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<?PHP // $Id$
// simpletest.php - created with Moodle 1.7 beta + (2006101003)
$string['all'] = 'ALL';
$string['exception'] = 'Exception';
$string['fail'] = 'Fail';
$string['ignorefile'] = 'Ignore tests in the file';
$string['ignorethisfile'] = 'Re-run the tests ignoring this test file.';
$string['moodleunittests'] = 'Moodle unit tests: $a';
$string['notice'] = 'Notice';
$string['onlytest'] = 'Only run tests in';
$string['pass'] = 'Pass';
$string['pathdoesnotexist'] = 'The path \'$a\' does not exist.';
$string['retest'] = 'Re-run the tests';
$string['retestonlythisfile'] = 'Re-run only this test file.';
$string['runall'] = 'Run the tests from all the test files.';
$string['runat'] = 'Run at $a.';
$string['runonlyfile'] = 'Run only the tests in this file';
$string['runonlyfolder'] = 'Run only the tests in this folder';
$string['runtests'] = 'Run tests';
$string['rununittests'] = 'Run the unit tests';
$string['showpasses'] = 'Show passes as well as fails.';
$string['showsearch'] = 'Show the search for test files.';
$string['stacktrace'] = 'Stack trace:';
$string['summary'] = '{$a->run}/{$a->total} test cases complete: <strong>{$a->passes}</strong> passes, <strong>{$a->fails}</strong> fails and <strong>{$a->exceptions}</strong> exceptions.';
$string['thorough'] = 'Run a thorough test (may be slow).';
$string['uncaughtexception'] = 'Uncaught exception [{$a->getMessage()}] in [{$a->getFile()}:{$a->getLine()}] TESTS ABORTED.';
$string['unittests'] = 'Unit tests';
$string['version'] = 'Using <a href=\"\">SimpleTest</a> version $a.';
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