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2002-11-14 Thursday 10:43 moodler
* lang/es_es/: assignment.php, choice.php, forum.php, journal.php,
moodle.php, quiz.php, resource.php, survey.php:
Changes from Antonio to bring it up to date with!
2002-11-14 Thursday 10:33 moodler
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Update course cache when creating new standard forums!
2002-11-13 Wednesday 23:23 moodler
* lang/ca/: README, assignment.php, choice.php, forum.php,
journal.php, moodle.php, quiz.php, reading.php, resource.php,
survey.php, docs/module_files.txt, help/coursecategory.html,
help/courseformats.html, help/coursefullname.html,
help/coursenewsitems.html, help/coursenumsections.html,
help/courseshortname.html, help/coursestartdate.html,
help/enrolmentkey.html, help/guestaccess.html, help/picture.html,
help/questions.html, help/surveys.html, help/text.html,
help/forum/allowdiscussions.html, help/forum/attachment.html,
help/forum/forumtype.html, help/forum/ratings.html,
help/forum/subscription.html, help/reading/readingtype.html,
Catalan translation by Carles Bellver (with the help of Mercè
Renau, Clara Andrés and Jordi Adell).
2002-11-13 Wednesday 21:49 moodler
* lang/es_es/: assignment.php, choice.php, forum.php, journal.php,
moodle.php, quiz.php, resource.php, survey.php:
Spanish (Spain) provided by Antonio Navarro (based on es_mx)
2002-11-13 Wednesday 21:30 moodler
* lang/de/moodle.php:
Returning to previous version
2002-11-13 Wednesday 20:09 moodler
* admin/forcetables.php:
Small script to force tables to be created even if the database
already contains tables ... useful for sharing with other
2002-11-13 Wednesday 14:26 moodler
* login/index.php:
WHoops bad typo ... made everyone a guest!
2002-11-13 Wednesday 10:11 moodler
* login/index.php:
Guest language ALWAYS the same as the current site language
2002-11-13 Wednesday 01:20 moodler
* theme/: standard/header.html, standardblue/header.html,
standardgreen/header.html, standardlogo/header.html,
Improvements in appearance for Netscape browsers
2002-11-13 Wednesday 01:20 moodler
* mod/quiz/: lib.php, report.php:
Improvements to formatting on old Netscape browsers
2002-11-12 Tuesday 22:19 paca70
* lang/fi/: moodle.php, quiz.php:
More updates
2002-11-12 Tuesday 21:28 compuproggy
* lang/de/help/courserecent.html:
[no log message]
2002-11-12 Tuesday 21:21 compuproggy
* lang/de/: help/courserecent.html, moodle.php:
[no log message]
2002-11-12 Tuesday 20:10 paca70
* auth/ldap/: lib.php, README-LDAP:
added support for list users from ldap.
2002-11-12 Tuesday 14:00 paca70
* lang/fi/: assignment.php, forum.php, moodle.php:
Some updates
2002-11-12 Tuesday 13:05 moodler
* mod/assignment/lib.php:
Small fix just in case numfiles isn't set ... it will still try to
display files if timemodified is set ... workaround for possible
2002-11-12 Tuesday 12:59 moodler
* mod/assignment/upload.php:
Small tweak to specify specifically number of files in an update
2002-11-12 Tuesday 12:29 moodler
* version.php:
Updated version number
2002-11-12 Tuesday 12:26 moodler
* version.php, course/edit.html, course/topics.php,
course/weeks.php, lang/en/moodle.php,
lang/en/help/courserecent.html, lib/db/mysql.php, lib/db/mysql.sql:
New course option to enable/disable display of "recent activity"
2002-11-12 Tuesday 11:02 moodler
* user/: index.php, lib.php:
For very large classes don't even try to show all the participants
2002-11-12 Tuesday 10:19 moodler
* theme/: standard/header.html, standardblue/header.html,
standardgreen/header.html, standardlogo/header.html,
Better looking headings with right-to-left languages
2002-11-11 Monday 20:27 compuproggy
* lang/de/survey.php:
[no log message]
2002-11-11 Monday 16:35 moodler
2002-11-11 Monday 16:32 moodler
* lang/pt_br/help/assignment/assignmenttype.html:
Missing file
2002-11-11 Monday 16:28 moodler
* doc/release.html:
Slight update to release notes for clarity
2002-11-11 Monday 16:25 moodler
* version.php, lib/db/mysql.php:
Updated version for final release of
2002-11-11 Monday 16:25 moodler
* course/mod.php:
Slightly more info in error message
2002-11-11 Monday 16:03 moodler
* admin/user.php:
30 per page
2002-11-11 Monday 15:58 moodler
* admin/user.php:
Rearranged code so some output is printed before tackling the big
2002-11-11 Monday 05:48 compuproggy
* lang/de/moodle.php:
[no log message]
2002-11-10 Sunday 22:45 moodler
* course/: lib.php, mod.php:
Update course cache when modules are moved up or down
2002-11-10 Sunday 22:05 moodler
* doc/top.php:
Put a menu on the documentation
2002-11-10 Sunday 22:03 moodler
* mod/resource/view.php:
Use #defines for resource types ... just esthetics
2002-11-10 Sunday 19:44 moodler
* mod/journal/edit.php:
Added navmenu for journal edit page
2002-11-10 Sunday 19:14 moodler
* index.php:
Fixed front page display of modules
2002-11-10 Sunday 19:10 moodler
* version.php, doc/release.html:
New info, ready for release
2002-11-10 Sunday 19:00 moodler
* admin/user.php:
Added paging now, so this page is now usable with many users
2002-11-10 Sunday 18:40 moodler
* lang/en/moodle.php:
New string
2002-11-10 Sunday 18:19 moodler
* admin/user.php:
Starting to speed up this page
2002-11-10 Sunday 16:55 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php:
More sensible varible names
2002-11-10 Sunday 16:55 moodler
* course/lib.php:
print_section now uses cached course modinfo to lessen load in
2002-11-10 Sunday 16:43 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php, mod/assignment/index.php,
mod/choice/index.php, mod/forum/discuss.php, mod/forum/index.php,
mod/forum/post.php, mod/journal/index.php, mod/quiz/index.php,
mod/resource/index.php, mod/survey/index.php:
Added navmenu in more places
2002-11-10 Sunday 16:08 moodler
* lib/weblib.php:
Fix to break out of frames
2002-11-10 Sunday 15:59 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Typo in navmenu
2002-11-10 Sunday 15:57 moodler
* CHANGES, index.php, version.php, doc/release.html:
Bring back button to home page, update versions etc
2002-11-10 Sunday 15:44 moodler
* theme/: standardblue/header.html, standardgreen/header.html,
standardlogo/header.html, standardred/header.html:
Added menu stuff to other themes
2002-11-10 Sunday 15:37 moodler
* version.php, course/lib.php, course/mod.php, course/social.php,
course/topics.php, course/weeks.php, lang/en/moodle.php,
lib/moodlelib.php, lib/weblib.php, lib/db/mysql.php,
lib/db/mysql.sql, mod/assignment/view.php, mod/choice/view.php,
mod/forum/view.php, mod/journal/view.php, mod/quiz/view.php,
mod/resource/view.php, mod/survey/view.php,
theme/standard/header.html, theme/standard/styles.css,
theme/standardblue/styles.css, theme/standardgreen/styles.css,
theme/standardlogo/styles.css, theme/standardred/styles.css:
Changes to enable jumping between activity modules, using a new
menu in the upper-right corner. Caution: Not well tested at this
2002-11-09 Saturday 16:35 moodler
* lang/es_mx/: assignment.php, forum.php, moodle.php:
Latest from Gilberto
2002-11-09 Saturday 14:52 moodler
* version.php:
New version date
2002-11-09 Saturday 14:29 moodler
* lang/en/survey.php, mod/survey/graph.php:
Use course setting for "student"
2002-11-09 Saturday 14:24 moodler
* mod/survey/db/mysql.php:
WHoops typo
2002-11-09 Saturday 14:22 moodler
* lang/en/survey.php, mod/survey/details.php,
mod/survey/download.php, mod/survey/graph.php, mod/survey/lib.php,
mod/survey/mod.html, mod/survey/report.php, mod/survey/version.php,
mod/survey/view.php, mod/survey/db/mysql.php,
FINALLY! Surveys are now translatable! :-)
2002-11-08 Friday 09:33 moodler
* lib/setup.php:
Using LOCALE defines, not strings
2002-11-07 Thursday 20:05 moodler
* lang/pt_br/: assignment.php, forum.php, moodle.php:
Modified files from Fabricio
2002-11-07 Thursday 19:18 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Header "login" link now breaks out of possible frame
2002-11-07 Thursday 17:34 moodler
* version.php:
Update for course format changes etc
2002-11-07 Thursday 17:30 moodler
* course/: social.php, topics.php, weeks.php:
Fixes to course display, tidy up of some code (could do with more)
and mainly - addition of section 0 display.
2002-11-07 Thursday 16:53 compuproggy
* lang/de/: assignment.php, forum.php, moodle.php, quiz.php,
[no log message]
2002-11-07 Thursday 11:01 moodler
* doc/: install.html, teacher.html:
2002-11-06 Wednesday 23:46 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Make a $homepage flag for use in footers
2002-11-06 Wednesday 17:13 moodler
* lang/en/forum.php, mod/forum/search.php:
Fixed some more missing strings
2002-11-06 Wednesday 16:54 moodler
* mod/assignment/submissions.php:
Fixes and simplification
2002-11-06 Wednesday 16:44 moodler
* mod/assignment/view.php:
Bug fix on record counting
2002-11-06 Wednesday 16:30 moodler
* CHANGES, version.php, doc/release.html:
New version and release notes for
2002-11-06 Wednesday 16:24 moodler
* lang/en/assignment.php:
New string
2002-11-06 Wednesday 16:24 moodler
* course/mod.php:
Add link to module editing ... back to module type list
2002-11-06 Wednesday 16:12 moodler
* mod/assignment/: lib.php, mod.html, submissions.php, version.php,
view.php, db/mysql.php:
Added new type of assignment - offline.
This type of assignment doesn't require anything of the student
online, it just tells them about an assignment and the teacher can
provide feedback and grades. Useful for offline activities, and
also for the teacher to add manual columns to the grades page
2002-11-06 Wednesday 15:54 moodler
* course/loginas.php, lib/moodlelib.php:
When using loginas to be a student, you can now return to being
yourself using a link in the footer. Improvements to footer
2002-11-06 Wednesday 15:40 moodler
* lang/en/forum.php:
Added string for search results
2002-11-06 Wednesday 15:40 moodler
* mod/: journal/index.php, forum/search.php:
Language fixes
2002-11-06 Wednesday 00:47 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Fixed notices a bit
2002-11-06 Wednesday 00:38 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php, lang/en/moodle.php:
Fixes to prevent teachers using loginas to enter other courses as
that student
2002-11-05 Tuesday 15:06 moodler
* doc/credits.html:
Minor wording changes
2002-11-05 Tuesday 15:04 moodler
* doc/credits.html:
Added Spanish
2002-11-05 Tuesday 14:34 compuproggy
* lang/de/: forum.php, moodle.php:
[no log message]
2002-11-05 Tuesday 14:06 moodler
* version.php, lang/en/moodle.php, lib/defaults.php,
admin/config.html, lib/moodlelib.php:
Added SMTP authentication for email delivery
2002-11-03 Sunday 22:35 moodler
* lang/de/help/assignment/assignmenttype.html:
Checking in for Holger
2002-11-03 Sunday 17:34 moodler
* lang/en/help/assignment/assignmenttype.html:
Simple help about assignment types
2002-11-03 Sunday 01:34 moodler
* lang/pt_br/: assignment.php, forum.php, moodle.php, quiz.php:
Changes from Fabricio Valadares
2002-11-01 Friday 10:53 moodler
* lang/es_mx/: assignment.php, choice.php, forum.php, journal.php,
moodle.php, quiz.php, resource.php, survey.php:
Updates from Claudio
2002-11-01 Friday 09:11 moodler
* login/index.php:
New guest language is same as site
2002-10-31 Thursday 13:52 compuproggy
* lang/de/moodle.php:
[no log message]
2002-10-31 Thursday 03:20 paca70
* lang/fi/help/: coursecategory.html, courseformats.html,
coursefullname.html, coursenewsitems.html, coursenumsections.html,
courseshortname.html, coursestartdate.html, enrolmentkey.html,
guestaccess.html, html.html, picture.html, questions.html,
surveys.html, teachers.html, text.html, resource/resourcetype.html,
resource/summary.html, forum/allowdiscussions.html,
forum/attachment.html, forum/forumtype.html, forum/ratings.html,
forum/subscription.html, choice/options.html:
Initial Finnish translation
2002-10-30 Wednesday 10:40 moodler
* lang/es_mx/moodle.php:
Updated name of thislanguage
2002-10-30 Wednesday 10:19 moodler
* version.php:
Updated version a little
2002-10-30 Wednesday 10:09 moodler
* lang/ar/: assignment.php, choice.php, forum.php, journal.php,
moodle.php, quiz.php, resource.php, survey.php:
A very early Arabic translation
2002-10-30 Wednesday 10:00 moodler
* lang/es_mx/: assignment.php, choice.php, forum.php, journal.php,
moodle.php, quiz.php, resource.php, survey.php:
Spanish translation (Mexican flavour) from Gilberto Rodríguez et al
2002-10-30 Wednesday 00:47 moodler
Checking in CHanges to be part of a 1.0.6 rebuild to include the
last few days of minor changes (documentation etc)
2002-10-29 Tuesday 23:33 moodler
* lib/setup.php:
On second thoughts, don't apply locale to numbers because it may
affect some calculations. Just strings and times.
