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<!-- This page defines the form to create or edit an instance of the attendance module -->
<!-- It is used from /course/mod.php. The whole instance is available as $form. -->
<!-- RJJ I'm using inline CSS styles for some stuff in this page because I want to centralize -->
<!-- the logic and styles in a single directory -->
<?php @include_once("$CFG->dirroot/mod/attendance/lib.php")
<FORM name="form" method="post" action="<?=$ME ?>">
<INPUT type="submit" value="<? print_string("savechanges") ?>">
<INPUT type="submit" name="cancel" value="<? print_string("cancel") ?>">
<TABLE cellpadding=5>
<!-- <? $options[0] = get_string("no"); $options[1] = get_string("yes"); ?> -->
<!-- <TR valign=top> -->
<!-- <TD align=right><P><B><? print_string("takeroll", "attendance") ?>:</B></P></TD> -->
<!-- <TD align=left><? choose_from_menu($options, "roll", $form->roll, "") ?></td> -->
<!-- </tr> -->
<TR valign=top>
<TD align=right><P><B><?php print_string("dayofroll", "attendance") ?>:</B></P></TD>
<TD colspan="3"><?php print_date_selector("theday", "themonth", "theyear", $form->day) ?></TD>
<tr valign=top>
<TD align="right"><P><B><?php print_string("dynamicsection", "attendance") ?>:</B></P></TD>
<TD align="left">
<input type="checkbox" name="dynsection" <?php echo !empty($form->dynsection) ? 'checked' : '' ?> >
<?php // starting with 2 to allow for the nothing value in choose_from_menu to be the default of 1
for ($i=2;$i<=24;$i++){ $opt[$i] = $i; } ?>
<TR valign=top>
<TD align=right><P><B><?php print_string("hoursinclass", "attendance") ?>:</B></P></TD>
<TD colspan="3" align="left"><?php choose_from_menu($opt, "hours", $form->hours, "1","","1") ?></td>
<tr valign=top>
<td align=right><p><b><?php print_string("notes", "attendance") ?>:</b></p></td>
<td colspan="3">
<input type="text" name="notes" size=60 value="<?php p($form->notes) ?>">
<?php // if we're modifying an existing instance of attendance instead
// of creating a new one
if ($form->id) {
// get the list of attendance records for all hours of the given day and
// put it in the array for use in the attendance table
$rolls = get_records("attendance_roll", "dayid", $form->id);
if ($rolls) {
foreach ($rolls as $roll) {
// get the list of students along with student ID field
// get back array of stdclass objects in sorted order, with members:
// id, username,firstname,lastname,maildisplay,mailformat,email,city,country,
// lastaccess,lastlogin,picture (picture is null, 0, or 1), idnumber
// build the table for attendance roll
// this is the wrapper table
echo "<table align=\"center\" width=\"80\" class=\"generalbox\"".
"border=\"0\" cellpadding=\"0\" cellspacing=\"0\"><tr>".
"<td bgcolor=\"#ffffff\" class=\"generalboxcontent\">";
// this is the main table
echo "<table width=\"100%\" border=\"0\" valign=\"top\" align=\"center\" ".
"cellpadding=\"5\" cellspacing=\"1\" class=\"generaltable\">";
if ($form->hours >1) {
echo "<tr><th valign=\"top\" align=\"right\" colspan=\"3\" nowrap class=\"generaltableheader\">".
for($i=1;$i<=$form->hours;$i++) {
echo "<th valign=\"top\" align=\"center\" colspan=\"3\" nowrap class=\"generaltableheader\">".
