. Here is a summary of what has happened to your file:
If this was submitted work, you may want to resubmit it so that your tutor can see it.";
$string['virusfoundlateradmin'] = "Attention administrator! A file that was uploaded on \$a->date with the filename \$a->filename for the course \$a->course by the user \$a->user has since been found to contain a virus. Here is a summary of what has happened to the file:
The user has also been notified.";
$string['virusfoundlateradminnolog'] = "Attention administrator! A file that was uploaded with the filename \$a->filename has since been found to contain a virus. Moodle was unable to resolve this file back to the user that originally uploaded it.
Here is a summary of what has happened to the file:
$string['virusplaceholder'] = "This file that has been uploaded was found to contain a virus and has been moved or delted and the user notified.";
$string['weekhide'] = "Hide this week from \$a";
$string['weekshow'] = "Show this week to \$a";
$string['whattocallzip'] = "What do you want to call the zip file?";
$string['withoutuserdata'] = "without user data";
$string['withuserdata'] = "with user data";
$string['writingcategoriesandquestions'] = "Writing categories and questions";
$string['writingcoursedata'] = "Writing course data";
$string['writingeventsinfo'] = "Writing events info";
$string['writinggeneralinfo'] = "Writing general info";
$string['writinggroupsinfo'] = "Writing groups info";
$string['writingheader'] = "Writing header";
$string['writingloginfo'] = "Writing logs info";
$string['writingmoduleinfo'] = "Writing modules info";
$string['writingscalesinfo'] = "Writing scales info";
$string['writinguserinfo'] = "Writing users info";
$string['youareabouttocreatezip'] = "You are about to create a zip file containing";
$string['youaregoingtorestorefrom'] = "You are about to start the restore process for";
$string['zippingbackup'] = "Zipping backup";
$string['action'] = 'Eylem';
$string['active'] = 'Etkin';
$string['activities'] = 'Etkinlikler';
$string['activity'] = 'Etkinlik';
$string['activityclipboard'] = 'Bu etkinlik taþýnýyor: <b>$a</b>';
$string['activityiscurrentlyhidden'] = 'Üzgünüz, bu etkinlik þu anda gizli';
$string['activitymodule'] = 'Etkinlik modülü';
$string['activityreport'] = 'Etkinlik raporu';
$string['activityselect'] = 'Bu etkinliði herhangi bir yere taþýmak için seç';
$string['activitysince'] = '$a \'dan beri etkinlikler';
$string['add'] = 'Ekle';
$string['addactivity'] = 'Bir etkinlik ekle...';
$string['addadmin'] = 'Admin ekle';
$string['addcreator'] = 'Ders oluþturucu ekle';
$string['added'] = '$a eklendi';
$string['addedtogroup'] = '$a grubuna eklendi';
$string['addedtogroupnot'] = '$a grubuna eklenmedi';
$string['addedtogroupnotenrolled'] = '$a grubuna eklenmedi, çünkü bu derse kayýtlý deðil';
$string['addinganew'] = 'Yeni bir $a ekleniyor';
$string['addinganewto'] = 'Yeni bir $a->what, $a->to\'e ekleniyor';
$string['addnewcategory'] = 'Yeni kategori ekle';
$string['addnewcourse'] = 'Yeni ders ekle';
$string['addnewuser'] = 'Yeni kullanýcý ekle';
$string['addresource'] = 'Yeni bir kaynak ekle...';
$string['address'] = 'Adres';
$string['addstudent'] = 'Öðrenci ekle';
$string['addteacher'] = 'Eðitmen ekle';
$string['admin'] = 'Yönetici';
$string['administration'] = 'Yönetim';
$string['advancedfilter'] = 'Geliþmiþ arama';
$string['again'] = 'tekrarla';
$string['all'] = 'Tümü';
$string['allactivities'] = 'Tüm etkinlikler';
$string['alldays'] = 'Bütün günler';
$string['allfieldsrequired'] = 'Tüm alanlar zorunludur';
$string['allgroups'] = 'Tüm grublar';
$string['alllogs'] = 'Tüm kayýtlar';
$string['allow'] = 'Ýzinli';
$string['allowguests'] = 'Bu derse kayýtsýz kullanýcýlar girebilir';
$string['allownot'] = 'Ýzin verme';
$string['allparticipants'] = 'Tüm katýlýmcýlar';
$string['allteachers'] = 'Tüm öðretmenler';
$string['alphanumerical'] = 'Sadece latin harfleri ve rakamlar';
$string['alreadyconfirmed'] = 'Kayýt daha önce onaylanmýþtý';
$string['always'] = 'Herzaman';
$string['answer'] = 'Yanýt';
$string['areyousuretorestorethis'] = 'Devam etmek istiyor musunuz?';
$string['assessment'] = 'Deðerlendirme';
$string['assignadmins'] = 'Yönetici belirle';
$string['assigncreators'] = 'Ders oluþturucu belirle';
