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<p align="center"><b>Re-grading Student Assessments</b></p>
<p>This link re-calculates the &quot;Grading grades&quot; of all the student
assessments which have a corresponding teacher assessment. Normally it is
<b>not</b> necessary to action this re-calculation. Student assessments
are automatically graded after the teacher has assessed the relavant piece
of work from the student.</p>
<p>If, however, the Grading grades are felt to be too high or too low the
teacher may wish to change the &quot;Comparison of Assessments&quot; option
(by Updating the Exercise). The default value of this option is
&quot;Fair&quot;. If the grading grades are too high then setting the
option to either &quot;Strict&quot; or &quot;Very Strict&quot; will reduce
the grades. Or alternatively if the grades are too low, setting the option
to &quot; Lax&quot; or &quot;Very Lax&quot; will increase the grades.</p>
<p>If a change to the Grading grades is required the steps are:
<li>Update the Workshop with the new value of the Comparison of Assessments
<li>Go to to the Workshop's Administration page and click on the
&quot;Re-grade Student Assessments&quot; link.</li>
The new grades will be displayed. These process can be safely repeated.</p>
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