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// This file is part of Moodle -
// Moodle is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
// the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
// (at your option) any later version.
// Moodle is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// GNU General Public License for more details.
// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
// along with Moodle. If not, see <>.
* Display user activity reports for a course
* @package mod-forum
* @copyright 1999 onwards Martin Dougiamas {@link}
* @license GNU GPL v3 or later
$courseid = optional_param('course', null, PARAM_INT); // Limit the posts to just this course
$userid = optional_param('id', $USER->id, PARAM_INT); // User id whose posts we want to view
$mode = optional_param('mode', 'posts', PARAM_ALPHA); // The mode to use. Either posts or discussions
$page = optional_param('page', 0, PARAM_INT); // The page number to display
$perpage = optional_param('perpage', 5, PARAM_INT); // The number of posts to display per page
if (empty($userid)) {
if (!isloggedin()) {
$userid = $USER->id;
$discussionsonly = ($mode !== 'posts');
$isspecificcourse = !is_null($courseid);
$iscurrentuser = ($USER->id == $userid);
$url = new moodle_url('/mod/forum/user.php', array('id' => $userid));
if ($isspecificcourse) $url->param('course', $courseid);
if ($discussionsonly) $url->param('mode', 'discussions');
if ($page != 0) $url->param('page', $page);
if ($perpage != 5) $url->param('perpage', $perpage);
add_to_log(($isspecificcourse)?$courseid:SITEID, "forum", "user report", 'user.php?'.$url->get_query_string(), $userid);
$user = $DB->get_record("user", array("id" => $userid), '*', MUST_EXIST);
$usercontext = get_context_instance(CONTEXT_USER, $user->id, MUST_EXIST);
// Check if the requested user is the guest user
if (isguestuser($user)) {
// The guest user cannot post, so it is not possible to view any posts.
// May as well just bail aggressively here.
// Make sure the user has not been deleted
if ($user->deleted) {
echo $OUTPUT->header();
echo $OUTPUT->heading($PAGE->title);
echo $OUTPUT->footer();
$isloggedin = isloggedin();
$isguestuser = $isloggedin && isguestuser();
$isparent = !$iscurrentuser && $DB->record_exists('role_assignments', array('userid'=>$USER->id, 'contextid'=>$usercontext->id));
$hasparentaccess = $isparent && has_all_capabilities(array('moodle/user:viewdetails', 'moodle/user:readuserposts'), $usercontext);
// Check whether a specific course has been requested
if ($isspecificcourse) {
// Get the requested course and its context
$course = $DB->get_record('course', array('id' => $courseid), '*', MUST_EXIST);
$coursecontext = get_context_instance(CONTEXT_COURSE, $courseid, MUST_EXIST);
// We have a specific course to search, which we will also assume we are within.
if ($hasparentaccess) {
// A `parent` role won't likely have access to the course so we won't attempt
// to enter it. We will however still make them jump through the normal
// login hoops
} else {
// Enter the course we are searching
// Get the course ready for access checks
$courses = array($courseid => $course);
} else {
// We are going to search for all of the users posts in all courses!
// a general require login here as we arn't actually within any course.
// Now we need to get all of the courses to search.
// All courses where the user has posted within a forum will be returned.
$courses = forum_get_courses_user_posted_in($user, $discussionsonly);
// Get the posts by the requested user that the current user can access.
$result = forum_get_posts_by_user($user, $courses, $isspecificcourse, $discussionsonly, ($page * $perpage), $perpage);
// Check whether there are not posts to display.
if (empty($result->posts)) {
// Ok no posts to display means that either the user has not posted or there
// are no posts made by the requested user that the current user is able to
// see.
// In either case we need to decide whether we can show personal information
// about the requested user to the current user so we will execute some checks
// First check the obvious, its the current user, a specific course has been
// provided (require_login has been called), or they have a course contact role.
// True to any of those and the current user can see the details of the
// requested user.