$string['assignstudents'] = 'Öðrencileri kaydet';
$string['assignteachers'] = 'Eðitmen belirle';
$string['authentication'] = 'Kimlik denetimi';
$string['autosubscribe'] = 'Otomatik abonelik';
$string['autosubscribeno'] = 'Hayýr: Beni forumlara otomatik abone yapma';
$string['autosubscribeyes'] = 'Evet: Mesaj gönderdiðimde beni o foruma abone yap';
$string['availability'] = 'Var';
$string['availablecourses'] = 'Mevcut dersler';
$string['backup'] = 'Yedekle';
$string['backupdate'] = 'Yedekleme Tarihi';
$string['backupdetails'] = 'Yedekleme Ayrýntýlarý';
$string['backupfilename'] = 'yedekle';
$string['backupfinished'] = 'Yedekleme baþarýlýyla tamamlandý';
$string['backuporiginalname'] = 'Yedek Adý';
$string['blocks'] = 'Bloklar';
$string['byname'] = '$a tarafýndan';
$string['cancel'] = 'Ýptal';
$string['categories'] = 'Ders kategorileri';
$string['category'] = 'Dizin';
$string['categoryadded'] = '\'$a\' dizini eklendi';
$string['categorydeleted'] = '\'$a\' dizini silindi';
$string['categoryduplicate'] = '\'$a\' isminde bir dizin zaten var';
$string['changedpassword'] = 'Þifre deðiþti';
$string['changepassword'] = 'Þifre deðiþtir';
$string['changessaved'] = 'Deðiþiklikler kaydedildi';
$string['checklanguage'] = 'Dil kontrolü';
$string['choose'] = 'Seç';
$string['choosecourse'] = 'Bir ders seçiniz';
$string['chooseenrolmethod'] = 'Birincil kayýt biçimi';
$string['chooselivelogs'] = 'Yada var olan etkinlikleri izleyiniz';
$string['chooselogs'] = 'Hangi kayýtlarý görmek istediðinizi seçiniz';
$string['choosereportfilter'] = 'Rapor için bir filtre seçiniz';
$string['choosetheme'] = 'Tema seçiniz';
$string['chooseuser'] = 'Kullanýcý seçiniz';
$string['city'] = 'Þehir';
$string['clicktochange'] = 'Büyütmek için týkla';
$string['closewindow'] = 'Bu pencereyi kapat';
$string['complete'] = 'Tamamlandý';
$string['configvariables'] = 'Deðiþkenkeri ayarla';
$string['configuration'] = 'Yapýlandýrma';
$string['confirm'] = 'Onayla';
$string['confirmed'] = 'Kaydýnýz onaylandý';
$string['confirmednot'] = 'Kaydýnýz henüz onaylanmadý!';
$string['continue'] = 'Devam';
$string['continuetocourse'] = 'Derse girmek için burayý týklayýn';
$string['cookiesenabled'] = 'Çerezler(cookies) etkin olmalýdýr';
$string['copy'] = 'kopyala';
$string['copyrightnotice'] = 'Yayýn haklarý';
$string['cost'] = 'Tutar';
$string['costdefault'] = 'Varsayýlan tutar';
$string['country'] = 'Ülke';
$string['course'] = 'Ders';
$string['courseavailable'] = 'Bu ders öðrencilere yöneliktir';
$string['courseavailablenot'] = 'Bu ders öðrencilere yönelik deðildir';
$string['courseformats'] = 'Ders formatlarý';
$string['courses'] = 'Dersler';
$string['courseupdates'] = 'Ders güncellemeleri';
$string['courseuploadlimit'] = 'Dosya yükleme sýnýrý';
$string['create'] = 'Oluþtur';
$string['createaccount'] = 'Yeni hesabýmý oluþtur';
$string['createfolder'] = '$a içinde bir dizin oluþtur';
$string['createuserandpass'] = 'Giriþ yapýlacak kullanýcý adý ve þifre oluþtur';
$string['createziparchive'] = 'Zip arþivi oluþtur';
$string['creatingnewcourse'] = 'Yeni ders oluþturuluyor';
$string['creatingscales'] = 'Ölçek oluþturuluyor';
$string['currency'] = 'Para birimi';
$string['currentlanguage'] = 'Geçerli dil';
$string['currentlocaltime'] = 'bölgesel saatiniz';
$string['currentpicture'] = 'Resim';
$string['day'] = 'gün';
$string['days'] = 'gün';
$string['defaultcoursefullname'] = 'Bu Dersin Tam Adý 101';
$string['defaultcourseshortname'] = 'UE-101';
$string['defaultcoursestudent'] = 'Öðrenci';
$string['defaultcoursestudents'] = 'Öðrenciler';
$string['defaultcourseteacher'] = 'Eðitmen';
$string['defaultcourseteachers'] = 'Eðitmenler';
$string['delete'] = 'Sil';
$string['deleteall'] = 'Tümünü sil';
$string['deletecheck'] = '$a silinsin mi?';
$string['deletecheckfiles'] = 'Bu dosyalarý silmek istediðinizden emin misiniz?';
$string['deletecheckfull'] = '$a \'i tamamen silmek istediðinizden emin misiniz?';
$string['deletecheckwarning'] = 'Bu dosyalarý silmek üzeresiniz';
$string['deletecompletely'] = 'Hepsini sil';
$string['deletecourse'] = 'Ders sil';
$string['deletecoursecheck'] = 'Bu dersi ve içindeki tüm bilgileri tamamen silmek istediðinizden emin misiniz?';
$string['deleted'] = 'Silindi';
$string['deletedactivity'] = '$a silindi';
