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/* The indexer logic -
* Look through each installed module's search document class file (/search/documents)
* for necessary search functions, and if they're present add the content to the index.
* Repeat this for blocks.
* Because the iterator/retrieval functions are now stored in /search/documents/mod_document.php,
* /mod/mod/lib.php doesn't have to be modified - and thus the search module becomes quite
* self-sufficient. URL's are now stored in the index, stopping us from needing to require
* the class files to generate a results page.
* Along with the index data, each document's summary gets stored in the database
* and synchronised to the index (flat file) via the primary key ('id') which is mapped
* to the 'db_id' field in the index
* */
//this'll take some time, set up the environment
//only administrators can index the moodle installation, because access to all pages is required
if (!isadmin()) {
error("You need to be an admin user to use this page.", "$CFG->wwwroot/login/index.php");
} //if
//confirmation flag to prevent accidental reindexing (indexersplash.php is the correct entry point)
$sure = strtolower(optional_param('areyousure', '', PARAM_ALPHA));
if ($sure != 'yes') {
mtrace("<pre>Sorry, you need to confirm indexing via <a href='indexersplash.php'>indexersplash.php</a>"
.". (<a href='index.php'>Back to query page</a>).</pre>");
} //if
//check for php5 (lib.php)
if (!search_check_php5()) {
$phpversion = phpversion();
mtrace("Sorry, global search requires PHP 5.0.0 or later (currently using version $phpversion)");
} //if
//php5 found, continue including php5-only files
mtrace('<pre>Server Time: '.date('r',time())."\n");
if ($CFG->search_indexer_busy == '1') {
//means indexing was not finished previously
mtrace("Warning: Indexing was not successfully completed last time, restarting.\n");
} //if
//turn on busy flag
set_config('search_indexer_busy', '1');
$index_path = SEARCH_INDEX_PATH;
$index_db_file = "$CFG->dirroot/search/db/$CFG->dbtype.sql";
//setup directory in data root
if (!file_exists($index_path)) {
mtrace("Data directory ($index_path) does not exist, attempting to create.");
if (!mkdir($index_path)) {
search_pexit("Error creating data directory at: $index_path. Please correct.");
} else {
mtrace("Directory successfully created.");
} //else
} else {
mtrace("Using $index_path as data directory.");
} //else
$index = new Zend_Search_Lucene($index_path, true);
//create the database tables
$tables = $db->MetaTables();
if (in_array($CFG->prefix.'search_documents', $tables)) {
//temporary measure - db doesn't have update scripts and I realised that cvs 1.1 db
//is incompatible with cvs 1.2! Must fix ASAP.
execute_sql('drop table '.$CFG->prefix.'search_documents', false);
ob_start(); //turn output buffering on - to hide modify_database() output
modify_database($index_db_file, '', false);
ob_end_clean(); //chuck the buffer and resume normal operation
} else {
ob_start(); //turn output buffering on - to hide modify_database() output
modify_database($index_db_file, '', false);
ob_end_clean(); //chuck the buffer and resume normal operation
} //else
//begin timer
mtrace("Starting activity modules\n");
//the presence of the required search functions -
// * mod_iterator
// * mod_get_content_for_index
//are the sole basis for including a module in the index at the moment.
if ($mods = get_records_select('modules' /*'index this module?' where statement*/)) {
$mods = array_merge($mods, search_get_additional_modules());
foreach ($mods as $mod) {
$class_file = $CFG->dirroot.'/search/documents/'.$mod->name.'_document.php';
if (file_exists($class_file)) {
$iter_function = $mod->name.'_iterator';
$index_function = $mod->name.'_get_content_for_index';
$counter = 0;
$doc = new stdClass;
if (function_exists($index_function) && function_exists($iter_function)) {
mtrace("Processing module function $index_function ...");
foreach ($iter_function() as $i) {
$documents = $index_function($i);
//begin transaction
foreach($documents as $document) {
//object to insert into db
$doc->doctype = $document->doctype;
$doc->title = search_escape_string($document->title);
$doc->url = search_escape_string($document->url);
$doc->update = time();
$doc->courseid = $document->course_id;
$doc->groupid = $document->group_id;
//insert summary into db
$id = insert_record('search_documents', $doc);
//synchronise db with index
$document->addField(Zend_Search_Lucene_Field::Keyword('dbid', $id));
//add document to index
//commit every x new documents, and print a status message
if (($counter%2000) == 0) {
mtrace(".. $counter");
} //if
} //foreach
//end transaction
} //foreach
//commit left over documents, and finish up
mtrace("-- $counter documents indexed");
} //if
} //if
} //foreach
} //if
//finished modules
mtrace('Finished activity modules');
//now blocks...
mtrace(".<br><a href='index.php'>Back to query page</a>.");
//finished, turn busy flag off
set_config("search_indexer_busy", "0");
//mark the time we last updated
set_config("search_indexer_run_date", time());
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