2002-10-29 Tuesday 23:25 moodler
* lib/setup.php:
Use the locale to set everything (eg string conversions,
comparisons, money numbers etc instead of just the time)
2002-10-29 Tuesday 23:02 moodler
* doc/: background.html, credits.html, developer.html,
features.html, future.html, install.html, intro.html, licence.html,
release.html, teacher.html, upgrade.html:
Fixed links back to top
2002-10-29 Tuesday 22:57 moodler
* lang/en/moodle.php:
added documentation
2002-10-29 Tuesday 22:48 moodler
* doc/: background.html, contents.html, contents.php, index.php,
install.html, release.html, top.php, view.php:
Improvements to documentation formatting, content etc
2002-10-29 Tuesday 20:30 moodler
* lib/htaccess:
Added session.auto_start (off) ... having it turned on will break
Moodle on some versions of PHP
2002-10-29 Tuesday 17:19 moodler
* contrib/: README.txt, compuproggy/merger.php:
New contrib directory to contain miscellaneous user-contributed
code organised by sourceforge username
2002-10-29 Tuesday 14:24 compuproggy
* lang/de/assignment.php:
[no log message]
2002-10-29 Tuesday 12:04 moodler
* lib/htaccess:
Added short_open_tag
2002-10-29 Tuesday 11:52 moodler
Removed UPGRADING.txt (replaced by doc/upgrade.html) and updated
README.txt to make it a bit clearer about where all the docs are.
2002-10-29 Tuesday 11:47 moodler
* doc/: contents.html, upgrade.html:
New upgrading page (replaces the old UPGRADING.txt)
2002-10-28 Monday 21:24 compuproggy
* lang/de/help/: choice/options.html, coursecategory.html,
courseformats.html, coursefullname.html, coursenewsitems.html,
coursenumsections.html, courseshortname.html, coursestartdate.html,
enrolmentkey.html, guestaccess.html, html.html, langedit.html,
mods.html, picture.html, questions.html, richtext.html,
surveys.html, teachers.html, text.html, textformat.html,
forum/allowdiscussions.html, forum/attachment.html,
forum/forumtype.html, forum/ratings.html, forum/subscription.html,
quiz/attempts.html, quiz/categories.html, quiz/correctanswers.html,
quiz/feedback.html, quiz/grademethod.html, quiz/maxgrade.html,
quiz/multichoice.html, quiz/questiontypes.html, quiz/random.html,
quiz/shortanswer.html, quiz/timeopen.html, quiz/truefalse.html,
resource/resourcetype.html, resource/summary.html:
[no log message]
2002-10-28 Monday 20:12 compuproggy
* lang/de/help/: coursecategory.html, courseformats.html,
coursefullname.html, coursenewsitems.html, coursenumsections.html,
courseshortname.html, coursestartdate.html, enrolmentkey.html,
guestaccess.html, html.html, langedit.html, picture.html,
questions.html, richtext.html, surveys.html, teachers.html,
[no log message]
2002-10-28 Monday 10:25 moodler
* mod/assignment/view.php:
Show date in red if assignment date has passed
2002-10-28 Monday 10:24 moodler
* mod/assignment/upload.php:
Use translated strings for all upload feedback
2002-10-28 Monday 10:24 moodler
* lang/en/assignment.php:
Added some new strings
2002-10-28 Monday 09:30 moodler
* lang/en/assignment.php, mod/assignment/upload.php:
Fixed "uploaded assignment" (uploadsuccess) string
2002-10-27 Sunday 23:04 compuproggy
* lang/de/quiz.php:
[no log message]
2002-10-27 Sunday 11:10 moodler
* doc/teacher.html:
Typo (Survey mentioned twice)
2002-10-26 Saturday 22:36 moodler
* lang/en/moodle.php:
Missing a bracket )
2002-10-26 Saturday 14:16 moodler
I mean it!! This is 1.0.6!!!!
2002-10-26 Saturday 14:11 moodler
* mod/quiz/: lib.php, question.php:
Fixed small bug that was displaying fractions with too many decimal
places (eg 0.9999 instead of just 1)
2002-10-26 Saturday 13:50 moodler
OK, this is 1.0.6
2002-10-26 Saturday 13:37 moodler
* RELEASE.html, admin/index.php, doc/contents.html,
One more thing - I' moved the RELEASE.html into the other
documentation to make it easier to find later on.
2002-10-26 Saturday 13:32 moodler
* doc/release.html:
Moving ../RELEASE.html to here
2002-10-26 Saturday 13:26 moodler
2002-10-26 Saturday 13:17 moodler
* mod/quiz/lib.php:
Fixed minor bug after creating default category.
2002-10-26 Saturday 12:37 moodler
* RELEASE.html, version.php:
Updated version numbers in preparation for 1.0.6 release
2002-10-26 Saturday 11:37 moodler
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Better formatting for the link
2002-10-26 Saturday 11:33 moodler
* mod/forum/lib.php:
OK, this should be better ...
2002-10-26 Saturday 11:21 moodler
* mod/forum/lib.php:
A first try at a new shortening algorithm ... checking in to do
some tests on various servers
2002-10-26 Saturday 11:13 moodler
* mod/quiz/: version.php, db/mysql.php, db/mysql.sql:
Changed type of to TEXT (255 chars was a bit
2002-10-26 Saturday 10:31 moodler
* lib/setup.php:
Added some commented-out code that MIGHT help people with string
slash problems.
2002-10-25 Friday 23:34 moodler
* mod/quiz/report.php:
Added quiz max grade in column title, for reference
2002-10-25 Friday 23:27 moodler
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Added TARGET=_blank to links in HTML email ... apparently these
links were causing problems in Hotmail. Normally I'd say "Good!",
but ... :-)
2002-10-25 Friday 22:46 moodler
* mod/forum/index.php:
Remove "news" and "social" forums from learning forums.
2002-10-25 Friday 17:14 moodler
About time
2002-10-25 Friday 17:10 moodler
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Brand-new news and social forums are now also assigned course
modules and put in section 0 of the course.
2002-10-25 Friday 16:54 moodler
* mod/quiz/view.php:
Ugh type in string module name
2002-10-25 Friday 16:47 moodler
* version.php, lib/db/mysql.php, mod/forum/lib.php,
Upgrading all news and social forums (except those in social
courses) so that they are course modules in an (invisible) section,
which means they are now editable and parameters, names etc can be
2002-10-25 Friday 16:42 moodler
Making it clear not to overwrite old files
2002-10-25 Friday 16:15 moodler
* lang/en/quiz.php, mod/quiz/view.php:
Added translation for Attempt quiz now
2002-10-25 Friday 16:01 moodler
* lang/en/moodle.php:
Slight change to configlocale ... added examples
2002-10-25 Friday 15:22 moodler
* mod/forum/post.php:
Disallow people posting in forums where they arent allowed to post!
2002-10-25 Friday 15:17 moodler
* lib/: moodlelib.php, weblib.php:
2002-10-25 Friday 14:50 moodler
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Tweaks to mail formats so that unnecessary information (replies,
etc) is not printed.
2002-10-25 Friday 13:58 moodler
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Tweaks to forum formatting
2002-10-25 Friday 13:46 compuproggy
* lang/de/quiz.php:
[no log message]
2002-10-25 Friday 11:20 moodler
* lang/pt_br/: assignment.php, forum.php, moodle.php, quiz.php,
help/langedit.html, help/mods.html, help/richtext.html,
help/text.html, help/textformat.html,
help/forum/allowdiscussions.html, help/quiz/attempts.html,
help/quiz/categories.html, help/quiz/correctanswers.html,
help/quiz/feedback.html, help/quiz/grademethod.html,
help/quiz/maxgrade.html, help/quiz/multichoice.html,
help/quiz/questiontypes.html, help/quiz/random.html,
help/quiz/shortanswer.html, help/quiz/timeopen.html,
Latest updates from Fabricio
2002-10-25 Friday 10:11 moodler
* course/weeks.php:
Weekdays are now calculated using userdate, so that
- they are relative to the user
- they should take advantage of locales etc
2002-10-25 Friday 10:02 moodler
* admin/: config.php, index.php, site.php, user.php:
Changes to improve usability when the admin folder has been
renamed, and also a change in checking for the admin user, just in
case an old session is hanging around
2002-10-24 Thursday 21:41 moodler
* lang/de/moodle.php:
All the variables were missing!
2002-10-24 Thursday 20:49 moodler
* course/lib.php:
Fix for category box display on IE
2002-10-24 Thursday 15:09 moodler
* mod/forum/lib.php:
The BR in print_post was to fix the case when embedded images are
used. However it added too much space. I'll find a way to fix the
embedded images problem later, during the styles changeover, as
it's pretty rare.
2002-10-24 Thursday 11:43 moodler
* mod/choice/: version.php, db/mysql.php:
never upgraded choice tables to six choices!
2002-10-24 Thursday 11:11 moodler
* doc/features.html:
Updated with some new features
2002-10-24 Thursday 10:42 moodler
* admin/config.php:
Added a new debugging command so that I can see the config
2002-10-23 Wednesday 22:38 moodler
* RELEASE.html:
more readable
2002-10-23 Wednesday 22:33 moodler
* doc/credits.html:
Rearranged to alphabetical order
2002-10-23 Wednesday 22:30 moodler
* RELEASE.html:
Forgot to mention the new LDAP functions! My deep apologies,
Petri, 1.0.5 was too long ago - I forgot your plug-in was developed
since then!
2002-10-23 Wednesday 20:13 moodler
* mod/forum/lib.php:
WHoops ... just undoing the last checkin which was premature ...
2002-10-23 Wednesday 20:12 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Mail now contains Moodle version
2002-10-23 Wednesday 20:10 moodler
* lang/en/quiz.php, mod/forum/lib.php, mod/quiz/lib.php,
After saving new question, sanity checks are made to make sure the
fractional grades are correct.
Icons now have tooltips and are also a shortcut to editing page.
2002-10-23 Wednesday 15:27 compuproggy
* lang/de/help/quiz/: attempts.html, categories.html,
correctanswers.html, feedback.html, grademethod.html,
maxgrade.html, multichoice.html, questiontypes.html, random.html,
shortanswer.html, timeopen.html, truefalse.html:
[no log message]
2002-10-23 Wednesday 15:11 compuproggy
* lang/de/moodle.php:
[no log message]
2002-10-23 Wednesday 12:10 moodler
* admin/index.php, lib/db/mysql.php, lib/db/postgres7.php:
Changed name of upgrade_moodle function to main_upgrade (for
2002-10-23 Wednesday 10:00 moodler
* lang/it/: LEGGIMI, assignment.php, choice.php, forum.php,
journal.php, moodle.php, resource.php, survey.php,
help/teachers.html, help/text.html,
help/resource/resourcetype.html, help/resource/summary.html:
Latest version of Italian from Davide Suraci.
2002-10-22 Tuesday 21:17 moodler
cvs update -dP
cvs update -d
2002-10-22 Tuesday 20:36 compuproggy
* lang/de/quiz.php:
[no log message]
2002-10-22 Tuesday 19:21 moodler
* CHANGES, RELEASE.html, version.php:
Updated information for 1.0.6 Beta 1
2002-10-22 Tuesday 18:56 moodler
* lang/en/quiz.php, mod/quiz/report.php:
More concise feedback on grading, and more efficiency (only update
attempt grades that have changed)
2002-10-22 Tuesday 18:38 moodler
* lang/en/help/quiz/attempts.html,
lang/en/help/quiz/random.html, lang/en/help/quiz/shortanswer.html,
lang/en/help/quiz/timeopen.html, lang/en/help/quiz/truefalse.html,
mod/quiz/attempt.php, mod/quiz/category.php, mod/quiz/lib.php,
mod/quiz/mod.html, mod/quiz/question.php, mod/quiz/report.php:
Added help pages to quiz module.
A few little cleanups, such as trim() on shortanswers
2002-10-22 Tuesday 17:54 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php:
new function print_heading_with_help() to print a heading with a
2002-10-22 Tuesday 15:03 moodler
* mod/quiz/report.php:
Display tweaks to table of attempts
2002-10-22 Tuesday 14:52 moodler
* lang/en/quiz.php, mod/quiz/attempt.php, mod/quiz/lib.php,
mod/quiz/report.php, mod/quiz/view.php:
Teacher can now regrade (recalculate grades) of all quiz attempts
(in case the quiz changed somehow)
2002-10-22 Tuesday 13:37 compuproggy
* lang/de/: moodle.php, quiz.php:
[no log message]
2002-10-22 Tuesday 12:25 moodler
* mod/quiz/: lib.php, report.php:
Teacher can now view student attempts
2002-10-22 Tuesday 10:48 moodler
* lang/de/moodle.php:
German should be Deutsche
2002-10-22 Tuesday 10:34 moodler
* lang/de/forum.php:
Fixed name/date variables (don't translate variables!)
