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<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>Managing a Peer Graded Assignment</B></P>
<P>A Peer Graded Assignment is more complex than an ordinary assignment.
It involves a number of steps or phases. These are
<LI>The assessment of a peer assignment should be broken into a number
of assessment ELEMENTS. This makes the grading of an assignment less
arbitary and gives the students a framework on which to make assessments.
The teacher has the role of setting up the assessment elements thus making a
grading page. (See that page for more details.)
<LI>With the grading page set up the assignment is made available to students.
There is a submission deadline for the work done by the students. During this
phase the teacher can, if desired, grade some or all of the submissions. The
grading need not be final, the grades are used as a guide in the next phase...
<LI>After the submission deadline has passed, the teacher moves the assignment
to the peer grading phase. First each student is allocated a random selection
of the submitted pieces of work. If there is a sufficient number of <b>graded</b>
submissions, the system ensures that each student is allocated at least one
&quot;good&quot; piece of work and at least one &quot;poor&quot; piece of work.
Each student now has a number of pieces of work to grade. This must be done
within the &quot;Grading&quot; deadline. A student can comment on these
assessments (made by other students) of their own peice of work and they
can go back for re-grading if the student is not happy with some aspect.
That loop continues until either the student is happy with the amended
assessment, the deadline for grading is reached or the teacher intervenes
in the process.
<LI>After the grading deadline has passed the teacher must grade the comments
made by the students on submissions. This is a single grade score. Once the
comments has be graded the teacher can calculate the final grades of the students.
These final grades are normally made up of three components, teacher's grade,
mean peer grade and grading performance. The later is mainly the mean score
entered by the teacher against a student's comments. This three components are
first weighted before the calculation takes place.
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