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<P ALIGN=CENTER><B>When to display Grades</B></P>
<P>A peer graded assignment can have either of these characteristics:
<LI>In the peer grading phase the students see the feedback on the
assessment elements, the general comment and the grades given
by the other students. The students are shown both the individual
assessment element grades and their overall grade. This may lead
into more disputes than the second type of peer graded assignment...
<LI>In the peer grading phase the students see only the feadback on the
assessment elements and the general comment made by
the other students. The grades for the individual assessment elements are
not revealed (although they are held in the system). Further, the students
do not see their overall grades as given by their peers. Only when the
comments have been agreed are the grades (and the overall grade)
shown. This type of peer graded assignment is likely to be less
contentious than the first type.
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