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$string['addmoreanswerblanks'] = 'Add another answer blank.';
$string['addmoreunitblanks'] = 'Blanks for $a More Units';
$string['answerhdr'] = 'Answer';
$string['atleastoneanswer'] = 'You need to provide at least one answer.';
$string['correctanswershows'] = 'Correct answer shows';
$string['correctanswershowsformat'] = 'Format';
$string['existingcategory1'] = 'will use an already existing shared dataset';
$string['keptcategory1'] = 'will use the same existing shared dataset as before';
$string['keptlocal1'] = 'will use the same existing private dataset as before';
$string['makecopynextpage'] = 'Next Page (new question)';
$string['mandatoryhdr']='Mandatory wild cards present in answers';
$string['mustbenumeric'] = 'You must enter a number here.';
$string['mustnotbenumeric'] = 'This can\'t be a number.';
$string['newcategory1'] = 'will use a new shared dataset';
$string['newlocal1'] = 'will use a new private dataset';
$string['nextitemtoadd'] = 'Next \'Item to Add\'';
$string['nextpage'] = 'Next Page';
$string['nodataset'] = 'nothing - it is not a wild card';
$string['nosharedwildcard'] = 'No shared wild card in this category';
$string['possiblehdr']='Possible wild cards present only in the question text';
$string['tolerance'] = 'Tolerance &plusmn;';
$string['trueanswerinsidelimits'] = ' Correct answer : $a->correct inside limits of true value $a->true';
$string['trueansweroutsidelimits'] = '<span class=\"error\">ERROR Correct answer : $a->correct outside limits of true value $a->true</span>';
$string['updatecategory'] = 'Update the category';
$string['usedinquestion']='Used in Question';
$string['youmustenteramultiplierhere'] = 'You must enter a multiplier here.';
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