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* this page defines what roles can access (grant user that role and override that roles'
* capabilities in different context. For example, we can say that Teachers can only grant
* student role or modify student role's capabilities. Note that you need both the right
* capability moodle/role:assign or moodle/role:manage and this database table roles_deny_grant
* to be able to grant roles. If a user has moodle/role:manage at site level assignment
* then he can modify the roles_allow_assign table via this interface.
/// check capabilities here
$adminroot = admin_get_root();
admin_externalpage_setup('defineroles', $adminroot);
$sitecontext = get_context_instance(CONTEXT_SYSTEM, SITEID);
require_capability('moodle/role:manage', $sitecontext);
/// form processiong here
/// get all roles
$roles = get_all_roles();
if ($grant = data_submitted() and confirm_sesskey()) {
foreach ($grant as $grole => $val) {
if ($grole == 'dummy' or !strpos($grole, '_')) {
$string = explode('_', $grole);
$temp[$string[1]][$string[2]] = 1; // if set, means can access
// if current assignment is in data_submitted, ignore, else, write deny into db
foreach ($roles as $srole) {
foreach ($roles as $trole) {
if (isset($temp[$srole->id][$trole->id])) { // if set, need to write to db
if (!$record = get_record('role_allow_assign', 'roleid', $srole->id, 'allowassign', $trole->id)) {
allow_assign($srole->id, $trole->id);
} else { //if set, means can access, attempt to remove it from db
delete_records('role_allow_assign', 'roleid', $srole->id, 'allowassign', $trole->id);
/// displaying form here
$table->tablealign = 'center';
$table->cellpadding = 5;
$table->cellspacing = 0;
$table->width = '90%';
$table->align[] = 'right';
/// get all the roles identifier
foreach ($roles as $role) {
$rolesname[] = format_string($role->name);
$roleids[] = $role->id;
$table->align[] = 'center';
$table->wrap[] = 'nowrap';
$table->head = array_merge(array(''), $rolesname);
foreach ($roles as $role) {
$beta = get_box_list($role->id, $roleids);
$table->data[] = array_merge(array(format_string($role->name)), $beta);
print_simple_box(get_string('configallowassign', 'admin'), 'center');
echo '<form action="allowassign.php" method="post">';
echo '<div class="buttons"><input type="submit" value="'.get_string('savechanges').'"/>';
echo '<input type="hidden" name="dummy" value="1" />'; // this is needed otherwise we do not know a form has been submitted
echo '<input type="hidden" name="sesskey" value="'.sesskey().'" />';
echo '</div></form>';
function get_box_list($roleid, $arraylist){
foreach ($arraylist as $targetid) {
if (get_record('role_allow_assign', 'roleid', $roleid, 'allowassign', $targetid)) {
$array[] = '<input type="checkbox" name="s_'.$roleid.'_'.$targetid.'" value="1" checked="checked"/>';
} else {
$array[] = '<input type="checkbox" name="s_'.$roleid.'_'.$targetid.'" value="1" />';
return $array;
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