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<TITLE>Moodle Docs: Credits</TITLE>
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<P><B>Moodle </B>itself is Copyright &copy; 2001-2002, <A TARGET=_top HREF="">
Martin Dougiamas</A>. &nbsp;It is distributed under the <A HREF="licence.html">
GNU Public License</A>.</P>
<H3><BR>Special thanks</H3>
<B><A TARGET=_top HREF="">Dr Peter C. Taylor</A></B>,
at Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Australia, for working
with the earliest prototypes and making many useful suggestions along the way</LI>
<P>Many thanks to these people - each translation takes many hours of work, as there are nearly
900 phrases to translate (plus all the help files!).
These are listed in the order they joined the project:
<LI><B>en - English</B>, by Martin Dougiamas
<LI><B>fr - French</B>, by Sébastien Namèche,, <A HREF=""></A>
<LI><B>fi - Finnish</B>, by Petri Asikainen (, Jaana Tolvanen (
<LI><B>it - Italian</B>, by Davide Suraci,
<LI><B>pt_br - Portuguese (Brazil)</B>, by Fabricio Valadares,
<LI><B>de - German</B>, by Holger Schadeck,
<LI><B>es_mx - Spanish (Mexico)</B>, by Claudio Tavares, <A HREF=""></A>
<LI><B>es_es - Spanish </B>, by Antonio J. Navarro Vergara,, <A HREF=""></A>
<LI><B>ca - Catalan</B>, by Carles Bellver with the help of Mercè Renau,
Clara Andrés and Jordi Adell,, <A HREF="">Centre d'Educació i Noves Tecnologies</A>
<LI><B>no - Norwegian</B>, by Jøran Sørbø,
<LI><B>id - Indonesian</B>, by Arfan Hidayat,, <A HREF=""></A>
<LI><B>ja - Japanese</B>, by Mitsuhiro Yoshida,, <A HREF=""></A>
<LI><B>tr - Turkish</B>, by M. Cüneyt Birkök,, <A HREF=""></A>
<LI><B>zh_cn - Chinese</B>, by Zhang Dexuan,
<LI><B>ar - Arabic</B>, by Ahmed Nabil,
<LI><B>sv - Swedish</B>, by Set Lonnert,, <A HREF=""></A>
<LI><B>th - Thai</B>, by Wim Singhanart,, <A HREF=""></A>
<LI><B>nl - Dutch</B>, by Hans Zwart ( and Jacob Romeyn (
<H3><BR>Other contributors</H3>
<P>Thanks to all of you who have
<LI>donated via the <A TARGET=_top HREF="">Donations page</A>,
<LI>contributed to the <A TARGET=_top HREF="">bug tracker</A>, and
<LI>participated in the "<A TARGET=_top HREF="">Using Moodle</A>" course at</A>
<P>Especially, thanks to those of you who have at some time contributed
with long constructive discussions and especially code. This list is long
and always changing, but some names include (in the order I added them):
Art Lader,
Matt Hope,
Tom Murdock,
Sébastien Namèche,
Petri Asikainen,
James Miller,
Dustin Rue,
Holger Schadeck,
Giovanni Tummarello,
John Windmueller,
Mitsuhiro Yoshida,
Mark Kimes,
Greg Barnett,
Mary Hunter
<P>I apologise if for some reason your name is not on this list - it's very
difficult to maintain! Mail me and demand to be on it. :-)
<H3><BR>Moodle libraries</H3>
<P>Some of Moodle's libraries were written by other people, and are being
redistributed as part of Moodle under the LGPL. My thanks go out to the
authors of all these excellent products - without them Moodle would be missing
important functionality. Copyright information for each package is included below:</P>
<P><B>ADOdb &nbsp; </B>- &nbsp;lib/adodb<BR>
<P>Database abstraction library for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle,
Interbase, Foxpro, Access, ADO, Sybase, DB2 and ODBC.</P>
<P>Version: 2.00 14 May 2002&nbsp;<BR>
Copyright &copy; 2000, 2001 John Lim (<BR>
License: Dual LGPL and BSD-style<BR>
URL: &nbsp;<A HREF="" TARGET="newpage"></A><BR>
<P><B>Graph Class</B> &nbsp; - &nbsp;lib/graphlib.php </P>
<P>Class to draw line, point, bar, and area graphs, including numeric
x-axis and double y-axis.</P>
<P> Version: 1.6.3 (with modifications)<BR>
Copyright &copy;&nbsp;2000&nbsp; Herman Veluwenkamp,&nbsp;<BR>
License: LGPL<BR>
<P><B>IP-Atlas</B>&nbsp; - &nbsp; lib/ipatlas</P>
<BLOCKQUOTE>PHP scripts to show the location of an IP address on a map.<BR>
Version: 1.0 (with modifications)<BR>
Copyright &copy; 2002 &nbsp; Ivan Kozik<BR>
License: GNU GPL<BR>
URL: <A HREF="" TARGET="newpage"></A><BR>
<P><B>PHP mailer</B> &nbsp; - &nbsp;lib/class.phpmailer.php<BR>
<BLOCKQUOTE>Class for sending email using either sendmail, PHP mail(),
or SMTP.&nbsp; Methods are based upon the standard AspEmail(tm) classes.<BR>
Version 1.60, Created 03/30/2002<BR>
Copyright &copy; 2001 Brent R. Matzelle &lt;;<BR>
License: LGPL<BR>
URL: &nbsp; <A HREF="" TARGET="newpage"></A><BR>
<P><B>PHP Simple Excel File Generator</B>&nbsp; - &nbsp; lib/psxlsgen.php</P>
<BLOCKQUOTE>Class to generate very simple MS Excel files (xls)
via PHP.<BR>
Version: 0.3b<BR>
Copyright &copy; 2001 &nbsp;Erol Ozcan &lt;;<BR>
License: GNU LGPL<BR>
URL: <A HREF="" TARGET="newpage"></A><BR>
<P><B>Richtext Editor</B>&nbsp; - &nbsp; lib/rte</P>
<BLOCKQUOTE>HTML text editor for embedding in web pages.<BR>
Version: 0.30 beta 1 (plus modifications)<BR>
Copyright &copy; 2001 Ramesys (Contracting Services) Limited &lt;;
License: GNU LGPL<BR>
URL: <A HREF="" TARGET="newpage"></A><BR>
<P><B>SMTP class &nbsp; </B>- &nbsp;lib/class.smtp.php<BR>
<BLOCKQUOTE>Class that can be used to connect and communicate with
any SMTP server. <BR>
It implements all the SMTP functions defined in RFC821 except TURN.<BR>
Version: 03/26/2001 <BR>
Copyright &copy; 2001 &nbsp;Chris Ryan &lt;;<BR>
<P ALIGN="CENTER"><FONT SIZE="1"><A HREF="." TARGET="_top">Moodle Documentation</A></FONT></P>
<P ALIGN="CENTER"><FONT SIZE="1">Version: $Id$</FONT></P>
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