2002-10-22 Tuesday 10:30 moodler
* lang/de/moodle.php:
Removed unnecessary mentions of sel@ction
2002-10-21 Monday 23:00 moodler
* lang/en/quiz.php, mod/quiz/lib.php, mod/quiz/question.php,
Can now delete questions. It checks that the question doesn't
belong to any quizzes first (if it's in a published category then
it checks all quizzes on the server).
2002-10-21 Monday 22:57 moodler
* mod/quiz/: version.php, db/mysql.php, db/mysql.sql:
Added log_display entries for quiz
2002-10-21 Monday 21:13 moodler
* mod/quiz/: lib.php, view.php:
Display tweaks
2002-10-21 Monday 21:02 moodler
* mod/quiz/lib.php:
Round $bestgrade when storing it to avoid insert_record problems
2002-10-21 Monday 20:49 moodler
* mod/quiz/attempt.php:
Print intro as HTML
2002-10-21 Monday 20:48 moodler
* mod/quiz/lib.php:
Bugfix on calculating correct answers for multichoice questions
2002-10-21 Monday 20:39 moodler
* mod/quiz/lib.php:
Some error checking
2002-10-21 Monday 19:41 moodler
* mod/quiz/view.php:
Convert intro text to HTML
2002-10-21 Monday 17:16 moodler
* lib/weblib.php:
Added some more allowed HTML tags
2002-10-21 Monday 16:44 moodler
* mod/forum/: lib.php, report.php:
Allow teachers to look at ratings for anyone
2002-10-21 Monday 16:36 moodler
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Fixed up rating retrieval ... now gets them all seperate
2002-10-21 Monday 16:32 moodler
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Fix in forum_grades
2002-10-21 Monday 16:19 moodler
* course/grades.php, mod/forum/lib.php, mod/forum/mod.html:
Don't show column grade when there's nothing to show
2002-10-21 Monday 16:10 moodler
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Rearranged functions to match other modules, and added
2002-10-21 Monday 16:06 compuproggy
* lang/de/moodle.php:
[no log message]
2002-10-21 Monday 16:02 compuproggy
* lang/de/moodle.php:
[no log message]
2002-10-21 Monday 15:58 compuproggy
* lang/de/moodle.php:
[no log message]
2002-10-21 Monday 15:45 compuproggy
* lang/de/: moodle.php, help/mods.html:
[no log message]
2002-10-21 Monday 14:55 moodler
* course/grades.php:
Grades are not always numbers, so take care in XLS writing
2002-10-21 Monday 14:51 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Table header aligns to top
2002-10-21 Monday 14:42 moodler
* mod/journal/lib.php:
Added journal_grades() so journals show up in the Grades page
2002-10-21 Monday 13:42 moodler
* lib/rte/: README_MOODLE, richedit.html, rte.js:
Changes to toolbar to position color pickers better, and
reintroduce the "select all" button. Unfortnately, I had to remove
the "About richtext" button to make room
2002-10-21 Monday 12:12 moodler
* lib/weblib.php:
Added paragraphs to allowed HTML tags
2002-10-21 Monday 11:23 moodler
* lang/en/help/mods.html:
Modified language so that it speaks to students as well as teachers
2002-10-21 Monday 11:04 moodler
* doc/teacher.html:
Added quizzes
2002-10-21 Monday 11:00 moodler
* help.php, course/lib.php, course/social.php, course/topics.php,
course/weeks.php, lang/en/moodle.php, lang/en/help/mods.html,
lib/moodlelib.php, lib/weblib.php:
Improvements to help, and addition of new "Activity modules" help
for teachers adding new modules.
2002-10-21 Monday 02:06 moodler
* auth/README:
Some more clues for new admins ...
2002-10-21 Monday 02:02 compuproggy
* lang/de/quiz.php:
[no log message]
2002-10-21 Monday 01:50 moodler
* version.php, mod/quiz/version.php:
Updated versions
2002-10-21 Monday 01:42 moodler
* mod/quiz/pix/: mc.gif, rs.gif, sa.gif, tf.gif:
Whoops, forgot to check in these new icons
2002-10-21 Monday 01:41 moodler
* mod/quiz/: lib.php, question.php:
Fixes for display of public categories
2002-10-21 Monday 01:15 moodler
* lang/en/quiz.php, lib/moodlelib.php, mod/quiz/category.php,
mod/quiz/lib.php, mod/quiz/multichoice.html, mod/quiz/question.php,
mod/quiz/shortanswer.html, mod/quiz/truefalse.html:
Category editing in quizzes is now supported. Some other little
cleanups along the way ...
2002-10-20 Sunday 18:13 moodler
* mod/quiz/: attempt.php, view.php:
Guests can no longer see or attempt quizzes
2002-10-20 Sunday 18:12 moodler
* lang/en/quiz.php:
New and fixed strings
2002-10-20 Sunday 18:12 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Strip slashes from print_simple_box (just in case)
2002-10-20 Sunday 13:35 moodler
* mod/assignment/index.php:
Fixed display of "done" assignments
2002-10-20 Sunday 13:35 moodler
* mod/quiz/: attempt.php, lib.php, question.php:
Now shows correct answers, plus some small bug fixes
2002-10-19 Saturday 12:58 moodler
* lib/weblib.php:
Cleaned up format a little, plus added better error checking of
server variables so that at least people will get feedback if they
are missing
2002-10-19 Saturday 03:19 compuproggy
* lang/de/help/textformat.html:
[no log message]
2002-10-19 Saturday 01:20 compuproggy
* lang/de/: moodle.php, quiz.php, help/coursecategory.html:
[no log message]
2002-10-19 Saturday 01:17 moodler
* RELEASE.html:
Added stuff about the text editing
2002-10-19 Saturday 01:05 moodler
* lib/weblib.php:
Find URLs at the beginning of lines ...
2002-10-19 Saturday 00:05 moodler
* lang/en/quiz.php, mod/quiz/attempt.php, mod/quiz/index.php,
mod/quiz/lib.php, mod/quiz/question.php, mod/quiz/version.php,
mod/quiz/view.php, mod/quiz/db/mysql.php, mod/quiz/db/mysql.sql:
Quiz attempts are now timed. This is done by starting the
quiz_attempts record upon showing the quiz, and completing it upon
Two new fields in quiz_attempts... should be upgrade friendly.
(Old attempts will show up as being of duration zero)
Also some small fixes here and there.
2002-10-19 Saturday 00:02 moodler
* lang/en/help/textformat.html:
Some tidy ups
2002-10-19 Saturday 00:01 moodler
* doc/credits.html:
Added RTE etc
2002-10-18 Friday 19:27 moodler
* lang/en/: moodle.php, help/richtext.html:
Improved the documentation (it has some live feedback on the state
of the Richtext functionality)
2002-10-18 Friday 17:40 moodler
* lang/en/help/textformat.html:
2002-10-18 Friday 17:38 moodler
* mod/: assignment/mod.html, forum/post.html, journal/edit.html:
Better help with text formats
2002-10-18 Friday 17:35 moodler
* lang/en/help/textformat.html:
Improved the help page
2002-10-18 Friday 17:29 moodler
* lang/en/: moodle.php, help/richtext.html, help/textformat.html:
Language changes and help documentation additions to clearer
explain richtext, html and moodle auto-format
2002-10-18 Friday 17:09 moodler
* lang/en/moodle.php:
Revised string for formattext to make more sense
2002-10-18 Friday 17:09 moodler
* lib/weblib.php:
OK, I've rationalised the text formatting now. Basically, both
Moodle and HTML text allow the same range of HTML tags (so it
doesn't matter is you switch from one to the other).
<IMG> and <A> are now ALLOWED in Moodle text. However, the
clean_text function now checks for and removes any embedded
javascript triggers to avoid cross-site scripting attacks that way.
clean_text() should be called on ANY text that comes in from
2002-10-18 Friday 17:00 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Whoops ... typo.
2002-10-18 Friday 16:52 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Also set default language on new user created by external
2002-10-18 Friday 16:48 moodler
* admin/user.php:
New users created by admin also now default to site language
2002-10-18 Friday 16:46 moodler
* login/signup.php, user/edit.html:
Default language for users is now the same as the site language.
2002-10-18 Friday 14:05 moodler
* lib/: languages.php, moodlelib.php, weblib.php:
Allow <IMG> tags in Moodle format text. Not having it can really
mess up smileys etc if the text has been edited at any stage using
the richtext editor.
I realise it's possible for students to really mess up forums
display etc if they wanted to include a huge picture ... I'm not
sure if there are any cross-site scripting attacks possible with
images in there.
But there is also now the HTML format for most things, which is
editable using an ordinary form, so this problem is currently
already exposed.
I think it's OK as long as can find a filter to strip all
javascript out of ANY format text in Moodle.
2002-10-18 Friday 13:41 moodler
* mod/quiz/question.php:
Fixed the setting of answers for true-false questions
2002-10-18 Friday 08:18 moodler
* RELEASE.html:
Just some better formatting and info
2002-10-18 Friday 07:49 moodler
* pix/t/: delete.gif, edit.gif:
Made transparent
2002-10-17 Thursday 23:32 moodler
* lang/pt_br/: reading.php, resource.php,
help/resource/resourcetype.html, help/resource/summary.html:
Changes related to new module 'resource'
2002-10-17 Thursday 23:28 moodler
* lang/it/: help/resource/resourcetype.html,
help/resource/summary.html, reading.php, resource.php:
Changes related to new module 'resource'
2002-10-17 Thursday 23:14 moodler
* lang/fr/: reading.php, resource.php,
help/resource/resourcetype.html, help/resource/summary.html:
Changes due to new module 'resource'
2002-10-17 Thursday 23:10 moodler
* lang/fi/: reading.php, resource.php,
help/resource/resourcetype.html, help/resource/summary.html:
Changes due to new resource module
2002-10-17 Thursday 23:07 moodler
* lang/de/help/resource/: resourcetype.html, summary.html:
Resulting from module name change
2002-10-17 Thursday 23:03 moodler
* lang/de/: reading.php, resource.php:
Changed reading.php to resource.php
2002-10-17 Thursday 22:32 moodler
* lang/en/help/resource/: resourcetype.html, summary.html:
Moved from reading module
2002-10-17 Thursday 22:28 moodler
* lang/en/resource.php, mod/resource/lib.php:
Changed string neverread to neverseen
2002-10-17 Thursday 22:03 moodler
* RELEASE.html, index.php, version.php, course/lib.php,
course/social.php, doc/developer.html, doc/features.html,
doc/future.html, doc/teacher.html, lang/en/reading.php,
lang/en/resource.php, lib/moodlelib.php, lib/db/mysql.php,
mod/resource/details.php, mod/resource/icon.gif,
mod/resource/index.php, mod/resource/lib.php,
mod/resource/mod.html, mod/resource/version.php,
mod/resource/view.php, mod/resource/db/mysql.php,
I've renamed the "reading" module to "resource".
This meant changing quite a few references throughout Moodle.
The automatic upgrade process should work OK (it worked OK on my
development server) and there shouldn't be any problems.
UNTIL I HAVE A FEW MORE TESTS! If you upgrade please let me know.
One thing that will break are any hard-coded links within forum
What I will be doing to fix this on my apache server is to add this
to httpd.conf:
Redirect /mod/reading/
Sorry about any inconvenience, but it's better this is done sooner
than later.
2002-10-17 Thursday 20:25 moodler
* user/view.php:
Added a 'change password' button
2002-10-17 Thursday 20:21 moodler
* login/: change_password.php, change_password_form.html:
Changed headers so that it works seamlessly when called from user
2002-10-17 Thursday 18:34 moodler
* RELEASE.html, version.php, course/grades.php, lang/en/moodle.php:
The grades page now supports downloading of grade data! :-)
2002-10-17 Thursday 18:33 moodler
* mod/choice/lib.php:
Removed some blank lines that were causing output
2002-10-17 Thursday 16:32 moodler
* pix/i/grades.gif:
Grr added transparency back again ...
2002-10-17 Thursday 16:30 moodler
* course/grades.php, pix/i/grades.gif:
Re-adding to overcome CVS strangeness (and my own indecision!)
2002-10-17 Thursday 16:28 moodler
* course/grades.php, lang/en/moodle.php, mod/assignment/lib.php,
mod/quiz/lib.php, pix/i/grades.gif:
Better grade reports
2002-10-17 Thursday 15:58 moodler
* lang/en/moodle.php:
Some new strings
2002-10-17 Thursday 15:55 moodler
* course/grades.php, mod/assignment/lib.php, mod/quiz/lib.php:
Now includes maximum grades
2002-10-17 Thursday 15:23 moodler
* mod/: assignment/lib.php, quiz/lib.php:
Added new grading functions to work with course/grades.php
2002-10-17 Thursday 15:23 moodler
* course/grades.php, course/lib.php, pix/i/grades.gif:
Added a new grading tool for teachers to see all grades on one
Grades are collected from each module using the module_grades
function in each mod/*/lib.php.
