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* Global Search Engine for Moodle
* Michael Champanis (mchampan) []
* creation : Valery Fremaux []
* 2007/08/02
* document handling for lesson activity module
* This file contains the mapping between a lesson page and it's indexable counterpart,
* Functions for iterating and retrieving the necessary records are now also included
* in this file, rather than mod/lesson/lib.php
* @license GNU Public License
* @package search
* @version 2007110400
/* see wiki_document.php for descriptions */
* a class for representing searchable information
class LessonPageSearchDocument extends SearchDocument {
* constructor
public function __construct(&$page, $lessonmodule_id, $course_id, $itemtype, $context_id) {
// generic information
$doc->docid = $page['id'];
$doc->documenttype = SEARCH_TYPE_LESSON;
$doc->itemtype = $itemtype;
$doc->contextid = $context_id;
$doc->title = $page['title'];
$doc->author = '';
$doc->contents = $page['contents'];
$doc->date = $page['timecreated'];
$doc->url = lesson_make_link($lessonmodule_id, $page['id'], $itemtype);
// module specific information
$data->lesson = $page['lessonid'];
parent::__construct($doc, $data, $course_id, 0, 0, PATH_FOR_SEARCH_TYPE_LESSON);
} //constructor
} //LessonPageSearchDocument
* constructs a valid link to a chat content
* @param int $lessonid the lesson module
* @param int $itemid the id of a single page
* @return a well formed link to lesson page
function lesson_make_link($lessonmoduleid, $itemid, $itemtype) {
global $CFG;
if ($itemtype == 'page'){
return "{$CFG->wwwroot}/mod/lesson/view.php?id={$lessonmoduleid}&amp;pageid={$itemid}";
return $CFG->wwwroot.'/mod/lesson/view.php?id='.$lessonmoduleid;
} //lesson_make_link
* search standard API
function lesson_iterator() {
$lessons = get_records('lesson');
return $lessons;
} //lesson_iterator
* search standard API
* @param object $lesson a lesson instance (by ref)
* @return an array of searchable documents
function lesson_get_content_for_index(&$lesson) {
$documents = array();
if (!$lesson) return $documents;
$pages = get_records('lesson_pages', 'lessonid', $lesson->id);
if ($pages){
$coursemodule = get_field('modules', 'id', 'name', 'lesson');
$cm = get_record('course_modules', 'course', $lesson->course, 'module', $coursemodule, 'instance', $lesson->id);
$context = get_context_instance(CONTEXT_MODULE, $cm->id);
foreach($pages as $aPage){
$documents[] = new LessonPageSearchDocument(get_object_vars($aPage), $cm->id, $lesson->course, 'page', $context->id);
return $documents;
} //lesson_get_content_for_index
* returns a single lesson search document based on a lesson page id
* @param int $id an id for a single information item
* @param string $itemtype the type of information
function lesson_single_document($id, $itemtype) {
// only page is known yet
$page = get_record('lesson_pages', 'id', $id);
$lesson = get_record('lesson', 'id', $page->lessonid);
$coursemodule = get_field('modules', 'id', 'name', 'lesson');
$cm = get_record('course_modules', 'course', $lesson->course, 'module', $coursemodule, 'instance', $page->lessonid);
if ($cm){
$context = get_context_instance(CONTEXT_MODULE, $cm->id);
$lesson->groupid = 0;
return new LessonPageSearchDocument(get_object_vars($page), $cm->id, $lesson->course, $itemtype, $context->id);
return null;
} //lesson_single_document
* dummy delete function that aggregates id with itemtype.
* this was here for a reason, but I can't remember it at the moment.
function lesson_delete($info, $itemtype) {
$object->id = $info;
$object->itemtype = $itemtype;
return $object;
} //lesson_delete
* returns the var names needed to build a sql query for addition/deletions
function lesson_db_names() {
//[primary id], [table name], [time created field name], [time modified field name] [itemtype] [select for getting itemtype]
return array(
array('id', 'lesson_pages', 'timecreated', 'timemodified', 'page')
} //lesson_db_names
* this function handles the access policy to contents indexed as searchable documents. If this
* function does not exist, the search engine assumes access is allowed.
* When this point is reached, we already know that :
* - user is legitimate in the surrounding context
* - user may be guest and guest access is allowed to the module
* - the function may perform local checks within the module information logic
* @param string $path the access path to the module script code
* @param string $itemtype the information subclassing (usefull for complex modules, defaults to 'standard')
* @param int $this_id the item id within the information class denoted by itemtype. In lessons, this id
* points out the individual page.
* @param object $user the user record denoting the user who searches
* @param int $group_id the current group used by the user when searching
* @param int $context_id the id of the context used when indexing
* @uses CFG, USER
* @return true if access is allowed, false elsewhere
function lesson_check_text_access($path, $itemtype, $this_id, $user, $group_id, $context_id){
global $CFG, $USER;
// get the lesson page
$page = get_record('lesson_pages', 'id', $this_id);
$lesson = get_record('lesson', 'id', $page->lessonid);
$context = get_record('context', 'id', $context_id);
$cm = get_record('course_modules', 'id', $context->instanceid);
// $lesson = get_record('lesson', 'id', $page->lessonid);
// $cm = get_coursemodule_from_instance('lesson', $page->lessonid, $lesson->course);
// $context = get_context_instance(CONTEXT_MODULE, $cm->id);
if (!$cm->visible and !has_capability('moodle/course:viewhiddenactivities', $context)){
if (!empty($CFG->search_access_debug)) echo "search reject : hidden lesson ";
return false;
$lessonsuperuser = has_capability('mod/lesson:edit', $context) or has_capability('mod/lesson:manage', $context);
// approval check : entries should be approved for being viewed, or belongs to the user
if (time() < $lesson->available && !$lessonsuperuser ){
if (!empty($CFG->search_access_debug)) echo "search reject : lesson is not available ";
return false;
if ($lesson->usepassword && !$lessonsuperuser){
if (!empty($CFG->search_access_debug)) echo "search reject : password required, cannot output in searches ";
return false;
// the user have it seen yet ? did he tried one time at least
$attempt = get_record('lesson_attempts', 'lessonid', $lesson->id, 'pageid', $page->id, 'userid', $USER->id);
if (!$attempt && !$lessonsuperuser){
if (!empty($CFG->search_access_debug)) echo "search reject : never tried this lesson ";
return false;
if ($attempt && !$attempt->correct && !$lessonsuperuser && !$lesson->retake){
if (!empty($CFG->search_access_debug)) echo "search reject : one try only, still not good ";
return false;
return true;
} //lesson_check_text_access
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