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<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Resource Type</B></P>
<P>Resources are any content you can dream up. These are the
different types, which mostly specify how the content is
to be accessed:
<P><B>Plain text</B> - the easiest type. You can just type (edit) the page into a form
on the following page. Some things you type will be automatically formatted, just like
forum postings. See help on typing text: <? helpbutton("text", get_string("helptext")) ?>
<P><B>HTML text</B> - for more advanced users. No automatic formatting is performed,
you need to do it all manually using HTML codes.
<P><B>Reference</B> - a scholarly reference to a journal or book.
<P><B>Uploaded file</B> - displays any file you have uploaded into the course. See the 'Files' section.
<P><B>Web link</B> - A URL to somewhere on the web. When anyone clicks on this resource
activity they will be taken out of the course (the page you've specified will fill the browser window).
<P><B>Web page</B> - A URL to somewhere on the web. Like the previous type, this
will display a web page. Unlike the previous type, though, the page will displayed
within a frame, as if it is integrated within the course.
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