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<p align="center"><b>Number of Attachment expected on Submissions</b></p>
<p>The number entered here determines how many &quot;upload boxes&quot; are
shown when the student submits a peice of work. The number can be zero,
that is no attachments are allowed. If attachments are expected, the number
is set to 1, 2, up to 5. Normally the number will be 0 or 1, but in some
assignments the students may be asked to submit more than one attachment.</p>
<p>If the number is set to 3, say, and the student only attaches two files to
their submission, the two files are attached and there is <b>no</b> warning
message. Thus, when submitting work (in a single operation) students can
attach an arbitary number of files to their submissions, up to the maximum
number given by this option.</p>
<p>Note this option does <b>not</b> set the maximum number of attachments a student
can add to their submission. It just determines how many &quot;upload
boxes&quot; are shown. The student is free to add more attachments to their
submission by editing that submission. This would be unusual.</p>
<p>The default value for this option is zero, that is no attachments are
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