$string['deletedcourse'] = '$a tamamen silindi';
$string['deletednot'] = '$a silinemiyor!';
$string['deleteselected'] = 'Seçililer silindi';
$string['deletingcourse'] = '$a siliniyor';
$string['department'] = 'Bölüm';
$string['description'] = 'Açýklama';
$string['disable'] = 'Pasifleþtir';
$string['displayingrecords'] = '$a kayýt gösteriliyor';
$string['displayingusers'] = '$a->start -den $a->end -e kullanýcýlarý gösteriyor';
$string['documentation'] = 'Program Belgeleri';
$string['donotask'] = 'Sorma';
$string['down'] = 'Aþaðý';
$string['downloadexcel'] = 'Excel formatýnda indir';
$string['downloadtext'] = 'Text formatýnda indir';
$string['doyouagree'] = 'Þartlarý okuyup kabul ediyor musunuz?';
$string['edit'] = 'Düzenle $a';
$string['editcoursesettings'] = 'Ders ayarlarýný düzenle';
$string['editfiles'] = 'Dosyalarý düzenle';
$string['editgroupprofile'] = 'Grup profilini düzenle';
$string['editinga'] = '$a düzenleniyor';
$string['editmyprofile'] = 'Profil düzenle';
$string['editorbgcolor'] = 'Arkaplan rengi';
$string['editorcleanonpaste'] = 'Yapýþtýrýrken World HTML\'i temizle';
$string['editorcommonsettings'] = 'Genel ayarlar';
$string['editordefaultfont'] = 'Varsayýlan font';
$string['editorenablespelling'] = 'Sözcük denetimini etkinleþtir';
$string['editorfontlist'] = 'Font listesi';
$string['editorfontsize'] = 'Varsayýlan font boyutu';
$string['editorresettodefaults'] = 'Varsayýlan deðerlere dön';
$string['editorsettings'] = 'Editor ayarlarý';
$string['editsummary'] = 'Özeti düzenle';
$string['editthisactivity'] = 'Bu etkinliði düzenle';
$string['editthiscategory'] = 'Bu kategoriyi düzenle';
$string['edituser'] = 'Kullanýcý hesaplarýný düzenle';
$string['email'] = 'Eposta adresi';
$string['emailactive'] = 'Email etkinleþtirildi';
$string['emailagain'] = 'Email (tekrar)';
$string['emailconfirm'] = 'Hesabýnýzý onaylayýn';
$string['emailconfirmation'] = 'Merhaba $a->firstname,
\'$a->sitename\' Sitesinde bu eposta adresiyle yeni bir hesap açýlmýþtýr.
Yeni hesabýnýzý onaylamak için aþaðýdaki web adresine gidiniz:
Bu baðlantýyý týkladýðýnýzda yeni sayfada site açýlacaktýr.
Eðer açýlmýyorsa gezgininizin adres satýrýna yukarýdaki baðlantýyý kopyalayýnýz.
\'$a->sitename\' Yönetimi,
$string['emailconfirmationsubject'] = '$a: Hesap Onayý';
$string['emailconfirmsent'] = ' <P>Bu adresinize bir eposta gönderildi: <B>$a</B>
<P>Kaydýnýzýn tamamlanmasý için bazý açýklamalar içermektedir.
<P>Bir sorun çýkmasý durumunda site yöneticisine baþvurunuz.';
$string['emaildigest'] = 'Email alma özeti';
$string['emaildigestcomplete'] = 'Tümü (mesajýn içeriðinin tümünü günlük al)';
$string['emaildigestoff'] = 'Özet yok (herbir forum mesajý için tek email al)';
$string['emaildigestsubjects'] = 'Konular (Sadece konularý günlül al)';
$string['emaildisable'] = 'Bu email adresi etkin deðildir';
$string['emaildisplay'] = 'Eposta gösterimi';
$string['emaildisplaycourse'] = 'Sadece ders üyelerine adresimi göster';
$string['emaildisplayno'] = 'Gerçek adresimi gizle';
$string['emaildisplayyes'] = 'Adresimi göster';
$string['emailenable'] = 'Bu email adresi etkindir';
$string['emailexists'] = 'Bu eposta adresi daha önce kaydedilmiþtir.';
$string['emailformat'] = 'Eposta formatý';
$string['emailmustbereal'] = 'Uyarý: eposta adresiniz gerçek olmalýdýr';
$string['emailpasswordconfirmation'] = 'Merhaba $a->firstname,
Birisi (büyük ihtimal siz) \'$a->sitename\' hesabýnýz için yeni þifre isteðinde bulundu.
Bunu onaylamak ve yeni bir þifrenin email adresinize postalanmasýný istiyorsanýz, aþaðýdaki linki takip edin:
Bir çok mail programý yukarýdaki linki týklanabilir olarak göstermektedir. Týklanabilir deðilse, linkin üzerine gelip sað týklayarak kopyalayýn ve web tarayýcýnýzý açarak adres çubuðuna bu adresi yapýþtýrýn.
Yardýma ihtiyacýnýz varsa site yöneticisiyle iletiþim kurun:
$string['emailpasswordconfirmationsubject'] = '$a: Þifre deðiþim onayý';
$string['emailpasswordconfirmsent'] = 'Email adresinize þifrenizi nasýl deðiþtireceðinize dair bilgi mesajý gönderildi: <b>$a</b>.
<p>Bu email, þifre deðiþimini tamamlamanýz için gerekli yönergeleri içermektedir.
Þayet bu iþlemleri yaparken zorlanýrsanýz site yöneticisiyle iletiþim kurabilirsiniz.';
$string['emailpasswordsent'] = 'Þifre deðiþimini onayladýðýnýz için teþekkür ederiz.