2002-10-16 Wednesday 23:52 moodler
* mod/quiz/: attempt.php, lib.php:
Feedback fixes
2002-10-16 Wednesday 23:48 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Alt text on moodle logo
2002-10-16 Wednesday 18:42 compuproggy
* lang/de/: moodle.php, quiz.php:
[no log message]
2002-10-16 Wednesday 18:36 compuproggy
* lang/de/help/richtext.html:
[no log message]
2002-10-16 Wednesday 18:24 compuproggy
* lang/de/: moodle.php, quiz.php:
[no log message]
2002-10-16 Wednesday 17:35 moodler
* mod/quiz/: attempt.php, edit.php, lib.php, mod.html:
Various fixes and additions. It now does quiz feedback pretty well
(though it doesn't show correct answers yet).
2002-10-16 Wednesday 17:31 compuproggy
* lang/de/: assignment.php, choice.php, forum.php, journal.php,
moodle.php, quiz.php, reading.php, survey.php:
[no log message]
2002-10-16 Wednesday 16:48 compuproggy
* lang/de/: README, assignment.php, choice.php, forum.php,
journal.php, moodle.php, quiz.php, reading.php, survey.php:
[no log message]
2002-10-16 Wednesday 15:18 moodler
* mod/journal/lib.php:
Actually, let's include journals that have no feedback yet as well.
2002-10-16 Wednesday 15:15 moodler
* mod/journal/lib.php:
When a teacher is giving feedback, entries that have been modified
since the last time a teacher has given feedback are highlighted.
2002-10-16 Wednesday 13:31 moodler
* mod/assignment/: mod.html, version.php, view.php, db/mysql.php,
Teacher can now use the richtext editor to edit the assignment text
2002-10-16 Wednesday 12:53 moodler
* course/mod.php, lang/en/moodle.php, lib/moodlelib.php:
Changes related to module editing buttons
2002-10-16 Wednesday 12:52 moodler
* user/edit.html:
Don't show htmleditor preference if it's disabled by admin
2002-10-16 Wednesday 12:51 moodler
* mod/: quiz/view.php, assignment/mod.html,
assignment/submissions.php, assignment/view.php, choice/mod.html,
choice/view.php, forum/discuss.php, forum/mod.html, forum/view.php,
journal/mod.html, journal/view.php, survey/mod.html,
Cleaned up some buttons ...
2002-10-16 Wednesday 01:32 moodler
* mod/quiz/: edit.php, lib.php:
Small bugfixes ... (yawn)
2002-10-16 Wednesday 01:13 moodler
* mod/quiz/: lib.php, db/mysql.sql:
Fixes for grades
2002-10-16 Wednesday 00:49 moodler
* version.php:
Just updated the number
2002-10-16 Wednesday 00:48 moodler
* RELEASE.html, lang/en/quiz.php:
Some additions
2002-10-16 Wednesday 00:47 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Got rid of the wimpy icons in the top-right corner of pages and put
some manly buttons there. ;-) I think this will be much clearer
for novices, as well as being a bigger target for experts!
2002-10-16 Wednesday 00:45 moodler
* mod/quiz/lib.php:
Bit of a clean up of the edit interface ...
2002-10-16 Wednesday 00:22 moodler
* lang/en/moodle.php, lang/en/quiz.php, mod/quiz/lib.php,
mod/quiz/mod.html, mod/quiz/multichoice.html,
mod/quiz/shortanswer.html, mod/quiz/truefalse.html,
mod/quiz/view.php, mod/quiz/db/mysql.sql:
Added timeopen and timeclose (instead of days) and did a few
2002-10-16 Wednesday 00:04 moodler
* admin/delete.php:
Admin script to brutally delete every file and directory from the
Moodle data directory. Will be useful for those on hosting servers
without root access.
2002-10-15 Tuesday 20:54 moodler
* lang/en/moodle.php, lang/en/quiz.php, mod/quiz/attempt.php,
mod/quiz/edit.php, mod/quiz/index.php, mod/quiz/lib.php,
mod/quiz/multichoice.html, mod/quiz/report.php,
mod/quiz/shortanswer.html, mod/quiz/view.php,
OK, it seems reliable enough now for alpha testing.
If you have existing quizzes, delete them all, then drop all the
quiz tables and delete the quiz line from the modules table.
Things to do still:
- add/edit/remove categories
- display question feedback on submissions ...
- record the time they started the quiz, as well as the
- place time limits between attempts
- add full specification of quiz open time and quiz close time
2002-10-15 Tuesday 18:04 moodler
* mod/quiz/: edit.php, lib.php, multichoice.html, question.php,
shortanswer.html, truefalse.html:
Can now create and re-edit all three types of questions.
Still working on grading ...
2002-10-15 Tuesday 13:31 moodler
* lang/en/quiz.php:
New strings
2002-10-15 Tuesday 13:29 moodler
* mod/quiz/: multichoice.html, question.php, shortanswer.html,
Forms now done, more or less
2002-10-15 Tuesday 11:48 moodler
* doc/install.html:
A little more explicit about PHP requirements
2002-10-15 Tuesday 00:06 moodler
* course/mod.php:
Fix to clear the modform variable just in case there's one from one
module that later affects another module.
2002-10-15 Tuesday 00:00 moodler
* CHANGES, RELEASE.html, course/mod.php, doc/credits.html,
lib/moodlelib.php, lib/weblib.php:
Miscellaneous little changes from today ...
2002-10-14 Monday 23:58 moodler
* lang/en/quiz.php:
New strings
2002-10-14 Monday 23:57 moodler
* mod/quiz/: attempt.php, edit.php, lib.php, mod.html,
multichoice.html, question.php, shortanswer.html, truefalse.html,
Checking in what I got so far .... Not working yet but I'm going to
2002-10-14 Monday 20:21 moodler
* mod/quiz/: edit.php, lib.php:
Quiz generation is working now. Just need question and category
2002-10-14 Monday 17:07 moodler
* mod/quiz/: category.php, edit.php, lib.php, mod.html,
Many new additions - code not quite usable yet, but getting close
2002-10-14 Monday 17:04 moodler
* lang/en/: moodle.php, quiz.php:
New strings
2002-10-13 Sunday 21:51 moodler
* mod/quiz/: lib.php, report.php, view.php:
Added a basic report and some clean-ups
2002-10-13 Sunday 18:06 moodler
* help.php:
Now uses real current language (may not be the same as $CFG->lang)
2002-10-13 Sunday 15:17 moodler
* mod/quiz/: attempt.php, lib.php, version.php, view.php,
Just to show that something is happening!
At this stage this module:
- prints quizzes,
- accepts answers (for multiple attempts) and grades them,
- stores the grades.
Really, it's usable as long as you don't mind using the database
manually. :)
Next up is quiz reports, then I'll tackle quiz creation.
2002-10-12 Saturday 23:01 moodler
* mod/: forum/post.html, journal/edit.html, journal/lib.php:
Tweaks to use new javascript-printing function etc
2002-10-12 Saturday 23:00 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php:
New function to print richtext javascript
2002-10-12 Saturday 22:33 moodler
* lang/de/: README, assignment.php, choice.php, forum.php,
journal.php, moodle.php, quiz.php, reading.php, survey.php,
docs/module_files.txt, help/coursecategory.html,
help/courseformats.html, help/coursefullname.html,
help/coursenewsitems.html, help/coursenumsections.html,
help/courseshortname.html, help/coursestartdate.html,
help/enrolmentkey.html, help/guestaccess.html, help/html.html,
help/langedit.html, help/picture.html, help/questions.html,
help/surveys.html, help/teachers.html, help/text.html,
help/choice/options.html, help/forum/allowdiscussions.html,
help/forum/attachment.html, help/forum/forumtype.html,
help/forum/ratings.html, help/forum/subscription.html:
First version of German (Deutsch) translation, by
2002-10-12 Saturday 15:23 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php, mod/forum/post.html, mod/journal/edit.html:
Moved the object code out into a function print_textarea
2002-10-12 Saturday 14:27 moodler
* lang/en/moodle.php:
new string
2002-10-12 Saturday 14:20 moodler
* mod/journal/: edit.html, edit.php, lib.php, version.php,
view.php, db/mysql.php, db/mysql.sql:
Added richtext to Journal entries.
2002-10-12 Saturday 13:47 moodler
* RELEASE.html:
Some notes about the other new stuff.
2002-10-12 Saturday 13:43 moodler
* mod/forum/post.html:
Added help buttons about the richtext editor (when active)
2002-10-12 Saturday 13:39 moodler
* lang/en/help/richtext.html:
Help file for the new richtext HTML editor
2002-10-12 Saturday 13:09 moodler
* lib/weblib.php:
Smilies are now replaced even in HTML text, and small fixes
2002-10-12 Saturday 12:19 moodler
* lib/rte/images/
Keep this one here :-) for the interface
2002-10-12 Saturday 12:13 moodler
* pix/s/SMILEYS:
A bit of info
2002-10-12 Saturday 12:12 moodler
* pix/s/cross.gif:
No longer needed ... replaced by "angry.gif" ...
2002-10-12 Saturday 12:09 moodler
* lib/javascript.php:
Added a function useful for debugging Javascript problems
2002-10-12 Saturday 12:06 moodler
* lang/en/help/text.html:
Swapped clown icon for surprise in the layout ... looks better that
2002-10-12 Saturday 12:04 moodler
* lib/rte/dlg_ins_smile.html:
Swapped clown for surprise - looks better that way
2002-10-12 Saturday 12:03 moodler
* lib/rte/images/: em.icon.angry.gif, em.icon.angry.png,
em.icon.approve.gif, em.icon.approve.png, em.icon.bigsmile.gif,
em.icon.bigsmile.png, em.icon.blackeye.gif, em.icon.blackeye.png,
em.icon.blush.gif, em.icon.blush.png, em.icon.clown.gif,
em.icon.dead.gif, em.icon.dead.png, em.icon.dissapprove.gif,
em.icon.dissapprove.png, em.icon.eightball.gif,
em.icon.eightball.png, em.icon.evil.gif, em.icon.evil.png,
em.icon.kiss.gif, em.icon.kiss.png, em.icon.question.gif,
em.icon.question.png, em.icon.sad.gif, em.icon.sad.png,
em.icon.shocked.gif, em.icon.shocked.png, em.icon.shy.gif,
em.icon.shy.png, em.icon.sleepy.gif, em.icon.sleepy.png,,, em.icon.tongue.gif,
em.icon.tongue.png, em.icon.wink.gif, em.icon.wink.png:
Deleted these icons because I'm not using them. The editor now
uses the standard Moodle icons instead.
2002-10-12 Saturday 11:55 moodler
* lib/rte/dlg_ins_smile.html:
This page now uses the Moodle standard icons for consistency
2002-10-12 Saturday 11:54 moodler
* lib/rte/rte_editmode.js:
Removed references to btnPost because I don't use it
2002-10-12 Saturday 11:53 moodler
* lib/weblib.php:
Modified text_to_html to use the new smilies, which for efficiency
are now defined in a global array, and use str_replace instead of
ereg ...
2002-10-12 Saturday 11:51 moodler
* lang/en/help/text.html:
Modified this help file to describe the new smilies
2002-10-12 Saturday 11:50 moodler
* pix/s/: angry.gif, approve.gif, biggrin.gif, blackeye.gif,
blush.gif, clown.gif, cool.gif, dead.gif, evil.gif, kiss.gif,
mixed.gif, sad.gif, shy.gif, sleepy.gif, smiley.gif, surprise.gif,
thoughtful.gif, tongueout.gif, wideeyes.gif, wink.gif:
Modified all smilies and added some new ones.
2002-10-11 Friday 13:20 moodler
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Better placing of standard links etc when there are lots of images
and other funny formatting in HTML posts
2002-10-11 Friday 10:32 moodler
* lang/en/moodle.php:
New strings to do with language direction
2002-10-11 Friday 10:31 moodler
* admin/config.html, lib/defaults.php, lib/moodlelib.php,
theme/standard/header.html, theme/standardblue/header.html,
theme/standardgreen/header.html, theme/standardlogo/header.html,
Changes to support choice of language direction (so that languages
like Arabic, Hebrew etc will work)
2002-10-11 Friday 09:58 moodler
* lang/en/assignment.php, mod/assignment/view.php:
Added a new string to make it very clear how to upload assignments
2002-10-10 Thursday 17:27 moodler
* mod/forum/: post.html, post.php:
Better default options, and hiding of moodle-text help when
htmlediting is operational
2002-10-10 Thursday 15:29 moodler
* doc/credits.html:
Added another translator for Finnish
2002-10-10 Thursday 15:29 moodler
* user/edit.html:
Added option to choose HTML editor
2002-10-10 Thursday 15:27 moodler
* mod/forum/: lib.php, post.html, post.php, version.php,
db/mysql.php, db/mysql.sql:
Initial attempt at adding html text editor features to these forms.
