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<?PHP // $Id$
// This function fetches math. images from the data directory
// If not, it obtains the corresponding TeX expression from the cache_tex db table
// and uses mimeTeX to create the image file
$nomoodlecookie = true; // Because it interferes with caching
$CFG->texfilterdir = "filter/tex";
$CFG->teximagedir = "filter/tex";
$query = urldecode($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']);
if ($query) {
$output = $query;
$splitpos = strpos($query,'&')-4;
$texexp = substr($query,4,$splitpos);
$md5 = md5($texexp);
if (strpos($query,'ShowDB') || strpos($query,'DeleteDB')) {
$texcache = get_record("cache_filters","filter","tex", "md5key", $md5);
if (strpos($query,'ShowDB')) {
if ($texcache) {
$output = "DB cache_filters entry for $texexp\n";
$output .= "id = $texcache->id\n";
$output .= "filter = $texcache->filter\n";
$output .= "version = $texcache->version\n";
$output .= "md5key = $texcache->md5key\n";
$output .= "rawtext = $texcache->rawtext\n";
$output .= "timemodified = $texcache->timemodified\n";
} else {
$output = "DB cache_filters entry for $texexp not found\n";
if (strpos($query,'DeleteDB')) {
if ($texcache) {
$output = "Deleting DB cache_filters entry for $texexp\n";
$result = delete_records("cache_filters","id",$texcache->id);
if ($result) {
$result = 1;
} else {
$result = 0;
$output .= "Number of records deleted = $result\n";
} else {
$output = "Could not delete DB cache_filters entry for $texexp\nbecause it could not be found.\n";
if (strpos($query,'ShowImage')) {
} else {
function outputText($texexp) {
header("Content-type: text/html");
echo "<html><body><pre>\n";
if ($texexp) {
$texexp = str_replace('<','&lt;',$texexp);
$texexp = str_replace('>','&gt;',$texexp);
$texexp = str_replace('"','&quot;',$texexp);
echo "$texexp\n\n";
} else {
echo "No text output available\n\n";
echo "</pre></body></html>\n";
function tex2image($texexp) {
global $CFG;
$error_message1 = "Your system is not configured to run mimeTeX. ";
$error_message1 .= "You need to download the appropriate<br> executable ";
$error_message1 .= "from <a href=\"\">";
$error_message1 .= "</a>, or obtain the ";
$error_message1 .= "C source<br> from <a href=\"\">";
$error_message1 .= "</a>, compile it and ";
$error_message1 .= "put the executable into your<br> moodle/filter/tex/ directory. ";
$error_message1 .= "You also need to edit your moodle/filter/tex/pix.php file<br>";
$error_message1 .= ' by adding the line<br><pre> case "' . PHP_OS . "\":\n";
$error_message1 .= " \$cmd = \"\\\\\"\$CFG->dirroot/\$CFG->texfilterdir/";
$error_message1 .= 'mimetex.' . strtolower(PHP_OS) . "\\\\\" -e \\\\\"\$pathname\\\\\" \". escapeshellarg(\$texexp);";
$error_message1 .= "</pre>You also need to add this to your texdebug.php file.";
if ($texexp) {
$texexp = '\Large ' . $texexp;
$lifetime = 86400;
$image = md5($texexp) . ".gif";
$filetype = 'image/gif';
if (!file_exists("$CFG->dataroot/$CFG->teximagedir")) {
$pathname = "$CFG->dataroot/$CFG->teximagedir/$image";
if (file_exists($pathname)) {
$commandpath = "";
$cmd = "";
switch (PHP_OS) {
case "Linux":
$cmd = "\"$CFG->dirroot/$CFG->texfilterdir/mimetex.linux\" -e \"$pathname\" ". escapeshellarg($texexp);
case "WINNT":
case "WIN32":
case "Windows":
$texexp = str_replace('"','\"',$texexp);
$cmd = str_replace(' ','^ ',$commandpath);
$cmd .= " ++ -e \"$pathname\" \"$texexp\"";
case "Darwin":
$cmd = "\"$CFG->dirroot/$CFG->texfilterdir/mimetex.darwin\" -e \"$pathname\" ". escapeshellarg($texexp);
if (!$cmd) {
system($cmd, $status);
if ($texexp && file_exists($pathname)) {
$lastmodified = filemtime($pathname);
header("Last-Modified: " . gmdate("D, d M Y H:i:s", $lastmodified) . " GMT");
header("Expires: " . gmdate("D, d M Y H:i:s", time() + $lifetime) . " GMT");
header("Cache-control: max_age = $lifetime"); // a day