$canviewuser = ($iscurrentuser || $isspecificcourse || empty($CFG->forceloginforprofiles) || has_coursecontact_role($userid));
// Next we'll check the caps, if the current user has the view details and a
// specific course has been requested, or if they have the view all details
$canviewuser = ($canviewuser || ($isspecificcourse && has_capability('moodle/user:viewdetails', $coursecontext) || has_capability('moodle/user:viewalldetails', $usercontext)));
// If none of the above was true the next step is to check a shared relation
// through some course
if (!$canviewuser) {
// Get all of the courses that the users have in common
$sharedcourses = enrol_get_shared_courses($USER->id, $user->id, true);
foreach ($sharedcourses as $sharedcourse) {
// Check the view cap within the course context
if (has_capability('moodle/user:viewdetails', get_context_instance(CONTEXT_COURSE, $sharedcourse->id))) {
$canviewuser = true;
// Prepare the page title
$pagetitle = get_string('noposts', 'mod_forum');
// Get the page heading
if ($isspecificcourse) {
$pageheading = format_string($course->shortname, true, array('context' => $coursecontext));
} else {
$pageheading = get_string('pluginname', 'mod_forum');
// Next we need to set up the loading of the navigation and choose a message
// to display to the current user.
if ($iscurrentuser) {
// No need to extend the navigation it happens automatically for the
// current user.
if ($discussionsonly) {
$notification = get_string('nodiscussionsstartedbyyou', 'forum');
} else {
$notification = get_string('nopostsmadebyyou', 'forum');
} else if ($canviewuser) {
$PAGE->navigation->set_userid_for_parent_checks($user->id); // see MDL-25805 for reasons and for full commit reference for reversal when fixed.
$fullname = fullname($user);
if ($discussionsonly) {
$notification = get_string('nodiscussionsstartedby', 'forum', $fullname);
} else {
$notification = get_string('nopostsmadebyuser', 'forum', $fullname);
} else {
// Don't extend the navigation it would be giving out information that
// the current uesr doesn't have access to.
$notification = get_string('cannotviewusersposts', 'forum');
if ($isspecificcourse) {
$url = new moodle_url('/course/view.php', array('id' => $courseid));
} else {
$url = new moodle_url('/');
// Display a page letting the user know that there's nothing to display;
echo $OUTPUT->header();
echo $OUTPUT->heading($pagetitle);
echo $OUTPUT->notification($notification);
echo $OUTPUT->continue_button($url);
echo $OUTPUT->footer();
// Post output will contain an entry containing HTML to display each post by the
// time we are done.
$postoutput = array();
$discussions = array();
foreach ($result->posts as $post) {
$discussions[] = $post->discussion;
$discussions = $DB->get_records_list('forum_discussions', 'id', array_unique($discussions));
//todo Rather than retrieving the ratings for each post individually it would be nice to do them in groups
//however this requires creating arrays of posts with each array containing all of the posts from a particular forum,
//retrieving the ratings then reassembling them all back into a single array sorted by post.modified (descending)
$rm = new rating_manager();
$ratingoptions = new stdClass;
$ratingoptions->component = 'mod_forum';
$ratingoptions->ratingarea = 'post';
foreach ($result->posts as $post) {
if (!isset($result->forums[$post->forum]) || !isset($discussions[$post->discussion])) {
// Something very VERY dodgy has happened if we end up here
$forum = $result->forums[$post->forum];
$cm = $forum->cm;
$discussion = $discussions[$post->discussion];
$course = $result->courses[$discussion->course];
$forumurl = new moodle_url('/mod/forum/view.php', array('id' => $cm->id));
$discussionurl = new moodle_url('/mod/forum/discuss.php', array('d' => $post->discussion));
// load ratings
if ($forum->assessed != RATING_AGGREGATE_NONE) {