2002-10-10 Thursday 15:27 moodler
* version.php:
Updated the version (database table addition user->htmleditor)
2002-10-10 Thursday 15:26 moodler
* admin/config.html, admin/index.php, lib/defaults.php,
lib/javascript.php, lib/moodlelib.php, lib/weblib.php,
lib/db/mysql.php, lib/db/mysql.sql:
Additions to cope with richtext editor being used in some forms.
2002-10-10 Thursday 15:24 moodler
* lang/en/: moodle.php, quiz.php:
Added new strings
2002-10-10 Thursday 15:21 moodler
* lib/rte/: README_MOODLE, _header_css.txt, _header_html.txt,
_header_js.txt, about_logo.swf, about_logo.swi, changelog,
colorchooser.html, credits.html, custom.css, debug_embedded.asp,
dialog.css, dlg_about.html, dlg_ins_char.html, dlg_ins_image.html,
dlg_ins_smile.html, dlg_ins_table.html, example.html, license.html,
license.txt, popup_editor.html, readme.txt, richedit.css,
richedit.html, rte.js, rte_codesweep.js, rte_debug.js,
rte_dunno.css, rte_editmode.js, rte_history.js, rte_interface.js,
rte_lang.js, rte_xhtml.js, syntax.css, tableEditor.js,
images/CloseWindow.gif, images/Editor_r11_c2.gif,
images/Editor_r11_c5.gif, images/Editor_r4_c1.gif,
images/Editor_r4_c4.gif, images/Editor_r4_c7.gif,
images/Editor_r5_c2.gif, images/Editor_r5_c5.gif,
images/Editor_r7_c2.gif, images/Editor_r7_c5.gif,
images/Editor_r9_c2.gif, images/Editor_r9_c5.gif,
images/add_col.gif, images/add_col_f2.gif, images/add_row.gif,
images/add_row_f2.gif, images/bg.gif, images/em.icon.angry.gif,
images/em.icon.angry.png, images/em.icon.approve.gif,
images/em.icon.approve.png, images/em.icon.bigsmile.gif,
images/em.icon.bigsmile.png, images/em.icon.blackeye.gif,
images/em.icon.blackeye.png, images/em.icon.blush.gif,
images/em.icon.blush.png, images/em.icon.clown.gif,
images/em.icon.clown.png, images/,
images/, images/em.icon.dead.gif,
images/em.icon.dead.png, images/em.icon.dissapprove.gif,
images/em.icon.dissapprove.png, images/em.icon.eightball.gif,
images/em.icon.eightball.png, images/em.icon.evil.gif,
images/em.icon.evil.png, images/em.icon.kiss.gif,
images/em.icon.kiss.png, images/em.icon.question.gif,
images/em.icon.question.png, images/em.icon.sad.gif,
images/em.icon.sad.png, images/em.icon.shocked.gif,
images/em.icon.shocked.png, images/em.icon.shy.gif,
images/em.icon.shy.png, images/em.icon.sleepy.gif,
images/em.icon.sleepy.png, images/,
images/, images/em.icon.tongue.gif,
images/em.icon.tongue.png, images/em.icon.wink.gif,
images/em.icon.wink.png, images/hdr_tables.gif,
images/icon_about.gif, images/icon_block.gif, images/icon_bold.gif,
images/icon_bullist.gif, images/icon_center.gif,
images/icon_color_fill.gif, images/icon_color_text.gif,
images/icon_copy.gif, images/icon_cut.gif,
images/icon_edt_table.gif, images/icon_indent.gif,
images/icon_ins_char.gif, images/icon_ins_image.gif,
images/icon_ins_link.gif, images/icon_ins_sub.gif,
images/icon_ins_sup.gif, images/icon_ins_table.gif,
images/icon_italic.gif, images/icon_left.gif,
images/icon_numlist.gif, images/icon_outdent.gif,
images/icon_paste.gif, images/icon_post.gif, images/icon_redo.gif,
images/icon_rem_formatting.gif, images/icon_rem_link.gif,
images/icon_right.gif, images/icon_rule.gif,
images/icon_select_all.gif, images/icon_spell.gif,
images/icon_strikethrough.gif, images/icon_underline.gif,
images/icon_undo.gif, images/incr_colspan.gif,
images/incr_colspan_f2.gif, images/incr_rowspan.gif,
images/incr_rowspan_f2.gif, images/minimize.gif,
images/plt_ftr.gif, images/plt_hdr.gif, images/rmv_col.gif,
images/rmv_col_f2.gif, images/rmv_colspan.gif,
images/rmv_colspan_f2.gif, images/rmv_row.gif,
images/rmv_row_f2.gif, images/rmv_rowspan.gif,
images/rmv_rowspan_f2.gif, images/spacer.gif, images/toolbar.gif,
images/lang/de.icon_post.gif, images/lang/no.icon_post.gif:
Adding a beta version of Rich Text Editor, for embedding into
Moodle forms (forums, readings, journals etc). Works only on IE
5.5 and later.
Slightly customised for a slimmer toolbar.
2002-10-09 Wednesday 22:20 moodler
* lib/ipatlas/
Arg .. so much for quick hacks ... this code is so messy it's a
hassle to hack ... going back to the way it was originally, with
just a more informative error message instead.
2002-10-09 Wednesday 22:08 moodler
* lib/ipatlas/
Changes to avoid cryptic errors
2002-10-08 Tuesday 23:51 paca70
* lang/fi/: assignment.php, moodle.php:
More corrections, documentation is coming.
2002-10-08 Tuesday 10:09 moodler
* lang/it/: LEGGIMI, assignment.php, choice.php, forum.php,
journal.php, moodle.php, reading.php, survey.php:
Latest changes for Italian version, by Davide Suraci
2002-10-08 Tuesday 01:17 paca70
* auth/ldap/README-LDAP:
Initial version
2002-10-07 Monday 02:41 paca70
* lang/fi/moodle.php:
Some corrections
2002-10-07 Monday 02:24 paca70
* lang/fi/quiz.php:
Initial version
2002-10-07 Monday 01:31 moodler
* mod/quiz/: category.php, edit.php, question.php:
Empty file
2002-10-07 Monday 01:20 moodler
* lang/en/quiz.php:
New words
2002-10-07 Monday 01:20 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php:
New function print_file_picture for printing a picture from the
files area, or optionally from a URL
2002-10-07 Monday 01:06 moodler
* mod/quiz/: attempt.php, lib.php, version.php, db/mysql.php,
Further work done. It currently can print the quiz form (including
images!) but can't mark them yet. I've been constructing quizzes
manually in the database and it's helping to refine the database
structure. Don't count on anything stable in the quiz module for a
few days yet ...
2002-10-06 Sunday 11:24 moodler
* mod/quiz/attempt.php:
A start on the page that actually prints the questions and stores
the answers
2002-10-06 Sunday 11:23 moodler
* mod/quiz/view.php:
More or less working now
2002-10-06 Sunday 11:23 moodler
* mod/quiz/lib.php:
Added some more functions
2002-10-06 Sunday 11:05 moodler
* course/: social.php, topics.php, weeks.php:
Changed includes of module libraries to use full pathnames
constructed from $CFG->dirroot, rather than relative. This is
because the relative path could sometime be a different case to the
full path (on Windows) causing include_once not to work.
2002-10-06 Sunday 01:21 moodler
* admin/index.php:
Moved module upgrading functions out into database-specific files
2002-10-06 Sunday 01:20 moodler
* mod/: quiz/version.php, assignment/version.php,
assignment/db/mysql.php, choice/version.php, choice/db/mysql.php,
forum/version.php, forum/db/mysql.php, journal/version.php,
journal/db/mysql.php, quiz/db/mysql.php, survey/version.php,
Moved upgrade functions into db/mysql.sql
2002-10-06 Sunday 01:09 moodler
* version.php, admin/index.php, lib/db/mysql.php,
Moved upgrade_moodle functions out to database-specific files,
because the SQL is not compatible (nor is it possible to make it
2002-10-06 Sunday 00:49 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php:
create_new_user() can now import other fields from an external
source if the function for it has been defined. (Petri's code with
additions by me)
2002-10-04 Friday 21:07 paca70
* lang/fi/moodle.php:
More corrections
2002-10-04 Friday 10:59 moodler
* lang/en/quiz.php, mod/quiz/icon.gif, mod/quiz/index.php,
mod/quiz/lib.php, mod/quiz/mod.html, mod/quiz/version.php,
mod/quiz/view.php, mod/quiz/db/mysql.sql:
Skeleton version of the quiz module. It won't break an
installation, but it doesn't do anything yet.
2002-10-04 Friday 10:55 moodler
* mod/assignment/mod.html:
Use main version of "maximum grade" string
2002-10-04 Friday 10:54 moodler
* doc/credits.html:
Make names into a list
2002-10-04 Friday 01:10 paca70
* lang/fi/moodle.php:
and some more....
2002-10-04 Friday 01:04 paca70
* lang/fi/moodle.php:
Some fixs more.
2002-10-04 Friday 00:54 paca70
* lang/fi/: assignment.php, forum.php, journal.php, moodle.php,
Translated new strings and fixed some old ones.
2002-10-03 Thursday 23:55 paca70
* auth/ldap/lib.php:
Corrected some comments.
2002-10-03 Thursday 21:45 paca70
* auth/ldap/lib.php:
Initial version of ldap authentication module. It have no
config-interface yet. (But it's coming) It contains also
experimental auth_get_userinfo() function, what is not used by
moodle yet. If you like to try it, create following $CFG variables
to /config.php or directly to config-table and activate ldap
authentication from admin-configuration page.
$CFG->ldap_bind_dn "If your like to use bind-user to
search users, specify it here. Someting like
'cn=ldapuser,ou=public,o=org'" $CFG->ldap_bind_pw "Password
for bind-user." $CFG->ldap_contexts "List of
contexts where users are located.
Separate different contexts with ';'. Something like
'ou=users,o=org; ou=other,o=org'" $CFG->ldap_host_url
"Specify LDAP host in URL-form like 'ldap://' or
'ldaps//' "; $CFG->ldap_search_sub "Put value
<> 0 if you like to search users from subcontexts.";
$CFG->ldap_user_attribute "What attribute is used to
name/search users. Usually 'cn'. ";
More configuration optios are coming. This version is tested
against Novell E-Directory without SSL and it works fine.
2002-10-03 Thursday 19:17 moodler
* mod/forum/db/mysql.sql:
Fixed definition of forum->open
2002-10-03 Thursday 19:15 moodler
* lang/en/forum.php, lang/en/moodle.php,
lang/en/help/forum/allowdiscussions.html, mod/forum/lib.php,
mod/forum/mod.html, mod/forum/version.php, mod/forum/db/mysql.sql:
Fixes bug 112
Changes to expand "open" option in forums. Now have a choice
between three options: new discussions and new replies, new
replies only and no new discussions or new replies.
Three new options in lang/forum.php and I changed
2002-10-03 Thursday 19:11 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php:
User's name in footer is now a link
2002-10-03 Thursday 12:04 moodler
* lang/en/moodle.php, lib/moodlelib.php, user/index.php,
format_time() now supports language strings for
day(s)/hour(s)/min(s)/sec(s) String lookups are cached in
user/index.php for efficiency
2002-10-03 Thursday 11:55 moodler
* RELEASE.html:
Just making this more relevant for the CVS update junkies :-)
2002-10-03 Thursday 11:35 moodler
Expanded the description and included sample commands
2002-10-03 Thursday 10:57 moodler
* course/topics.php:
"Activities" wasn't being taken from language files
2002-10-03 Thursday 03:37 paca70
* lang/fi/moodle.php:
Minor update to test that update rights are working.
