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<?PHP // $Id$
/// Load libraries
/// Parameters
$orderid = optional_param('order', 0, PARAM_INT);
$courseid = optional_param('course', SITEID, PARAM_INT);
$userid = optional_param('user', 0, PARAM_INT);
/// Only site users can access to this page
require_login(); // Don't use $courseid! User may want to see old orders.
if (isguest()) {
error("Guests cannot use this page.");
/// Load strings. All strings should be defined here. locallib.php uses these strings.
$strs = get_strings(array('user','status','action','delete','time','course','confirm','yes','no','all','none','error'));
$authstrs = get_strings(array('paymentmanagement','orderid','void','capture','refund','delete',
'howmuch','captureyes','unenrolstudent'), 'enrol_authorize');
/// Print header
if (!$course = get_record('course', 'id', $courseid)) {
error('Could not find that course');
print_header_simple("$authstrs->paymentmanagement", "", "<a href=\"index.php\">$authstrs->paymentmanagement</a>");
/// If orderid is empty, user wants to see all orders
if (empty($orderid)) {
} else {
/// Print footer
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