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$string['correctanswer'] = 'Correct Answer';
$string['correctanswerandfeedback'] = 'Correct Answer and Feedback';
$string['decodeverifyquestiontext'] = 'Decode and Verify the Question Text';
$string['nooptionsforsubquestion'] = 'Unable to get options for question part # $a->sub (question->id={$a->id})';
$string['noquestions'] = 'The Cloze(multianswer) question \"<strong>$a</strong>\" does not contain any question ';
$string['questionnotfound'] = 'Unable to find question of question part #$a';
$string['qtypenotrecognized'] = 'questiontype $a not recognized';
$string['questionsmissing'] = 'No valid questions, create at least one question ';
$string['unknownquestiontypeofsubquestion'] = 'Unknown question type: $a->type of question part # $a->sub';
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