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<?PHP // $Id$
$THEME->body = "#F7F6F1"; // Main page color
$THEME->cellheading = "#C6BDA8"; // Standard headings of big tables
$THEME->cellheading2 = "#849DBC"; // Highlight headings of tables
$THEME->cellcontent = "#FFFFFF"; // For areas with text
$THEME->cellcontent2 = "#C6BDA8"; // Alternate colour
$THEME->borders = "#C6BDA8"; // Table borders
$THEME->highlight = "#849DBC"; // Highlighted text (eg after a search)
$THEME->hidden = "#979EA8"; // To color things that are hidden
$THEME->autolink = "#FEF9F6"; // To color auto-generated links (eg glossary)
$THEME->custompix = false; // If true, then this theme must have a "pix"
// subdirectory that contains copies of all
// files from the moodle/pix directory
// See "cordoroyblue" for an up-to-date example.
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