2002-10-03 Thursday 00:23 moodler
* lang/it/: assignment.php, choice.php, forum.php, journal.php,
moodle.php, reading.php, survey.php:
Fixes for accented characters
2002-10-02 Wednesday 23:55 moodler
* lang/it/moodle.php:
Updated a word
2002-10-02 Wednesday 22:43 moodler
* version.php:
New version number for development
2002-10-02 Wednesday 22:20 moodler
* lang/: fi/moodle.php, pt_br/moodle.php:
Added 'thischarset' = "iso-8859-1", for completeness
2002-10-02 Wednesday 21:50 moodler
* lang/it/: LEGGIMI, assignment.php, choice.php, forum.php,
journal.php, moodle.php, reading.php, survey.php,
docs/module_files.txt, help/coursecategory.html,
help/courseformats.html, help/coursefullname.html,
help/coursenewsitems.html, help/coursenumsections.html,
help/courseshortname.html, help/coursestartdate.html,
help/enrolmentkey.html, help/guestaccess.html, help/html.html,
help/picture.html, help/questions.html, help/surveys.html,
help/teachers.html, help/text.html, help/choice/options.html,
help/forum/allowdiscussions.html, help/forum/attachment.html,
help/forum/forumtype.html, help/forum/ratings.html,
Checked in initial Italian version by Davide Suraci, with help from
2002-10-02 Wednesday 18:59 moodler
* doc/credits.html:
Added Sebastien Nameche
2002-10-02 Wednesday 18:35 moodler
* admin/config.html:
Locale box is a bit bigger, since locale strings can be bigger :-)
2002-10-02 Wednesday 18:34 moodler
* lang/: en/moodle.php, fr/moodle.php:
Removed configcharset, but kept thischarset
2002-10-02 Wednesday 18:33 moodler
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Added new header to all pages to set the current charset, to help
2002-10-02 Wednesday 17:37 moodler
* lang/fr/: TERMS, assignment.php, choice.php, forum.php,
journal.php, moodle.php, reading.php, survey.php:
Updates to the French translation, by M. Sebastien Namèche
2002-10-02 Wednesday 16:23 moodler
* README.txt:
A change to test the ACLs
2002-10-02 Wednesday 15:59 moodler
2002-10-02 Wednesday 15:08 moodler
* login/index_form.html:
Fixed links to be relative. This prevents errors on the offchance
that the current URL != $CFG->wwwroot/login
2002-10-02 Wednesday 13:10 moodler
* pix/t/: left.gif, right.gif:
Made these images transparent
2002-10-02 Wednesday 10:24 moodler
* mod/choice/report.php:
Fixed links in navigation
2002-10-02 Wednesday 10:05 moodler
* lib/weblib.php:
Don't use getenv anywhere - not necessary and breaks PHP under
2002-09-27 Friday 23:14 martin
2002-09-27 Friday 23:03 martin
* lang/en/help/text.html:
Mentioned newly allowed tags
2002-09-27 Friday 22:48 martin
* lib/weblib.php:
Added a few more allowed HTML tags in plain text files. <dl>
<h1><h2><h3> <hr>
2002-09-27 Friday 22:26 martin
* admin/config.php, admin/index.php, admin/lang.php,
admin/site.php, admin/user.php, course/categories.php,
course/delete.php, course/edit.php, course/teacher.php,
Tweaks to page titles to make them more consistent
2002-09-27 Friday 22:19 martin
* theme/index.php:
Aaaahhh I remember now why this was in here, because in future
there might be course-level themes and user-level themes.
Putting it back as before ... :-)
2002-09-27 Friday 22:18 martin
* theme/index.php:
Removed theme chooser from here ... moving it to admin folder
2002-09-27 Friday 21:44 martin
* admin/index.php:
Fixed a little link to login page
2002-09-27 Friday 21:40 martin
* version.php:
Updated version for 1.0.5 release
2002-09-27 Friday 21:39 martin
* RELEASE.html:
Mentioned the icon bug
2002-09-27 Friday 14:20 martin
* version.php:
Updated version and release
2002-09-27 Friday 14:19 martin
* course/lib.php:
Add manage database link to home page admin links if necessary
2002-09-27 Friday 14:19 martin
* admin/index.php:
Put version info on admin page
2002-09-27 Friday 14:13 martin
* RELEASE.html, admin/index.php:
Nicer way to find out the major changes since the last version.
RELEASES.html shows the changes, and these are displayed during an
2002-09-27 Friday 13:25 martin
Tweaks and formatting
2002-09-27 Friday 13:12 martin
Hoepfully made the upgrade process clearer.
2002-09-27 Friday 12:53 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
A little extra error checking.
2002-09-27 Friday 09:35 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Removed encoding setting because i suspect it may be messing with
SMTP mail
2002-09-27 Friday 00:02 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Better format for text version of emails
2002-09-26 Thursday 22:41 martin
* course/: social.php, topics.php, weeks.php:
Changed some instances of include() to include_once()
2002-09-26 Thursday 21:05 martin
* admin/index.php:
After upgrading version, stay on admin page rather than going to
home page, just in case there is more to do.
2002-09-26 Thursday 19:44 martin
* version.php:
Updated version and release
2002-09-26 Thursday 19:10 martin
* course/lib.php:
Little bug that caused the guest icon to display even when guest
was turned off (if the password was null)
2002-09-26 Thursday 15:27 martin
the more things change, the less they stay the same
2002-09-26 Thursday 15:25 martin
* version.php:
Update the version
2002-09-26 Thursday 15:13 martin
* lang/en/moodle.php, login/index_form.html:
The login page now shows different instructions depending on the
authentication mechanism.
2002-09-26 Thursday 15:03 martin
* admin/config.html, auth/README, auth/email/lib.php,
auth/none/lib.php, error/index.php, lang/en/moodle.php,
lib/defaults.php, lib/moodlelib.php, login/change_password.php,
login/index.php, user/edit.php:
First implementation of new authentication system, which can now
use pluggable modules in the 'auth' directory.
Everything is done through authentication_user_login in
As well as the old default "email" confirmation, I added a new type
of confirmation "none", which basically does no confirmation at
2002-09-26 Thursday 11:51 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Check for USER->email in require_login. With external
authentication schemes it's possible that the email field could be
empty, so this will force users to update it (and the rest of their
profile) any time they log into a course.
2002-09-26 Thursday 11:36 martin
* admin/lang.php:
Make $a bold so it's easier to see
2002-09-26 Thursday 11:20 martin
* lang/en/help/langedit.html:
New help file for language editing
2002-09-26 Thursday 11:16 martin
* admin/lang.php:
Much better. No slashes needed AT ALL now, not even for $a
variables. Also provided a help button at the top.
2002-09-26 Thursday 10:19 martin
* lang/fi/: assignment.php, forum.php, journal.php, moodle.php,
survey.php, testupdate.php:
Patches from Petri
2002-09-26 Thursday 00:38 martin
* doc/install.html:
Info about lib/htaccess
2002-09-26 Thursday 00:33 martin
* lib/htaccess:
Added DirectoryIndex stuff
2002-09-25 Wednesday 23:16 martin
* lib/db/: README, postgres7.sql:
Added new postgres7 schema, developed by Felipe Rodrigues da Silva
<>. Thanks Felipe!
I've personally not tested this yet so PostgrSQL user feedback is
2002-09-25 Wednesday 22:40 martin
* course/view.php:
Don't redirect too early
2002-09-25 Wednesday 21:37 martin
* admin/lang.php:
Add some comments
2002-09-25 Wednesday 20:33 martin
* lib/htaccess:
Improved explanations for how to use this file
2002-09-25 Wednesday 19:06 martin
* admin/lang.php:
It's possible $USER->lang may not be defined. If so, use
2002-09-25 Wednesday 16:17 martin
* course/: social.php, view.php:
Set fromdiscussion here just in case it's not set elsewhere
2002-09-25 Wednesday 15:42 martin
2002-09-25 Wednesday 15:41 martin
* lang/pt_br/help/: choice/options.html,
forum/allowdiscussions.html, forum/attachment.html,
forum/forumtype.html, forum/ratings.html, forum/subscription.html:
Unfinished files
2002-09-25 Wednesday 15:40 martin
* version.php:
updated version numbers for beta 1 release
2002-09-25 Wednesday 15:38 martin
* lang/fi/README:
README contains author etc
2002-09-25 Wednesday 15:37 martin
* lang/pt_br/README:
Added README with author
2002-09-25 Wednesday 15:35 martin
* lang/fr/README:
Author stored in README
2002-09-25 Wednesday 15:33 martin
* admin/lang.php:
In compare mode you can now EDIT language files directly. This
should make language development much easier.
Based on code sent to me by Petri Asikainen
2002-09-25 Wednesday 15:31 martin
* lang/en/assignment.php:
Cough typo
2002-09-25 Wednesday 15:30 martin
* lang/en/assignment.php:
Edited using language editor
2002-09-25 Wednesday 15:19 martin
* lang/en/moodle.php:
New string
2002-09-24 Tuesday 20:45 martin
* user/view.php:
Fix for ICQ display (they've changed their URLs)
2002-09-24 Tuesday 17:20 martin
* login/signup_form.php:
Hide password during registration
2002-09-24 Tuesday 17:06 martin
* mod/journal/view.php:
Prevent guests even seeing the edit button
2002-09-24 Tuesday 17:02 martin
* mod/: assignment/view.php, choice/view.php:
Prevent guests from submitting choices or assignments
2002-09-24 Tuesday 16:54 martin
* doc/credits.html:
Updated Sebastien's address to
2002-09-24 Tuesday 09:28 martin
* login/change_password.php:
Make sure site security is added when logging in via change
2002-09-23 Monday 23:42 martin
* theme/: index.php, standard/header.html,
standardblue/header.html, standardgreen/header.html,
Newly formatted header.html files in themes ... still works the
same just might be easier to edit now. index.php uses new
set_config function
2002-09-23 Monday 23:41 martin
* index.php:
Special "navigation" for home page - "home" value sets off
different header in themes
2002-09-23 Monday 23:40 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
New set_config() and better use of $CFG->version
2002-09-23 Monday 23:38 martin
* theme/standardlogo/: config.php, favicon.ico, footer.html,
header.html, styles.css:
New standardlogo theme ... like standard but with a logo
2002-09-23 Monday 23:37 martin
* theme/standardlogo/logo.jpg:
Sample logo
2002-09-23 Monday 15:02 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Fixed up default-sized tables again
2002-09-23 Monday 14:49 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Whoops teacher checking was back to front
2002-09-23 Monday 12:04 martin
* doc/credits.html:
Personal mentions
2002-09-23 Monday 10:11 martin
* lang/: en/moodle.php, fr/moodle.php:
Change to name of language
2002-09-23 Monday 10:08 martin
* lang/pt_br/moodle.php:
Updated name of language
2002-09-23 Monday 10:04 martin
* lang/pt_br/: assignment.php, choice.php, forum.php, journal.php,
moodle.php, reading.php, survey.php, docs/module_files.txt,
help/coursecategory.html, help/courseformats.html,
help/coursefullname.html, help/coursenewsitems.html,
help/coursenumsections.html, help/courseshortname.html,
help/coursestartdate.html, help/enrolmentkey.html,
help/guestaccess.html, help/html.html, help/picture.html,
help/questions.html, help/surveys.html, help/teachers.html,
Added Portuguese (Brazilian) by Fabricio Valadares, Thanks!
2002-09-23 Monday 09:47 martin
* doc/credits.html:
Updated credits
2002-09-23 Monday 00:24 martin
* user/edit.html:
Saner format for editing profile
2002-09-23 Monday 00:19 martin
* user/edit.html:
Bolder title
2002-09-23 Monday 00:17 martin
* user/index.php:
Forgot country display change
2002-09-23 Monday 00:16 martin
* user/index.php:
Better country sorting on user index in a course
2002-09-23 Monday 00:12 martin
* admin/user.php:
Better way of sorting countries
2002-09-23 Monday 00:03 martin
* admin/user.php:
Fixes to country sorting
2002-09-22 Sunday 23:57 martin
* admin/user.php:
Better handling of country sorting
2002-09-22 Sunday 22:42 martin
* admin/user.php:
Don't delete a user if already deleted (reloading page, say)
2002-09-22 Sunday 22:39 martin
* version.php:
Updated version
2002-09-22 Sunday 22:33 martin
* admin/cron.php, course/unenrol.php, lib/moodlelib.php:
Fixes to unenrolling students, and unenrol_student() and
remove_teacher() now remove forum_subscriptions correctly
2002-09-22 Sunday 22:11 martin
* admin/user.php, lib/moodlelib.php, user/index.php:
Fixes to table widths
2002-09-22 Sunday 22:07 martin
* user/index.php:
Arrghh ... foget to remove the debugging thing
2002-09-22 Sunday 22:06 martin
* admin/user.php, course/enrol.php, course/lib.php,
course/teacher.php, course/unenrol.php, lang/en/moodle.php,
lib/moodlelib.php, user/edit.html, user/index.php:
Major cleanup of user administration and display, including
sortable listings, confirmation on deletions, removing deleted user
from all student lists, teacher lists and subscription lists and
freeing up their username and email to be used again.
2002-09-22 Sunday 14:49 martin
Changes (getting close to 1.0.5 now)
2002-09-22 Sunday 14:47 martin
* mod/: README,
Updated module template with module_print_recent_activity()
2002-09-22 Sunday 14:41 martin
* lang/en/assignment.php, mod/assignment/lib.php:
Added assignments under "Recent Activity"
2002-09-22 Sunday 13:33 martin
* index.php:
When redirecting to admin page go direct to index.php just in case
DirectoryIndex hasn't been fixed yet.
2002-09-22 Sunday 12:29 martin
* mod/journal/lib.php:
Some comments to indicate standard and other functions
2002-09-22 Sunday 12:27 martin
* mod/survey/lib.php:
Reaaranged the functions into standard and other
2002-09-22 Sunday 11:58 martin
* mod/survey/lib.php:
Fixed stupidity
2002-09-22 Sunday 11:57 martin
* mod/survey/lib.php:
Error in the SQL - fixed now
2002-09-22 Sunday 11:51 martin
* lang/en/survey.php, mod/survey/lib.php:
New function to show new surveys in recent activity box
2002-09-22 Sunday 11:17 martin
* mod/journal/view.php:
Whoops typo - left in some old stuff
2002-09-22 Sunday 11:16 martin
* lang/en/journal.php, mod/journal/view.php:
SHow number of journal entries in the teacher link to report
2002-09-22 Sunday 11:13 martin
* mod/journal/lib.php:
Use log URL for link to journal
2002-09-22 Sunday 11:11 martin
* lib/: moodlelib.php, db/mysql.sql:
Support for new deleted field in user table
2002-09-22 Sunday 11:05 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Changes to not include deleted users in some things
2002-09-22 Sunday 11:01 martin
* CHANGES, version.php, admin/user.php, lib/moodlelib.php,
Changes to enable DELETION of user accounts. Accounts aren't
actually deleted, they are just marked with a deleteion flag that
prevents them from logging in, or from being listed anywhere.