header("Pragma: ");
header("Content-disposition: inline; filename=$image");
header("Content-length: ".filesize($pathname));
header("Content-type: $filetype");
} else {
$ecmd = "$cmd 2>&1";
echo `$ecmd` . "<br>\n";
echo "The shell command<br>$cmd<br>returned status = $status<br>\n";
if ($status == 4) {
echo "Status corresponds to illegal instruction<br>\n";
} else if ($status == 11) {
echo "Status corresponds to bus error<br>\n";
} else if ($status == 22) {
echo "Status corresponds to abnormal termination<br>\n";
if (file_exists($commandpath)) {
echo "File size of mimetex executable $commandpath is " . filesize($commandpath) . "<br>";
echo "The file permissions are: " . decoct(fileperms($commandpath)) . "<br>";
if (function_exists("md5_file")) {
echo "The md5 checksum of the file is " . md5_file($commandpath) . "<br>";
} else {
$handle = fopen($commandpath,"rb");
$contents = fread($handle,16384);
echo "The md5 checksum of the first 16384 bytes is " . md5($contents) . "<br>";
} else {
echo "mimetex executable $commandpath not found!<br>";
echo "Image not found!";
<head><title>TeX Filter Debugger</title></head>
<p>Please enter an algebraic expression <b>without</b> any surrounding $$ into
the text box below. (Click <a href="#help">here for help.</a>)
<form action="texdebug.php" method="get"
<input type="text" name="tex" size=50
<li>First click on this button <input type="submit" name="ShowDB" value="Show DB Entry">
to see the cache_filters database entry for this expression.</li>
<li>If the database entry looks corrupt, click on this button to delete it:
<input type="submit" name="DeleteDB" value="Delete DB Entry"></li>
<li>Finally click on this button <input type="submit" name="ShowImage" value="Show Image">
to show a graphic image of the algebraic expression.</li>
</form> <br> <br>
<iframe name="inlineframe" align="middle" width="80%" height="200">
&lt;p&gt;Something is wrong...&lt;/p&gt;
</center> <br>
<a name="help">
<h2>Debugging Help</h2>
<p>First a brief overview of how the TeX filter works. The TeX filter first
searches the database cache_filters table to see if this TeX expression had been
processed before. If not, it adds a DB entry for that expression. It then
replaces the TeX expression by an &lt;img src=&quot;.../filter/tex/pix.php...&quot;&gt;
tag. The filter/tex/pix.php script then searches the database to find an
appropriate gif image file for that expression and to create one if it doesn't exist.
Here are a few common things that can go wrong and some suggestions on how
you might try to fix them.</p>
<li>Something had gone wrong on a previous occasion when the filter tried to
process this expression. Then the database entry for that expression contains
a bad TeX expression in the rawtext field (usually blank). You can fix this
by clicking on &quot;Delete DB Entry&quot;</li>
<li>The TeX to gif image conversion process does not work. If your server is
running Unix, a likely cause is that the mimetex binary you are using is
incompatible with your operating system. You can try compiling it from the
C sources downloaded from <a href=""></a>, or looking for an appropriate
binary at <a href=""></a>. You may then also need to
edit your moodle/filter/tex/pix.php file to add
<br /><?PHP echo "case &quot;" . PHP_OS . "&quot;:" ;?><br ?> to the list of operating systems
in the switch (PHP_OS) statement. Windows users may have a problem properly
unzipping mimetex.exe. Make sure that mimetex.exe is is <b>PRECISELY</b>
328192 bytes in size. If not, download a fresh copy from
<a href=""></a>.
Another possible problem which may affect
both Unix and Windows servers is that the web server doesn't have execute permission
on the mimetex binary. In that case change permissions accordingly</li>
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