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<?php //$Id$
class profile_field_menu extends profile_field_base {
var $options;
var $datakey;
* Constructor method.
* Pulls out the options for the menu from the database and sets the
* the corresponding key for the data if it exists
function profile_field_menu($fieldid=0, $userid=0) {
//first call parent constructor
$this->profile_field_base($fieldid, $userid);
/// Param 1 for menu type is the options
$options = explode("\n", $this->field->param1);
$this->options = array();
foreach($options as $key => $option) {
$this->options[$key] = format_string($option);//multilang formatting
/// Set the data key
if ($this->data !== NULL) {
$this->datakey = (int)array_search($this->data, $this->options);
* Create the code snippet for this field instance
* Overwrites the base class method
* @param object moodleform instance
function edit_field_add(&$mform) {
$mform->addElement('select', $this->inputname, format_string($this->field->name), $this->options);
* Set the default value for this field instance
* Overwrites the base class method
function edit_field_set_default(&$mform) {
$defaultkey = (int)array_search($this->field->defaultdata, $this->options);
$mform->setDefault($this->inputname, $defaultkey);
* The data from the form returns the key. This should be converted to the
* respective option string to be saved in database
* Overwrites base class accessor method
* @param integer the key returned from the select input in the form
function edit_save_data_preprocess($key) {
return isset($this->options[$key]) ? $this->options[$key] : NULL;
* When passing the user object to the form class for the edit profile page
* we should load the key for the saved data
* Overwrites the base class method
* @param object user object
function edit_load_user_data(&$user) {
$user->{$this->inputname} = $this->datakey;
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