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<table width="100%" cellpadding="5">
<td class="c0"><label for="name"><?php echo get_string('fieldname', 'data'); ?></label></td>
<td class="c1"><input class="fieldname" type="text" name="name" id="name" value="<?php p($this->field->name); ?>" /></td>
<td class="c0"><label for="description"><?php echo get_string('fielddescription', 'data'); ?></label></td>
<td class="c1"><input class="fielddescription" type="text" name="description" id="description" value="<?php p($this->field->description);?>" /></td>
<td class="c0"><label for="param3">
<?php echo get_string('maxsize', 'data'); ?></label></td>
<td class="c1">
$course->maxbytes = $DB->get_field('course', 'maxbytes', array('id'=>$this->data->course));
$choices = get_max_upload_sizes($CFG->maxbytes, $course->maxbytes);
echo html_writer::label($this->field->param3, 'menuparam3', false, array('class' => 'accesshide'));
echo html_writer::select($choices, 'param3', $this->field->param3, false, array('id' => 'param3'));
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