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// This file is part of Moodle -
// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
// (at your option) any later version.
// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// GNU General Public License for more details.
// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
if (!defined('MOODLE_INTERNAL')) {
die('Direct access to this script is forbidden.'); /// It must be included from a Moodle page
require_once $CFG->libdir.'/formslib.php';
class edit_scale_form extends moodleform {
function definition() {
global $CFG;
$mform =& $this->_form;
// visible elements
$mform->addElement('header', 'general', get_string('scale'));
$mform->addElement('text', 'name', get_string('name'), 'size="40"');
$mform->addRule('name', get_string('required'), 'required', null, 'client');
$mform->setType('name', PARAM_TEXT);
$mform->addElement('advcheckbox', 'standard', get_string('scalestandard'));
$mform->addHelpButton('standard', 'scalestandard');
$mform->addElement('static', 'used', get_string('used'));
$mform->addElement('textarea', 'scale', get_string('scale'), array('cols'=>50, 'rows'=>2));
$mform->addHelpButton('scale', 'scale');
$mform->addRule('scale', get_string('required'), 'required', null, 'client');
$mform->setType('scale', PARAM_TEXT);
$mform->addElement('editor', 'description_editor', get_string('description'), null, $this->_customdata['editoroptions']);
// hidden params
$mform->addElement('hidden', 'id', 0);
$mform->setType('id', PARAM_INT);
$mform->addElement('hidden', 'courseid', 0);
$mform->setType('courseid', PARAM_INT);
/// add return tracking info
$gpr = $this->_customdata['gpr'];
// buttons
/// tweak the form - depending on existing data
function definition_after_data() {
global $CFG;
$mform =& $this->_form;
$courseid = $mform->getElementValue('courseid');
if ($id = $mform->getElementValue('id')) {
$scale = grade_scale::fetch(array('id'=>$id));
$used = $scale->is_used();
if ($used) {
if (empty($courseid)) {
} else if (!has_capability('moodle/course:managescales', get_context_instance(CONTEXT_SYSTEM))) {
//if they dont have managescales at system level the shouldnt be allowed to make scales standard (or not standard)
} else if ($used and !empty($scale->courseid)) {
$usedstr = $scale->is_used() ? get_string('yes') : get_string('no');
$used_el =& $mform->getElement('used');
} else {
if (empty($courseid) or !has_capability('moodle/course:managescales', get_context_instance(CONTEXT_SYSTEM))) {
/// perform extra validation before submission
function validation($data, $files) {
global $CFG, $COURSE, $DB;
$errors = parent::validation($data, $files);
// we can not allow 2 scales with the same exact scale as this creates
// problems for backup/restore
$old = grade_scale::fetch(array('id'=>$data['id']));
if (array_key_exists('standard', $data)) {
if (empty($data['standard'])) {
$courseid = $COURSE->id;
} else {
$courseid = 0;
} else {
$courseid = $old->courseid;
if (array_key_exists('scale', $data)) {
$scalearray = explode(',', $data['scale']);
$scalearray = array_map('trim', $scalearray);
$scaleoptioncount = count($scalearray);
if (count($scalearray) < 2) {
$errors['scale'] = get_string('badlyformattedscale', 'grades');
} else {
$thescale = implode(',',$scalearray);
$textlib = textlib_get_instance();
//this check strips out whitespace from the scale we're validating but not from those already in the DB
$count = $DB->count_records_select('scale', "courseid=:courseid AND ".$DB->sql_compare_text('scale', $textlib->strlen($thescale)).'=:scale',
array('courseid'=>$courseid, 'scale'=>$thescale));
if ($count) {
//if this is a new scale but we found a duplice in the DB
//or we found a duplicate in another course report the error
if (empty($old->id) or $old->courseid != $courseid) {
$errors['scale'] = get_string('duplicatescale', 'grades');
} else if ($old->scale !== $thescale and $old->scale !== $data['scale']) {
//if the old scale from DB is different but we found a duplicate then we're trying to modify a scale to be a duplicate
$errors['scale'] = get_string('duplicatescale', 'grades');
return $errors;
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