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<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Activity Modules</B></P>
<P>Moodle contains a wide range of activity modules that can be used to
build up any type of course.</P>
<P><IMG VALIGN=absmiddle SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/mod/forum/icon.gif">&nbsp;<B>Forums</B></P>
<P>This activity can be the most important - it is here that most discussion takes place.
Forums can be structured in different ways, and can include peer rating of each posting.
The postings can be viewed in a variety for formats, and can include attachments.
By subscribing to a forum, participants will receive copies of each new posting
in their email. A teacher can impose subscription on everyone if they want to.
<P><IMG VALIGN=absmiddle SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/mod/journal/icon.gif">&nbsp;<B>Journals</B></P>
<P>This module is a very important reflective activity. The teacher
asks the student to reflect on a particular topic, and the student can
edit and refine their answer over time. This answer is private and
can only be seen by the teacher, who can offer feedback and a grade
on each journal entry. It's usually a good idea to have about one
Journal activity per week.</P>
<P><IMG VALIGN=absmiddle SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/mod/resource/icon.gif">&nbsp;<B>Resources</B></P>
<P>Resources are content: information the teacher wants to bring into the
course. These can be prepared files uploaded to the course
server; pages edited directly in Moodle; or external web pages
made to appear part of this course.</P>
<P><IMG VALIGN=absmiddle SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/mod/assignment/icon.gif">&nbsp;<B>Assignments</B></P>
<P>Assignments allow the teacher to specify a task that requires students
to prepare digital content (any format) and submit it by uploading it
to the server. Typical assignments include essays, projects, reports
and so on. This module includes grading facilities.</P>
<P><IMG VALIGN=absmiddle SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/mod/quiz/icon.gif">&nbsp;<B>Quizzes</B></P>
<P>This module allows the teacher to design and set quiz tests, consisting of
multiple choice, true-false, and short answer questions. These
questions are kept in a categorised database, and can be re-used
within courses and even between courses. Quizzes can allow
multiple attempts. Each attempt is automatically marked, and the
teacher can choose whether to give feedback or to show correct answers.
This module includes grading facilities.</P>
<P><IMG VALIGN=absmiddle SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/mod/choice/icon.gif">&nbsp;<B>Choices</B></P>
<P>A choice activity is very simple - the teacher asks a question and specifies a
choice of multiple responses. It can be useful as a quick poll to
stimulate thinking about a topic; to allow the class to vote on
a direction for the course; or to gather research consent.
<P><IMG VALIGN=absmiddle SRC="<?=$CFG->wwwroot?>/mod/survey/icon.gif">&nbsp;<B>Surveys</B></P>
<P>The Survey module provides a number of verified survey instruments that
have been found useful in assessing and stimulating learning in
online environments. Teachers can use these to gather data from their
students that will help them learn about their class and reflect
on their own teaching.</P>
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