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// This file keeps track of upgrades to
// the assignment module
// Sometimes, changes between versions involve
// alterations to database structures and other
// major things that may break installations.
// The upgrade function in this file will attempt
// to perform all the necessary actions to upgrade
// your older installation to the current version.
// If there's something it cannot do itself, it
// will tell you what you need to do.
// The commands in here will all be database-neutral,
// using the methods of database_manager class
// Please do not forget to use upgrade_set_timeout()
// before any action that may take longer time to finish.
function xmldb_assignment_upgrade($oldversion) {
global $CFG, $DB, $OUTPUT;
$dbman = $DB->get_manager();
// Moodle v2.2.0 release upgrade line
// Put any upgrade step following this
// Moodle v2.3.0 release upgrade line
// Put any upgrade step following this
if ($oldversion < 2012062800) {
// Fixed/updated numfiles field in assignment_submissions table to count the actual
// number of files has been uploaded when sendformarking is disabled
upgrade_set_timeout(600); // increase excution time for in large sites
$fs = get_file_storage();
// Fetch the moduleid for use in the course_modules table
$moduleid = $DB->get_field('modules', 'id', array('name' => 'assignment'), MUST_EXIST);
$selectcount = 'SELECT COUNT( ';
$select = 'SELECT, AS cmid ';
$query = 'FROM {assignment_submissions} s
JOIN {assignment} a ON = s.assignment
JOIN {course_modules} cm ON = cm.instance AND cm.module = :moduleid
WHERE assignmenttype = :assignmenttype';
$params = array('moduleid' => $moduleid, 'assignmenttype' => 'upload');
$countsubmissions = $DB->count_records_sql($selectcount.$query, $params);
$submissions = $DB->get_recordset_sql($select.$query, $params);
$pbar = new progress_bar('assignmentupgradenumfiles', 500, true);
$i = 0;
foreach ($submissions as $sub) {
if ($context = context_module::instance($sub->cmid)) {
$sub->numfiles = count($fs->get_area_files($context->id, 'mod_assignment', 'submission', $sub->id, 'sortorder', false));
$DB->update_record('assignment_submissions', $sub);
$pbar->update($i, $countsubmissions, "Counting files of submissions ($i/$countsubmissions)");
// assignment savepoint reached
upgrade_mod_savepoint(true, 2012062800, 'assignment');
return true;
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