<p>Bu email adresinize <b>$a->email</b> yeni þifrenizi içeren bir email gönderdik.
<p>Yeni þifreniz otomatik olarak oluþturulmuþtur ve isterseniz <a href=$a->link>þifre deðiþim sayfasýný</a> kullanarak hatýrlayacaðýnýz bir þifre oluþturabilirsiniz.';
$string['enable'] = 'Etkinleþtir';
$string['encryptedcode'] = 'Þifrelenmiþ kod';
$string['enrolmentkey'] = 'Kayýt anahtarý';
$string['enrolmentkeyfrom'] = 'Bu ders kayýt olurken bir defalýðýna kullanacaðýnýz
özel bir \'Kayýt Anahtarý\' gerektirmektedir.<br />
Eðer bu anahtarý bilmiyorsanýz $a den isteyiniz.';
$string['enrolmentkeyhint'] = 'Bu anahtar yanlýþtýr, tekrar deneyiniz<br />
(Ýpucu - \'$a\' ile baþlýyor)';
$string['entercourse'] = 'Bu derse girmek için týklayýnýz';
$string['enteremailaddress'] = 'Þifrenizi sýfýrlamak ve yeni þifrenizi
epostayla göndermek için eposta adresinizi yazýnýz.';
$string['error'] = 'Hata';
$string['existingteachers'] = 'Mevcut eðitmenler';
$string['feedback'] = 'Geribildirim';
$string['file'] = 'Dosya';
$string['filemissing'] = '$a kayýptýr';
$string['files'] = 'Dosyalar';
$string['filesfolders'] = 'Dosyalar/klasörler';
$string['filloutallfields'] = 'Bu formdaki tüm alanlarý doldurunuz';
$string['firstdayofweek'] = '1';
$string['firstname'] = 'Ad';
$string['firsttime'] = 'Bu siteye ilk defa mý geliyorsunuz?';
$string['followingoptional'] = 'Aþaðýdaki maddeler seçimliktir';
$string['followingrequired'] = 'Aþaðýdaki maddeler zorunludur';
$string['forgotten'] = 'Kullanýcý adý veya þifrenizi mi unuttunuz?';
$string['format'] = 'Biçim';
$string['formathtml'] = 'HTML biçimi';
$string['formatplain'] = 'Düzyazý biçimi';
$string['formatsocial'] = 'Sosya format';
$string['formattext'] = 'Program auto-format';
$string['formattexttype'] = 'Biçim';
$string['formattopics'] = 'Konu formatý';
$string['formatweeks'] = 'Haftalýk format';
$string['frontpagedescription'] = 'Giriþ sayfasý açýklamalarý';
$string['frontpageformat'] = 'Giriþ sayfasý formatý';
$string['fulllistofcourses'] = 'Tüm dersler';
$string['fullname'] = 'Tam adýnýz';
$string['fullprofile'] = 'Tam profil';
$string['fullsitename'] = 'Tam site adý';
$string['gd1'] = 'GD 1.x is installed';
$string['gd2'] = 'GD 2.x is installed';
$string['gdnot'] = 'GD is not installed';
$string['gpl'] = 'Copyright (C) 2001-2002 Martin Dougiamas (
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details:';
$string['grade'] = 'Not';
$string['grades'] = 'Notlar';
$string['group'] = 'Grup';
$string['groupadd'] = 'Yeni grup ekle';
$string['groups'] = 'Gruplar';
$string['guestskey'] = 'Kayýt anahtarý olan konuklarýn girmesine izin ver';
$string['guestsno'] = 'Konuklarýn girmesini yasakla';
$string['guestsnotallowed'] = 'Özür dileriz, \'$a\' dersine konuklarýn girmesine izin verilmemektedir.';
$string['guestsyes'] = 'Anahtarsýz koknuklarýn girmesine izin ver';
$string['guestuser'] = 'Konuk Kullanýcý';
$string['guestuserinfo'] = 'Bu özel bir kullanýcýdýr ve sadece bazý derslere salt-okunur olarak girebilir.';
$string['help'] = 'Yardým';
$string['helphtml'] = 'html Nasýl yazýlýr';
$string['helppicture'] = 'Resim nasýl yüklenir';
$string['helpquestions'] = 'Soru nasýl sorulur';
$string['helpreading'] = 'Nasýl dikkatlice okunur';
$string['helprichtext'] = 'Richtext HTML editörü hakkýnda';
$string['helptext'] = 'Metin nasýl yazýlýr';
$string['helpwriting'] = 'Nasýl dikkatlice yazýlýr';
$string['hide'] = 'Gizle';
$string['hidepicture'] = 'Resmi gizle';
$string['hidesettings'] = 'Ayarlarý gizle';
$string['hits'] = 'Ýzlenmeler';
$string['hitsoncourse'] = '$a->username : $a->coursename dersini izlemeleri';
$string['hitsoncoursetoday'] = '$a->username : $a->coursename dersini bugünkü izlemeleri';
$string['home'] = 'Ana Sayfa';
$string['hour'] = 'saat';
$string['hours'] = 'saat';
$string['htmleditor'] = 'Zengin metin editörü kullan (sadece IE 5.5 ve sonrasý)';
$string['htmleditoravailable'] = 'Richtext editörü var';
$string['htmleditordisabled'] = 'Kullanýcý profilinizdeki zengin metin editörünü kapattýnýz';
$string['htmleditordisabledadmin'] = 'Yönetici bu sitedeki zengin metin editörünü kapatmýþtýr';
$string['htmleditordisabledbrowser'] = 'Internet Explorer 5.5 ve yukarýsý olmadýðý için zengin metin editörünü kullanamazsýnýz';
