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<?php // $Id$
* Order status used in enrol_authorize table.
* NONE: New order or order is in progress. TransactionID hasn't received yet.
* AUTH: Authorized/Pending Capture.
* CAPTURE: Captured.
* AUTHCAPTURE: Authorized/Captured
* CREDIT: Refunded.
* VOID: Cancelled.
* EXPIRE: Expired. Orders be expired unless be accepted within 30 days.
* TEST: Tested. It means created in TEST mode and TransactionID is 0.
define('AN_STATUS_NONE', 0x00);
define('AN_STATUS_AUTH', 0x01);
define('AN_STATUS_CAPTURE', 0x02);
define('AN_STATUS_AUTHCAPTURE', 0x03);
define('AN_STATUS_CREDIT', 0x04);
define('AN_STATUS_VOID', 0x08);
define('AN_STATUS_EXPIRE', 0x10);
define('AN_STATUS_TEST', 0x80);
* Actions used in authorizenet_action function.
* NONE: No action. Function always returns false.
* AUTH_ONLY: Used to authorize only, don't capture.
* CAPTURE_ONLY: Authorization code received from a bank over the phone and capture now.
* PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE: Used to capture, it was authorized before.
* AUTH_CAPTURE: Used to authorize and capture.
* CREDIT: Used to return funds to a customer's credit card.
* VOID: Used to cancel an exiting pending transaction.
* Credit rules:
* 1. It can be credited within 120 days after the original authorization was obtained.
* 2. Amount can be any amount up to the original amount charged.
* 3. Captured/pending settlement transactions cannot be credited,
* instead a void must be issued to cancel the settlement.
* NOTE: It assigns a new transactionID to the original transaction.
* We should save it, so admin can cancel new transaction if it is a mistake return.
* Void rules:
* 1. These requests effectively cancel the Capture request that would start the funds transfer process.
* 2. It mustn't be settled. Please set up settlement date correctly.
* 3. These transactions can be voided:
* authorized/pending capture, captured/pending settlement, credited/pending settlement
define('AN_ACTION_NONE', 0);
define('AN_ACTION_AUTH_ONLY', 1);
define('AN_ACTION_CREDIT', 5);
define('AN_ACTION_VOID', 6);
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