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<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Grading the Peer Comments</B></P>
<P>This screen is used to enter the teacher's grades for the comments made
by the students during the peer grading phase of the assignment. A relatively
simple grading is used, the score out of 20. The treacher can decide what is
being graded and the relative scores from the instructions given to the students
before the peer grading started. For example, at a higher level the students may be
required to give critical comments, at an intermediate level the students may be
required to point out strengths and weaknesses, and at a lower level the students
may be simply pointing out errors and inaccuracies.
<P>The comments are grouped together by submission, that is each set of
comments refers to the same piece of work. If available the teacher's own
comments are shown first as a kind of benchmark.
<P>Note that this screen can be used iteratively and there is no need to grade all
the comments in one go. Indeed it may be desirable to regrade some of the
comments once the &quot;standard&quot; of the comments has been established.
<P>The grades of comments that have been scored are
saved by clicking on the apprpriate button at the foot of the page. Once the
teacher is happy with all the comment grades the next step is to calculate
the Final Grades.
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