$string['htmlformat'] = 'Kolay HTML formatý';
$string['icqnumber'] = 'ICQ numarasý';
$string['idnumber'] = 'ID numarasý';
$string['inactive'] = 'Etkin deðil';
$string['include'] = 'Dahil et';
$string['includeallusers'] = 'Tüm kullanýcýlarý dahil et';
$string['includecoursefiles'] = 'Ders dosyalarýný dahil et';
$string['includecourseusers'] = 'Ders kullanýcýlarýný dahil et';
$string['included'] = 'Dahil edildi';
$string['includelogentries'] = 'Kayýt girdilerini dahil et';
$string['includemodules'] = 'Modülleri dahil et';
$string['institution'] = 'Enstitü';
$string['invalidemail'] = 'Geçersiz eposta adresi';
$string['invalidlogin'] = 'Geçersiz login, tekrar deneyin';
$string['ip_address'] = 'IP Adresi';
$string['jumpto'] = 'Geçiþ yap...';
$string['langltr'] = 'Language direction left-to-right';
$string['langrtl'] = 'Language direction right-to-left';
$string['language'] = 'Dil';
$string['lastaccess'] = 'Son giriþ';
$string['lastedited'] = 'Son düzenleme';
$string['lastlogin'] = 'Son giriþ';
$string['lastmodified'] = 'Son deðiþtirme';
$string['lastname'] = 'Soyad';
$string['latestnews'] = 'Son haberler';
$string['leavetokeep'] = 'Geçerli þifrenizi sürdürmek için boþ býrakýnýz';
$string['license'] = 'GPL Lisansý';
$string['listofallpeople'] = 'Tam kullanýcý listesi';
$string['livelogs'] = 'Son bir saatteki canlý kayýtlar';
$string['locale'] = 'tr_TR';
$string['location'] = 'Yer';
$string['loggedinas'] = '$a olarak giriþ yaptýnýz';
$string['loggedinnot'] = 'Giriþ yapmadýnýz.';
$string['login'] = 'Giriþ';
$string['loginas'] = 'Farklý giriþ yap';
$string['loginguest'] = 'Konuk olarak giriþ';
$string['loginsite'] = 'Siteye giriþ';
$string['loginsteps'] = 'Merhaba! Bu sitedeki derslere tam giriþ için hesap
açmanýz gerekmektedir. Derslerden bazýlarýnýn sadece kayýt için bir
defalýðýna kullanýlan \"Kayýt Anahtarý\" olabilir.
Þu adýmlarý izleyiniz:
<OL size=2>
<LI><A HREF=$a>Yeni Hesap</A> formunu doldurun.
<LI>Eposta adresinize hemen bir mesaj gönderilir.
<LI>Mesajdaki web baðlantýsýný týklayýn.
<LI>Hesabýnýz onaylanýr ve giriþ yapabilirsiniz.
<LI>Þimdi, katýlmak istediðiniz dersi seçiniz.
<LI>Eðer bir \"Kayýt Anahtarý\" istenirse, eðitmeninizin verdiði
anahtarý yazýnýz. Böylece bu derse \"kaydýnýz\" yapýlacaktýr.
<LI>Artýk tüm derse girebilirsiniz. Kullanýcý adý ve þifrenizle
kaydolduðunuz derse bu sayfadan girebilirsiniz.
$string['loginstepsnone'] = 'Merhaba!<P>Derslere tam giriþ için bir hesap açmanýz gerekmektedir.
<P>Bir kullanýcý adý ve þifre oluþturarak bu sayfadaki formdan giriþ yapýnýz!';
$string['loginto'] = '$a\'e giriþ';
$string['loginusing'] = 'Kullanýcý adý ve þifrenizle buradan giriniz';
$string['logout'] = 'Çýkýþ';
$string['logs'] = 'Kayýtlar';
$string['mainmenu'] = 'Ana menü';
$string['makeafolder'] = 'Klasör oluþtur';
$string['makeeditable'] = 'Eðer \'$a\' dersini sunucu tarafýndan deðiþtirilebilir yapmak isterseniz,
bu dosyayý doðrudan bu sayfada düzenlemelisiniz';
$string['manageblocks'] = 'Bloklar';
$string['managedatabase'] = 'Veritabanýný yönet';
$string['managefilters'] = 'Filtreler';
$string['managemodules'] = 'Modüller';
$string['markthistopic'] = 'Bu konuyu güncel konu olarak belirle';
$string['maximumchars'] = 'En çok $a harf';
$string['maximumgrade'] = 'En yüksek not';
$string['maximumshort'] = 'Max';
$string['maximumupload'] = 'En fazla yükleme boyutu';
$string['maxsize'] = 'En çok: $a';
$string['min'] = 'dk';
$string['mins'] = 'dk';
$string['miscellaneous'] = 'Çeþitli';
$string['missingcategory'] = 'Bir kategori seçmelisiniz';
$string['missingcity'] = 'Þehir yazýlmadý';
$string['missingcountry'] = 'Ülke yazýlmadý';
$string['missingdescription'] = 'Açýklama yazýlmadý';
$string['missingemail'] = 'Eposta adresi yazýlmadý';
$string['missingfirstname'] = 'Ad yazýlmadý';
$string['missingfullname'] = 'Tam ad yazýlmadý';
$string['missinglastname'] = 'Soyadý yazýlmadý';
$string['missingname'] = 'Ad yazýlmadý';
$string['missingnewpassword'] = 'Yeni þifre yazýlmadý';
$string['missingpassword'] = 'Þifre yazýlmadý';
$string['missingshortname'] = 'Kýsa ad yazýlmadý';
$string['missingshortsitename'] = 'Kýsa site adý yazýlmadý';
$string['missingsitedescription'] = 'Site açýklamasý yazýlmadý';