$ratingoptions->context = $cm->context;
$ratingoptions->items = array($post);
$ratingoptions->aggregate = $forum->assessed;//the aggregation method
$ratingoptions->scaleid = $forum->scale;
$ratingoptions->userid = $user->id;
$ratingoptions->assesstimestart = $forum->assesstimestart;
$ratingoptions->assesstimefinish = $forum->assesstimefinish;
if ($forum->type == 'single' or !$post->discussion) {
$ratingoptions->returnurl = $forumurl;
} else {
$ratingoptions->returnurl = $discussionurl;
$updatedpost = $rm->get_ratings($ratingoptions);
//updating the array this way because we're iterating over a collection and updating them one by one
$result->posts[$updatedpost[0]->id] = $updatedpost[0];
$courseshortname = format_string($course->shortname, true, array('context' => get_context_instance(CONTEXT_COURSE, $course->id)));
$forumname = format_string($forum->name, true, array('context' => $cm->context));
$fullsubjects = array();
if (!$isspecificcourse && !$hasparentaccess) {
$fullsubjects[] = html_writer::link(new moodle_url('/course/view.php', array('id' => $course->id)), $courseshortname);
$fullsubjects[] = html_writer::link($forumurl, $forumname);
} else {
$fullsubjects[] = html_writer::tag('span', $courseshortname);
$fullsubjects[] = html_writer::tag('span', $forumname);
if ($forum->type != 'single') {
$discussionname = format_string($discussion->name, true, array('context' => $cm->context));
if (!$isspecificcourse && !$hasparentaccess) {
$fullsubjects[] .= html_writer::link($discussionurl, $discussionname);
} else {
$fullsubjects[] .= html_writer::tag('span', $discussionname);
if ($post->parent != 0) {
$postname = format_string($post->subject, true, array('context' => $cm->context));
if (!$isspecificcourse && !$hasparentaccess) {
$fullsubjects[] .= html_writer::link(new moodle_url('/mod/forum/discuss.php', array('d' => $post->discussion, 'parent' => $post->id)), $postname);
} else {
$fullsubjects[] .= html_writer::tag('span', $postname);
$post->subject = join(' -> ', $fullsubjects);
// This is really important, if the strings are formatted again all the links
// we've added will be lost.
$post->subjectnoformat = true;
$fulllink = html_writer::link($discussionurl, get_string("postincontext", "forum"));
$postoutput[] = forum_print_post($post, $discussion, $forum, $cm, $course, false, false, false, $fulllink, '', null, true, null, true);
$userfullname = fullname($user);
if ($discussionsonly) {
$inpageheading = get_string('discussionsstartedby', 'mod_forum', $userfullname);
} else {
$inpageheading = get_string('postsmadebyuser', 'mod_forum', $userfullname);
if ($isspecificcourse) {
$a = new stdClass;
$a->fullname = $userfullname;
$a->coursename = format_string($course->shortname, true, array('context' => $coursecontext));
$pageheading = $a->coursename;
if ($discussionsonly) {
$pagetitle = get_string('discussionsstartedbyuserincourse', 'mod_forum', $a);
} else {
$pagetitle = get_string('postsmadebyuserincourse', 'mod_forum', $a);
} else {
$pagetitle = $inpageheading;
$pageheading = $userfullname;
$PAGE->navigation->set_userid_for_parent_checks($user->id); // see MDL-25805 for reasons and for full commit reference for reversal when fixed.
echo $OUTPUT->header();
echo $OUTPUT->heading($inpageheading);
echo html_writer::start_tag('div', array('class' => 'user-content'));
if (!empty($postoutput)) {
echo $OUTPUT->paging_bar($result->totalcount, $page, $perpage, $url);
foreach ($postoutput as $post) {
echo $post;
echo html_writer::empty_tag('br');
echo $OUTPUT->paging_bar($result->totalcount, $page, $perpage, $url);
} else if ($discussionsonly) {
echo $OUTPUT->heading(get_string('nodiscussionsstartedby', 'forum', $userfullname));
} else {
echo $OUTPUT->heading(get_string('noposts', 'forum'));
echo html_writer::end_tag('div');
echo $OUTPUT->footer();
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