echo "</tr>\n";
} // if more than one hour for each day
echo "<tr><th valign=\"top\" align=\"left\" nowrap class=\"generaltableheader\">Last Name</th>\n";
echo "<th valign=\"top\" align=\"left\" nowrap class=\"generaltableheader\">First Name</th>\n";
echo "<th valign=\"top\" align=\"left\" nowrap class=\"generaltableheader\">ID</th>\n";
// generate the headers for the attendance hours
for($i=1;$i<=$form->hours;$i++) {
echo "<th valign=\"top\" align=\"center\" nowrap class=\"generaltableheader\">".$P."</th>\n";
echo "<th valign=\"top\" align=\"center\" nowrap class=\"generaltableheader\">".$T."</th>\n";
echo "<th valign=\"top\" align=\"center\" nowrap class=\"generaltableheader\">".$A."</th>\n";
echo "</tr>\n";
$table->head = array("Last Name","First Name","ID",
$table->align = array("left", "left", "left", "center","center","center");
$table->wrap = array("nowrap", "nowrap", "nowrap", "nowrap", "nowrap", "nowrap");
$table->width = "80";
$students = attendance_get_course_students($form->course, "u.lastname ASC");
foreach ($students as $student) {
echo "<tr><td align=\"left\" nowrap class=\"generaltablecell\" style=\"border-top: 1px solid;\">".$student->lastname."</td>\n";
echo "<td align=\"left\" nowrap class=\"generaltablecell\" style=\"border-top: 1px solid;\">".$student->firstname."</td>\n";
echo "<td align=\"left\" nowrap class=\"generaltablecell\" style=\"border-top: 1px solid;\">".$student->idnumber."</td>\n";
for($j=1;$j<=$form->hours;$j++) {
// set the attendance defaults for each student
$r1c=$r2c=$r3c=" ";
$rollstatus = (($form->edited==0)?$CFG->attendance_default_student_status:$sroll[$student->id][$j]->status);
if ($rollstatus==1) {$r2c="checked";}
elseif ($rollstatus==2) {$r3c="checked";}
else {$r1c="checked";}
$radio1="<input type=\"radio\" name=\"student_".$student->id."_".$j."\" value=\"0\" ".$r1c.">";
$radio2="<input type=\"radio\" name=\"student_".$student->id."_".$j."\" value=\"1\" ".$r2c.">";
$radio3="<input type=\"radio\" name=\"student_".$student->id."_".$j."\" value=\"2\" ".$r3c.">";
echo "<td align=\"left\" nowrap class=\"generaltablecell\" style=\"border-left: 1px dotted; border-top: 1px solid;\">".$radio1."</td>\n";
echo "<td align=\"left\" nowrap class=\"generaltablecell\" style=\"border-top: 1px solid;\">".$radio2."</td>\n";
echo "<td align=\"left\" nowrap class=\"generaltablecell\" style=\"border-top: 1px solid;\">".$radio3."</td>\n";
} // for loop
echo "</tr>\n";
// $radio1="<input type=\"radio\" name=\"student_".$student->id."\" value=\"0\" checked>";
// $radio2="<input type=\"radio\" name=\"student_".$student->id."\" value=\"1\">";
// $radio3="<input type=\"radio\" name=\"student_".$student->id."\" value=\"2\">";
// $table->data[$i]=array($student->lastname, $student->firstname,
// $student->idnumber, $radio1,$radio2,$radio3);
// $i++;
// doing the table manually now
// print_table($table);
// ending for both the tables
echo "</table></td></tr></table>\n";
} // if ($form->id)
<!-- These hidden variables are always the same -->
<INPUT type="hidden" name=course value="<?php p($form->course) ?>">
<INPUT type="hidden" name=coursemodule value="<?php p($form->coursemodule) ?>">
<INPUT type="hidden" name=section value="<?php p($form->section) ?>">
<INPUT type="hidden" name=module value="<?php p($form->module) ?>">
<INPUT type="hidden" name=modulename value="<?php p($form->modulename) ?>">
<INPUT type="hidden" name=instance value="<?php p($form->instance) ?>">
<INPUT type="hidden" name=mode value="<?php p($form->mode) ?>">
<BR />
echo "<a href=\"../mod/attendance/add.php?id=".$form->course . "&section=".$form->section ."\">Add multiple rolls</a><br /><br />";
<INPUT type="submit" value="<?php print_string("savechanges") ?>">
<INPUT type="submit" name="cancel" value="<?php print_string("cancel") ?>">
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