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<?PHP // $Id$
//28.10.2004 SHIBBOLETH Authentication functions v.0.1
//Distributed under GPL (c)Markus Hagman 2004-
function auth_user_login($username, $password) {
global $CFG;
$pluginconfig = get_config('auth/shibboleth');
/// If we are in the shibboleth directory then we trust the server var
if (!empty($_SERVER[$pluginconfig->shib_user_attribute])) {
return ($_SERVER[$pluginconfig->shib_user_attribute] == $username);
/// If we are not, then the server is probably set to not be Shibboleth-only
/// and the user has used the normal login screen, so we redirect to the shibboleth
/// directory for a proper check
/// There's no point doing anything further here
function auth_get_userinfo($username) {
// reads user information from shibboleth attributes and return it in array()
global $CFG;
$config = (array)$CFG;
$pluginconfig = get_config('auth/shibboleth');
// Check whether we have got all the essential attributes
if (
|| empty($_SERVER[$pluginconfig->field_map_firstname])
|| empty($_SERVER[$pluginconfig->field_map_lastname])
|| empty($_SERVER[$pluginconfig->field_map_email])
) {
error("Moodle needs certain Shibboleth attributes which are not present in your case. The attributes are: '".$pluginconfig->shib_user_attribute."' ('".$_SERVER[$pluginconfig->shib_user_attribute]."'), '".$pluginconfig->field_map_firstname."' ('".$_SERVER[$pluginconfig->field_map_firstname]."'), '".$pluginconfig->field_map_lastname."' ('".$_SERVER[$pluginconfig->field_map_lastname]."') and '".$pluginconfig->field_map_email."' ('".$_SERVER[$pluginconfig->field_map_email]."')<br>Please contact your Identity Service Provider.");
$attrmap = auth_shib_attributes();
$result = array();
$search_attribs = array();
foreach ($attrmap as $key=>$value) {
// Provide an API to modify the information to fit the Moodle internal
// data representation
if (
&& $config["shib_convert_data"] != ''
&& is_readable($config["shib_convert_data"])
// Include a custom file outside the Moodle dir to
// modify the variable $moodleattributes
return $result;
function auth_shib_attributes(){
//returns array containg attribute mappings between Moodle and shibboleth
global $CFG;
$config = (array)$CFG;
$pluginconfig = get_config('auth/shibboleth');
$pluginconfig = (array) $pluginconfig;
$fields = array("firstname", "lastname", "email", "phone1", "phone2",
"department", "address", "city", "country", "description",
"idnumber", "lang", "guid");
$moodleattributes = array();
foreach ($fields as $field) {
if ($pluginconfig["field_map_$field"]) {
$moodleattributes[$field] = $pluginconfig["field_map_$field"];
return $moodleattributes;
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