$string['missingsitename'] = 'Site adý yazýlmadý';
$string['missingstrings'] = 'Check for missing strings';
$string['missingstudent'] = 'Bir öðrenci seçmelisiniz';
$string['missingsummary'] = 'Özet yazýlmadý';
$string['missingteacher'] = 'Bir eðitmen seçmelisiniz';
$string['missingurl'] = 'URL hatalý';
$string['missingusername'] = 'Kullanýcý adý yazýlmadý';
$string['modified'] = 'Deðiþtirildi';
$string['modulesetup'] = 'module tablolarý ayarlanýyor';
$string['modulesuccess'] = '$a adet tablo doðru olarak kuruldu';
$string['more'] = 'daha';
$string['mostrecently'] = 'en yakýn';
$string['move'] = 'Taþý';
$string['movecategoryto'] = 'Kategoriyi taþý: ';
$string['movecourseto'] = 'Dersi taþý:';
$string['movedown'] = 'Aþaðý taþý';
$string['movefilestohere'] = 'Dosyalarý buraya taþý';
$string['movehere'] = 'Buraya taþý';
$string['moveleft'] = 'Sola taþý';
$string['moveright'] = 'Saða taþý';
$string['moveselectedcoursesto'] = 'Seçili derleri taþý:';
$string['movetoanotherfolder'] = 'Baþka klasöre taþý';
$string['moveup'] = 'Yukarý taþý';
$string['mustconfirm'] = 'Giriþinizi onaylamalýsýnýz';
$string['mycourses'] = 'Derslerim';
$string['name'] = 'Ad';
$string['namesocial'] = 'bölüm';
$string['nametopics'] = 'konu';
$string['nameweeks'] = 'hafta';
$string['needed'] = 'gerekli';
$string['never'] = 'Hiçbir zaman';
$string['new'] = 'Yeni';
$string['newaccount'] = 'Yeni hesap';
$string['newcourse'] = 'Yeni ders';
$string['newpassword'] = 'Yeni þifre';
$string['newpasswordtext'] = 'Merhaba $a->firstname,
\'$a->sitename\' sitesindeki hesap þifreniz silindi
ve geçici yeni bir þifre oluþturuldu.
Geçerli giriþ bilgileriniz þunlardýr:
kullanýcýadý: $a->username
þifre: $a->newpassword
Bu sayfaya giderek þifrenizi deðiþtiriniz:
Bu baðlantýyý týkladýðýnýzda yeni sayfada site açýlacaktýr.
Eðer açýlmýyorsa yukarýdaki baðlantýyý gezgininizin adres satýrýna kopyalayýnýz.
\'$a->sitename\' Yönetimi,
$string['newpicture'] = 'Yeni resim';
$string['newsitem'] = 'haber baþlýðý';
$string['newsitems'] = 'haber baþlýklarý';
$string['newsitemsnumber'] = 'Gösterilecek haberler';
$string['newuser'] = 'Yeni Kullanýcý';
$string['newusers'] = 'Yeni Kullanýcýlar';
$string['next'] = 'Sonraki';
$string['no'] = 'Hayýr';
$string['nobody'] = 'Hiçkimse';
$string['nocoursesyet'] = 'Bu kategoride ders yoktur';
$string['noexistingcreators'] = 'Ders açan yoktur';
$string['noexistingstudents'] = 'Öðrenci yoktur';
$string['noexistingteachers'] = 'Eðitmen yoktur';
$string['nofilesyet'] = 'Dersinize henüz bir dosya yüklenmedi';
$string['nograde'] = 'Not yok';
$string['noimagesyet'] = 'Dersinize henüz bir resim yüklenmedi';
$string['none'] = 'Hiçbiri';
$string['nopotentialteachers'] = 'Potansiyel eðitmen yoktur';
$string['normal'] = 'Normal';
$string['normalfilter'] = 'Normal arama';
$string['nostudentsfound'] = '$a bulunamadý';
$string['nostudentsyet'] = 'Bu derse henüz bir öðrenci kaydolmadý';
$string['nosuchemail'] = 'Bu eposta adresi yoktur';
$string['noteachersyet'] = 'Bu derste henüz bir eðitmen yoktur';
$string['notenrolled'] = '$a bu derse kaydolmadý.';
$string['nothingnew'] = 'Son giriþinizden beri yeni bir þey yok';
$string['nousersyet'] = 'Henüz bir kullanýcý yok';
$string['now'] = 'þimdi';
$string['numberweeks'] = 'Hafta/Konu sayýsý';
$string['numdays'] = '$a gün';
$string['numhours'] = '$a saat';
$string['numminutes'] = '$a dakika';
$string['numseconds'] = '$ saniye';
$string['numviews'] = '$a izlenme';
$string['numweeks'] = '$a hafta';
$string['numwords'] = '$a kelime';
$string['numyears'] = '$a yýl';
$string['ok'] = 'Tamam';
$string['opentoguests'] = 'Konuk giriþi';
$string['optional'] = 'Seçimlik';
$string['order'] = 'Sýra';
$string['outline'] = 'Ana hatlar';
$string['page'] = 'Sayfa';
$string['participants'] = 'Katýlýmcýlar';
$string['password'] = 'Þifre';
$string['passwordchanged'] = 'Þifre deðiþtirildi';
$string['passwordconfirmchange'] = 'Þifre deðiþimini onaylayýn';
$string['passwordrecovery'] = 'Evet, giriþ yardýmý istiyorum';
$string['passwordsdiffer'] = 'Bu þifreler uyuþmuyor';
$string['passwordsent'] = 'Þifre gönderildi';
$string['passwordsenttext'] = ' <P>$a->email adresinize bir eposta gönderildi.
