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For the impatient, here is a basic outline of the
installation process, which normally takes me only
a few minutes:
1) Move the Moodle files into your web directory.
2) Create a single database for Moodle to store all
it's tables in (or choose an existing database).
3) Visit your Moodle site with a browser, you should
be taken to the install.php script, which will lead
you through creating a config.php file and then
setting up Moodle, creating an admin account etc.
4) Set up a cron task to call the file admin/cron.php
every five minutes or so.
For more information, see the INSTALL DOCUMENTATION:
A local copy can also be found in
lang/en_utf8/help/install.html (or your language)
Good luck and have fun!
Martin Dougiamas, Lead Developer
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