2002-09-22 Sunday 01:11 martin
* course/lib.php, lang/en/forum.php, lang/en/journal.php,
lang/en/moodle.php, mod/forum/lib.php, mod/journal/lib.php:
Changes to print_recent_activity in course/lib.php. It is now more
modular (at slight cost to performance) and every modules can now
have a module_print_recent_activity() function. This function
takes a list of logs, searches for things to display and does so.
So far I've done forum and journal functions
2002-09-21 Saturday 16:44 martin
* admin/config.html:
Allow 1-minute delay (mostly good for testing)
2002-09-21 Saturday 16:42 martin
* version.php:
Need more room for language variable (eg pt_br)
2002-09-21 Saturday 16:40 martin
* mod/: assignment/lib.php, forum/lib.php, journal/lib.php:
Make sure user language works OK (it does now)
2002-09-21 Saturday 16:39 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Make mail format explicitly 8bit
2002-09-21 Saturday 15:46 martin
* mod/: assignment/lib.php, forum/lib.php, journal/lib.php:
Make sure mailouts are in the user's chosen language
2002-09-21 Saturday 15:42 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Make sure mailouts are in the chosen language of each user
2002-09-21 Saturday 15:27 martin
* lang/fr/: assignment.php, choice.php, forum.php, journal.php,
moodle.php, reading.php, survey.php, help/coursecategory.html,
help/courseformats.html, help/coursefullname.html,
help/coursenewsitems.html, help/coursenumsections.html,
help/courseshortname.html, help/coursestartdate.html,
help/enrolmentkey.html, help/guestaccess.html, help/picture.html,
help/questions.html, help/surveys.html, help/text.html,
help/forum/allowdiscussions.html, help/forum/forumtype.html,
help/forum/ratings.html, help/forum/subscription.html:
Initial (incomplete) version of French translation by Sebastien
Nameche <>
Good start! Thanks, Sebastien.
2002-09-21 Saturday 15:22 martin
* lang/fi/: README, assignment.php, choice.php, forum.php,
journal.php, moodle.php, reading.php, survey.php, testupdate.php,
docs/module_files.txt, help/coursecategory.html,
help/courseformats.html, help/coursefullname.html,
help/coursenewsitems.html, help/coursenumsections.html,
help/courseshortname.html, help/coursestartdate.html,
help/enrolmentkey.html, help/guestaccess.html, help/html.html,
help/picture.html, help/questions.html, help/surveys.html,
help/teachers.html, help/text.html, help/choice/options.html,
help/forum/allowdiscussions.html, help/forum/attachment.html,
help/forum/forumtype.html, help/forum/ratings.html,
Initial version of Finnish translation, as done by Petri Asikainen
Thanks, Petri!
2002-09-21 Saturday 15:18 martin
* lang/en/: assignment.php, choice.php, forum.php, journal.php,
moodle.php, reading.php, survey.php:
Added single quotes around all the keys ... even though PHP works
without them, it will flag errors when errorlevel is turned up, and
I suspect this slows it all down a bit.
2002-09-21 Saturday 15:07 martin
* lang/en/README:
Added my email address
2002-09-21 Saturday 15:03 martin
* course/view.php:
Don't need to log in to see site-level course
2002-09-21 Saturday 14:45 martin
* admin/config.html:
More options for longtimenosee
2002-09-21 Saturday 14:39 martin
* user/: index.php, lib.php:
Don't print pictures at all for very large lists
2002-09-21 Saturday 14:30 martin
* user/index.php:
Make more room in list
2002-09-21 Saturday 14:27 martin
* user/: index.php, lib.php:
more refinements to sorting display
2002-09-21 Saturday 14:13 martin
* user/index.php:
Fixed typo from testing
2002-09-21 Saturday 14:12 martin
* pix/t/down.gif, pix/t/up.gif, user/index.php:
Much better look for user index
2002-09-21 Saturday 13:43 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Slight additions to print_table
2002-09-21 Saturday 13:43 martin
* lib/db/mysql.sql:
Added lang for users
2002-09-21 Saturday 13:42 martin
* user/: index.php, lib.php:
Better display of users in shortened form, for testing
2002-09-20 Friday 23:42 martin
* user/lib.php:
2002-09-20 Friday 23:40 martin
* user/: index.php, lib.php:
First go at an abbreviated user listing
2002-09-19 Thursday 22:59 martin
* admin/config.php:
Put sitename on debugging info (helpful when comparing two sites)
2002-09-19 Thursday 22:51 martin
* course/teachers.php, lang/en/moodle.php,
lang/en/help/teachers.html, lib/weblib.php:
Improved interface for course/teachers.php ... instead of typing
numbers into a box there is now a menu for each user. Much
2002-09-19 Thursday 22:07 martin
* admin/config.html, lib/defaults.php, lib/setup.php:
Got rid of errorlevel configuration - more trouble than it's worth!
Hardcoded it into setup.php now - people who are that keen can
change it there.
2002-09-19 Thursday 22:06 martin
* doc/install.html:
Updated for new configuration page
2002-09-19 Thursday 21:55 martin
* course/edit.php, user/edit.php:
Some consistency in headers on editing forms
2002-09-19 Thursday 20:01 martin
* CHANGES, config-dist.php, version.php, admin/config.html,
admin/config.php, admin/index.php, admin/site.php, course/lib.php,
lang/en/moodle.php, lib/defaults.php, lib/moodlelib.php,
Most of the configuration variables have been moved out of the
config.php file and into a database, where they can be edited using
a new admin form called "Configure variables".
2002-09-17 Tuesday 22:56 martin
* error/index.php:
Slight fix to error page to include site name properly
2002-09-16 Monday 21:03 martin
* index.php:
Login link on home page
2002-09-16 Monday 15:11 martin
eminder about saving themes in upgrades etc
2002-09-16 Monday 15:08 martin
* lib/htaccess:
2002-09-16 Monday 15:03 martin
* lib/javascript.php:
Fixed name in popup javascript window
2002-09-16 Monday 14:33 martin
* lib/htaccess:
Sample .htaccess file
2002-09-16 Monday 11:23 martin
* doc/install.html:
Fixed Id
2002-09-16 Monday 11:20 martin
* doc/install.html:
Type on phpinfo
2002-09-15 Sunday 14:09 martin
* config-dist.php:
Mentioned there's no need to use a trailing slash on the wwwroot
2002-09-15 Sunday 14:06 martin
* course/enrol.html, lib/moodlelib.php, login/index_form.html:
Fixes to point directly to index.php wherever it was assumed. This
wasn't a problem on most servers, but was causing some problems on
IIS servers
2002-09-14 Saturday 11:43 martin
* version.php, lang/en/moodle.php, lib/moodlelib.php,
Can now specify current language on a per-user basis
2002-09-13 Friday 18:22 martin
* lang/en/help/html.html:
New help file for editing html
2002-09-13 Friday 18:21 martin
* version.php, lang/en/moodle.php, lang/en/reading.php:
Added a new reading type "html text". It's similar to "plain text"
except none of the auto-formatting is done, and all HTML code is
2002-09-13 Friday 01:08 martin
* lib/weblib.php:
SUrprise icon is a bit wider than 16 pixels
2002-09-12 Thursday 10:42 martin
* course/lib.php:
Fixed bug with category links on front page
2002-09-11 Wednesday 22:02 martin
* login/confirm.php:
One more little buglet when confirming an email (added security
site value)
2002-09-11 Wednesday 13:11 martin
CHANGES UP TO 1.0.4 (really, I mean it this time :-) )
2002-09-11 Wednesday 10:26 martin
* course/lib.php:
Include guest user in list of users
2002-09-10 Tuesday 21:47 martin
* index.php, course/lib.php, lang/en/moodle.php:
Changes to course display on front page when there is more than one
2002-09-10 Tuesday 21:24 martin
* login/signup.php:
Removed some debugging stuff
2002-09-10 Tuesday 20:54 martin
* version.php, lib/db/mysql.sql, login/confirm.php,
More security for email confirmation process ... a 15-character
random "secret" key is stored the user record on account creation,
sent via email and checked again during confirmation.
2002-09-10 Tuesday 11:44 martin
2002-09-10 Tuesday 10:13 martin
* mod/forum/: version.php, db/mysql.sql:
Whoops, left attachment field out of the database schema (affected
new installations of 1.0.2 and later)
2002-09-09 Monday 23:52 martin
CHANGES (this is 1.0.4 unless anything comes up very soon)
2002-09-09 Monday 23:50 martin
* course/categories.php:
Tweak to modify interface a bit (changed header and made courses a
2002-09-09 Monday 20:38 martin
2002-09-09 Monday 20:37 martin
* course/index.php, course/lib.php, lang/en/moodle.php:
Tweaks to category display
2002-09-09 Monday 19:48 martin
* CHANGES, index.php, version.php, admin/index.php, admin/site.php,
course/categories.php, course/index.php, course/lib.php,
Categories upgrade. Admin can now create/edit/delete categories,
and these are diesplayed wherever courses are listed
2002-09-09 Monday 19:42 martin
* course/social.php:
Layout fixes ... much better now
2002-09-09 Monday 19:31 martin
* course/edit.html:
Changed maximum number of weeks/topics up to 52
2002-09-09 Monday 18:38 martin
* course/teachers.php:
Rearrange code ... accidentally placed table->head in the loop
2002-09-09 Monday 14:23 martin
* lib/adodb/: adodb-cryptsession.php,,,,,,,
adodb-session.php,,, readme.htm,
server.php, tips_portable_sql.htm,,, tute.htm, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, tests/benchmark.php, tests/client.php,
tests/test.php, tests/test2.php, tests/test4.php, tests/test5.php,
tests/, tests/testgenid.php,
tests/testmssql.php, tests/testoci8.php, tests/testpaging.php,
Whoops ... last conversion actully tampered with comment formatting
... I've fixed that now.
2002-09-09 Monday 14:17 martin
* lib/adodb/: adodb-cryptsession.php,,,,,,,
adodb-session.php,,, license.txt,
readme.htm, readme.txt, server.php, tips_portable_sql.htm,,, tute.htm,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, drivers/,
drivers/, tests/benchmark.php, tests/client.php,
tests/test.php, tests/test2.php, tests/test3.php, tests/test4.php,
tests/test5.php, tests/testcache.php, tests/,
tests/testgenid.php, tests/testmssql.php, tests/testoci8.php,
tests/testpaging.php, tests/testpear.php, tests/testsessions.php:
Converted all the DOS format text files to UNIX format, for
consistency with the rest of Moodle and also to prevent possible
mangling of files in case they are FTP'd individually to a server.
2002-09-09 Monday 00:13 martin
* lib/weblib.php:
Added height and width to smiley icons, to make emails look better
in circumstances where external images are blocked (eg some webmail
programs like squirrelmail).
2002-09-09 Monday 00:04 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Added an "unsubscribe" link to emails
2002-09-08 Sunday 23:39 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Fixed a bug. When replying to an email copy, you would be
forwarded to the login screen to login first. However, this was
being saved as the place to go back to after replying.
I added a check for this so now it behaves as you'd expect.
2002-09-08 Sunday 17:47 martin
* mod/choice/mod.html:
Text window a bit bigger
2002-09-08 Sunday 17:42 martin
* lang/en/choice.php, mod/choice/lib.php, mod/choice/mod.html,
mod/choice/report.php, mod/choice/version.php,
mod/choice/view.html, mod/choice/view.php:
Choices now support up to 6 choices. Backward compatible to
2-choice format.
2002-09-08 Sunday 17:41 martin
* course/: social.php, topics.php, weeks.php:
Tip over 'Edit profile' is the user's name
2002-09-08 Sunday 17:22 martin
* lang/en/help/choice/options.html:
Help for choices
2002-09-08 Sunday 13:29 martin
* course/: social.php, topics.php, weeks.php:
Clarified the "participants" link ...
2002-09-08 Sunday 13:23 martin
* course/view.php:
Link at bottom now goes to site home, not this page
2002-09-08 Sunday 13:15 martin
* course/teachers.php, lang/en/help/teachers.html:
Added documentation to the teachers page.
2002-09-08 Sunday 13:15 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Improved print_table() a bit (can now specify column widths)
2002-09-08 Sunday 11:34 martin
* course/teachers.php:
Need this file to go with the previous changes!
2002-09-08 Sunday 11:34 martin
* lang/en/moodle.php, user/index.php, user/lib.php:
Changes to improve display of teachers
2002-09-08 Sunday 11:24 martin
* version.php, course/edit.html, course/edit.php, course/lib.php,
course/social.php, course/topics.php, course/weeks.php,
lang/en/moodle.php, lib/moodlelib.php, lib/db/mysql.sql,
Changes to allow much better control over what "teachers" are
called in a course. Firstly, the course settings page now allows
the teachers to specify the word they want to use in place of
"teachers" and "students" as well as "teacher" and "student".