<P><B>Lütfen yeni þifreniz için epostanýzý kontrol ediniz</B>
<P>Otomatik olarak oluþturulan yeni þifrenizi
<A HREF=$a->link>bu baðlantýdan deðiþtirebilirsiniz</A>.';
$string['people'] = 'Topluluk';
$string['personalprofile'] = 'Kiþisel profil';
$string['phone'] = 'Telefon';
$string['potentialteachers'] = 'Potansiyel eðitmenler';
$string['preferredlanguage'] = 'Tercih edilen dil';
$string['preview'] = 'Önizleme';
$string['previeworchoose'] = 'Ýzle veya bir tema seç';
$string['question'] = 'Soru';
$string['readme'] = 'BENIOKU';
$string['recentactivity'] = 'Son etkinlik';
$string['removestudent'] = 'Öðrenciyi çýkar';
$string['removeteacher'] = 'Eðitmeni çýkar';
$string['rename'] = 'Ad deðiþtir';
$string['renamefileto'] = '<b>$a</b> deðiþtir:';
$string['required'] = 'Gerekli';
$string['requireskey'] = 'Bu ders kayýt anahtarý gerektirmektedir';
$string['resources'] = 'Kaynaklar';
$string['returningtosite'] = 'Kayýtlý Kullanýcýlar';
$string['revert'] = 'Döndür';
$string['role'] = 'Rol';
$string['savechanges'] = 'Deðiþiklikleri kaydet';
$string['saveto'] = 'Kaydet: ';
$string['scale'] = 'Ölçek';
$string['scales'] = 'Ölçekler';
$string['scalescustomcreate'] = 'Yeni ölçek ekle';
$string['scalesstandard'] = 'Standart ölçekler';
$string['search'] = 'Ara';
$string['searchagain'] = 'Tekrar ara';
$string['searchcourses'] = 'Dersleri ara';
$string['searchresults'] = 'Arama sonuçlarý';
$string['sec'] = 'sn';
$string['secs'] = 'sn';
$string['section'] = 'Bölüm';
$string['selectacountry'] = 'Ülke seç';
$string['senddetails'] = 'Bilgilerimi epostayla gönder';
$string['separateandconnected'] = 'Ayrý ve ilgili bilgi seçeneði';
$string['serverlocaltime'] = 'Sunucunun yerel zamaný';
$string['settings'] = 'Ayarlar';
$string['shortname'] = 'Kýsa ad';
$string['shortsitename'] = 'Sitenin kýsa adý (tek sözcük)';
$string['show'] = 'Göster';
$string['showallcourses'] = 'Tüm dersleri göster';
$string['showalltopics'] = 'Tüm konularý göster';
$string['showallweeks'] = 'Tüm haftalarý göster';
$string['showlistofcourses'] = 'Dersler listesini göster';
$string['showonlytopic'] = 'Sadece $a konularýný göster';
$string['showonlyweek'] = 'Sadece $a haftayý göster';
$string['showrecent'] = 'Son etkinlikleri göster';
$string['showtheselogs'] = 'Bu kayýtlarý göster';
$string['site'] = 'Site';
$string['sitelogs'] = 'Site kayýtlarý';
$string['sitenews'] = 'Site haberleri';
$string['sites'] = 'Siteler';
$string['sitesettings'] = 'Site ayarlarý';
$string['size'] = 'Boyut';
$string['socialheadline'] = 'Sosyal forum - son konular';
$string['someallowguest'] = 'Bazý derslerde konuk giriþlerine izin verilmektedir';
$string['someerrorswerefound'] = 'Bazý bilgiler kayýp veya yanlýþ. Ayrýntýlar aþaðýdadýr.';
$string['startdate'] = 'Dersin baþlama tarihi';
$string['startsignup'] = 'Yeni bir hesap açarak baþlayýnýz!';
$string['status'] = 'Statü';
$string['strftimedate'] = '%%d %%B %%Y';
$string['strftimedateshort'] = '%%d %%B';
$string['strftimedatetime'] = '%%d %%B %%Y, %%H:%%M';
$string['strftimedaydate'] = '%%A, %%d %%B %%Y';
$string['strftimedaydatetime'] = '%%A, %%d %%B %%Y, %%H:%%M';
$string['strftimerecent'] = '%%d %%b, %%H:%%M';
$string['strftimerecentfull'] = '%%a, %%d %%b %%Y, %%H:%%M';
$string['strftimetime'] = '%%H:%%M';
$string['stringsnotset'] = 'Bu strings tanýmlanmadý $a';
$string['studentnotallowed'] = 'Malesef bu derse \'$a\' olarak giremezsiniz';
$string['students'] = 'Öðrenciler';
$string['studentsandteachers'] = 'Öðrenciler ve Öðretmenler';
$string['subcategories'] = 'Alt Kategoriler';
$string['success'] = 'Baþarýlý';
$string['summary'] = 'Özet';
$string['summaryof'] = '$a özeti';
