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/// Please, do not edit this file manually! It's auto generated from
/// contents stored in your standard lang pack files:
/// (langconfig.php, install.php, moodle.php, admin.php and error.php)
/// If you find some missing string in Moodle installation, please,
/// keep us informed using Thanks!
/// File generated by cvs://contrib/lang2installer/installer_builder
/// using strings defined in installer_strings (same dir)
$string['admindirerror'] = 'O le ala i le fa\'afoega (admin directory) o lo\'o tu\'uina mai e sese';
$string['admindirname'] = 'Fa\'afoega';
$string['caution'] = 'Fa\'aeteetega';
$string['closewindow'] = 'Tapuni lenei itulau';
$string['configfilenotwritten'] = 'The installer script was not able to automatically create a config.php file containing your chosen settings, probably because the Moodle directory is not writeable. You can manually copy the following code into a file named config.php within the root directory of Moodle.';
$string['configfilewritten'] = 'config.php ua fa\'amanuiaina lona amataga';
$string['continue'] = 'Fa\'aauau';
$string['database'] = 'Taula\'iga o fa\'amatalaga (Database)';
$string['dataroot'] = 'Ala atu i fa\'amaumauga';
$string['datarooterror'] = 'O le \'Ala atu i fa\'amaumauga\' ua e tu\'uina mai e le o maua pe ua faia. E mafai ona e fa\'asa\'oina mai le ala pe amataina loa le tusiga o le ala.';
$string['dbconnectionerror'] = 'E le o mafai ona fa\'afeso\'ota\'i atu i le Database ua tu\'uina mai. Fa\'amolemole siaki ia fa\'aupuga ma seti ole Database. ';
$string['dbcreationerror'] = 'E sese le faiga o le Database. E le\'o mafai ona amatalia le igoa o le Database ua tu\'uina mai ma seti ua aumaia. ';
$string['dbhost'] = 'Seva o lo\'o u\'uina fa\'amatalaga';
$string['dbprefix'] = 'Tables prefix';
$string['dbtype'] = 'Ituaiga';
$string['dirroot'] = 'Auala atu i le Moodle';
$string['dirrooterror'] = 'O le \'auala atu i le Moodle\' ua uma ona seti e foliga mai e sese - e le o mafai ona maua se fa\'atuga o le Moodle i le mea ua aumaia. O le laia o lo\'o i lalo ua uma lea ona toe fa\'afouina.';
$string['download'] = 'Aumai mai le Initaneti';
$string['error'] = 'Mea sese';
$string['fail'] = 'Le fa\'amanuiaina';
$string['fileuploads'] = 'Faila ua tu\'uina atu';
$string['fileuploadserror'] = 'O le mea lea sa tatau ona i luga o le';
$string['gdversion'] = 'Liliuga GD ';
$string['gdversionerror'] = 'O le faletusi (library) GD e tatau ona i ai aua le faiga ma le fa\'agasologa o ata.';
$string['help'] = 'Fesoasoani';
$string['installation'] = 'Fa\'atu/Install';
$string['language'] = 'Gagana';
$string['magicquotesruntime'] = 'Magic Quotes Run Time';
$string['magicquotesruntimeerror'] = 'O le mea lea e tatau ona le i ai';
$string['memorylimit'] = 'Limiti o le memory';
$string['memorylimiterror'] = 'The PHP memory limit is set quite low ... you may run into problems later.';
$string['memorylimithelp'] = '<p>The PHP memory limit for your server is currently set to $a.</p>
<p>This may cause Moodle to have memory problems later on, especially
if you have a lot of modules enabled and/or a lot of users.
<p>We recommend that you configure PHP with a higher limit if possible, like 16M.
There are several ways of doing this that you can try:
<li>If you are able to, recompile PHP with <i>--enable-memory-limit</i>.
This will allow Moodle to set the memory limit itself.
<li>If you have access to your php.ini file, you can change the <b>memory_limit</b>
setting in there to something like 16M. If you don\'t have access you might
be able to ask your administrator to do this for you.
<li>On some PHP servers you can create a .htaccess file in the Moodle directory
containing this line:
<p><blockquote>php_value memory_limit 16M</blockquote></p>
<p>However, on some servers this will prevent <b>all</b> PHP pages from working
(you will see errors when you look at pages) so you\'ll have to remove the .htaccess file.
$string['name'] = 'Igoa';
$string['next'] = 'Le isi';
$string['ok'] = 'OK';
$string['pass'] = 'Pasi';
$string['password'] = 'Upu tatala';
$string['phpversion'] = 'Liliuga PHP';
$string['phpversionerror'] = 'O le liliuga o le PHP e tatau lava ona fa\'aaoga le 4.1.0';
$string['phpversionhelp'] = '<p>Moodle requires a PHP version of at least 4.1.0.</p>
<p>You are currently running version $a</p>
<p>You must upgrade PHP or move to a host with a newer version of PHP!</p>';
$string['previous'] = 'Talu ai, tuana\'i';
$string['safemode'] = 'Safe Mode';
$string['safemodeerror'] = 'Moodle may have trouble with safe mode on';
$string['sessionautostart'] = 'Session Auto Start';
$string['sessionautostarterror'] = 'O le mea lea e tatu ona tape';
$string['status'] = 'Tulaga';
$string['alphabet'] = 'A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z';
$string['backupnameformat'] = '%%Y%%m%%d-%%H%%M';
$string['firstdayofweek'] = '0';
$string['locale'] = 'mi_NZ.UTF-8';
$string['localewin'] = 'Maori.1252';
$string['localewincharset'] = 'WINDOWS-1252';
$string['oldcharset'] = 'UTF-8';
$string['strftimedate'] = '%%d %%B %%Y';
$string['strftimedateshort'] = '%%d %%B';
$string['strftimedatetime'] = '%%d %%B %%Y, %%I:%%M %%p';
$string['strftimedaydate'] = '%%A, %%d %%B %%Y';
$string['strftimedaydatetime'] = '%%A, %%d %%B %%Y, %%I:%%M %%p';
$string['strftimedayshort'] = '%%A, %%d %%B';
$string['strftimedaytime'] = '%%a, %%H:%%M';
$string['strftimemonthyear'] = '%%B %%Y';
$string['strftimerecent'] = '%%d %%b, %%H:%%M';
$string['strftimerecentfull'] = '%%a, %%d %%b %%Y, %%I:%%M %%p';
$string['strftimetime'] = '%%I:%%M %%p';
$string['thischarset'] = 'utf-8';
$string['thisdirection'] = 'ltr';
$string['thislanguage'] = 'Samoan';
$string['user'] = 'O le tagata fa\'aaoga';
$string['wwwroot'] = 'Tuatusi o le initaneti';
$string['wwwrooterror'] = 'O le tuatusi o le initaneti e foliga mai e le\'o i ai - o le fa\'atuuga o le Moodle e foliga mai e le\'o i ai se mea. ';
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