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<?php // $Id$
// This file facilitates the conversion of a Blackboard course export
// into a Moodle course export. It assumes an unzipped directory and makes in-place alterations.
defined('MOODLE_INTERNAL') or die('Direct access to this script is forbidden.');
// Ziba Scott <> 10-25-04
function get_subdirs($directory){
$opendirectory = opendir( $directory );
while($filename = readdir($opendirectory)) {
if (is_dir($directory.$filename) and $filename != ".." and $filename != "."){
$subdirs[] = $filename;
return $subdirs;
function choose_bb_xsl($manifest){
$f = fopen($manifest,"r");
$buffer = fgets($f, 400);
$buffer = fgets($f, 400);
if (strstr($buffer,"xmlns:bb=\"\"")){
return "bb6_to_moodle.xsl";
return "bb5.5_to_moodle.xsl";
function blackboard_convert($dir){
global $CFG;
// Check for a Blackboard manifest file
if (is_readable($dir.'/imsmanifest.xml')){
if (!function_exists('xslt_create')) { // XSLT MUST be installed for this to work
notify('You need the XSLT library installed in PHP to open this Blackboard file');
return false;
//Select the proper XSL file
$xslt_file = choose_bb_xsl($dir.'/imsmanifest.xml');
//TODO: Use the get_string function for this
echo "<li>Converting Blackboard export</li>";
// The XSL file must be in the same directory as the Blackboard files when it is processed
if (!copy($CFG->dirroot."/backup/bb/$xslt_file", "$dir/$xslt_file")) {
notify('Could not copy the XSLT file to '."$dir/$xslt_file");
return false;
// Change to that directory
$startdir = getcwd();
// Process the Blackboard XML files with the chosen XSL file.
// The imsmanifest contains all the XML files and their relationships.
// The XSL processor will open them as needed.
$xsltproc = xslt_create();
if (!xslt_process($xsltproc, 'imsmanifest.xml', "$dir/$xslt_file", "$dir/moodle.xml")) {
notify('Failed writing xml file');
return false;
// Copy the Blackboard course files into the moodle course_files structure
$subdirs = get_subdirs($dir."/");
foreach ($subdirs as $subdir){
rename($subdir, "course_files/$subdir");
// Blackboard export successfully converted
return true;
// This is not a Blackboard export
return true;
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