$string['supplyinfo'] = 'Lütfen sizinle ilgili bilgileri veriniz';
$string['teacheronly'] = 'sadece $a için';
$string['teacherroles'] = '$ rolleri';
$string['teachers'] = 'Öðretmenler';
$string['textediting'] = 'Metni düzenlerken';
$string['texteditor'] = 'Standart web formlarý kullan';
$string['textformat'] = 'Düz metin biçimi';
$string['thanks'] = 'Teþekkürler';
$string['theme'] = 'Tema';
$string['themes'] = 'Temalar';
$string['themesaved'] = 'Yeni tema kaydedildi';
$string['thischarset'] = 'iso-8859-9';
$string['thisdirection'] = 'ltr';
$string['thislanguage'] = 'T&#252;rk&#231;e';
$string['time'] = 'Zaman';
$string['timezone'] = 'Zaman dilimi';
$string['today'] = 'Bugün';
$string['todaylogs'] = 'Bugünün kayýtlarý';
$string['toomanytoshow'] = 'Çok fazla kullannýcý var';
$string['top'] = 'Üst';
$string['topic'] = 'Konu';
$string['topicoutline'] = 'Konu ana hatlarý';
$string['total'] = 'Toplam';
$string['turneditingoff'] = 'Düzenlemeyi kapat';
$string['turneditingon'] = 'Düzenlemeyi aç';
$string['undecided'] = 'Kararsýz';
$string['unenrol'] = 'Kayýt sil';
$string['unenrolallstudents'] = 'Tüm öðrencilerin kaydýný sil';
$string['unenrolallstudentssure'] = 'Bu dersten tüm öðrencilerin kaydýný silmek istedðinizden emin misiniz?';
$string['unenrolme'] = '$a dersinden kaydýmý sil';
$string['unenrolsure'] = '$a dersinden kaydýnýzý silmek istediðinizden emin misiniz?';
$string['unknowncategory'] = 'Bilinmeyen kategori';
$string['unlimited'] = 'Limitsiz';
$string['unsafepassword'] = 'Güvenli olmayan þifre - baþka deneyin';
$string['unusedaccounts'] = '$a günden fazla kullanýlmayan hesaplar otomatik olarak iptal edildi';
$string['unzip'] = 'Unzip';
$string['update'] = 'Güncelle';
$string['updated'] = 'Güncelleme $a';
$string['updatemyprofile'] = 'Profil güncelle';
$string['updatesevery'] = 'Her $a saniyede güncellenir';
$string['updatethis'] = '$a güncelle';
$string['updatethiscourse'] = 'Bu dersi güncelle';
$string['updatinga'] = 'Bir $a güncelleniyor';
$string['updatingain'] = '$a->in deki bir $a->what güncelleniyor';
$string['upload'] = 'Yükle';
$string['uploadafile'] = 'Bir dosya yükle';
$string['uploadthisfile'] = 'Bu dosyayý yükle';
$string['usedinnplaces'] = '$a yerde kullanýldý';
$string['userdeleted'] = 'Bu kullanýcýnýn hesabý silindi';
$string['userdescription'] = 'Açýklama';
$string['username'] = 'Kullanýcýadý';
$string['usernameexists'] = 'Bu kullanýcý adý var, baþkasýný seçiniz';
$string['userprofilefor'] = '$a\'in kullanýcý profili';
$string['users'] = 'Kullanýcýlar';
$string['webpage'] = 'Web sayfasý';
$string['week'] = 'Hafta';
$string['weeklyoutline'] = 'Haftalýk taslak';
$string['welcometocourse'] = '$a Hoþ Geldiniz';
$string['welcometocoursetext'] = '$a->coursename dersine hoþ geldiniz!
Yapmanýz gereken ilk þey ders içindeki profil sayfanýzý düzenlemektir:
$string['withchosenfiles'] = 'Seçilen dosyalarla';
$string['wordforstudent'] = 'Öðrencinize söyleyecekleriniz';
$string['wordforstudenteg'] = 'ör. Öðrenci, Katýlýmcý vs.';
$string['wordforstudents'] = 'Öðrencilerinize söyleyecekleriniz';
$string['wordforstudentseg'] = 'ör. Öðrenci, Katýlýmcý vs.';
$string['wordforteacher'] = 'Hocanýza söyleyecekleriniz';
$string['wordforteachereg'] = 'ör. Eðitmen, Öðretim Üyesi, Hoca, Öðretmen, Asistan vs.';
$string['wordforteachers'] = 'Hocalarýnýza söyleyecekleriniz';
$string['wordforteacherseg'] = 'ör. Eðitmen, Öðretim Üyesi, Hoca, Öðretmen, Asistan vs.';
$string['wrongpassword'] = 'Bu kullanýcýadý için yanlýþ þifre';
$string['yes'] = 'Evet';
$string['yourlastlogin'] = 'Son giriþ tarihiniz';
$string['yourself'] = 'kendiniz';
$string['yourteacher'] = 'hocanýz $a';