Secondly, a new teacher admin tool allows any teacher to modify the
order and displayed role of teachers in that course. This affects
the display on the course listings, the participants page and so
2002-09-07 Saturday 22:57 martin
* admin/lang.php, lang/en/moodle.php, lib/moodlelib.php:
Improvements to the language checker. As well as checking for
missing strings, you can now see the current language compared
side-by-side with English.
2002-09-07 Saturday 22:56 martin
* admin/index.php:
Add a link if a "manage database" directory exists
2002-09-07 Saturday 13:01 martin
* mod/
Slight update to README
2002-09-07 Saturday 11:54 martin
* mod/
Added a README that explains the process
2002-09-07 Saturday 11:31 martin
* mod/: README,
Added a template for new modules that contains the bare
2002-09-06 Friday 23:17 martin
* version.php:
Checking in the current release number for CVS users
2002-09-06 Friday 23:10 martin
* user/view.php:
Don't try and print the last access date if it doesn't exist
2002-09-06 Friday 22:06 martin
* version.php, admin/index.php, lib/moodlelib.php:
Added a new $release variable that shows the user-friendly version
2002-09-06 Friday 22:05 martin
* lib/setup.php:
Cleaned up a bit
2002-09-06 Friday 01:31 martin
* user/edit.php:
Fixed bug in password checking for new admin user ...
2002-09-05 Thursday 20:29 martin
Updated the info to mention that the upgrading only works if you
are logged in as the *administrator* and visit the site home page.
2002-09-05 Thursday 20:25 martin
2002-09-05 Thursday 20:24 martin
* version.php:
Updated version
2002-09-05 Thursday 19:56 martin
* file.php, user/pix.php:
Better error message when invalid arguments are supplied.
2002-09-05 Thursday 19:53 martin
* lib/weblib.php:
BUG FIX! - fixes error that could allow ANY file on the system to
be read!
2002-09-05 Thursday 19:28 martin
* course/loginas.php:
Whoops ... little bug that stopped loginas from working ... need to
create $USER->site ...
2002-09-05 Thursday 10:29 martin
* version.php:
Updated version number
2002-09-05 Thursday 10:28 martin
2002-09-05 Thursday 10:17 martin
* lang/en/moodle.php, user/edit.php:
New error when the admin user is (still) set to the default
2002-09-05 Thursday 10:04 martin
* admin/user.php:
BUG FIX: In the last version I introduced a new security feature
(keeping the site URL stored in the USER session object) but forgot
to add this to the brand new admin user - causing it to fail.
2002-09-04 Wednesday 21:38 martin
* lang/en/README:
Updated README .. pages dir no longer exists - now "help" and
2002-09-04 Wednesday 17:39 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Using different logo file to avoid caching problems on changeover
2002-09-04 Wednesday 17:38 martin
* pix/: madewithmoodle.gif, madewithmoodle1.gif,
madewithmoodle2.gif, madewithmoodle3.gif:
Sorted out moodle logos
2002-09-04 Wednesday 14:32 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php, pix/madewithmoodle.gif:
Tweaked the new icon
2002-09-04 Wednesday 13:07 martin
* user/: edit.html, edit.php:
Better handling of user-entered URLs (add http:// if missing)
2002-09-04 Wednesday 00:58 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php, pix/madewithmoodle.gif:
New logo that should work on more themes
2002-09-03 Tuesday 23:16 martin
* pix/: madewithmoodle.gif, madewithmoodle2.gif:
Switched these around and edited a little
2002-09-03 Tuesday 22:29 martin
* admin/index.php, admin/lang.php, course/lib.php,
lang/en/moodle.php, lib/moodlelib.php:
Added a new administration page that can check the current language
pack against the English language pack. It prints any missing
strings or files. This should help language pack developers.
2002-09-03 Tuesday 21:11 martin
* index.php, admin/site.php, course/lib.php, course/teacher.php,
lang/en/forum.php, lang/en/moodle.php,
login/forgot_password_form.html, login/index.php,
mod/forum/lib.php, mod/forum/post.php:
Language fixes, added english strings etc
2002-09-03 Tuesday 00:35 martin
* course/loggraph.php:
More efficient use of database in userday as well, plus the day
graph now always shows the whole current day
2002-09-03 Tuesday 00:03 martin
* course/loggraph.php:
usercourse bar --> line graph for better display when lots of data
2002-09-02 Monday 23:53 martin
* course/loggraph.php:
Alternate method of calculating usercourse logs .... is it faster?
2002-09-02 Monday 17:06 martin
* file.php, user/pix.php:
Added Content-disposition header to help some browsers suggest the
right filename when saving pictures and files.
2002-09-02 Monday 15:41 martin
* lib/weblib.php:
Fixed over-zealous removal of returns from text ...
2002-09-02 Monday 15:18 martin
* lib/ipatlas/plot.php:
Print the user's stated city/country as well
2002-09-02 Monday 14:51 martin
2002-09-02 Monday 14:34 martin
* config-dist.php:
Added ability to define proxy machine (eg a firewall) so that
Moodle is able to get to the Internet if it needs to
2002-09-02 Monday 14:30 martin
* lib/ipatlas/
Add Moodle support for proxies
2002-09-02 Monday 14:25 martin
* mod/forum/post.php:
[no log message]
2002-09-02 Monday 13:03 martin
* mod/forum/discuss.php:
Fix the display when USER display mode is flat, and a parent is
selected. In this case, the display is temporarily changed to
2002-09-02 Monday 11:48 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Default forum display mode is actually used now
2002-09-02 Monday 10:17 martin
* course/editsection.html:
Removed the 255 character limit ... now they have a gun, I hope
people don't shoot themseves with it. ;-)
2002-09-01 Sunday 22:47 martin
* course/lib.php:
Hide no-authority teachers from course listings too
2002-09-01 Sunday 22:35 martin
* lang/en/help/forum/attachment.html:
New documenttaion about attachments
2002-09-01 Sunday 22:34 martin
* mod/forum/: lib.php, post.html, post.php, version.php:
Attachments can now be added to postings. They are stored in the
course moddata area. They appear as links within the message,
including mailed-out messages. They are deleted when the post is
2002-09-01 Sunday 22:32 martin
* lang/en/: forum.php, moodle.php, help/picture.html:
Updates and changes
2002-09-01 Sunday 22:31 martin
* user/lib.php:
Moved valid_uploaded_file out to lib/moodlelib.php
2002-09-01 Sunday 22:31 martin
* user/: edit.html, edit.php:
Documentation on file sizes
2002-09-01 Sunday 22:30 martin
* user/index.php:
DOn't print teachers with no authority
2002-09-01 Sunday 22:29 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Functions moved here from files/index.php (related to file
2002-09-01 Sunday 22:28 martin
* files/index.php:
Moved some functions out to lib/moodlelib.php
2002-09-01 Sunday 22:24 martin
* version.php, lib/db/mysql.sql:
Increased size of section summaries from 255 chars to 65000 chars.
2002-08-31 Saturday 10:44 martin
* doc/install.html:
Mentioned that config.php needs to be edited using a *text editor*
2002-08-31 Saturday 00:02 martin
* theme/index.php:
Prints an error message if theme can't be set
2002-08-30 Friday 21:28 martin
* lang/en/moodle.php:
New strings for file management stuff
2002-08-30 Friday 21:18 martin
* files/index.php:
Improved header now contains directory trail, and I
internationalised all the texts (buttons etc)
2002-08-28 Wednesday 23:53 martin
* index.php:
Added slash after login to fix obscure problems on some servers
2002-08-28 Wednesday 23:28 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php:
Added slash after login link ... some servers have problems without
2002-08-28 Wednesday 23:07 martin
* lib/moodlelib.php, login/index.php:
Security fix for:
Internet Explorer bug that allows sends cookies to different
sites if
they have the same ending. eg cookie is sent to!!
Also fixes case where multiple moodle installations may be in
directories on the same server. When you go from one to the
other the
first session will be destroyed now (you can't be logged in the
at the same time). It's just a lot safer this way, for now.
Basically this works by storing the wwwroot variable in the session
and checking it for every page.
2002-08-28 Wednesday 21:41 martin
* files/index.php:
slasharguments wasn't being found (CFG not declared global)
2002-08-28 Wednesday 21:36 martin
* files/mimetypes.php:
Added powerpoint
2002-08-28 Wednesday 21:36 martin
* files/pix/powerpoint.gif:
New icon
2002-08-28 Wednesday 21:20 martin
* lang/en/docs/module_files.txt, mod/assignment/version.php:
Slight improvements to documentation
2002-08-28 Wednesday 21:07 martin
* lang/en/moodle.php, lang/en/docs/module_files.txt,
lib/moodlelib.php, lib/setup.php, mod/assignment/lib.php,
Moved uploaded assignment files into a subdirectory called moddata,
where data from other modules can also live later on.
Also added a README for that directory to warn teachers not to mess
with it, version code to perform the upgrade, tweaks to
assignment/lib.php and a tweak to reading module so that assignment
files aren't listed in the list of possible readings (could get
2002-08-28 Wednesday 11:45 martin
* doc/future.html:
More details about Moodle futures
2002-08-27 Tuesday 04:45 martin
* index.php, course/lib.php:
Tweak to side boxes
2002-08-27 Tuesday 04:41 martin
* index.php:
Further little tweak to front-page spacing
2002-08-27 Tuesday 04:38 martin
* index.php, course/lib.php:
Fix for front page case when no left column
2002-08-26 Monday 19:04 martin
* lib/ipatlas/plot.php:
Doesn't matter if user isn't provided
2002-08-26 Monday 18:07 martin
2002-08-26 Monday 18:06 martin
* version.php:
Upgraded version number to today, in anticipation of 1.0.1
2002-08-26 Monday 18:01 martin
* mod/forum/mod.html:
Choose "general" forum now as a default
2002-08-26 Monday 17:51 martin
New changes
2002-08-26 Monday 17:48 martin
* CHANGES, config-dist.php, file.php, index.php, files/index.php,
lib/moodlelib.php, mod/assignment/lib.php:
Changes to use a new configuration variable: CFG->slasharguments
If true, then display of user pictures or filenames will use the
method of providing arguments as "slash" arguments - this is much
better for caching, proxies, search engines etc. Unfortunately it
doesn't seem to work on some PHP installations.
If false (the default), then a more compatible method is used (ie
usual way of passing parameters to scripts)
2002-08-26 Monday 17:28 martin
* course/lib.php:
Slightly bigger window
2002-08-26 Monday 17:25 martin
* course/lib.php, lib/ipatlas/plot.php:
Nicer display of earth plot now contains user's name as well
2002-08-26 Monday 17:16 martin
* lib/ipatlas/: MOODLECHANGES, plot.php:
Fixes to use Moodle background colour
2002-08-26 Monday 17:05 martin
* doc/credits.html:
Added IP-Atlas to credits
2002-08-26 Monday 17:00 martin
* course/lib.php:
Added popup links for IP addresses in logs (display IP location on
world map)
2002-08-26 Monday 16:59 martin
* lib/ipatlas/: COPYING, README, countries.txt, earth_620.jpg,, hr.gif, ip-atlas.css, ip-atlas_prefs.php,,
plot.php,, plotimage.php, plotlog.txt, reddot.gif,, yellowdot.gif, languages/,
Adding IP-Atlas 1.0 to this distribution. I use it to provide maps
for IP addresses (in the logs).
2002-08-26 Monday 16:35 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
Forums with many discussions (> 10) become abbreviated to a shorter
2002-08-26 Monday 10:49 martin
* admin/site.php:
More direct link to index.php just in case they don't have
index.php set as a default page
2002-08-23 Friday 11:55 martin
* index.php, course/lib.php, course/weeks.php, lib/moodlelib.php,
Changes to improve layout and formatting on old Netscape (eg
version 4)
2002-08-23 Friday 10:14 martin
* lib/: moodlelib.php, setup.php:
Check that PHP is a recent enough version (ie 4.1.0 or later)
2002-08-22 Thursday 16:31 martin
* lib/weblib.php:
New space-removal works better if done before adding link tags :-)
2002-08-22 Thursday 16:01 martin
* mod/forum/lib.php:
If a post is updated that is also a discussion definition, then the
discussion name is updated with the post subject.
2002-08-22 Thursday 15:53 martin
* lib/weblib.php:
Experimental filters to remove returns from before and after tags,
which should mean neater formatting of lists and so on. Needs
2002-08-22 Thursday 14:41 martin
* admin/: index.php, user.php:
Tweaks to creation of user account while searching for the login
problem some people are having ...
2002-08-22 Thursday 14:40 martin
* lib/db/mysql.sql:
Added recent upgrades (course->guest, and user->maildisplay)
2002-08-22 Thursday 10:24 martin
* doc/install.html, lang/en/moodle.php, login/index_form.html:
Notes about the necessity of cookies being allowed
2002-08-22 Thursday 10:23 martin
* course/teacher.php:
Handy link to course page, after assigning teachers
2002-08-22 Thursday 09:24 martin
* index.php:
Whoops! comment out of place
2002-08-21 Wednesday 22:08 martin