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<H3> Release notes for Moodle 1.0.6 dev</H3>
<P> New features (since 1.0.5): </P>
<DT> WYSIWYG Text editing!
<DT> A WYSIWYG text editor has been added to many of the forms in Moodle. These are currently
only visible when using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later - other browsers see the
normal forms exactly as before.
<DT> Quiz module
<DT> Finally, the most requested new module is here! This first version of the quiz module as
it is now is still fairly basic (compared to what I'm aiming for), but I think you'll find
it very usable for most needs already.
<DT> New smilies
<DT> Many new smilies have been added, and are now also accessible using a GUI in the text editor.
<DT> Languages
<DD> German and Italian have been added! Many thanks to the translators (see the credits).
<DT> Other additions
<DD> An admin script to totally delete the Moodle data directory has been included (admin/delete.php)
for people who need to tear down a Moodle installation but don't have root access on their
<DT> Miscellaneous
<DD> Many tweaks to the interface and small bugs fixed.
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